WWE Podcast - Week of 9/13/17

The Producers
Wednesday, September 13th
Cody Grant and Bart Winkler shared their thoughts on Vince McMahon's return to Smackdown and what it means for Kevin Owens to be featured in a segment with the boss. Also, what other storyline's should we care about on the Blue Brand? Will Dolph Ziggler begin a feud with the Glorious Bobby Roode? Braun Strowman continued his dominance on Raw. Does he have a chance at beating Brock Lesnar? Will Roman Reigns ever reunite with his former Shield brothers Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose? All of that and more on Episode 2 of our WWE Podcast.

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Welcome back to WW podcasts is episode 2 I am Cody grant producer of the checked and went their shell I'm next to me is Bart wink there co host. Upset chuck and went to show every Monday through Friday from six and 10 AM plenty of wrestling talked to get CU. What do they are raw and smackdown this week pretty. Pretty fun smackdown especially if it's man return to smackdown after a four year absence I believe that's amazing. He's been saying darn fool these news is old. Odd that there every night but behind the scenes work that the moment that did get a reference today. I'm not second Wrangler because I said that I wanted to cap and Owens. Chuck Freeman right now had a one day it's starting to happen between you two it's just it's inevitable. Now I know this I should do OK so you've started when did you start June. I started June 5 was my first day. Okay soul well I think this summer's mitigated little time between dreams and I. I'd want I don't know as the vikings or football season but that does again attention. Re emerges so. It's is a storm we'll get through wilders multiple. Tweets coming in especially with asked CW will what kind of wrestling match UT would put on what kind of stipulation would appease please and Israelis now yeah that's what he sat so. May be in the near future I mean bill Billy Schmidt. Our own Billy Schmidt was in a wrestling match not too long ago maybe you in shock. Yet one. Hey if I'm gonna win the match do it. I'd been a little diamond nominal in the match and we can script it right in the man did its best and not take it a stripped it. Correct and the thing with Vinson now Kevin Rollins that was I think that was real although Israel replied yes and I watch it right away it's not my dad eat you actually hit them. Advise them something give your Vince McMahon. You're like okay I'm gonna I'm gonna go to Vegas and now be at smackdown and I got to get a head butted and you are taking all the abuse I decided to head the I think was that's adding that's the story him during his moves on them and whatever those don't hurt. But doing their head butt and making him believe. His own blunt I thought that was insane events. Always said he would never. Have anybody any of his wrestlers. Do something that he would not do. This is gonna do everything. I mean he wrestled street fights against stone cold remedies like 72 and a dozen men in shape he's in your triple H says interview on. He said he will not work out with the two matches like guys freaking crazy. That's going to be some father son in law relation right not gonna get along pretty well those two. Alpha males as they are. It was a great moment is that when a moment to talk about moment in that sense not to. The guys palace now chain in camp and Owens which. I'm now I don't know if my interest holder Lee data I've gone back and forth comments to relegation match he's not a wrestler he's an entertainer he does put on good matches in a sense south. I don't wants a good matches I must say big spots there's always a big spot a shame man. Match but as long as Vince is running the show. What he sees from his standpoint is. Wrestling Shane McMahon is a huge honor Ilia he put up against AJ styles and you went up against undertaker and now is going to be against Kevin Owings. So that tells me this just means that sounds pretty much Kevin Allen show right now. Opened smackdown he ended smack down was in between we were able titles Jim Jim Hall was in the middle. AJ styles was in the middle. Seven Owens is the main focus of science are right now story lines. Oh Kevin Jones number one for sheriffs to. Number two probably. AJ AJ bear Corbin was that is number two number three. Does gender a chance to even fall in the Guinness world affect you as their means of buildings the job. I mean you got no gender doesn't need or uninteresting champion now he's not and Harry and I applaud the move I applaud the risk. On the chaos not. It's not good any morning mentions the guide to first gender. The sides did you did a bad job building up Tuesday. If I tried to I feel like they'll all they've done is say she institutions cannot go Mora. We know he didn't XT was amazing we know what he's done over in new Japan pro wrestling. But there's really there was really never banned you reason for him to go after the title. They just said options gays and number one contender and then of course he had the magic of Randy Orton. To make this number