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Wickett's World - Downtown Milwaukee, WI.

A caller on the 1250 Soundoff Line angered me today. Let's just say it struck a nerve. I need more than just 140 characters on Twitter to explain my anger.
Caller: “Downtown Milwaukee is a ‘hole”
Really? This is just flat out wrong. If you think Milwaukee’s downtown area is a “hole”, then you my friend have never been to Detroit. This comes from a guy who’s spent a lot of time in Detroit.
Downtown Milwaukee is tremendous. The people who don’t know what a great place downtown is, either A- grew up in small town, WI and are afraid of the “big city” (BTW- MKE is not a big city, it’s just the biggest in Wisconsin) or B- Think all of downtown is a crime ridden, wasteland. NOT TRUE.  Most of these people only come for their 1 Bucks game per year or during Summerfest. Then they high tail it back to the suburbs.
I’m not a fan of the MEGA-Cities, like Chicago, NYC or L.A. I’ve been to all of them and something that big just isn’t for me. That’s part of the reason why I love living in Milwaukee. I’m on the east side, near the Brady street area, in case you were wondering. There’s nothing you can’t get downtown. Great food, Great nightlife, WORLD CLASS entertainment. Professional sports (insert Bucks joke here), museums…and unlike other downtown areas, you can walk around at night and feel safe. (again, see: Detroit) Need mass transportation? No problem. Oh, and parking? um...you ever try to park in Chicago? YOU CAN'T.
Did i mention the summer long run of festivals? How about the lakefront? You can ice skate downtown during the winter, or take a boat/brewery tour during the summer.
Every time a friend or family member comes to visit me, especially for the 1st time, they are literally BLOWN AWAY. I didn’t know what to expect when I moved here in 2007 and I sure didn’t expect to fall in love with this town the way I have. It’s like a small/manageable version of Chicago…which is just perfect for me. There aren’t too many places more fun than downtown Milwaukee during the summer time.
Does it get cold? Sure does. So what? Put a jacket on. Go Bowling. Get to the BC. File into a bar and have your glasses fog up (happens to me all the damn time). Are there “bad” parts of downtown Milwaukee? There sure are. I can say that about any major metropolitan city in America. Figure out where to be/when to be there and you'll be fine.
I wasn’t born here, but I love living in Milwaukee. I’ve been here for over 6 years. There’s so much to love about downtown Milwaukee, it’s ridiculous. Is it perfect? NOPE. Have I had my “issues” when going out? Yep. But looking at the entire body of work? The good TOTALLY outweighs the bad…and it’s not even close.
Keep it up, Milwaukee. Cheers...

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04/10/2013 12:48PM
Wickett's World - Downtown Milwaukee, WI.
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04/10/2013 1:47PM
Nicely put
Everywhere you go has pluses and minuses. I am proud to have grown up here!
04/10/2013 2:06PM
Agree 100%
I had a great work opportunity in Indianapolis. The company would have paid for moving expenses and I would be making much more than I do now. But I couldn't do it. Why would I ever want to be hours away from Miller Park or Lambeau field? Probably will never live in another state my entire life. I love Milwaukee, I love Madison and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
04/10/2013 3:11PM
Random thoughts
Downtown Milwaukee isn't bad though I much prefer Madison and Grand Rapids. Granted, neither of those towns have a pro sports team and we currently have one (two if you count the Brewers).
04/11/2013 8:51AM
Thanks Wickett!
Its really too bad that people from our own area call downtown "a hole". Where is our hometown pride? Your right on, the person who probably said that is someone who visits downtown once a year or less and already has their mind made up about Milwaukee anyway. Milwaukee has a great downtown, and our slogan should be "city life without the city hassle". We have a lot of great amenities without the overcrowding, massive traffic, and $50 a day to park your car like Chicago.
04/12/2013 7:58AM
Milwaukee isn't the worst but there's much better
Milwaukee is a sub-par city at best and this is coming from someone who's lived in and around the city most of his life. Compare to similar sized cities in the mid-west... Indianapolis was a lifeless city in the 80's & 90's, but lately has revitalized it's city/downtown and draws elite entertainment and hosts many sporting events like the Superbowl/NFL Combine/Big Ten Tourney. Houses are cheap there...Crime numbers are similar to Milwaukee, but are improving more rapidly than the brew city. Overall it has become the second leading city in the midwest only to Chicago... Minneapolis is one the most clean and healthy cities in the country and has a lively downtown scene especially near Campus...I know Wisconsinites hate to give credit to Minnesota, but I lived over there for 9 months expecting to hate it and was pleasantly surprised how clean and friendly people were...That's another negative to Milwaukee (Or maybe just Wisconsin in general)...I don't know what's in the water here (could be beer), but we are not a friendly people...Look Milwaukee is fine...not bad...not good. I do prefer small cities, so my opinion might be jaded...I actually live in Portland, Maine now which I LOVE
04/15/2013 2:27PM
Milwaukee is ok!!!!!!!!
Mike Milwaukee is ok...........the summer ..........there is no better place SummerFest!!!!!!!!! Dont let the callers get to u life is short!!!!! BREWERMIKE
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