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Players Court: Randall Cobb

Chuck and Bart seem to be okay with Randall Cobb earning the nearly $13 million he's owed this season, while the majority of you would like to see him take a pay cut...

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Players Court: Datone Jones

© Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The former first round pick is set to be a free agent this offseason. Bart says the Packers should resign him, Chuck says he's seen enough...

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Players Court: Micah Hyde

© Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Chuck and Winkler discuss with you whether or not the Packers should bring back Micah Hyde, and are split on the topic. One says it's a no-brainer, the other says they have enough depth to survive without him!

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Players Court: Clay Matthews

© Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

On the hook for $15 million, Chuck and Bart discuss with you if the Packers are better off cutting Clay Matthews before the 2017 season.

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Players Court: Eddie Lacy

© Jeff Hanisch | 2016 Oct 16

Should the Packers bring back Eddie Lacy? Chuck and I discussed whether or not signing the running back to a one-year deal or even a multi-year deal is in the Packers best interests. And if you do sign him, for how much? Vote in our Twitter poll and listen to the discussion below.

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Players Court: T.J. Lang

© John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Guard T.J. Lang is an unrestricted free agent who has signaled that he'd love to return to Green Bay. But should the Packers match a projected market value of approximately $33 million over four seasons? Vote in the poll and listen to the breakdown from Chuck & Winkler below!

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Players Court: Julius Peppers

© Matthew Emmons | 2017 Jan 15

For the next two weeks at 6:45am and 9:30am, Chuck and I will be putting Packers players on the "Players Court". With your help, we'll play the role of Ted Thompson to try to decide whether or not the Packers should bring back certain free agents and veterans, and if so, at what price? We'll find comparable guys to their projected salary to help make your decision. First up, Julius Peppers, an unrestricted free agent after playing out his three year contract.

Vote in our Twitter poll while you still can, and listen to the Courtroom precedings below!

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Chuck & Winkler Bet Tracker

© Michael Madrid | 2017 Feb 2

Full disclosure, the reason I picked this picture of Bill Belichick is because he looks like Frank from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Chuck and myself made a handful of Super Bowl Prop bets with each other throughout the show on Friday, and we need somewhere to keep track of them. For the sake of whatever, bets will be described as UNITS and not DOLLARS!

Coin Toss - Chuck Tails, Bart Heads - 25 Units

Winner - Chuck Falcons +3, Bart Patriots -3 - 25 Units

MVP - If Ryan MVP, Chuck 5 Units, if any other Falcon, Chuck 15 Units. If Brady MVP, Bart 5 Units, any other Patriot, Bart 15 Units

Will it be mentioned that Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round? Chuck Yes, Bart No - 5 Units

Will JJ Watt be mentioned? Chuck Yes, Bart No - 5 Units

What will the MVP Winner announce first? If Teammates, Chuck 5 Units, If God, Bart 5 Units

Who will score the first TD? If Devonta Freeman, Chuck 5 Units, If Julio Jones, Bart 5 Units

What will the first offensive play be? If a pass, Chuck 5 Units, If a run, Bart 5 Units

Will the jersey number of the first TD scorer be odd or even? If even, Chuck 5 Units, If odd, Bart 5 Units

What will the first points scored be? If Touchdown, Chuck 5 Units, if FG or Safety, Bart 5 Units

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PODCAST: Chuck and Bart break down the Royal Rumble

Chuck, Bart and special guest Ryan Gibbons from KISS FM break down the 2017 Royal Rumble and what the path to Wrestlemania might look like. Is the new talent alone enough to get Chuck back into the WWE Product?

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Chuck "XXXX" Freimund

My co-host Chuck Freimund is a very passionate guy, especially when it comes to rooting on his favorite Wisconsin sports teams. As I'm sure are most of you. And one of our outlets for projecting anger in the year 2017 is the medium of Twitter. Now, as radio guys, swearing on the airwaves is a huge no-no. Fines could be levied, jobs could be lost. But on Twitter? That is the Wild West of social media. 

During the Packers/Falcons NFC Championship game I did notice that he actually let an F-bomb drop, which is rare for Chuck. Normally, instead of swearing, he will type "xxxx". If you do a quick Twitter search of his screen name and "xxxx", you'll see all of the examples (click here to see). It's pretty funny stuff.

So on Thursday's show, we're going to have a slight intervention for Chuck, as he'll read these tweets out loud. It will help him with his anger issues, one would presume.

