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Monday, January 22nd
Hear The BIG SHOW as breaking news comes in that after 3 1/2 seasons the Milwaukee Bucks have fired their head coach Jason Kidd. Are you surprised? The BIG...

4PM: Was it time to fire Kidd?

Monday, January 22nd
Reports come in regarding friction on the Milwaukee Bucks team and Jason Kidd who was fired Monday afternoon. The BIG SHOW reviews what has happened so far...

5PM: Kidd out - now what?

Monday, January 22nd
The Bucks GM Jon Horst issues a statement saying it was his decision to fire Jason Kidd after 3 1/2 years as head coach, with the backing of team ownership...

2PM: Brady or Rodgers?

Monday, January 22nd
After another incredible AFC Championship win for the Patriots, the question needs to be asked - is Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers the best quarterback in the NFL...

5PM: Ramie did what?

Friday, January 19th
The BIG SHOW recaps the days top sports topics - the Bucks, Packers, NFL playoffs, at 5 o'clock with "Pick-A-Lane!" And then Ramie shared a personal story that...

2PM: Bucks - playoff ready?

Friday, January 19th
Are the Milwaukee Bucks more likely to get a home series in the post season or fall out of the playoffs? Bucks fans chime in on The BIG SHOW!