WWE Extreme Rules Review

Bart Winkler
Monday, June 5th

Bart Winkler, Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid, and Cody Grant recap the WWE Raw pay-per-view Extreme Rules. Is Samoa Joe the right choice to take on Brock Lesnar? Why can't WWE get the Bayley character to work as well as she did in NXT? And it is time, already, to break up the Hardy Boyz? Plus, the benefits of having Jinder Mahal as the WWE Champion.


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Welcome to 1057. FM the fan that cap on borrowing caller we tried this awhile ago where chuck Freeman and I did a wrestling podcast. And for thirty minutes or try to come up with a name. And down well we haven't done one since mainly because chuck just can't stop watching wrestling. Oh we've got wrestling aficionados in the building bill Daley Kalish a man with us cry shapes up to us. He got all in good wrestle mania season oh yeah the goal is easy to go to the rumble. And his nose Atlanta wrestling is any or yes go one all right and that we its root of the main event. And we're promoting from our version of an XTE voting grant making his debut. Cody. Speaking at shock horrible time to get out of wrestling as bad as the directions going to if all these indie guys coming to ownership stake obviously it is to house last year Kevin Owens. Think it's a big names individually sell that time yeah our precedents wants Iraq shocked yeah. I thought they embattled John got fuel listen and enjoy bright with. Hijacked your good friend. I go to grant new producer chuck and Michael are so here a lot more from him going forward and it's not about the paper view that happened. Last night which was called lights to really kind of they've all of the year what really real really quick not one mention one thing about that named it makes no sense. The Intercontinental championship match was a no disqualification match for dean Ambrose I was a stipulation because disqualified he loses the title but that's on extreme rules. It's a shame. The way people did. I understand why well we'll run through really quick sales are down so we started divisional lead off the show so you get. Marie sic of how infamous great idea I think that was one of the best things they did last night after wrestle mania brought her back and the miss what's called space he's probably the best troops you'll option. No arguments here we agree with that so when you get given an opportunity to work with someone who. It's in dues is character right you already know that ease ease the A Lister whatever he wants a Hollywood celebrities got hot young. The lateral with them. Who spoke show this locker. And it. A law. I'm big into an MRI Malek so bliss fan over here of calendars polymerase and as I don't need a priest doesn't wrestling. Yeah you're right she was broke actually was the day and age you stood out that is staged Keebler and the good what's been so. When. I'm so into Amazon. And vibe or atmosphere and yet. So so what if he can get the miss and Marines and he had such great run with the IC title last year. And hit an amber is there in great chemistry is so. And you're able watched Howell he may do it last night the street to that brilliantly we'll see what he keeps his VCR. His work is very very good. Especially Ambrose the loose cannon and it really builds Ambrose as that faced character which is. And he's always tried to be people kind of roll back and forth of every whatever it looks at. And it. The the simulation Cody you just brought it up to to have eight and a disqualification for the neighbor is loses in the title. It was awesome having her out there because it just built into the story perfectly. Well they do a great job but you mention Ambrose and the minister chemistry in the ring they tell a story perfectly even during the troubles leading up to that you remember when dean am Brussels on some call podcast any type took some slack saying I don't really cares when he was to be to be champ yeah. The ms. reference that a couple weeks ago saying you don't care the value dress you can't be a movie star like me and they tell that story with in the ring as well the commentary backcourt grace is great. No matter what he absolutely he's got to hit dean Ambrose in the face he's measuring. All he's doing here is Richard. And we win when you're able to. Bart you know you and I wanna. Have a a notice qualification match sooner rather later. And I'll refereeing that you are free that cool but the midst. Is able to the weight that he was able to. It mostly her and incorporate the referee and continue to incorporate the stipulation. What you said he just all the great story why he might he have batteries hit him right away. Because rush has its breath. And I ran right into it and then tied until I was stuffed doll bedecked dash. Partially I think I would argue that was the best match of the night lie amber rose on a show with rains and Rollins and they haven't teamed up again. You want us it happened now I ask why why is the seal the return I really wanted amber has to come out during that. Extremely fast and I wanted to see somebody