WWE Money in the Bank Review

Bart Winkler
Monday, June 19th

The FAN staff recaps another WWE pay-per-view as the Smackdown branded Money in the Bank comes to a close. Bart Winkler, Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid, Cody Grant, and the FAN Podcast debut of Josh Stewart recap the problem with Jinder Mahal's title reign, the urgency needed to get Baron Corbin over, and a preview of what's to come when John Cena returns! (runtime: 31:17)


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And it's time to recap another addition of a WW the pay per view. Which if you're like me you steal from your friends and count on the WWB network Anbar Wayne cooler bill Schmidt is not our. Telephones are great midwest bank hotline let's say and Cody grant our producer on second when angler in studio with me. Really how is it gold river valley are. I'm fantastic I'm your priority for target rate ago it was arm and Dell's. Quietly friend but I wanna talk some. Want talks like two guys as I thought that was. Aids institute you are where you stand. Where. Western. A real break under you say it is like the Kalahari and there's a other law our budget they're part groans and thoughts here is the best western know you're staying there is gonna park in the parking lot. Bigger. I have a couple here guys and a couple of life that I should be a lot. Oh perfect perfect perfect. OK so we can start wherever you wanna start you mentioned the latter match this was the allure of the money in the bank paper view of course let's start with the women's version because you're technically a man won that match. So that's weird. Well okay that's a man. An old or is the one when I got art and they'll order might not so great. Great pitchers story one car. Carmel and elsewhere. Irritant. We all people that are big bodied theory fans note occurred no no. I'm gonna break the secret here they're not. To speak. Arm on the outside to do something witty got some good news story why are added I think I think are giving Ellsworth. The opportunity to be a part of that match was very very good all all about the work was a bit. Oddly finally gave it some. I am. Cody alluded to last week with it straight bowl match they didn't xxx and Bailey really anytime they let band Alice story out there. And we're excited that you're on Tuesday in a Bryant ever back I guess they're small. I still disagree with having James Ellsworth being such a major component of the victory for Carmelo because. It's a woman's money in the bank ladder match and all the WB talks about is elevating the women. Tune in in school level the mad and you had a man win the match very much. What would ever. Written. Corporate. I mean I was dating your teen night match idly. I don't know I saw I saw like 45 people all off the latter. There is an opportunity. For I think all five women at one point navy decides to leave ample. Let's be honest that was the first thing I said with the people that I was watching the paper you in aggregate we can eliminate one person that's not going to witness. It's going to be to me. Certainly an anchor hands of every day that was okay I thought it was quietly urged inning also. I'm a little bit. Partisan here I like elsewhere IP layer. CS other reaction first before I watched the end of the match on Twitter. Anti gore said because you know he finally have this women's money in the bank match. And that a guy wins it just like win at San T not. Morale law wins the miss wrestle mania but when I watch the actual matched that crowd was hot dude. Billy that I was hot for the Ellsworth wins. Yeah you know that's what it is it's about generating cause a great crowd archery. You know it. It's going to build something to a story. I ever night I have belief. That once they get once. That network show you know Daniel Bryan's tweet saying we have something to address on Tuesday night. The first thing you're going to address again picture nordic action. During women's championship match. But it appear that it is going to be a good story for a look forward so. Like people told me to do with the deputy read champion Warren still a little bit ticked off one last night. I got to get a cart. We'll get more and do ginger in my hall in just the second. After that we should mention before that the high bros line. And then we also had coming on and then the new day and Russo is now the new day get the victory by victory standards it was a count out. Who sows retain the belt I say the longer that you can keep the new Dane chase mode. Without getting stale. Not Cody acting that's the way to go. Per share and who saw those really have revitalize themselves as heels actually have characters now before they were just Richie she signs and now they are at. Being hampered or reality because both romanced dozens yeah when they're part of a family and a new day are the perfect team to. At the mop against because it or an American outlet to network with. And dangle breeze tango and not a new day who are established. Who are fan favorites. You finally have a strong base team to go up yet says he'll team that who so's and I agree Q Bartlett and chased. By another paper view and it was ousted I'm sneaky wind dirty wind and go to another paper view you can Billy long story line between these two teams. I think it built all the way up this summer slam guys I think we're setting ourselves up for. And others filed sale for way where ultimately I think the new data are on top. We the longest. Idle rain and WWZ. World today. And our data. Summers' slam two years ago I do believe that they're dated going to be set up our cute bigger worry in pairs skating champion bounce back outlawed. Got a great start this story go