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Follow WSSP's Best Brewers Coverage! We cover every game beginning with the On Deck Show. Then, after the last pitch, make the switch! Tim and Sparky host the Rupena's Baseball Post Game Show, presented by Elliott's Ace Hardware from the Derzon & Menard Studios.

Check the schedule page for show times throughout the season. Hear interviews with Brewers players and coaches and the best Crew talk every morning with Chuck & Wickett and every afternoon on The Big Show.

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Week 11 Results
Gary - Car QB Cam Newton - 41.44 pts Leroy - Atl WR Julio Jones - 25 pts Listener (TJ, Germantown) - GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 23.08 pts Ramie - Min RB Adrian Peterson - 12.10 pts Sparky - Oak QB Derrek Carr - 7.56 pts Season Standings Sparky - 78...
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Week 10 Results
Sparky - GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 26.12 pts Leroy - NE QB Tom Brady - 23.26 pts Listener (Lee, Port Washington) - Stl RB Todd Gurley - 17.90 pts Gary - Det WR Calvin Johnson - 14.10 pts Ramie - Den QB Peyton Manning - -2.60 pts Season...
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Week 9 Results
Listener (Ben, Bayview) - Pit WR Antonio Brown - 45.60 pts Gary - Car QB Cam Newton - 40.58 pts Leroy - NO QB Drew Brees - 38.38 pts Sparky - Oak QB Derrek Carr - 35.34 pts Ramie - NE QB Tom Brady - 22.86 pts Season Standings Sparky - 66...
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Week 8 Results
Sparky - NYG QB Eli Manning - 50 pts Listener (Joe, Waukesha) - Stl RB Todd Gurley - 23.60 pts Leroy - Atl RB Devonta Freeman - 19.10 pts Gary - Cin QB Andy Dalton - 13.64 pts Ramie - Chi RB Matt Forte - 10.90 pts Season Standings Sparky - 62...
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Week 7 Results
Listener (Micah, Tosa) - NE QB Tom Brady - 33.70 pts  Sparky - Ind QB Andrew Luck - 32.02 pts Leroy - Pit RB LeVeon Bell - 17.70 pts Gary - Atl RB Devonta Freeman - 15 pts  Ramie -  Min RB Adrian Peterson - 14...
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Week 6 Results
Ramie - NE QB Tom Brady - 29.48 pts  Gary - GB QB Aaaron Rodgers - 23.60 pts Listener (Tony, Hartland) - Pit RB LeVeon Bell - 8.80 pts Leroy - NE RB Dion Lewis - 6.90 pts Sparky - Min RB Adrian Peterson - 6.70 pts Season...
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Week 5 Results
Sparky - NYG QB Eli Manning - 35.74 pts Leroy - NE RB Dion Lewis - 23.30 pts Gary - GB QB Aaaron Rodgers - 21.54 pts Listener (ben, west allis) - KC RB Jamaal Charles - 9.40 pts Ramie - Atl QB Matt Ryan - 8.16 pts   Season...
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Week 4 Results
Ramie - Car QB Cam Newton - 20.06 pts Sparky - GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 18.26  pts Gary - Atl QB Matt Ryan - 16.14 pts Listener (Mike, Tosa) - Cin WR AJ Green - 15.20 pts  Leroy - Atl WR Julio Jones - 7.80  pts  Season...
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Week 3 Results
Gary - Atl QB Matt Ryan - 27.10 pts Listener (Mike, Bayview) - Den QB Peyton Manning - 23.96 pts  Sparky - Ind QB Andrew Luck -  22.50 pts Ramie - Sea QB Russell Wilson -  18.20 pts Leroy - NE TE Rob Gronkowski -...
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Week 2 Results
Gary - Sea QB Russell Wilson - 27.04 pts Listener (Jeremy) - Atl QB Matt Ryan - 20.42 pts  Sparky - GB QB Aaaron Rodgers - 20.26 pts Ramie - Stl QB Nick Foles - 20.26 pts Leroy - Chi RB Matt Forte - 14.50 pts  Season...
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Brewers Schedule The best coverage you'll find on the major and minor league levels! Experienced journalists with outstanding opinions! Keep updated on all the latest from around the League! Home of Baseball Genius!

Tim 'The Franchise' Allen

One of Southeast Wisconsin’s leading and longtime broadcasters. Tim has been in the radio industry for over 20 years. A veteran of stations like 95 WIIL, 104.7 The Wolf, AM1050 WLIP, and WSSP, Tim also taught radio for 7 years at Gateway Technical College.

An avid sports fan, Tim hosts the Brewers Post Game Show. The love of sports rivals his love of music. Guitar has been a passion of Tim’s since 1983. One of his ‘brothers-in-law’ gave him an old guitar, and told him that it would end up in a closet at some point soon. That challenge, and his love for music, was enough to provide the motivation to learn. “It’s more of a fun factor at this point” claims Tim. “Playing guitar and singing is one of the healthiest addictions you can have.”

When it came time to give up the physical side of actually playing sports, he went into coaching youth sports, despite not having any children at the time. “It was my way of staying involved in team sports.  My radio show is also my way of staying involved with a team." Tim’s broadcast partner and long time friend Steve “Sparky” Fifer says that working with Tim is demanding, professional and a lot of fun. “Losing is not an option for him” states Fifer.

Personal Side:
Tim is father to an 18 year old son. His son Ty is more into the sports side of life, but does enjoy music as well. Tim receives a lot of feedback from his son, as band practice is held in the family basement.
Marital Status: Single and loving it. Divorced since 2001, and loving that too!
Hobbies: Obviously music, guitar, singing. However, Tim is an avid book reader. "I read at least a couple books per week" says Tim. "They're mostly fiction, but once in a while I'll grab a sports book, or a biography."
Marital Status: Still single
Addictions: The Milwaukee Brewers, Music, and Las Vegas (Tim has traveled to Sin City over 50 times) 

Steve 'Sparky' Fifer

Steve "Sparky" Fifer started out his career in radio in Kenosha, WI interning for Tim Allen and helping to produce a weekend sports talk show for Tim Allen and John Weiser. After a couple of months of interning, he was put on the payroll and started jocking oldies at night on the AM station while engineering high school football and basketball games during the week. During this time he attended Gateway Technical College for Radio Broadcasting, while maintaing two other jobs outside of his radio gig.

After ownership changed, he left to go to Lake Geneva to try his hand in sales. After three months of making every attempt, he didn't make one sale!! Management figured out they made a mistake and made him the morning show producer. While in that role he broke out as an on-air personality by playing the character "Stuttering" Stu Michaels. Sparky used that momentum to cruise into Milwaukee radio a short time later. He landed a gig at WISN-AM as producer of The World’s Greatest Sports Talk Show, staying in that role for 6 years.
When WSSP launched in 2005, Sparky joined the roster. One of the most busy personalities on the station, you can hear him on The Big Show(Weekday Afternoons 2-6pm), Sparky’s Final Inspection (Saturdays 12p-2p), Milwaukee's Real Basketball Post Game Show (after Bucks games)and the Usinger's Baseball Post Game Show (after Brewers games). When he's not on the air, you can catch the avid NASCAR fan following the exploits of his favorite driver, Kevin Harvick.