WWE Podcast - Week of 9/6/17

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Wednesday, September 6th
Cody Grant and Bart Winkler recap a busy week in the WWE. From the storylines on RAW and Smackdown, to the potential future of Ronda Rousey as well as the live shows to come on Christmas and New Years. What should the new storyline for Baron Corbin be? Have you lost interest in John Cena and Roman Reigns? That and more on The FAN's all-new WWE Podcast!

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Look at into WB podcast episode 101057. App from the fan I am Cody grants also known as toll roads to chuck Freeman. This is WB podcast that's part went clear along with me cohost of chuck and went there I am the producer housing number. Go out Cody don't allow him ready for some football this weekend. And this is the time word I session Monday night raw they need to bring in when they compete against Monday night every week. Yeah that's starts up this week every two games. On Monday night as usual for the opener a lot so I get to of course with wrestling would you smackdown Roth important moments every week were also. Look at the big stories around the wrestling world. Like run arouse each she was sad teased identity in a video they put out on social media may be she will come to their duty soon JBL no longer smackdown commentator. And also the first time ever raw we'll take place on Christmas Day. And new years so the first time ever sell. Look at raw and smackdown first and get to those other major stories sorcerer with raw that is on Monday and they will be competing with my night football. This coming week what was the biggest thing you saw on raw this week now. So you had scene and reins of Franken jog my memory because this is two days ago Carney and now this thing. On while watching yesterday who we had to say it's seen and rains do like a light version of the saying that they do the other day which wasn't as good. Tom I don't know why they can say ditch and then they'd world bitch after every time. You know that light rain to say Europe Tanzi PH in the crowd was Joba then when he showed an highlights they can't say I don't know. I'll do that either going to be here say it's AM it is PG now. But still I say let them say it appears Saint Louis yeah makes it's not they believe that our they've vaguely about asks. I was really invested in this primary two weeks ago. And one week ago now. After that from on us the same old thing again a candidacy that that's the scene and rocketed a doing yeah the same thing happening that took a year ago. Turn it took a year. This of course is going to take a couple of weeks you would think that scene and rains in and I told either side of the year but you would think that. They were gonna do that kind of match it would be like get a wrestle mania not in all. Mercy I think the reason why it's it was a kind of shut third on one week. Exactly but raw and raised in a face Brock Lesnar that's set in stone wrestle mania Asia went as far as who won the title so. They're not gonna do John Sina verses rom and rains now there was some talk to keep the title tell mania I guarantee yet what LeBron prospect had been. Why not because it's just I'm Brock so Roman can beat them. But doesn't Roman. Now I. Big dance my ex is on her way while Jones why would you why would you have this match right away. If dragon amber on win because they gonna build Roman as the strongest face on raw and to do that. But what better way to do that and haven't Brock runs to the roster and then losing to ignore it he'll. However brawny is the strongest based on wrong I doled out but he is a he'll. He's a faiths is a phased in the press reaction I get that but he's still he'll. He's he's a he'll no Z I I understand what you're Keller from that the fans cheering him but he is a seal I never heard Ron get booed I agree with you. I never heard of Djibouti that are except when he was with the why it's. Three years ago when he started. Are rosebud. Or rose but he he was a rose but that's version. So is James Ellsworth teams elsewhere so was I bet you lunch I'll. So it was a lie Sampson. I like I like I like him and so idea would talk about alliance a little bit. But no brawn is brought his appeal but he's the number or face on a show I agree but he's a he'll. He's a face on that so Roma's CNET deeply care about this should we care about us. On I had I do care but I think you're right to say that it's not as hot as it was a week ago outlet like last week was awesome. We talked about it that the day after I was pumped for like this was a great promo even though it was scripted and I care about that still be called April the fourth wall. And it's kind of brought back what's CM punk did it out that he doesn't allow them here's the problem they did on Monday. When we say same promo. You boy late it was the same promo yeah like they stood in the same parts of the ring. Okay and fervor it rains the cons say yeah see united went twenty minutes of the rookie that stuff was all good and they should've done it