by you guys that you finally have. The traditional base scheme against the Ethiopian air and I think as a religious shorn off Dirk how good good food so. I was distracted for a second we I'll let people know we're recording this just after the box press conference. So the buses at a press conference with Justin now Zanuck keys out. And there aren't horse is the GM yadier it is and it he's gone are not surprising so. Not the Bucs officials. It would chair and our lawyer Barack. This and this and I ticker screen SATA disk is is gonna get deleted the book's official Twitter account. Says and quotes Tony snell someone that we value highly and Greg Munro is someone we value highly and quote. GM a John Hammond. IIIIR. Z rural rare so usually that Twitter account so I was distracted for just a moment. Will move on and I now sport. Naomi beat Salina and that it watch this once those someone else time. Horrible match it was a way to shore as bill mentioned earlier about the likes of bliss baby match last paper view it was the same thing. I using get a lot of chance to showcase what she can do as a wrestler which we have not seen Arce watched. On the neighbor dark horse matches but I don't just awful match. It was too quick there is no end game to every new Naomi was gonna win the only thing I think people were looking at was. Would Carmela cash in her money in the bank. An absolutely. Voters right on boosters you're bidding at a time also I do I love wanna I think she's tremendous two have on television. I don't really know exactly where are wrestling. Art skills come into play that was that was Oregon. And they only go bigger showcase their shoes. Future capping that. Yeah and now this match though would have been better off on smackdown. Yeah we're. I'll get to the Debbie Debbie match in a moment. Any comments on breezing go taking down the ascension. On this is a four minute match and I'll be honest I skip this one to Billy. You know our guys to release that when their job or on Jaaber crime as business com. I love the line then you you continually just showcase these guys to. Did beat up on each other there's there's nothing known here I will say okay. The fashion police in on the action or it last night. They're better figured comic relief well. Same thing we're we've had a lot of and Naomi I think that could have been done. I'm smackdown. For the session to figure on paper view I did make me feel attached to my tent out back. All right so earlier in this podcast again I'm borrowing Glenn that's coating grant bill Schmidt on the telephone line. You are not into the ginger Moore hall he wins last night's forty minute match. Eight minutes of that oil is Randy Orton beaten up the saying Brothers you're not buying the ginger Moore hall area that's. I mean you know I. I do like that there are at least giving somebody. An opportunity. It has been. Warcraft. Anybody can beat a champion on smackdown. If they allowed him. View it's something that I still have an issue with creative art in WWE at all I feel that they've become and are a lot of these. Performers and their promo cutting I'll watching talking record of you got caught them after they've last night it all is it true as. A very good massacre I think that he is. You can cut Promos where it would come about ultimately got leader do you eat at a good story focused. In that it appears. You know idea that you know he's bearing no weight of our place so it's like yeah. By one I don't like a wild but he walks out without really glad to be one of them get broker at table one on the yard hail. But ultimately I think it's a kind of stale and I did I don't like I just I just don't like it and what accepts our right now. Is something that I have been vehemently against it started at stake. They always you know last night on Twitter and we could set this up for another part timer to come in and break a record of it that was. Single handedly built our Debbie got eureka what is the favorite player so I think it's. Discriminatory effort where and it's it's religious setting up another CNET story to bury a guy that you porch last auriemma. The problem with this junior Mahal rain. Isn't really the problem with the money in the bank paper view last night really the problem with or WWE is right now is that. Nobody wins clean ever it's always through some nefarious means engineer Mahal last night. You build him up you take him from job Burke to this. Built up beat step champion and if you're going to sell him as legitimate. You've got to have him win now to have some of these other guys to have this thing Brothers there you know they help tell the story. But what it does is it gives them a cheap victory. Over Randy Warren and does that build more heat it could but I think there's more money in making a guy. Look tougher guys have to be able to take. Wins and losses that aren't Sandy's saner delve ziglar no matter what match they do no matter what story line they do there's always an excuse. And I know it's storyline and I know it's fake but wins and losses should be relevant I don't ever watch matches. On raw or smackdown I fast forward to the end to see who got deep queued for our reason. Wins and losses don't mean anything in terms of chasing a title they don't mean any thing in the in the show in the prep for it eat can't. If you're gonna do that in the shows at least on the paper views. Have a legitimate victory and now they're just gonna cheap in this which cheapens the belt. Which is seen is gonna come back and it's gonna cheapened as when and the whole thing is is if they would just book guys. A goal for a clean at some points I think you'd be better as a whole colony. And I agree with Datsyuk as you