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Coaching A Season Of Significance

My Dad, Greg Winkler, first starting coaching soccer when I signed up to play as a five-year-old still trying to understand the concept of sports. In the 27 years since then, he has put together a coaching career rivaled by only a select few. 

While soccer has been the primary focus of his coaching career, he has also coached football, track, and wrestling and has developed the minds and abilities of thousands of students as a physical education teacher. These journeys make up his book, Coaching a Season of Significance: A Soccer Coaches' Companion to All Challenges of a Year.

The book serves as a guideline and advice for coaches, no matter their experience level, as they deal with the on-field but especially the off-field challenges a coach faces with a given team. A great read for any coach, and I'm beyond proud of my Dad for the work he has done.

Above, the interview he did with our own Mike McGivern on the Varsity Blitz Scoreboad Show. Below, more information including links to purchase a copy.

More on the Author: GregWinkler.net
Buy the Book on Amazon: Coaching a Season of Significance 
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George Karl on Chuck & Winkler

© Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

We had the opportunity on Wednesday morning to chat with former Bucks Head Coach George Karl as he's promoting his new book Furious George. He's been doing so many of these interviews to promote the book, but as I've been watching him give these exchanges you can sense at times a fatigue of answering the same questions. Chuck and I tried to mix things up a bit with a focus of course on his time in Milwaukee. Who was responsible for trading Ray Allen? Could the same problems that doomed Ray's time in Milwaukee influence Giannis' future? Plus, why Karl thought the Bucks probably shouldn't have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2001 in the first place...

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Giannis Made Me Cry Today

© Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports


I read this Sports Illustrated article and I swear to God I teared up.

Look, I know Milwaukee Bucks fans have a tortured history of being letdown and having nothing to cheer for, but my goodness does this feel different. Giannis Antetokounmpo has incredible character with an incredible backstory, and Lee Jenkins does an outstanding job highlighting that in this piece.


And damnit if I didn't tear up a little bit. Being in the building last night for that Bucks/Thunder game, that is the kind of atmosphere that Milwaukee can provide this team every single night. I know it. Milwaukee has been on the edge of their seat ready to root for a winner for a long time, and the pieces are being put in place with Giannis at the center. It gives me great joy to know in my heart of hearts how good this team can be and how good that will be for the city.

We may not deserve Giannis, we may not deserve these Bucks and the future that is in store, but let's grab on to them as quick as we can and enjoy the hell out of this ride.

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Bart's Bets: Week 17

One final week of the NFL, one final week of picks against the spread. As always, the line I'm using is the line given by Yahoo for the pick 'em league I participate in. Disclaimer: I have a chance to win this league but I need to be creative with a few picks. You'll likely pick up on that.

16 points - Indianapolis (-4.5) over Jacksonville 

Lets go all-in with the Colts, as an 8-8 record seems fitting for this team. They've got a capable quarterback, they've got capable weapons, but everything else, sans Adam Vinatieri, is a mess. A win at home seems like a resonable ask against a disappointing Jacksonville team.

15 points - San Diego ( 5.5) over Kansas City

Phillip Rivers likes to play the spoiler role, as unfortunately that's the situation he nearly always finds himself in. I wonder how we'll remember Rivers in 20 years among this generation of quarterbacks. Is he Stan Humphries? Steve DeBerg? I think somewhere in there. A recognizable name but lost in the shuffle among those who were able to win more consistently. 

14 points - New York Jets ( 3.5) over Buffalo

So to my understanding, Rex Ryan was fired so that Tyrod Taylor would be benched because the Bills don't want him to get hurt as that would guarantee a large portion of his contract. Thus, EJ Manuel is getting the start. I was likely going to take the Bills until I read a report that Manuel was throwing passes to Watkins in practice and kept sailing balls into a nearby camera. I'll go Jets.

13 points - Arizona (-6.0) over Los Angeles

I started a Madden franchise with the Rams and it's literally all I want to talk about to anyone right now. I will spare you the details....

.... except for the detail that I gave up a 3rd round pick and got Joe Callahan, Jeff #JANIS, and Ty Montgomery in return!

12 points - Seattle (-9.5) over San Francisco

It's another high line for Seattle, especially on the road. But I'll go with a Seattle team playing for seeding over a San Francisco team that could get the number one overall pick in the draft.

11 points - Baltimore ( 2.5) over Cincinnati

What a mess for Cincinnati this season has become. Is there anyway Marvin Lewis survives yet again?

