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Fantasy Football: Buy High, Sell Low

Hey Fantasy Football players, we're still considered 'somewhat' early in the 2013 fantasy season. That being said, it's time to, at least, consider a trade or two. If you see your season slipping away, maybe, just maybe, it's time to roll the dice. Put your chips in the middle, and it may turn your season around. The waiver wires are all picked over by the 'vultures', so that's not going to help. The mark of a good trade is not only the players you send and receive, it's 'WHEN' you send and receive them. Here are some players to consider when making your season changing move. Either getting the player on the cheap or sending a player, who later will be worth a value deal:
Buy Low:
Doug Martin and Vincent Jackson:
-Both of these players are having sub-par years. However, at some point, you would imagine, the Bucs will get there stuff together. Not to say that they will make a run at the playoffs, but they will start looking like an NFL offense. Heck, SOMEONE has to score for them. You might get a top rated RB in Martin for next to nothing...at least he 'was' rated as a top RB. Additionally, Jackson has had some monster days in a Bucs uniform, it could happen again. Send somebody a flex player for Vincent Jackson, he's probably on someone’s bench right now.
Antonio Brown:
Get him while you can. Although he has had 1 big game, he still might be a 'sale priced' player. Send someone an offer, they just might bite. Big Ben is still a nice QB, and Brown is a main 'go to' guy. His stock is considered low.
C.J. Spiller:
-Health has been an issue for Spiller thus far. If that clears itself up, one of the top ranked RB's to start the season, might just perform as one. His value is quite low, so gamble on him, what have you got to lose? Keep in mind, you'll have to share the carries with Fred Jackson, especially at the goal line, but maybe pick up Jackson at the same time, and handcuff your league. Take a look at the combined numbers in the Bills loss to Cleveland, plenty of fantasy points between the two of them.
Brandon Marshall:
-One of the elite WR's coming into the season, he’s see his numbers decline in the first few weeks of the season. There is just way too much talent, and Marshall may come cheap in your league. Marshall is one of those players that you'll have to give something to get him, but hopefully the guy that has Marshall is stacked at WR, and you can send him an RB, you might come out ahead, as Marshall’s numbers are BOUND to improve...you hope.
Ray Rice:
-Especially in a PPR league, Rice can be an improvement to your team down the stretch. Health has affected his season, but as the Ravens improve, so will Rice’s numbers. You might be surprised at what it will cost you to get him.
Justin Blackmon:
-Here's a player that just might be on the waiver wire. Claim him if you have room, it's a good gamble. He has all the ability in the world, and the Jaguars are continually playing from behind, so the targets will be there. A REAL INEXPENSIVE GAMBLE.
Larry Fitzgerald:
-The new offense implemented in Arizona is going to take a few weeks. As the team gets to know it, Fitz's numbers WILL improve. For an elite fantasy WR, he has some lower value. See what it takes to get him.
 Tony Gonzalez:
-Remember that Gonzo did not do training camp, so it has taken him a bit longer to get into the rhythm of things. Get to the trade offer section of your league, and bounce something off your opponent. Gonzo WILL improve as the season moves along, and it's just about to happen.
Sell High:
Mike Wallace:
-Although the Dolphins are playing well this season, it just does not appear the Wallace can be considered elite. He's a nice splashy name, and that is why you might consider trading him. He certainly has not performed, but star power name alone might get you what you need.
Maurice Jones-Drew:
-Jacksonville plays from behind most every week, which takes carries away from MJD. You will have to suffer through an occassional nice game by MJD once you move him, but have no remorse, see if a player in your league still thinks it's MJD from years ago, and pull the trigger.
Phillip Rivers:
-If Rivers is one of two QB's on your team, and the other gets the starts, trade Rivers NOW. Don't wait, do not pass go, trade him yesterday. His value is at it's peak, as high as it has been in a few years. Can Rivers continue to put up these type numbers? Probably not. Send your buddy a trade offer, and make sure you send Rivers stats along with it. Your return will be nice.
Antonio Gates:
-Can this old guy be worth something? YES, yes he can, and yes he IS worth something. Maybe more than you think. He's ONE injury from being worth virtually nothing, trade him before it happens. His stock is quite nice right now.

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10/12/2013 8:48PM
Fantasy Football: Buy High, Sell Low
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