see it before you see all the time Cameron sent rounds it is long rain after he was in Perelman and rock. He had to NG security and every man he was in he had helped triple expected today he always had helped Kevin all adds that was one of the worst rods as champion now. I don't fault but you booked him so weak and it seems like they always both these deals week Alec deceit. I he'll be booked strong. Not unlike Brock Lesnar who I don't know where he is right now where the universal champion has but you know it's it's. It would be so much matter if they booked a strong deal in junior. Could be guide books from but there is not going to. In Europe it's it's already brought out Rollins has run that changed a bit this religious feels like. I got stabbed organs version of that those I thought that store it was vote really really well connected still. Our showcase Rollins as a true he was it acting for box. It was Hewitt being partly would be. It's by David what was going after that I was OK with that I'd warmed up after. Obviously I want and that's what I wanna rock good to be broken because I was. Tickets article on an already but what you're used that. A it got walk right you can order it out this summer slam opponent we have is that it's going to undertake all ready. We're gonna get into that but when you look at. Are you guys start booking you open and the ability to showcase wins he being decisive. I do think that there replaced her to know Kirk of the EU I think there's a place for the champions Wallace and that would goes there by. Right okay. All. As the opportunities. Yet culminating in her car. Are they happy they have the Balkans that way. One where you could Obama might have gone over and he's gonna take a clear. It was an opportunity. Obviously I know. We're PGA error and I'm booking it like it's 2000 and barrel by you have debates and the beat you this story not the string Brothers. Our Edward JNJ as they were there to protect it can't be it looks like right now this big brother's murder could make. Yeah I would agree that totally and we used talk about you on the seal. Winning clean I think the paper view is appropriate time to do that you need. They healed to win dirty. An espy on rod smacked down when he comes a paper view you want to build a credible he'll. He asked a wink clean at some point and that was there that app journey messed last night. You know when you look at that as well. A little bit for the reasons are eager. Paper at this point they do almost like they have to bide our. Illustrate on the phone Cody grand here I'm borrowing cooler on the other match the money in the bank ladder match this is for the opportunity cash the sand for that belt at any time she and skate beaten up early came back later AJ styles don't ziglar Sammy Zain Kevin Rollins. And then your winner bearing Corbin and we've talked before about parents Corbin. I don't like it I his character to me is just terrible. And so he wins last night senator yeah exactly I will last night and I say this has got to be the last chance for bearing Korman. And some people on Twitter we have his discussion will dull. I mean you know WW the despite what the fans say they will keep running something. Into the ground like Roman rains and I think I think this is less Roman rains then it is drew McEntire. It's true Mac attack because not only did he not gate he doesn't get applause dared Corbin. Navy gig go way heating get any heat he wins no booze no cheers he's standing on top of the latter nobody. Cares about him and for him to now have this title opportunity he doesn't. Give the fans behind him. I think it's over for him Baird carbon character. I don't know what it was like an XT but in WW the it it it makes me angry to look at him. It's upbeat as an addict you like how do you like I. I do a lot like fair court I think yeah ideas also. No idea. The guy that just a bit and beat everybody out here are. All morning asks. But you know what it you know what the differences Tony you brought up one name their Brock Lesnar did. This guy is every week. You give him a bike all of you give him the opportunity. To showcase himself a former and not just that your debt you know what's foreclosed on. The last year and early wasted. Andre the Giant battle royal guys aren't armed or not. The emotional rally early on GP for bomb peppered what is. Eric Korman got like three matches and two once separate won it last year I think you have an opportunity to showcase them. As are true you old bat like instead and beat people up you've got to move that that showcases the reality. A little bit throwback an era where it works I wires. And if it's a little bit of an inverted and liquids or late style current court I think as an opportunity. If he keeps this money in the bank briefcase I think. Opt for an app that you'll walk all I want I want absent action. Our guys and I'm sure you pay out here that I would ever action until after the oil while. I think you have an opportunity to over this character with a briefcase. And it's not patrol he doesn't have to stand next to it or not they think you're laboratories showcases that salad with a briefcase as well as as well. Am not like Bart here where I completely. Dismissed parent Corbin this is not as. He's got talent he played waste my time to play that kind of talk about bill you mentioned that atlas is amber Corbin a strength he can do all of that ice that why I don't like about him as. He says so boring he sold all. And I picked him to win the money the bank clatter matter sock coming in our picks by the way. Relations to bark he was the winner. First time and hopefully the last time I don't ever want to do that type five dollars a stand