of power Bob dude say I had I had a throwback to the old you with the I had a windshield that would awesome. But look at it and than a minute they've continued. Two. The road this idea that Ambrose is. A little bit higher than amid hard sell. But they won't push him higher than Biggio when he became deputy champion and an expletive brands. Sadly I think that might be the high point of where they'll allow him yet just because of what. GBL's are Bowden he's not who you want to be in the face of the company but when you look at how they did yesterday. They're able sees continued to book maybe the next couple of months this might be a lead in the summer slam if they allow this you'd go through. But it also older fest. As Jeremy Piven once called on and if they allow this thing to go through. I think they'll tell great stories through through the summer which is obviously one of the better periods of wrestling. So by more dean in ms. I would imagine so I think they. They had a great feud on smackdown and that is doing it again Enron yet because the raw ratings are wrap. What do the storage of the human talent raw RY have to watch. Roman rains on the big dogs in the middle you might catch it sure. He did the undertaker don't even when I. Stuff yeah did Billy Collins not your pariah I did not I was crying. I was very upset sobbing was spirited set tonight is like if you think. From the the united about a we're going why are elections are also had knocked down Hafner with what. That's really quick to bill's point felt the IC title. Has bend your relevant the last five years I think the ms. indeed admirals and two guys that can bring him back. Actor relevancy and they do that I told great stories by having great in ring chemistry and that leads you characters that that people do enjoy watching we have the let's go Ambrose let's go miss chance even last night. And that's something that you have not seen an IC title. Punt for a wild isn't the whole Internet Intercontinental title the last eight years the story line Dan I'm bringing him back to relevancy. And it did Jericho has done it didn't ride at a star that kind of that and Jericho is doing it. When Jericho and roads are there jokes or terrible has done everything before anybody I know he's open he's also his longest reigning IC champion. In history of the business strategies now that's and geragos and nine time champions that's a record as well. There are any of these other before we get to the extreme rules match and the hand. I mean the cruiser weights. I wanna I wanna touch on really quick the whole match nights Elisa and now with electable as Alexa and. Really daily and I just want to say that has won the worst woman's matches I'd seen. Him now in hand. I mean what they deal with daily we were talking about. It yesterday. How Bailey really has no opportunities to succeed the way she should be succeeding her character at their embarrassing her every week. With what they're making her duke remembered the Alex apply SP aliases your life segment you know what we're assignments and raw now. I guess I understand how the booking does kind of stated that Cody when you look that they wanted to make it that Bailey is is couch too good to. It to use outside interference to use the the candlestick. And apparel thing with Charlotte is Herbie and she won the title right through nefarious means Sasha Sasha Sasha she after what you asked what she did you call on Sasha. Is rather by design like oh she's gonna give the title agony and she did and I watch an XT. So I guess Bailey was light. Deserving of law raised and loved and energy comes. To my eyes for the first time and I made an Alley dispersant is still open. See it but it's it's one of those. What Agassi and its legend art you know you watchers like for you epic a larger than life character. Is what they try to pepper persona I'd be lead does that. Not you know necessarily a super hero but just an average person. That's me there she's she's a Daniel Bryan here also known as division perfect comparison perfect yet but Danny O'Brien acting. That's a cut I did right is Daniel Bryan was one of the best. You'll realize that trying to go for I don't think they're very good job because I'd love Daniel Bryan and I don't like daily what can also be your moves to you and Iowa City we're talking about that that. They belida belies duplex apple one is the finisher there has some talent level hugging thing. That's because you don't like physical affection and I try to give you a hug in the morning to wake you up and that means that I mentioned what he snapped at a news article whole life but when he continue to off. Office podcasts I didn't know your dad. Ice and gently bit of order. And it's a good job only. It's region I was really really excited to watch flexible this is match a couple of different times but when you look at Alexa. Com they did a great job of selling her as a powerful. Force in that women's division by putting the bill or does the title honorary guest of only woman ever to have the smackdown and problems. Champion yeah I enjoy when WB does that where you have as a