justice medically fit even just look different it was a backstage better yet a sit down with Michael Cole or anything different. Then it. Just go stand on the marquee stood on last time in tock. That was a problem so that's why that's why he's awful good. Yes so what they will face each other no mercy war hopper no mercy. Tech camps coming up for sure moving on with Ron stroman he gave a pretty strong from all after that amazing match against pig show. I sort of got bras from as the only person I did a good match on a big shot the last. 78 years why read I'm not opera acts the with spandex thing did you see that that they think maybe. Maybe that was Dixon's last match really now. Because neck and announcer Ron Tyrus big show and maybe political way to go beneath their right to the cage that's a lot of respect that they show shown LeBron. Well they've had good matches they have enough now. There really have bronzed rate in the ring in big show obviously he lost a lot of weight diners shape yes some go on a big show can he shaved his face and in some style scene because he won't get a haircut. Yes he does or is it a lot longer allowed us to there goes on out there that won't look and retire and mainly on how Lenovo may be. You heard a rumor to that the undertaker may show up and oversee it Roman raises. And Jesse has match. Interest staying because I don't think he's retired I don't think so either he was working out. At summer slam. Even though they get ready minute funeral for a relayed down all of the stuff. You cried during that. No I actually was not listen I've been watching light the match is over Roseanne's. Is that my dear friend Paula makes house beacon here on the bill Michael's show I have been wrestling fan too right Leslie and I lives and a half hour away from these sites and Arabs and and I gotta get home I don't or bad I've worked the next day and I was listening to has just has does this show on the fan. Not after big paper views he did when after summer slam. And whenever has of the show on Sunday night on CBS we rerun it lessens the packer late game. We have so. Listen there's wrestling live on the fan. But I was listening to and I was just listening to it and I did follow up on my fault I didn't I didn't. The undertaker. May be. Doesn't do it for me as much as he does have for other people yes I did get into wrestling because of him because his mattress on Michael's the first woman and it wrestle mania but. For him to retire. Com baby touts bill Schmidt. He's younger than both of us he'd call me crying. Winner take a retired. Did he have a couple Beers in him does he was ham yeah. Guys tapped the tank and a keg party it was a sad moment that Wallace. I got you got to wrestle a bit earlier or or maybe I never really thought he was retired. The only guy that I actually think is retired it will never be entering again is Shawn Michaels. Outside of him being KFC guy. You'll never wrestle again. Now it's the only one I believe there is retired yet but do you mean. It doesn't have a significant injury that will never ever match because like edge French sense edges down we know he's done yet. You talk about maybe a guy like some AAA chipping you and I'm very tired not from hell. Shawn Michaels. He's done yeah I mean icon and that kick someone in the face. Or being colonel. RB a referee premier referee I mean there's still that euphoria these guys again. I don't think younger wrestling match a palatial Russell again Tuesday prime undertaker will wrestle again. I really do in. I hope I don't think he's done it looked awful against Roman. World index seed do these wrestle mania matches with him where you think it's going to be. It's got to be a 25 minute match because of the precedent he says so can and a ten year note Tony I'm an adult now. Candidate or go ten minutes probably okay doing ten minute match frontier wrestle mania was if it doesn't have to be wrestle mania. Let's sell have a killer smacked I'd be a free agent Ali Sina. Yeah on an XT and when that title. Article does I mean that is a dumb idea but is it. No I mean there's you can't. At least say as a dumb idea when talking about professional wrestler that's true I mean Barnes Ellsworth in March Hendry. And Mae young gave birth to her hand. Ha that is who they did a few really can't say now well under speaker what next to its title as a dumb idea hearing and announced. Mark Henry being a father to hand you know whenever ham and hand Arnold like they actually had a hand costume. And person dress up in hand Josh and walk around. Now I this stuff happens and Russell had scurry. Sometimes a bears that's why we devote her time to watching and talking about it on this podcast. Yeah I have had conversations from people. Debts. Are wrestling fans when I approach someone new. And aside to. I don't decide which is kind of starts like you have a friendship with the spurs we are at risk and should win his first real awkward moment for us hey you know he ever watch that. Net flip these stuff on. I think it's I'm. Wednesday or Tuesday arteries have a car