one contender should stay pretty much got that first match against him alters handed to. Or they doing what was junior doing in his raspy voice was and they're making fun Russians d.s face look I don't know a junior said this escape that they're gonna make fun of you because you're different and and a one time he got compared to Michael Jackson mean yankees had eased because he doesn't. You tend to like he can tie inaugural harder understand the because they don't have these. A dialogue feuds. The B pick I'm for his Lux and ours comes off. Horribly unwisely. I output the doll ziglar thing Canada I had that is Carroll no casino what they're setting up is timbers Bobby rude. That's why I mean because I can't it was a rude and drew all root is this is what they're doing I I think it's going to happen is. Sit there and continue this may be. Next Tuesday here calm now. As to Bobby roots entrance cut and then Bobby Ruble come out obviously their sort of feud between that and dobbs ziglar is pretty much at this point in his career he's a starting point. To building a bigger star charities notes and you are probably going to stand up comedy. Green says he likes them more than wrestling. Apparently not standup comedy does stand up comedy. I don't know why is he funny on the show I don't know is a he'll. Maybe I don't but he also supposed to be funny. And I. I don't know and I can add to your whenever you on the same and I'm there's more than 10 cannot go ahead. They gonna do so they were he and Sammy become friends again seems like an Owens said. Honest to say smackdown he would fire Sammy saying. In the the last two weeks is an interaction they've they've been out independent shows where Kevin Owens has come out and save Sammy say it from attack and they've done tag team matches with the two. I did and it shows it day obvious your now on TV they use those to test. New ideas. But yet I mean obviously with social media cellphones into a plant closures LaSalle shows yeah. I say I am minus an independent shows but how shows they're teaming up and I'll show you where ya big eighteen to open house show and and about a month ago I think Martha month and a half ago they actually had and how shell. Kevin Owens came out and rescued Sam music is being attacked by. Cameron who liked how shows never manner unless somebody gets hurt in the and a China. They had tried to tell you what the sellers or somebody I think what are records and there's a chart title chains like what's happened recently edited styles but. Yet the title changes or crazy another title change a smackdown last night the new day. One the tag team champions back and who sows so they wanna make them the most prolific tag team title there I guess so I hope this is it B. Without bribery was a great rivalry two great tag teams but they just take you can't wait to some positive fight I'll stick in the Benjamin added he'll Benjamin and Chad gable I mean they wrestled height bros are considered face. So our last night and I don't really think their heel may be out authors a pain. I know you you don't watch a whole lot of and it's T. But they're the big steel tag team and not end on an exe right now and I keep bringing of these and XT 10 teams in the morning they go. Not far the revival are they around Talladega hurt. What amounted to. The vaudeville aliens one of those guys got fired. And now you have hipster. Simon Dutch. U neighboring Iraq and you bring up these these take teams in the on doing with them it just WB. Pretty much. A whole time they've been around me who is the best part of these guys coming out now and there's not until. But smackdown I thought was exciting show especially in the two man that's a number one story line everything else is just. You know under I mean if we're talking Wisconsin sports to have an Owens is the Packers. A smackdown. As a Packers are two response. That's how big the store layouts here right here and I'm Allan is he's shown that makes sense you. It does I love analogies and that analogy was like. Climbing the tap them on memory sands you know who the Mike Daniels of reliance on a BB. You know it's wrestling bronze stroman knock out Ross a raw Alia says he's a monster. Yes number on stroman. Interesting match with in him and will not natural Lesnar in the match was seen on. If they have bronze from and lose to Brock as I've told you Kodiak and they're going to know why. Because they still believe in Roman rains. So then why are you doing this Biden is an item for the belt around her own I don't know I don't know. But do you don't try that Lesnar now I'll put it number on in that Lesnar go do some miles. I agree I'm not disagreeing with you I just what I believe is going to happen is Brock Lesnar will go over. Ron's from. His attorneys go to smackdown. You know he'd be free agent John seen while with these. Would that a universal championship now and almost as light heavyweight championship yet to be like 400 pounds even contend for. Who how is a team valor are you gonna realistically. She'll meet him beating. Brock Lesnar or bronze stroman I wanna talk Lofton dollar he's like irrelevant