viewer it's something that's very obvious they may overlook but not a cell that. Yeah every single week she's only ever and that's it is true she is the only ever smackdown when the ship load sand raw until Charlotte wins money in the bank of course nothing needs they have been Debbie Debbie than when they acknowledge something that happened before. When when two guys or take team in in the used to be fight each other when they just just look at each other and now different second. Straight continuity which. Licences are yeah they're able to doing that and will get in that second but wrap up this women's match. Their needs field. Which the Seamus and bizarrely when did belts last night over the hardy boys which adding a lot of people are waiting for them to go into the did lead to. Motivated characters I don't know what the legalities is that I don't know what to hang up it is sooner or later com and kodi maybe you can you can touch on this a little bit. This broken Matt party character. Wonder they're gonna try to move away from that a little bit. Arm but. Understandably so it was it was a good job of trying to put over a tag team that you set up in. Given a little bit of opportunity too but is borrowing Seamus is RO most importantly people have been waiting for that I'd get a push for a long time. Yes is. All of this match your wrestle mania shuttle launch you into relevancy and now we've seen. HL bear in Corbin motor rally almost guy's not going anywhere but so it's nice to seizes our debt title on and he was undetectable Tyson kid until. Kidd had a unfortunate injury he will probably never wrestle again but it's good diseases are the titles on an I don't know about you guys but I'm happy to parties lost. And I think to be addressing teaser why I think that. Now what well I. I can't understand it it was an opportunity to you brought them back at mania it was a great moment it was there was a cell blew all the merchandise sales. You have to put people over in this business which they've always been good at do. I have triple H on the anyways for the I want to mention why I think there's a good idea if it did not just putting those guys over but. When Jeff hardy was a singles wrestler WB just you know split 78 years ago he was the second highest merchandise hollered at John Sina. It's a man's always think about money I need a single driver Jeff Hart it's true already. While I don't wanna see the party flyweight fight again. No I don't. Not to shutter priority now put Matt are you a smackdown. Had just on raw or you have met the the alongside Jeff you know pretend that bring back the V one gimmick. When Matt facts. With a what's really is no Ellis of the best Matt hardy app. Of them at him before. That half mile an event that was dry before use those probably before taker in Michael's 25 yeah that was. That's when I fell in love with rest and understandably so right investment tools on as far as the the extra generals Nantes. At the end. Oh I saw fined brought its hero was there any more extreme and no. Roman spirit you guys to barricade awesome cool things and see that before all yeah right. Com ray tried to trick brigade try to power bomb Raines I believe you people are threw the table. Any agent breaks that was a snafus there but. Rollins. Doesn't factor in the decision you don't see him at the end of the match but he had the most memorable part of the match when he flew him. Went down I debris why threw the table were thought he actually actually injured so when he hit the corner that that table and then of course you had some knowledge all. I'll wins tremendous this Roy as the WW the universal championship has not been seen on Ross since Tuesday after wrestle mania. Right with Brock Lesnar beating Goldberg thank god. I don't like Goldberg I don't like let's. I fast and I flipped them on we can do a whole as podcasts on how much I dislike cold for. I and it. These sacks and basis strategies and fees and me Gary Goldberg. Loses Lesnar that we don't see him we see little flirtation with Paul came in and fit and the other. Week and I and Samoa Joseph and so we will see Brock Lesnar I believe great balls of fire Israel's fire June or July 9. And Brock scheduled to make a wrong appearance before than you would think you would assume so so what do we like about this Samoa Joseph booking or no way. What I like about it is Samoa Joseph is probably the only guy on that roster opposite rains that can face. Lesnar one on one stand toe to toe with them actually look like he might have an opportunity to to fight with this guy. Joseph is had tremendous success. Outside of WW EST NA days were amazing. And they. Just let him faster in enix T and let him build and an XT in this kind of persona. That people now finally WW we have the they wanted an XT. And he was able to put in Ballard where he is now believe those matches yet. Joseph is one of those guys that can have a good match with just about anybody. He would he can show off listeners true wrestling. Ability because a lot of these guys want a high fly and Rollins is a high wire and but all Lesnar can do with him Cody