10 points - Cleveland ( 5.5) over Pittsburgh

Okay, I'll take the Browns. Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and Le'Veon Bell are all sitting so that levels the playing field considerably. I know the Browns fans may rather have the number one overall pick, but if you're the Browns and you have the chance to end this season on a two-game winning streak, that's a no-brainer. Actually I just assume that trying to win every time you play is a no-brainer but I've found there a lot more people out there that would rather "tank" than win.

9 points - Tampa Bay (-6.0) over Carolina

Here's another where I wanted to take the other result. This one is tough. But ultimately I see Tampa deserving to end their season on a high note and Carolina not.

8 points - Minnesota (-5.0) over Chicago

Last year I predicted the Vikings to win ten games, was called a Vikings fan, yet was right in my prediction. This year I said that the Vikings defense is not elite, then was called a homer, but was also right. I will never get over that, clearly.

7 points - Miami (+9.5) over New England

Brock Rademann shoutout. Who's Brock? He knows who he is, and that's what matters. He tweeted me Friday during the show that Tom Brady is 0-3 in his last three games against Miami. So I will take Miami. Oh wait, I now see that he also tweeted me, "....which is why Miami will probably lose". Well, they might, but I'll take them versus the spread. For Brock.

6 points - Denver (-1.5) over Oakland

Was pretty strong on Oakland here but I'm going to switch at the last minute. It's at Denver. The Raiders are staring Matt McGloin. That's enough for me.

5 points - Green Bay (-3.5) over Detroit

Detroit's whole season has been coming back from deficits in the 4th quarter, and here they are now in the final act of their season, the underdog at home against a divisional foe. I can see Detroit winning this game, very easily I can see that. And maybe they do six, seven, eight times out of ten. But with the way Aaron Rodgers is rolling, I have to go with the Packers. Green Bay 31, Detroit 26. Just enough to cover. 

4 points - Atlanta (-6.5) over New Orleans

This is a hate pick. I want Matt Ryan to do bad but my feeling is he'll "lock up" the MVP voting with a win here. Obviously I think Matt Ryan being the MVP is stupid. He's having great numbers but that offense and the backfield is doing just as much work. Offensive Player of the Year? Sure. Player of the Year all-around? That's okay too. But I think Rodgers is more VALUABLE to his team than Ryan his, so my vote would go to Aaron. 

3 points - Washington (-8.0) over New York Giants

A Washington loss would lock up a playoff spot for the Packers which would be awesome, which is why I don't think it will happen.

2 points - Houston ( 3.0) over Tennessee 

Tom Savage preseason game!

1 point - Philadelphia (-4.0) over Dallas

Dallas is an extremely better football team, but 13-3 sounds more realistic to me than 14-2 with just two losses to the Giants. So let's give Philly the win against Dak, or Sanchez, or Romo, or whoever.

Good luck!
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Bart's Bets: Week 16

© Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports
© Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

My partner Chuck Friemund and I went a little crazy during the final hour of our show on Friday and started throwing $25 bets around like nothing. The first four games are the games that we bet on, and I'm going with all the favorites. That, and the rest of the action upcoming this week ranked confidence pool style.

16 points - Green Bay (-6.5) over Minnesota 

As I'm writing this, I see the news that the Vikings plane slid off the runway while approaching the gate at the airport. Glad everyone is okay. It has officially been winter for not even two days and it's already been a dreadful one. Hold on... I have to go scrape the dish so that I can watch the Bucks. 



Okay, dish cleared. Anyway, I like the Packers here. Leading up to week two I was very confident and somewhat cocky in proclaiming that Green Bay would snipe the Vikings in their home opener, and I had a terrible time facing the fact that I was wrong. But with the way Minnesota is playing as of late, I have to think that the Packers are at least a touchdown better than this team, especially now that they get to host the game. I'm going Green Bay 31, Minnesota 16, which would be plenty enough to cover.

15 points - Pittsburgh (-4.5) over Baltimore

I really like Pittsburgh on Sunday, bolsted by the fact that Ben Roethlisberger is AVERAGING more than three touchdowns a game at home this season. Stack the Steelers for me in Fanduel and let me squeeze another $25 out of Freems.

14 points - Houston (-1.0) over Cincinnati

Admittedly, I watched Chris Simms do one of those weird videos where three cameras are on him but he never looks directly in to one and every word he says also pops up on the screen. He was high on Tom Savage and I'm taking the bait.

13 points - Kansas City (-3.5) over Denver

I'm not that confident about this one but this was the final bet I made with Chuck so I need to put my money where my mouth is. Kansas City has been playing well but they are also winning games late that could go either way. The last time these two played they needed a field goal to clank off the upright to avoid a likely tie. Could be close, but I'll go with the Chiefs.