like on college yeah yeah wrestling hero watch that stuff I love money and it Roch yeah I think that does session banks in the title. I don't play a Vietnamese go into exactly do we system that's Transocean sound operator on. Separately the page but we don't yet on the ride that was a pretty good show bronze from an obviously dominant. Sasha banks imagine her there's. Now India for way for the last I don't I don't care. Your girl and I got a ten on Sasha banks. I know I nylon amonte and the problem with the women as I do get excited when new women come in. Like let's say Rouse he comes and I get really excited but then once they get these feuds I lose interest is that a women thing I don't know I hope not. Now may recount sexist idled as a woman thing I think it's a numbers game because it's there's no I'm not a problem I don't think they've done a good job. Promoting the women in a sense that. You need to watch them because they they pass the title round like it's now. They've done a lot with a lot of titles lately but with the women it does feel like them more and if you've got six women on smackdown and six women on rye don't. I don't know if stance. I think they should all be together but then maybe you don't get enough times so maybe all the women she's beyond wrong. But in smacked on those and women but do we need it incurs a rates smackdown. You enemy they wrestle Suzanne I simulators. I don't know I just. Did it what's more important for each show to have. Women or for the women to be showcase on the three hour raw. 'cause I'd talent you know when I fast forward to this stuff I'd much rather watch. A couple women's matches and and actually stop and watch at least in the last two minutes than these cruiser weakness in demand Nyack contaminating less than that. Amir's never gonna happen where they're gonna split at the women to. Only Ron gets the win and knocks that I get your saying and I don't think it's. Wrong to say it like in a sexist term but that's house can be viewed at that were to happen. And Iran to say now because and he says none of them women and nine process honor here yeah hard to see Becky lynch. And so I mean that will never have mcinnis a thing there's not a lot of good women wrestlers right now there really isn't a mean you have you looked analysts yes Sasha banks. Alexa blessed. On raw. And mean who lost you really have I don't know how most active arrests or nine jacks may be she is only a Tyrone Nash you know she asked. She has not won a title yet the appetite honor because if these if they were fighting for real she would be always the chance everybody gets title because the woman's division. Yes yeah yeah put on nine Jack's lead Italian team now. Yesterday and smack down the title like I I forgot she won yet because they pass around way too often. Who's who's and among contender Carmela even though she is the bank. Yeah I it's. It's amassed CY in my leg ailments and they always still I think dale we saw as a rematch clause all but of course that just. Paula under the rug because stake question our intelligence all the time that in dollar and it is 1007 got their rematch is yet. But universal title on the WB championship. You know so that will never happen. Iran arouse you mentioned her she was at the many young classics of me and classics on the WB network right now yeah it's a collection of not sure how many women are competing and I was 3232. 32. If budget independent grocers from around the world. And run aroused he was there in Orlando. It was during a taping sand she confronted. What are wrestling wouldn't it be Charlotte backe lynch and Bailey. And she gave a quote Charlotte unit that time you name the place run arouse he has appeared. EW before and it's wrestle mania with a rock she was in the front row. In Iraq was coming up from all the Tripoli she sent me an act came out and run I got into the ring. And how little spat rob arazi is good friends with the WB she's been a fan her whole life. And it's something that you could deathly see her doing she has a future and it should be a remains a major star. But you have to put it right of course just as you mentioned you have all that this. Happen where. You bring in someone that has a lot of hype and then you screwed up without. I love arousing my dad and I can sue I could see it will be. I think we've final of that as well when you match around her house the united said it that's one of my girls I think she's a babe. Flat obeyed. And Iran arazi is of me. Data source Rex. A thesaurus racquets district so who would you wanna see Iran arouse the Russell on this were circle no longer than Allen like anymore why doesn't a good border either outcome line. Round around these should be like ice cream and should be a treat. You know and I brought closer you get Booker like Brock who I nightly then you could take the title off TV for four months of bring her back and don't like that. Okay how about two months. And you could I do you have a Brock Lesnar in the woman's division and yeah and I bet might be worth a try if they would