right now. I don't like champs I see you like old dust. So against beret alliant I cancel out any need to make a joke. In Ballard is saving gold six dollar doesn't have a character first of all he's got a demon thing that's it. Using to come out as a demon all the time the hottest moment he's had since his return was when he for five seconds looked at the guys in the ball club. Yeah so much how well you do that which was in a battle royal York so a team. That's flounders. And you've got a guy that's floundering. And when they're together. It's hot so do it and anointed his own doing. And then I'll rains. Loses the Sina. And he's distraught oh well old dog now he's teaming up with his buddies the shield. And now they take on the down our club I got there you go that's just like my great idea last week is seen as naive. Bravo to our current Corvette at his daycare addition BC TE activists that asset and rate out the last week podcast if you missed. The explanation there yet WG. Tests episode one last week we put this up on 1057 FM the fan on Twitter. All the social media FaceBook as well so. If we're gonna talk about Bryant's strong men. Not going over Brock Lesnar what's next for pariah where's he go from there because it seems like when you're in these high profile matches in WWE. And you lose the match. They say doc. I don't know what to do with on the that's correct because. Brock is at the top brawn has run through the entire monster right guys like Sammy Zain anymore now. Mean he was doing he's he needs. He needs top Echelon talent and what have been a rude stuff. When he got to John C now lost the exactly. You know at some stuff like that and I fear about Ron stroman is gonna lose credibility. It because it's just the way they've been showing him is he can dominate Brock Lesnar. And a one on one match can't protect. And yes time of this today on the show the brewers. It's chasing Anderson's getting started on Wednesday night on three days' rest. I thought for the brewers that's good because. Just wean the DA in front of you worry about the next game when it's the next game and wrestling you cannot do I wish that they would plan out things. A little better that's my wish there was an offseason. Or you had guys that came in and out. I'm like you gave guys two months off at a time and then you can let other guys breathe in May be brawl when need to be. Three hours you should have an end game we started storyline the show lost. Nodded and and game and they got super bad and and they decided let's have a mandate was an end game and then it got really good now. Was all the chaos there are no but the payoff in a show like lost was much better in the tail off of let's make horns Chicago the anonymous GM he's been under the ring the whole time I think dead. I just think that you need chaos in WWE it's it's just infuriating. Two to watch this kind of stuff and not have any pay off for and yet it's on the comes up and somebody gets hurt you have to change on the flyer. If bronze Strom is getting heated and and her. Apparent carbon getting heat and need to take change and that's climate. Most of these you can you can clearly tell well says RO in. Same as are trying for the ninth straight time he gets it gets annoying. And dies and prime straw man if he does lose to Brock. We don't know what's going to happen with and why I think they should do is. Have Paul Heyman. Turn on Brock. For who for broad stroman. Well I yeah CNET happened before down upon payments turn on Brock in favor of the big show. And advantage and then backed him now like to doubt I mean now. But he was he he managed big show and roads. What. Lie they show is a big big thing at the time this is like fifteen years ago OK guys and by the way they show may be may be done and you. Represent our last podcast. Brian Strom and probably retired the big show he was legitimately hurt don't do that cage bully attitude that's a pro wrestling is not fake it's scripted. I can't stand what people say wrestling is fake unearthing about wrestling. Is when they say all you watch us in a stupid because it's fake that's invalid argument because you obviously don't watch any TV show. You watch team thrown Stew watch him lost it's the same thing it's a TV show. We are not trying to pretend wrestling is well let's see. Well aware where they then maybe have some claim is because. Like ESPN and fox and CBS cover them so I. That that's not not the dollar has not Arafat our fault. I think when we doubt arrest and the show on me we don't for we it's not in the updates. On China inland and I did that generally and as a jazzy beat the rockets over Islam Rabbani has they brought a lot faster as the aids yeah that's done that's pretty funny. The ms. on the wrong as a baby. You know I was if you're seeing sort of scenario where you had the ms. yelling it ends though and the ms. is supposed to be good. And guy in Kansas losing good guy at the news is dead on and on everything you sane they do that all the. Time where it doesn't make sense. Between the heel on the face turn Roman brains. Try to commit murder. To brush run strong