12 points - Dallas (-7.0) over Detroit

I bet this line tightens by Monday as a lot of people are assuming that Dallas will just start resting their starters. But honestly, a team with Tony Romo and Darren McFadden/Alfred Morris is still better than the Lions as of late. The injuries have been too much for them. They were able to get past the banged up backfield with the play of Matthew Stafford, but the injury to his hand might cost them their season.

11 points - Tennessee (-4.5) over Jacksonville

I don't know how the Titans are still alive after their two point conversion stunt of a week ago, but good for them for taking a risk, seeing it not pay off, yet still overcoming. Jacksonville is bad so they will lose.

10 points - Oakland (-3.5) over Indianapolis

Doubts have been creeping in about the Raiders but I like them to take care of a deflated Colts team (thin Deflategate reference not intended) which needs a lot to go right for them to make the playoffs, because of the Texans and Titans wins last week.

9 points - Chicago (+3.0) over Washington

I like the Bears to grab this one from Washington. They are playing spirited football and they kind of have a lot of weapons, if last week against Green Bay is any indication. The Kirk Cousins train in Washington would derail with a loss here. I think management wants to not have to pay Kirk Cousins a ton of money and they may get their wish should the Hogs stumble out of the playoff race with a loss here.

8 points - Atlanta (-2.5) over Carolina

There will be a solid argument to give the MVP to Aaron Rodgers, but I don't think he'll get more votes than Matt Ryan. Rodgers has two in his back pocket and year after year there seems to be this desire to get Matt Ryan the award. I swear, every year after like week 3 it's Matt Ryan leading the MVP race even though everyone has about the same stats. But he is a good quarterback and he'll lead his team to a win here.

7 points - New England (-16.5) over New York Jets

Shocked at this line honestly, I know the Jets are struggling but I'm just surprised they got so bad so quick.

6 points - Los Angeles (-3.5) over San Francisco

The Niners better thank the Browns for being miserable because it completely overshadows the story of how San Francisco has lost thirteen straight.

5 points - New Orleans (-3.0) over Tampa Bay

I like Tampa Bay a lot, but they are one year away.

4 points - Seattle (-7.5) over Arizona

Seattle is great at home and bad on the road. They'll have no problem with Arizona. (I know, what terrible analysis. Why even write the sentence? This article is getting shorter as my dish just went out again. I hate snow man. I used to like it as a kid, then progressively began to hate it as I got older, but this year I've become obsessed. Everytime it snows it's all I can talk about. I watch the window like a hawk so that I can clear the driveway as soon as the last snowflake has fallen. So my mind is drifting. Gotta get the Bucks back on my TV). 

3 points - Miami (+3.5) over Buffalo

Buffalo reminds me of snow so screw them!

2 points - San Diego (-6.0) over Cleveland

I'm apprehensive about this pick, but I'll go with the Chargers. I did not think the Browns would actually go 0-16 but now they are just two games away. I can envision Cleveland picking up a win this weekend, and it certainly wouldn't surprise me if they did, but it's not the smart pick.

1 point - New York Giants (-2.5) over Philadelphia


Time to shovel.
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Bart's Bets: Week 14

I don't know how you've done it, but you've stumbled around original content on The FAN's website! Reap your rewards by using my NFL picks to break even this weekend. The spreads are based on a confidence pool league I'm in through Yahoo.

Last Week: 8-7    Year To Date: 93-92-5

16 points - Cincinnati (-6.0) over Cleveland

I was watching on Facebook this week a video game simulation done by the folks at Bleacher Report where the Browns actually lost to Alabama. I won't credit them with a link because when I was writing a blog they would take my articles and plaster "by Bleacher Report staff" with no credit to me, so screw them. But I'm starting to think - and I know it's terrible - that Alabama could win! They are a lot better than the best college football teams I've seen in recent memory, and the Browns are a lot worse than the worst NFL teams I've seen. So I know that argument shouldn't be had, EVER, but I think this year might be the year!

15 points - New Orleans (+2.5) over Tampa Bay

Saints are struggling and the Buccaneers are hot, so the trends would lead you to believe that Tampa will win this game. But the NFC South is weird and I like bucking trends, so I'll take the Saints.

14 points - Indianapolis (-6.0) over Houston

Seems like a great game to nap through before the Packers game.

13 points - Atlanta (-6.0) over Los Angeles

Rams are in line for some 4-12 bullsh&t.

