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Conference Championship Results
Ramie - NE QB Tom Brady - 20.30 pts Leroy -Ind RB Boom Herron - 8.10 pts Gary - GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 8.00 pts Listener (HamBone) - GB RB Eddie Lacy - 7.30 pts Sparky - Ind QB Andrew Luck - 2.00 pts Season Standings LeRoy - 134 pts Ramie - 128...
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Divisional Round Results
Sparky - NE QB Tom Brady - 24.00 pts Leroy - Den RB CJ Anderson - 16.90 pts Listener (Ross) - Ind QB Andrew Luck - 16.50 pts Ramie - Den QB Peyton Manning - 12.50 pts Gary - GB RB Eddie Lacy - 12.00 pts Season Standings LeRoy - 126 pts Listeners...
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Wild Card Week Results
Ramie - Ind QB Andrew Luck - 20.80 pts Leroy - Pit WR Antonio Brown - 20.70 pts Sparky - Dal RB Demarco Murray - 18.70 pts Listener - Dal QB Tony Romo - 18.70 pts Gary - Pit QB Ben Roethlisberger - 18.60 pts Season...
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Week 17 Results
Listener (John, West Allis) - NYG WR Odell Beckham Jr. - 36.50 pts Leroy - Den RB CJ Anderson - 30.70 pts Gary - GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 24.44 pts Ramie - Pit RB LeVeon Bell - 16.00 pts Sparky - Den QB Peyton Manning - 8.42 pts Season...
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Week 16 Results
Leroy - Dal WR Dez Bryant - 18.30 pts Listener (Erik, Tosa) - Den QB Peyton Manning - 16.44 pts Gary - GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 14,72 pts Ramie - Pit RB LeVeon Bell - 14.20 pts Sparky - Ind QB Andrew Luck - 2.36 pts Season Standings Gary - 102...
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Wickett's World - Top 3/Bottom 3 - week 16
Each week, Chuck & I do a segment at 9am called "Top 3/Bottom 3" where we rank the 3 BEST NFL teams and the 3 WORST NFL teams. We also rank the Green Bay Packers 1-32... Here are the rankings AFTER week 15: Top 3: Chuck 1...
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Wickett's World - Cranky Monday blog.
Cranky Monday blog of the day: I hate when people tell me how to do my job. Here's the deal - Chuck Freimund & i aren't screamers/overreactors. It's just not us. I'd rather stay level headed & have a discussion about it....
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Week 15 Results
Leroy - Pit RB LeVeon Bell - 28.90 pts Listener (Jordan) - Den WR Demaryius Thomas - 24.30 pts Ramie - Dal QB Tony Romo - pts - 20.50 pts Sparky - Den QB Peyton Manning - 13.02 pts Gary - GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 8.10 pts Season...
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Week 14 Results
Ramie - Pit RB LeVeon Bell - 47.50 pts Leroy - Ind QB Andrew Luck - 25.46 pts Sparky - Dal QB Tony Romo - pts - 20.00 pts Gary - Den QB Peyton Manning - 4.72 pts Listener (Zach, Bayview) - Den WR Demaryius Thomas - 3.10 pts Season...
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Week 13 Results
Leroy - Pit RB LeVeon Bell - 39.40 pts Gary - GB QB Aaron Rodgers - 24.92 pts Listener (Josh) - Dal RB DeMarco Murray - 23.30 pts Ramie - Chi RB Matt Forte -11.80 pts Sparky -  Dal QB Tony Romo - 5.86 pts Season Standings Gary...
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More About The Show

About Mike McGivern

Mike McGivern was born and raised on the east side of Milwaukee. Attended St. Peter and Paul grade school, Milwaukee Tech and Milwaukee Messmer High School and attended UWM. He lives in Milwaukee with his wife Terrie. They have 2 kids, Katie and Matthew and 2 grandsons, Keegan and Logan that live across the street.

Mike’s served as host of all of SportsRadio 1250 High School sports shows as well as the Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Show. He brings a deep abiding faith to his work as host of Faith in the Zone.

About Pastor Ken Keltner

Pastor Ken Keltner was born in Greenville, South Carolina.  After graduating from Bob Jones University, Ken returned to Tulsa where he taught and coached in the Christian school his dad had founded. He has been a youth and music pastor at Tulsa Baptist Temple and served at Tri City Baptist Church in Denver. 

After five years as Director of Student Development at Northland Baptist Bible College, he felt God calling him to Brookside Baptist Church. Pastor Ken and Kathy have enjoyed being involved in all aspects of ministry. Pastor Ken has traveled the country, as well as several foreign countries, challenging and training teens and adults for the Great Commission. 

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