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Rough play from Fulham and Wigan results in draw

London, UK - Fulham and Wigan were at each others’ throats throughout the course of the game, but after the dust settled at Craven Cottage, the Premier League duel ended in a 1-1 draw early Saturday evening.

Fulham (6-7-9, 25 points in EPL) struck first with a shot to the bottom left corner of the goal by midfielder Giorgos Karagounis (say that name five times straight). Receiving a loud roar from fans, the Greek knocked in his first Premier League goal of the season. It was his second goal with the team, after he scored a late-minute goal to force a draw against Blackpool in an FA Cup match on January 5th.
Coming off of an injury back on December 1st, Fulham’s goalkeeper, Mark Schwarzer, had his work cut for him. In his return, the Aussie provided six saves for the London club. However, midway through the second half, Wigan striker Franco Di Santo evened things up with a netted line drive from outside the box into the top right corner of the goal.
Both teams had a plethora of opportunities to score on either side. Fulham had 12 shots on goal, while Wigan had 17. Fulham, for example, penetrated Wigan’s side several times late in the second half. In the end, however, poor passing inside the box gave way to nothing. Time of possession was almost even – Fulham 49%, Wigan 51%.
Ironically, despite one yellow card the entire game, there were 26 fouls committed. Players tripping, colliding, and even shoving each other at times led to some high frustrations throughout the course of the game. Fulham star midfielder Damien Duff, returning off the injury list with a calf injury, saw a lot of the brute force by his Wigan counterparts. Being attacked and forced to the ground in several situations, Duff flashed his anger to the officials - even that didn’t help. The midfielder was pulled in the 82nd minute.
For Fulham, they remain where they are in the Premier League table. Tied for 13th with Sunderland, they’re one point behind Norwich and West Ham. The London club travels to Bloomfield Road to replay their FA Cup match against Blackpool on Tuesday, followed by a visit to Manchester City in EPL action next Saturday.
For Wigan (5-4-13, 19 points in EPL), the draw helps them move out of the relegation zone. They are now ahead of Aston Villa (19 points, 4-7-11),  Reading (16 points), and QPR (14 points). Like Fulham, they play in a redraw against Bournemouth on the road on Tuesday. They’ll host Sunderland in an EPL match next Saturday as well.
Radio Joe’s next live match report…Brentford vs Southend United (FA Cup match, baby! Winner plays Chelsea in the next round...)
I’ll have a London culture blog later in the week as well…
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01/12/2013 3:58PM
Rough play from Fulham and Wigan results in draw
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01/13/2013 1:46PM
Quick question...
If Schwarzer had 6 saves and Wigan had 17 shots on goal, wouldn't that mean Wigan scored 11 times? Sorry to sound picky haha
01/13/2013 1:47PM
Quick question...
If Schwarzer had 6 saves and Wigan had 17 shots on goal, wouldn't that mean Wigan scored 11 times?
01/13/2013 1:53PM
That's True
As an avid reader I do love the idea for this blog but I do agree with the quick question. Just Saying. But other than that it sounds like this was a great game!!!
01/13/2013 1:57PM
unsure on your points
while your article is good,and exciting as well, as a fan of the premier league and an avid soccer player and member of my local milwaukee club the bavarians i couldn't help but notice that you did make an error with the saves and shots small errorbut good article anyways
01/13/2013 2:54PM
Radio Joe here: To clarify...
Thanks for the response, fellas...I knew there were some football fans in this city! To clarify, on the shots on goals...Yes, that doesn't make sense. The 'shots on goals' means there were 'x' amount shots attempted at the goal. However, many of those shots either did not reach the goal or went wide left or wide right (giving the goalkeeper no reason to go after the shot). The shots are so out of whack that the ball will never get to the goalkeepers hands. If the 'shot is on target', that means the goalkeeper has to block/catch the shot or it will go into the goal. For Wigan, they had seven shots on target, six of them were saved by Schwarzer, one of them went through for a score...Does that make sense? Sorry for the confusion! - Radio Joe
02/15/2013 9:55PM
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