12 points - New England (-7.0) over Baltimore

Tom Brady to Macolm Mitchell please! (fantasy playoffs, of course)

11 points - Pittsburgh (-2.0) over Buffalo

Commence the annual Pittsburgh gets hot before the playoffs stretch.

10 points - Denver (-1.0) over Tennessee

I just don't see Denver letting this one slip away when they need wins to keep up in a very good AFC West.

9 points - Minnesota (-3.5) over Jacksonville

Don't count out Minnesota in this NFC North race that we all assume is a two team race. They have the 3rd easiest remaining schedule in the league!

8 points - New York Jets (+2.5) over San Francisco

Seems like a great game to nap through if you're at the game.

7 points - San Diego (+1.0) over Carolina

Carolina's season is over.

6 points - Washington (even) over Philadelphia

Philadelphia's season is about to be over.

5 points - Arizona (+1.0) over Miami

Don't count out the Cardinals in the NFC Playoff race!

4 points - Detroit (-7.5) over Chicago

The spread seems high, but Detroit will keep on rolling.

3 points - Dallas (-3.0) over New York Giants

Could the Giants hand the Cowboys their second loss of the season and be the only team to do so? Could me asking this question prevent me from having to make a comment on the game?

2 points - Green Bay (+2.5) over Seattle

All heart here, oh well.

1 point - Oakland (+3.0) over Kansas City

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Bart's Bets: Week 13

© James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to the picks, one more reminder that our 10th Annual WSSP Toy Drive has entered the #OnlineOvertime! In honor of celebrating our Toy Drive for a full decade, we're looking to do just a little bit more in years past and have extended the deadline through the weekend.

You can donate here - bit.ly/DonateToCHW

I've pledged to donate $1 for every point the Packers score on Sunday against Houston, hope to get at least a few people to join me!!!


Moving on towards the picks, again these are done against the spread each week and I rank them in order in confidence, with the spread based off of the confidence pool I use in a Yahoo league. I'm doing fairly decent but there is a guy in first place that I need to catch up to, and quickly, and some of these picks will reflect that.

Last Week Thanksgiving: 2-1    Last Week Sunday/Monday:  7-5-1     Year-to-Date:  85-85-1 (.500!)

15 points - Green Bay (-6.5) over Houston

I was consistently getting burned on the Packers so for the last month I would bet no more than one confidence point on the result of their game. But, screw it. They're my favorite team, I'm an NFL OWNER!, and I do look at this line and think that Aaron Rodgers should be able to be seven points better than Brock Osweiler, no matter what the defense they face would be. Granted, this could be a quick overreaction to a team that is no better than there 5-6 record would indicate, but I guess we'll know more on Sunday. THE PACK IS BACK!

14 points - Detroit (+5.5) over New Orleans

These next two games are the two games I bet my partner Chuck on, so let's put my mouth where my money is. Detroit's games are all within seven points, so even if they lose I figure they can keep it close. But let's not overlook the Lions, they control their own destiny in the NFC North and as bad as that divison is, there's something to be said for being in first place during the first week of December (unless you're Houston, obviously). 

13 points - Seattle (-6.5) over Carolina

Carolina's season has slipped away at 4-7. What they were able to do so succesfully last season in winning games that come down to the wire seems to be impossible for them this season. I don't think it ever gets that close on Sunday Night Football.

12 points - Buffalo (+3.0) over Oakland

Okay, I'm very high on Oakland. And I like them better on the road than I do at home this season. But this is a home game and they are essentially a pick 'em if you consider the three point bump a home team gets. So something is up here. Buffalo is a quiet 6-5 and this is my upset of the week, in that I don't even believe it myself. But let's roll the dice here.

11 points - Denver (-5.0) over Jacksonville

I have officially paid Mike Wickett the $50 we bet that Jacksonville would be a ten win team this season, and they were used to purchase toys for our toy drive. DONATE HERE!

10 points - New England (-13.5) over Los Angeles

I'm with Eric Dickerson, Jeff Fisher has to have naked pictures of somebody.

9 points - Chicago (-1.0) over San Francisco


8 points - Atlanta (-3.5) over Kansas City

Atlanta is a team that I never want to admit when they are good, but I'm not sure why that is. They are 7-4, they have a great offense, but I will continue to underestimate them at every turn. I'm going to go against my unexplained bias here and take them to beat a very impressive Chiefs team. Going to give Atlanta the benefit of the doubt being at home, really.