is simplex and thirteen fourteen times I don't wanna see. One thing about Joseph though that has me. Upset because I am such a big Samoa Joseph fan and I think to your point. I'm also would have brought stroman has an got a standing face to this obviously he's injured right now he's not around for out maybe summer slam he's can return but. One more thing about Joseph is old daddy about Joseph the winner of this match. I believe it's always was gonna be just a guy that's fed to Brock Lesnar. So I don't know why eight they picked Joseph who's a guy that can't stand toda tall that's a big money match I don't understand what he wouldn't have taken a guy like. I got a prophecy protect Roman that's been says. Boy he's an active role to wrestle mania there hormonal so many out of place were Lesnar and create our Marines knocks Lesnar dollar and last year's contract is obsolete done. Good lord that at OK I'm done I'm done with this but. I think they've created outer ring and Donald Duck under and I've been done with Raines for a along now lost titles that he is kidding he is improving. Structurally he's an even if they do that Selig and it Brazil like Green Zone episode. So yeah two other guys that are two of the top faces in the company like you guys well shocker I think everyone to. You can run Ellsworth out with those guys in hole that said that is really match right there Ellsworth he Slater Roman rains 3M B. Two point now. You look at. When you're good you're a great point I agree that cold. But it does it does they think I'm pretty factions that he Slater let it would Ayman Al little bit but the beat us and now. He's got these kids may want to double life away when you have the. Opportunity. To root like you said I think this guy is gonna get that jewel that's why I would have been OK if if he gets the win last night. You continue to push the fact that fear is. Emerge not emerging but he's here the first universe first universal champion it gives a little more legitimacy to that in shows you that. Yeah he was out for a reason com. But Joseph has this. Aura about him when he comes out that he is kind of an ass kicker. And that's what they've built. Are obviously you don't really have to build that with Brock Lesnar the way he looks. And what he's done you know in USC and cut collegiate amateur wrestling. There has to be somebody that can walk Lesnar in the pace and showcase. An actual physicality to it I think brains would have had rains we'll have a great natural and moderate meal prod the fourth best match of the night. And you have Rollins who can get put out a match with anybody. We turned sought. And I would be very very interested to see how this match goes I think it ends with a note DQ. Early DQ and no no contest. In the maybe pushed this the summer slam because it could be theory theory could match if you give it time to build support. Who also had Lesnar faces bombers summer slam now. A bronze strolled and if he's back if he's back I don't think he's going but that's one man against rained again in the CNET domain. Let's let's hear it rains and I think like you mean I think I throw the brain that title picture for a year. Don't know somebody's gonna come in and screw with them and then he'll he'll bury another superstar like he did with with. Bring Wyatt to show everybody is very brave everyone's buried pray that. For some reason they continually want to. Make is that Raines is Castro I for that title and we put all these obstacles in front of it went really we all know that he's going to get every opportunity. To be that universal champion. I think and I'm gonna be so mad at this bar you might get another phone call. I'm calling you already that range is gonna win the rumble again. And he's gonna become. It's gonna be if it's going to be a key Shaun Michaels. And stone cold as guys that of one. To rumbles John C is run to rumbles triple H 12 rumbles they're trying to push reins to this and I know it loved it is already out of bullets. Ash Roman rains. People want that extra money. All right yeah I any of the toy drive and talk to Tommy dreamer. So there. And Tommy dreamer came onto our toy drive gives us the time he's got an event is promoting within five minutes that's why Grumman rains. Fact is he's got to defend him if he uses body. It's all I can only got that donors to defend him dole like Roman Rainsy in his fan base is children. And mops. That's really his fan base. Children and their their mothers and then like and I wanted to die hard core I you know hardcore wrestling fans that. You are into the B workers second pull off those he'll personas tavern Owens did not see AJ styles came over Roman beat him everybody would went nuts. You know on another guy the south Rouse is a guy that people want a seat. That do great work in the ring and also got great promo that's one thing that has faulted Raines has. Is it a million talk and the talent but if I don't wanna remind you guys about that the big show giant Jack in a bean stock speech he gave a couple years ago. Just brutal but when you go to you have a great point there and he brought it up earlier