be weird to see here there every week. Runner on zine el Amin from Al Assad brought listeners special because he doesn't come in every week. The and it is these special anymore. I yet you sells merchandise I think branded rollout of a lot of the allure off and I think so too but I don't really get the title Brian navigation and I agree. I just don't think they will at. Okay fair agree with you on the points or maybe I agree that he's a base but it is like deal. I did treat Asian beep rock he's not going to now you. It does Ron Raines. Is the face. That defense thinks we need a drawn as the face that we want yes that's exactly the way you play. I like it got them from Batman and kind of icing it when I'm drunk I'm not truck I guess I'm not either but I say and that they hear you want. And hear Armenian. And that voice so as you. It's one of the nice charming things they do when I'm drunk and the rest is bad just yelling at people and yet. Union fights breaking things brighten things friendships if lots of friendships broken probably. Hualalai a few of the bill Plante Diana is to do a lot of nice things from my friends. I build ups over equity. So when your drunk and I could be made lower a little bit and gets so much of it now. It doesn't go below the line this is not something and I've actually talked about the strategy with my wife. It's pretty impressive and never heard of someone that kind of stretch now I'm a loser. As a settled. Could tell Don about raw. Yeah there's not much on on India on such rounds wrestled Dina Ambrose wrestled I don't think coming to a oh act only really quick before we must act on Jeff hardy in the midst Andre and IC title and their pants. Really predictable. Well ms. sort of cheated to win but he really didn't. Like the minute they should never take the title and advisory but. I adding Jeff hardy was the wrong guy. To do it is received some gonna be a team with Manuel if it just a one off I think DNA it's again SI is because it's gonna bring ratings but don't keep him in the chase no taken out right now he's loss is not get a rematch yeah move onto the next one it's him but Jason Torres. Ms. it's a win over the Jeff party yeah I work so smackdown would you wanna bring up for how want to allow adult ziglar when offering Grimes last night yeah I actually. Sam emailed to you last night. And I sat. In email. What is dolls doing frank Grimes was a character on the Simpsons that worked with homer one episode. And then he killed himself on accident. Because he couldn't understand why he would do them tiniest thing wrong and he yelled at by mr. burns. Yet Homer Simpson could do anything you know it's just Homer Simpson. Some frank said I could do that 'cause I'm Homer Simpson and he ended up electrocuted himself. But he went on this real big tangent about why are things the way they are and it was for a cartoon even on comfortable. What don't was doing last night with the jazz scene and in the Naomi. And the one other when he did the throwback the vintage gag macho man yeah all that stuff was just uncomfortable. And I I would've liked if dull was gonna have this is gimmick character to make funny gimmicks. I would have liked if he tried to do like ten gimmicks that wants. Like do all the gimmicks at one time all the things that it when he made fun of them and just was going to be like I'm the best in there doesn't matter. Did it this is just give out. I like the thing that I took from that was his did make is he has no gimmick. Now I don't like them because that's beta is gimmick for no but I'm not sit that's what I took from a town that's all at once it's the same old doll ziglar. Right I really excesses is gimmick as he has no gimmick. But I if you really wanna heal up the fact that WWB is all bogged gimmicks and do all the gimmicks. At one time. So what gimmicks would like to see dolls are there do. So he can come out just like Naomi and then undertaker. He can do a twenty minute siren and walking in the ring just do all the try to do all of those guys are creative do it all at one time just dude. Five gimmicks in one. But like commit to it. Just be make up new gimmicks as do the dot com made in a shark tank does comedy in the dumbest things possible. And really go there. To call three people for having a gimmick and in saying I'm the best in their you human saying you're the best in their three years. You he was elected the spirits quiet. He was he at a really hot round. When. He took out the authority. As survivor series. Yen in debt and then the authority came back polite and it meant a month later. I just killed all the momentum a sense then. He's done absolutely not. Amenities had a few IC title runs but we know what IC title means it means nothing when he was when he won his first title with edge edging Christian and I think cam anointed him as like the guy. I vaguely recall list. He got injured though yeah yet to relinquish that yes that's Sox second title he beat. Del Rio he cashed and I've always wanted to like golf you just can't connect. Now and when every strategy now