7 points - Philadelphia (-1.5) over Cincinnati

The Eagles are not a good football team. But the Bengals are worse. This is finally the year that the seat gets too hot for Marvin Lewis.

6 points - Pittsburgh (-6.0) over New York Giants

Fluky Giants Year alert! Give me the Steelers at home against a team that is somehow 8-3. This Giants team, man. They beat the Cowboys but lost to Green Bay. WHAT ARE THEY??

5 points - Arizona (-2.5) over Washington

Rooting for a tie to give both teams their second tie of the season. If Arizona does win this though and strings a few more together, this is could a key game down the stretch as these two teams, and Seattle, all have ties in the NFC. The ties haven't come into as much play as I thought they would quite yet because Arizona has been losing more often than they've been winning. But I'll take them at home here.

4 points - Miami (+3.0) over Baltimore

This seems like it could be the 11:30am Wild Card Saturday Game in one month's time.

3 points - New York Jets (+2.5) over Indianapolis

I think both these teams are bad.

2 points - San Diego (-3.5) over Tampa Bay

I think both these teams are good! But give me the home team again against a cross country traveling Buccaneers squad.

1 point - Dallas (-3.0) over Minnesota

That's now two straight games the Cowboys haven't covered after going 9-0-1 against the spread to start the season.

Good luck!
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Bart's Bets: Week 12

© Jeremy Brevard | 2016 Nov 17

A moderately successful Thanksgiving Day catapults us into the rest of the Week 12 picks against the spread, ranked in order of confidence. I spent my biggest three portions on the Thanksgiving Day games, and while I predicted all the favorites to win, which they did, I did not get the Cowboys game right against the spread. Dallas, which was 9-0-1 ATS heading into Thursday, finally lost their first game against the line when they couldn't cover against Washington. But I just pulled out the Detroit victory and the Pittsburgh rout was obvious to see, so all in all not a bad Thanksgiving. 

Oh yeah, the family and food. That was nice too.

Speaking of the Cowboys, check out these numbers. Ratings might be down a bit throughout the NFL but the Cowboys having a winning football team is almost making up for any losses the league might be experiencing. 
That's incredible. Perhaps the Cowboys are America's Team after all.

Last Week: 7-5-2     Thanksgiving: 2-1     Year To Date: 78-80-4

13 points - New Orleans (-7.0) over Los Angeles

A matchup of a couple of 4-6 teams, although they couldn't seem to have less in common. Neither of them are completely out of the hunt, but I'm sure the respective "Done Clubs" in both of their home markets are pretty full. I have to take the Saints here being at home and playing a Rams teams with completely zero offense. Although Todd Gurley did score last week, which is a sign of hope for those who drafted him Top 5 in fantasy. Just four touchdowns on the year for Gurley, and still no 100 yard rushing game! He could get that this week, but I'll take the Saints in a year where the Rams might be lucky just to reach that "7-9 bulls**t".

12 points - Miami (-7.5) over San Francisco

This line is probably too high for a team like Miami. Did the morning show with Radio Joe on Friday and he dubbed them the AFC Lions. I like that. I'm going to go with Miami though on account of how terrible the 49ers are, aka the NFC Browns.

11 points - Baltimore (-4.0) over Cincinnati

Man, you think the NFC North is bad, the AFC North has them beat. A win keeps Baltimore level with the Steelers atop the division, so give me the Ravens at home.

10 points - Denver (-3.0) over Kansas City

Could go either way but I like Denver's defense at Mile High? Invesco? Hold on.....

.... oh yeah it's Sports Authority Field now. Whatever, I like Denver's defense at Mile High.

9 points - Tennessee (-5.5) over Chicago

Again, the line might be too high but the opponent is just that bad.

8 points - San Diego (-1.5) over Houston

San Diego's rough start to the season will keep them out of the playoffs, but they are a better team than the Texans no matter what the venue.

7 points - New England (-9.0) over New York Jets

The run on favorites continue.

6 points - Jacksonville (+6.0) over Buffalo

And my first underdog of the weekend (Thursday included). I like Buffalo to win but to me, this has the makings of a close game. Jacksonville will come up short late, per usual, and the Bills will crawl their way to 6-5.

5 points - Carolina (+3.5) over Oakland

I'm so high on Oakland and if this was on the road for them I'd probably take them (5-0 on the road, 1-0 on neutral fields). I sense an upset though.

4 points - Tampa Bay (+5.5) over Seattle

Seattle wins a game that will be much closer than the score indicates.