it slows merchandise who's buying merchandise. Ramadi sound merchandise search he does on the range is selling people are buying Romans somehow their kid that's why he's the guy. I know he's wrestling fans like people that. And but but. Lots assure that I got this yeah at least one kid wearing seated stuff. The any kids are wrong drains that all they deal they deal. Here you can see anybody get paid back with one I saw a lot. No it was frustrating I psychiatrist as ends though. I have my how you doing. Switcher on Biden at his I think it really doesn't care about and zone they castrate or no one contacted. Him and tried that's that's just gonna say that I think their book. Don't think their booking this as passes who's being backs off course again this should be that be then I don't you remember recording grave sad I would love to shake the hand of the man. That beat up and Zell and next week they can't shook his. Interest you know right there all see click OK but if you're ever and that Beckett I've seen is that the votes here extremists why don't waste and so I think he's he's got a personality that the war. Always excited when you get a fine on stage yeah PW yeah if it ever start to put someone down their throat. Roman rains it's over what they they have not done a very good job. Pushing n.'s own cast are pros is they haven't even put the title on the outlook for opportunities where they stole that match they were the best performers in the match. And then they don't factor in the decision. On any other thoughts on extreme rules. I want him there weren't strange guys really wasn't very extreme due to heat to be honest I was it was pretty lackluster I think you saw the steals that's used by beret Ngo. You saw one table get busted you saw the barricade you posted. All that's something that should happen raw. To even imagine a kick off she'll match between Apollo and police stellar to smooth ride by that I mean you can do your own assets. So we got Michael least we don't get back attacking currently you know and a power crews if I do to guys about smackdown before we talk about money in the bank we'll. Well doing after that two do we like genders champ. And Jamal. I liked the idea that you're giving me an opportunity to somebody that kind of was buried com. I I just don't think it makes any sense that you have this guy. Gates appeared on the kick off show by gronkowski. And and out. A month and a half we series champion. We have to figure out what they're doing with these these two Yahoo!'s that is where. Com but I I didn't like Rollins with JJ's security for site. Give it some time my guess is how I'm Alan do and it I I'd like Orton but. That that's what he's a thirteen time champion fours to put guys over calorie yeah you know. I'm not a huge fan of June Irma hall and I think a lot of there's been speculation and you ought to be fair it I think it should be speculated because the WB network just. We live in India I am so obviously that's that's why general public. You look at generous look from now from five years ago when he. First came in he's he has worked his. His ass off to any tennis point of Santa's not he's not bad worker he's not and a ring a I don't mind you know Mahal just in the fact that someone new. Because every time. Wrestling fans like. All someone new in there why are you pushing these younger guys and ministers are almost every note not that guy and a lot we are different guys I don't like her to sit just enjoy it and liked and I don't want assuming your and again I bring north north their all time but you mentioned thirteen time world champion we seen enough Randy Orton I think gives a new guys in their surgeon tomorrow halt. I think I like but let's see who they have him go after next. The reason why am happy about it is there's been rumors that it could be recessed. That would have the opportunity to take it from him and any opportunity we have to get lock on TV. I'm here they are partners are allowed to own thing recessed engineer. Yeah we're gonna work they're go hard they are you good night they had that on the they had an impromptu match assassins last time we saw results the only answer we got married I think shell that he can't grow he's not going to wrestle smack down it was the in my title shot bill Smith County grant borrowing colored guys we will talk again after the next paper view he can check this out 1057 and the fan now account. Will need a name will come up with a name for the next and we quick quick prediction. It's Tuesday Nakamura gonna be mr. money in the bank. Yeah I think that you get an idea I I got there Corbin. Any parent coaches say night and tonight there are not tell you I want to see I'm telling you at Purdue professionals like hearing is and we're doing predictions all right. You can't picture and prediction is the worst. Music socks and he comes out there he's like it. No my turn. Not guy he's he's worked that are on the range fuel they're not gonna let Kevin Owens have the title again for some reason. All face of America is a Canadian watch. Love that I do love it. Bill Clinton not against and letter.