is not there now working I don't think he works wells a deal being a vindictive here ad doesn't for them is it comes off a little. Authoritative. This is a great deal I deserve it. With Kevin Owens comes off as I deserve this win did would doll. It just sounds like me. Whining. Off as good as the underdog. Babyface. That's a role he's past that even though his Twitter handle is heels littler. Want just fine just idea and I don't. I don't wanna talk about golf anymore okay of all some other things happening on smackdown you want about Barry Corbin. No he socks. You want took a little little barren Corbin. It's bullish mr. Occurrence that good so Baird Corbin is the reason why his push was derailed. Is he capped speaking out loud during a meeting when they're talking about CT. There Corbett is a former NFL player now and apparently he knows a lot of us CT. And I wasn't in the room obviously I don't know what happened but that was report. Saying that baron should not have done that in public he should have done that in private. OK so. That's what it testy money debate away from hand yep that's why it took away his Ron. And that's why he's chasing AJ styles now for the US title. Well Debbie Davies get a taking realize stuff and putting in the story lines right up that should be scared her CT got to nip. Bearing Corbin. Is sold adamant about how bad it CT eons. And Nolan will listen to him. So he goes for chief had chats. You should be a writer for WB. I did apply for Florida's championship wrestling really had a dollar and now one of the guys who said the man higher. Now that's always got packed. That was cool there's some washed him do around the room. So bear and Corbin missiles because you can't take had chats anymore and they all had set curb stomp on. Bearing does. And now of course it be safe ish. But it's just to show like to listen to me I'm smarter the union. Come on a football helmets do when I ran them. Yes OK not like the idea I'm not a mechanic and then your trashing football for being as dangerous as it is. Also what was number one most popular sport in America right now football. You Ressa fans like football yeah we like football we like wrestling sobered up Wiki Annan attack attack and no I Terry NFL. They're competition on Monday's pair corporate journalism in this podcast. BCD act pitches events. I think it's a great idea I like it. See we talk about bear Corbett we got a new gimmick MB CT NBC. CT. Yeah share of BCT. At ports in you can go one further analysis probably too much aware jerseys are guys that have killed himself because they can handle that trial okay that's a little too I'm just saying you wanna be here on Iraq. Well I mean. You've seen in the past would have gone too far too far never the talent and character. Now you remember that watch it then. Our Mohammad assigned I think was staying at all yeah out dated and now they're there well not necessarily. You literally get yes go ahead look it up I I he was actually a pretty good wrestler Bret derailed his career because. He they pretty much pictured him as a terrorist and that's how they. Front and out in it was right around that same time they took a lot of heat for. Wasn't mean. I think it was Mohammed assigned. Gaelic OK and also to add the CT thing one about. The Italian American. School principal and retired wrestler. He portrayed an Arab American under Mohammad the sun has set. His career came to an and when he terrorism story line coincided with the July. 171005. London bombings the London bombings okay. So I was wrong about the the timing of it. Making his entrance in the Debbie Debbie B rated the way American Media have characterize their Americans after September 11 OK so did mention that. I remember defeated Jerry Lawler. I also did a a spot with mr. America. As well. While all. I yeah so they can go too far there's times and that was our doors to sign a match against the undertaker of course he dead. Was a six man tag match has signed again to prey on the ramp summoning five man's man dressed in black shirts key man's in camel pants. They choked on the undertaker. And lifted him away three days later bombings took place was that when he was the American bad ass well. Says undertaker yeah locusts yet to gimmicks bride says undertaker. Maybe Teddy long's fee of two favorite lines was. You have been matched with the undertaker player that and it is also. Tonight we're gonna have a six man tag match it was let's get 0%. I love it yet and long was great I wish they bring back Terry long. They're arming Iraq anybody. Remotely and on I remember that yeah I do remember that I love and bring back guys. How one got to got rid of JB Al. They get rid of him it wasn't that a decent decision it was JPL's decided. To walk away at work on other endeavors I took this office backed out commentary team and now you have core graves pulling double duty. We're in raw and smackdown made the Saban and again like Corey grades I love portraits why would you hate to say that. And on why would you hate to say that and how much of on Manning like