3 points - Arizona (+4.0) over Atlanta

I'm just throwing darts now.

2 points - New York Giants (-6.5) over Cleveland

I probably should have put more than two points on the Giants here, but if the Browns are going to get a win this season, it would be against a guy like Eli Manning, wouldn't it?

1 point - Philadelphia (-3.5) over Green Bay

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Bart's Bets: Thanksgiving Day

© Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Week 12 of the NFL season kicks off and it's the earliest start to the week of the season, with the first game getting underway right around the time your in-laws arrive. Who says the league has become over saturated? On days like this, you could argue three games of football isn't enough.

(sidebar - I love my in-laws but sometimes it's cool for sports writers to pretend like they hate theirs and make lame jokes about the Holidays, just wanted to give it a try)

Three games this Turkey Day, I'll put the maximum amount of points on them now and then we'll finish the rest of the picks later this week.

Last Week: 7-5-2        Year to Date: 76-79-4

16 points - Detroit (-2.5) over Minnesota

Going to ride the favorites today, and we'll start with the Lions to knock off Minnesota. I like the Lions to come out of the NFC North at this point, even with the news that Adrian Peterson may be able to return for the Vikings later in the season. Detroit could use some help in their running game which is why they won't go far in the playoffs, but they'll be good enough to win the division. Now despite not thinking Detroit anywhere close to a Super Bowl contender, I'd still be willing to throw down $100 on them to win the Super Bowl in a year that has been very good to the underdog. The odds getting increasingly better for Detroit, so put your money on them now before you lose out on any more winnings. I thought about laying some money down (legally!) a few weeks ago at which point the Lions were 60/1 odds. Latest check has them at 33/1. That's almost $3000 I could have cost myself if the Lions win the Super Bowl! Hopefully there's some extra money in my Thanksgiving stocking, but in the mean time I'll have to hope Detroit wins so I can grab my 25 entertainment points from Chuck.

15 points - Dallas (-7.0) over Washington

I actually think Dallas is going to win the game by 7, can you bet on a game to push? I guess that would be a waste of money no matter what the result, but I like Dallas to cover here if for no other reason they've been doing it all season. They are 9-0-1 against the spread, so let's ride that train until it stops. Washington could be the upset pick of the day as they've been as hot as just about anyone. Well, anyone but the Cowboys that is.

14 points - Pittsburgh (-9.0) over Indianapolis

Scott Tolzien could be getting the start on Thursday night and it appears likely that he will. The Colts have the benefit of being the home team, but I've been waiting for a 35 plus point explosion from the Steelers. I see Pittsburgh putting up the type of game I thought the Packers would have been able to a couple of weeks ago.

More picks coming Friday!
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Bart's Bets: Week 11

© Charles LeClaire 2016 Nov 13

Last Week: 6-8         Year to Date: 69-74-3

14 points - Dallas (-7.0) over Baltimore

I'm all in on Dallas. Made the weekly $25 bet in entertainment points with Chuck Freimund, taking the Cowboys. I know because of past failures it's easy to write the Cowboys off, but I think they really have something here. And even if Prescott and Elliott do hit a rookie wall or get injured, don't underestimate a Tony Romo / fresh Albert Morris combo carrying the offense through the playoffs. That's looking quite a ways ahead, but for now just give me the Cowboys this week and another couple of pizzas from Chaz.

13 points - New England (-13.0) over San Francisco

I'd take New England if the spread was 35.

12 points - Miami (-1.5) over Los Angeles

So thus begins the Jared Goff era, and while I'm a bit concernced after streaming Miami's defense in every fantasy league I'm in, I think my efforts will be rewarded against the rookie QB.

11 points - Pittsburgh (-7.5) over Cleveland

FanDuel stack - Big Ben, Le'Veon, Antonio

10 points - New York Giants (-7.0) over Chicago


9 points - Oakland (-6.0) over Houston

I'll say it again, I like Oakland on the road this season. Based on their early road success, they've been able to sustain that attitude and start the season 5-0 when away from the Black Hole. Now, technically this is a home game but it's being played in Mexico City. 

8 points - Arizona (even) over Minnesota

The freefall continues for the Vikings.

7 points - Kansas City (-7.0) over Tampa Bay

Lots of talk about Oakland, lots of talk about Denver, and yet here is Kansas City leading the AFC West at 7-2. I am still optimistic about Tampa Bay's chances and their future with Jameis Winston, but I like the Chiefs here.