but anyways Baird Corbin. Winning this match. I thought was the right decision because as you look at down should enact a more you look at. AJ styles Teva now wins those guys don't need this to be relevant. Bear Corbin needs this to our relevant and dull ziglar we already know. Would have to be beatings and Sammy Zain that it would be showing what they think of hand. Idol that they hadn't liked the most was the start win Corbin came out attacked. Seems to because we missed so much up and in that match he did coming in and but what are you trying to build with orbit insisted and you tees since day and AJ styles which I would like to see but I just don't understand court come out attacking. Should stay right away off the bat. I think it shellfish this is a power out what it comes out I thought it was a good standard and once again it builds and why. Corbett is he dirty. He wants to beat ally a year he wants to get you from behind locked out and I. I thought I'd thought it was beautifully written last night and by the way we are early start running in ring work yet as that would help. Match of the night by far it is absolutely it was a great main event. A great way to cap off but I. They had the battle between AJ ancients game with the little stare off. And the fight they have got an update Desmond awesome. Every opportunity yeah mania match guys I mean those negative ads such battled back in. In new chip and they are history goes back to port their styles are a little bit similar Bart. I really it thinks are going to win at one point. I was really just some team of anybody but they were last night. We've seen that yet he was hot as what he had the money in the bank briefcase we've seen it restricting you need to doesn't bring much to. Public the false styles Tareq. There's tremendous student I mean girls you get for an op just kind of like. Our crash in packs last night in the Bible Kevin Orton didn't hour bomb into the water once you about that also. Don't have an Owens won a performer he is the United States champion right now he always puts on a good shot at a match is never as matching it against dean Ambrose ladder match for that IC title. There's a couple of years I'll Wear. Hats. He always puts on big shows when it comes with. I'll weapons and outside interference of ladders chairs tables all back. I think it's just a tremendous performer dude I think you get are eager to bring US championships some some good runs here. In the next couple months helping hold onto it through at least for survivor series has got to put the benchmarks. I get an opportunity is some really special things. Yeah and it hasn't had a good run sense Sina. Pregnant again thank Gary. They are ruining my vacation. Can do on an even there yet navigator the giant man. Well pants on in the Dallas will do my beyond his ability. Well it org or sounds dead heat at we staying in this western about what her career. Herb every Warner hurt pain it is on its side in the budget. You know ride that wave brother. And it boy pretty prevailing. I've bill Schmidt gone. And just start. Enters the ring the thirtieth and turn here. Out on the producers here I guess what are you internally bills show an intern with the show so that's why nobody's ever heard me. Yeah is there anything you can like promotes I can promote Chrissie central man cream city central dot com and cream city central. That I stream but that is a Wisconsin sports. Site we serve have beer season there so you could say racecar and I don't like the cream city thing no people a lot of people have said. I'm not clicking that link at work. I don't want Bob I don't want pat ascent to let you know that's what I've got a lot of times people are like do and I'm likely to network fluid. And that's ammo like creamy and the that's an idea man I tell him about how did that Milwaukee. Because when I see green city. San driving trains to the clash are you affiliated with that Null but I there was a few times I first started with them I would write cream city class and aisles like what it. That is not the way how much are you right there. Not that much anymore I'm. But I used to write a lot about the Packers I've done a lot of interviews over their way to rank grants. Jim past year. Few college. Basketball as good as guess and we have on Chaka Wrangler anyway. I just Stewart in here so we're just we got Billy stocks he ran through the paper view. A couple minutes review big Devi AV guys there's a lot of us here at the fan. Give me your overall thoughts on the paper view overall the paper view the results. The time spent watching it was a waste time he does me. The matches were guy like the woman's Mets like the new day and whose soul is I think it was a good match until that was those were dislike. Hey we got here. And exactly now it's hit. The demands money in the bank match was good but in the middle that your rate actually like the agent Amal and ornaments. As well. I like it to our complaint as the dynamo or Billy or is that. It did you got a book and if you're gonna Riley junior you've got to make him don't make him another week champion. It's always an excuse for why guys win in lose in the WW I don't mind singing Brothers messing with the legends now is a touch obviously to put heat. I'm gender. But genders got to do something in the he can't just lay outside the ring. For eight minutes it Rainey who's got all this momentum do one move and take them god that makes you look weaker not stronger. Did make him look weak what did you see one he put them EP look there Rick flair but Randy in the figure four leg like an apparent use it will move. Did you catch that yes that was gold is now again Enders also Orion is. Top five all