and well used to wrestle an ax TT too many concussions. You do a storyline to him americorps. Cheerio student so that's why he's in storyline he had the whole tax thing with Jason Jordan and Kurt angle. Malia and ya so core graves key was a wrestler before Pat Toomey concussions are given jobs commentator I think does a great job. Now on rod smacked his job to date or time to dead. Or. Iris Saxton is no gun weren't they together back in the day. Saxton. And grace I think so I think there are brought together in a move sacks in the smackdown. And they are making weird jokes to test results is an accurate either all that senators in his moral. And all. He's been he's really going to be he's not with them and he told the fight on the fight yeah now yeah. Apparently there is why he's not with what he has bipolar. This order now and he was depressed even to make it work but apparently JB a did not help that situation. All right remember that I am and a rash shot. Bradshaw has a long history of bullying. Talent backstage the Alley when he lost in ring Mysterium include. He would always talk about registered army was then and now. But I mean memory loss and it was I quit do care do not care. Hi Carolyn yeah yeah I was decent on the might. GB now yeah well I don't care about the announcers. Panel. So your favor and answer though is Corey grades on I can't you know I think my code it's better apt. I think he does too and I don't to be honest I'm not really too upset about that. Okay articles like god I you'd better have them all it's a terrorist job. Right here is that yes agree of all time under Stein and close now. I imagine that covered her team of JR. And Keenan body in the dining listening now each of listening. Idling arsenal wrestling and Ernie happened. Well. She watched two DVR games. Now you don't. I watch everything life of one review like missing game would you DVR yeah. Go back and watch I can't finish it. I'll try to you know the badgers bobcats come on that's fine that's fine you know you have your ways I am eyewitness habitat Antarctica. And actively go after you because of that. Thank you of course. This could CBL. No longer commentator. Another big story is they're gonna actually the first time half Monday night raw on Christmas Day. On New Year's Day and they always there's no offseason wrestling when it comes to WW heaters off seasons and other wrestling. Around Alicia underground they have an offseason they don't. Play. Eighty show's for and measure how long it is but they have an offseason WB is not. And they're going to actually have a show on Christmas Day. And on New Year's. You might as well I mean that sucks for the talent. I'd. Christmas Day every Christmas Day that I have were down by 2 o'clock and look at some do we got five basketball games. At all. Mean Christmas Day as stats NBA. Gambit. You know you go to him invigorated he said smackdown on Thursday that thing. That's Thursday's. On Natalie the move I'd don'ts and there was a time that puts that town Friday for the a year now. I would say that it's interesting and you know only happens once every 67 years with the weighted calendar falls so. It sucks for the talent they got to work on Christmas and New Year's voting for people that watched the shows at home it's nice to have some miles on. We're on Christmas last year. Oh I've done it sucks to you guess what's. Kind of job I had. You were an elf. Now Orton radio. Home. So when you do are just sat there and I watch NBA basketball life produced. All over Christmas songs. On yeah. What am I guessing. This now and it's it's over with now poker and we don't win enough. Big storyline you look at Matt's. Iraq next week group. Mean yes I'm sorry am fall asleep. He got tired I analog shut there's another. Our own show contents dude it's like thirty minutes my guy really thought it was an hour now. Update on how you are enjoying it helps until you want to stop at their NN. Odd and yeah you won't worry everything Q I know but can I also explain like. Where are sitting in a room right now and people are buying. And it's from its use all day long and these people I'm Brian lock in your life is the first time they've ever seen other people. Yeah there's spends like eight. Another person's walked up and made that you know you look at new look and see who's in the room I get it I do the same thing. But then they they're looking at us like we've never seen other people before. And is that just me Miley paradigm. I. May be a little bit can Al. Let's episode one. A hard w.'s top beauty contest. At Spartan regular listener on every Monday through Friday 6 AM until 10 am. No such Larry there are separate from their sometime sincere in their studio here and under the whole time just on a computer. Yeah I go to grant also known as Rosie. Or Rosa Corey. Or Sam or John. Whoever Jake whatever is Kazaa and calls me just coming you get paid. Stroke and stroke ranked that's the total by. I'm managers paid dining it is also time that it sucks yeah W I guess up so line thank you for listening 1057 up on the fan.