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 Rickie Weeks joined Hot Stove Weekly on Thursday night, a week after Corey Hart did the same, and when asked who the leader of the team was last year he answered with Craig Counsell. I can’t say we were really all that surprised by his answer after Hart said the same thing last week. However, Leroy Butler, on the Wendy’s Big Show last week had a problem with a leader being a guy who struggled to bat his weight last year. I tend to agree that it doesn’t make much sense that a role player like Counsell that has NEVER been the best player on any MLB team he played on, would be the guy that a group of grown men would look to for his leadership.
 I decided to get on the internet and look up the definition of leadership: Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. I read that a couple of times and each time I read that, I didn’t see anywhere in the definition that the person had to be the most successful person in the organization. It also didn’t say that leadership is derived from somebody with large amounts of money that others sought after to try to attain the same amount of money for them.
 If that definition is indeed correct, then why should so much attention be given to the fact that Prince Fielder wasn’t the main leader on the Brewers or that he might not have been a leader at all? Just because he was one of the two best players on the team and one of the highest paid players on the team doesn’t automatically mean that he is the leader of the team. At the place you work, is the highest paid employee the leader of you? I’m not asking if that person is your boss, but is that person the one that everybody rallies around? If not, then that person might just be the Craig Counsell of where you work. Don’t take him or her for granted because one day that person will be gone and you’ll be the one that might be counted on to lead the people around you.

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02/02/2012 11:11PM
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02/06/2012 2:57PM
Nice Blog
Steve, just read your blog, not bad. A real leader is recognized by his team, he isn't elected, appointed or named. He is followed and respected...... btw this is Michael Fieramosca
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