men but he's the face and bronze Il ya remember when. Dean Ambrose eighteen Ambrose. Perfect example of that. I suppose BofA speeders so many he'll tactics just this tax people rant from behind I don't know where this stuff like that so. It did that logic between Gil on base is flawed as well. Span and and and I think too is why do he'll tag teams. Always get along but face tag teams because their egos are too big can't work together. Precinct check Paris face tainting you guys it's. Are definitely faced a fifth that put at danger both heels it's it's it's WW logic for you sciatica. That's what I'm trying to say that's fair. And I'd expect that to go to that. That way. Why when I said that about tag teams then. Expected to when you got hired you expect chuck and I define as much as we do on the Null but to be fair. I only listen to you guys. Africa hired for about that week. And it really. Start to see the trend until I was. In on the show and a behind the scenes stuff as well sure that we will not talk about. Tom I think we've done a better job than. Letting things go I mean. If you can compare. Yourself and shock. To two current rosters right now is that rocked and brawn. Is it happen Owens and Shane. No I think he's Karen Owens and I'm stands and technically he turned on you. Okay Agassi. Yeah you know on real life. Don't know he's cents in south okay and which it was a Roman earnings. I. The there to get a plan to team up after the wonder. So what they I want to bring him to death it's definitely more to say. I and the whole entire bronze Roman. With brawn no I am I wanna see him win the title dot beats you I agree I just don't think it's going to happen. We had to get to run it rains John scene of a really quick wanna. I wanna mention there's going to be a new. Brought woman competitor. Hasta I don't care is coming from texting well. I'll tell you something. Your fan women's wrestling at all. Maybe a little bit when if its good OK I'll start is so tired here and Sasha banks has some meat still ask does probably. Without doubt the bass woman's Dresser on the planet. And when you see her wrestle for the first time on raw you will be during enamored with. Professor she should be should be a champion an all time pass arsenal emotions doing so well since it's falling and then. I asked does not phoning in and on and I you'll do her the privilege of not fast forwarding the statement is in China. Finished Ron during the eighth inning break it would redeem and so we're just get the whole woman's division are raw as well I ticket. Until hasta comes up to raw fresh for good. They will go back and look at the woman's division I so Roman raiser John Sina. Had the a problem battle for the third straight times. And you know what I noticed John scene referenced. In Roman rains. Didn't pass the turn to us drug test. And I thought that was a bad decision by WW to go there especially when you're trying to build Roman reigns as the face of the company. And you have the current face the company throwing shade and he can't pass a drug test. Solving the demand decision has been awful in in when I first saw the first promo I was invested I was pumped to see this match now dislike. That's why you have seen or come order raw. And saying. Look come on smackdown among drama free agent I want to show you Roman. That I'm silly guy erroneous I'm still better than you so then you bring in Jason Jordan into the mix. Our eyes have seen it takes on Jason Jordan goes twelve minutes Roma comes out and Kate drama as is the room was 120. Was twelve I don't I'm on this matter as long I make it apply go ahead sorry twelve minutes against a rookie. A case and in the next week roaming fees team and seeing it's the upper edge. In the navy duty again with another guy he struggles against some nations struggle in Rome in the same and then. On the last encounter. A goal home show before the match that's when you ago. That's and you go fake shoot from all day and your height and for the man it's a building is backwards. Like Brock Gaza player's career. Sheer. I don't know I know I don't know why I'm not writing Ruslan. You should be I don't know why I'm not you applied for a job be set on the last weeks I started coastal whenever. I guess right recaps version Breslin AW wrestling guy in Chicago as fun let's I mean I want just recap a son or exactly it out yeah. Hala hotter I go from here to there acted. It is a good worker dale I'll borrow or I don't wanna start at the bottom I wanna do is do WB is clearly. I'm better than them you know we should do bark for our next podcast we should write a story line the next month. After. No mercy. Do you know that sometimes and I'm having a hard time falling asleep right story lines as critical holiday there and thank Aaron wanted to brag and now I'm usually out no time. So we're doing one on bronze going over bronco re the best way to do it. And where do you go from there who and that's a challenge bronze like Dan okay it idea where is Brock go last year well the next week Roman rains and see you know who wins that. Yeah and what did they do with from a range sent