time because of all I'll tell a lot of home all right it's worth the top five of all time better than. John Sina and it's been funny line and it's now it's not top five all time in the top five. This year June. To our guys being of that paper view news I don't managing their paper I don't mind the title run is it your papers you cinder path a moderate on all right take down. Four hours worth of opponents what about the money in the bank we spent a good time trashing bearing Corbett and Billy likes him I do I get no reaction from him he's just he's nothing to me I'm in between. I like I think it's worth it I mean I concede I was trying to think of who in that match could juicy. Coming down and taking in. Advantage of the champion. With the money in the bank match it won't be aging albeit he doesn't need it since kids it is an unit Sammy Zain the only other option than his name but I don't think. I think they wanna do with him like they're trying to do Daniel Bryant thing. Where he finally wins in his big moments that worked really well for Bailey. Bailey's. That your and tragedy and I think core I can see according coming down one. Like I think there's not a lot of they're gonna have like Sammy is and finally when the title. And then. Corporate on the countdown and then cash it. Oh re so Sammy will be gender somebody. It's somewhere down the line dog Sammy on women and gender I'll give it time line right now. Time magazine as we have John vigil Sina beads junior Captain America. Beats John Sina Sammy beats Russa and there corporate cash us any V Russa did its wrestling a lunatic man after awful. Don't Russa and engender fighting each other and have kids you have to assume Eagles when Russa comes magazine your face reaction. Yeah probably. Definitely for Russo to come nightly round comes back you get a face reaction and they turned him you right away which analyzed and now he's like molecular columns anymore. And around stand because I'm all in for rounds like those guys about balance I think you need to reset the three of them and brings she'll back for addresses. Now these people mainly. Romans are CNET. Attendance in now failed tent scene is dead bodies before. He tried. The food for one feud and then currency next year nexus all. He's in this and nexus Ehrlich a decade and many of them the Ayers CN rude everybody it's that one period at times the room and everyone in the WW I'd do Lexington now. I was like Sina. I think he's better for the product now and he was. You better as a part timer on our records and eyes light room parents. I'm not against Roma and analyze that Nash because. Think it's despondent. Like that promo he came in and he was like this is nine yard in his left. I like my card race guy. They'll only that was undertaker saintly. But that was like when he just said there and they booed him for all that time and uses like. This is my yard and is left. That was perfect it is seems forced plagued rests on the anything they keep saying. The ultimate thriller guys ask me that guys like undertaker orchid and their trauma. I'm gonna take you down. At the ultimate thrill rides. An entity can I nagging and I think WB network free when you sag announced her Amman and a case undertaking Callaway we get a mark. OK I. Anything SSA. AJ styles and since Kinnock martz there gondolas. Top three moment of the year so far men and guess top three moment a year but jitters. Reuters champions was number nine all time to. Of the year to the right in front of AJ and knock remorse or no bull look at that match though look at that them going to make match. Were aware of those as two years ago I mean they've done a Debbie Debbie has. Even overly reliant part timers too much a share remaining as summer slam it did a good job getting aging cabin and there I heard that allows drive and and that. Kevin Owens I guess speculating and Mayo hurt their sandy got carried out. Of the match after reports from fans in the stadium I tell you listen to check in wake arguing ninja jealous that that was before I left the house. I was listening to Dave Meltzer. Shout out to big day of and then who in the car tuned into. Chuckling Clint Hertz and politics Obama and Ayers today. Yeah a lot of them. Thanks Josh thank you we'll check in next time as well. If all mental energy statistics do I had a plugged it in there now there's again chase do 262 JS TEW 262. Shuttle to the 262. Yeah hopefully somebody cut us here in the thirty minute mark of the show to get that. There will be a lot of people will hold its colony of Racine will be tuned in to I met waste thanks. You have Cody grand Tony fifteen you know it is that changing now nine times soon seventeen man now on seventeen whatever Toy Story 51 team was the greatest year. Why I'm telling you made your Twitter account that's what an amateur account he should updated every year against the nets aren't as when I was introduced the world winner. The start tweeting so you. May in name and Cody Graham has tried taken yeah yes I add numbers and you know what can I do here to Die Welt and fit account that says Tony fifteen soul. That's my account there was clearly counter right next to me at my desk in my. Analyzing here. At coney grant by the way today's Tuesday just sign up for tour because I am not a characteristic that's kind of a late. Introduction to order for you can't ask. I hated tyrant first came out I've been on tour since 2009. And in love and in every instance funny tweets again. Way too many to count at all started because of Conan O'Brien has to Communist what are all okay. Shout outs over in Russia that's already earned that starting next time that your hug for next time Jackson Billy Cody thank you Bo a.'s.