scifi like your idea of CNET. Taking what actually. It's what about this instead of CNET TV Roman rain straight up and running gone back to the shield. Wonder if the shield helps Roman rains beat John Sina. How can you have some there but Warren does it won't be the reasoning I don't incentive on Santa. I would really like to see where he dared in nexus come back and that's not gonna and Matt Matt's that's not going to happen to owl might double that was one of John seen as worst decisions. To kill nexus and it's sucks and it's his decision it was his decision Chris Jericho by the way my favorite racer of all times said mind to nexus should win. Match I agree. That was but John seen as angle now. And they ruined it isn't your urges the best he really is he is aggressive all time he's the best in the world at what he does he's now a 100%. When around the coliseum punk coming back. I don't know if the markets that are formed out of Iran arouse he was in the front row smackdown. She was there for the may young classic. All too she responded in the front row Vegas and Vegas. You know can like utility last week a putter in the and in some normal care. I know you want. Oscar. Talent. So Rouse reverse Alaska now now now browsers now wrestlers want our staffers Charlotte. But obviously Charlotte on raw. True so. We'll see who she faces but anybody she pays she will run. Let me just before we wrap up does this shield thing. When I go there right now is that your favorite actionable time because this mine. Now it's an axis axis is your favorite factional they did on some of their order dinner right mobile. You know if Serb bots what was your favorite actionable time. I don't mean as it's either to shield their nexus and the reason why is because I like the idea. Of this group coming in and going against the grain and the WB and taking guys out for no reason just to show. They're place and I and I like that sort of storyline allied dead angle and then they always seem to ruin and I was shield is good day they turned. I think that all worked out kinda it was time for them to do it but I doubt the CI reunions yet right in the right and it's been 34 years now so I think it's. It does work in your girl faces now 20. Well technically have a normal rains while he's supposed to be if it's some mystery man size he's affects. So the shield right now because those two guys are just taken and whenever tag team gets in their way. I again highlight the valor idea. So maybe they would have to team up first. What do Finn wants the universal championship back you know he only had a for a week OK so if Roman beats Sina. Finn comes out. As the next contender. Technology doesn't makes it don't doesn't work I don't know hollows works is to guess I'll go ahead Tommy. How bra showing beats Brock. Not gonna happen but OK Brian Sherman Dietz Brock Lesnar got it okay. And he does sell. 'cause of or after after a few Mallory and challenges how although some artists. Take a week write the story not. No tees here I'm doing. They take a mountain of debt a bullet club. Takes out. Draw line nobody can take out brought. But OK and then rain comes out and he says. You send the ditches want that title. Got unfinished business with Ron that's my title and he says give advance kicked in and she'll music hits. Ron this time has. Following out of the ring. K and then a scenario the shield in the gallery club. Fighting each other than and that's two months storyline. Meanwhile bronze still beat up K. He's got to have his rematch of Brock so that continues. Now you've given a reason for the shield the reunite the ballot club to reunite. Brawn could still face Brock. All of this does a rough on the universal championship Susan may management is also the secondary whoever wins this shield ballot club thing. And maybe at the being assured she'll reunion arranged turns on or those guys turn on hands anywhere dentistry but there's. There is that that period. I think first you help and have them be the Boller club. Go after the attack titles. Now the decision Null I'm not saying for like two months before this happened within come out and say I want the title. And then he starts getting his ass kicked tangled why would the Boller club come out to defend him what reason. As they have little moment. I must say doesn't make sense like I begin at. That's pretty exciting WB has done things that make class cents I mean I think Miley is the exciting not not bad. Now so I'd I'd be intrigued by that they are today WB podcasts episode to thank you for a little more clarified reason wrote it down use that expo market you've got on Internet. I got to put it up front. I just pick up things in play with a man like. Accuser that's bar went Claire now post of second went there every Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 10 am I am Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes needs. I'm chuck says it with a each emphasis on in different numbers that moment Hortons. Again OK so Alison actually Cody grant producers took and went their show every Monday through Friday 6 cents at 10 am on one out by senate and the.