6 points - Jacksonville (+6.5) over Detroit

Okay, you'll probably lose this bet. BUT if you have some money to spare, but $100 on Detroit to win the Super Bowl. Cleveland earned a title finally with the Cavs, the Cubs won the World Series, Leceister City overcame the biggest odds in sports history to win the Premier League, and President-Elect Donald J. Trump! It's the year of the underdog. Lay down a hundy and good luck!

5 points - Tennessee (+3.0) over Indianapolis

Which team that kicked the Packers ass in the last two weeks is the better team? 

4 points - Buffalo (+3.0) over Cincinnati

IF Mike McCarthy is in fact fired at seasons' end, Marvin Lewis will either be fired one minute before or one minute after him.

3 points - Seattle (-6.5) over Philadelphia

Tricky line, but I like the Hawks at home.

2 points - Carolina (-3.0) over New Orleans


1 points - Washington (-2.5) over Green Bay

Just enough people think that the Packers are going to lose this week that they'll probably win. But I wouldn't bet on it.
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Bart's Bets: Week 10

© Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

1. I do weekly picks
2. I was doing good now I'm not
3. This is based off of a Yahoo! league I'm in, confidence pool against the spread
4. People are more prone to read lists instead of paragraphs so I did it this way

Last Week: 4-8-1    Year to Date: 63-66-3

14 points - San Diego (-3.5) over Miami

I'm riding teams with momentum this week. The Chargers season started about as bad as a season could start, with victory being taken away from them in the most improbable ways, repeatedly. But they've won three of their last four, with their lone loss coming at Denver. They are putting up points, overcoming injuries, and riding the wave that is the pro career of Melvin Gordon. They've got Miami coming West, and I like them in front of a fanbase that voted against the prospects of them having a stadium downtown which will likely send them to Los Angeles.

13 points - Carolina (-3.0) over Kansas City

The Panthers are winners of two straight, and at 3-5 they could quietly climb back into this thing especially with how logjammed the NFC is. I like Carolina over a good Kansas City team. Also, I'd like to vent about Cam. He is getting drilled in the head in the pocket! It's so obvious to see!!! Stop being mad at him because you were high and mighty about him being sad he lost in the Super Bowl and recognize that he's taken way more abuse physically (and from you!) than he should be.

12 points - Houston (-1.5) over Jacksonville

Houston has won two of their last three, with their loss also coming on the road in Denver. I still don't think they are that good, but they are 5-3 and that's better than the team we root for. I'll go Houston here, despite being favorites against a divisional opponent on the road. Jacksonville has just been a huge letdown. Although, if they win 8 of their next 8 they would reach the 10-win prediction I had for them at the beginning of the season. You can do it, Jags!

11 points - Denver (+2.5) over New Orleans

Denver has beaten two of the team I've picked this week, but they are now 2-3 in their last five. On the downturn but I like them to rebound against a Saints team that will always find ways to let you down, especially at home.

10 points - Washington (-3.0) over Minnesota

Maybe I'm not as confident as the ten points would indicate, but when Minnesota is reeling I can't help but continue to kick them while they are down. They actually worked out kickers this week for Blair Walsh but decided to keep the incumbent. So you know exactly how this game will go down. Blair Walsh game winning field-goal. Here's hoping that doesn't happen.


9 points - Chicago (+1.5) over Tampa Bay

If the season started today and went 8 weeks, Chicago might be the team to win the NFC North, I was that impressed with their Monday Night win over the Vikings.

8 points - New York Giants (-2.5) over Cincinnati

The rare weekend with two home games in East Rutherford, and I'll take the Giants to squeak by a struggling Bengals team.

7 points - New York Jets (-2.0) over Los Angeles

Beer sales will be brisk at MetLife this weekend.

6 points - Philadelphia (even) over Atlanta

I don't trust Atlanta in white jerseys (I could just say on the road, but honestly it's Atlanta in white jerseys that scare me off).

5 points - Pittsburgh (-2.5) over Dallas

This game will be bad enough for Dallas that the Romo/Prescott discussion will be the main sports story next week legitimately instead of forced like it was this week (Dak is the answer).

4 points - Seattle (+7.5) over New England

Line is too big, Seattle is hot.

3 points - Baltimore (-10.0) over Cleveland

Might come back in and edit this pick if I'm wrong because honestly what's the harm?

2 points - Arizona (-13.0) over San Francisco

Line is too small, San Francisco sucks.

1 point - Green Bay (-2.5) over Tennessee 

One point but a homer victory is all the Packers are getting from me the rest of the season!
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Bart's Bets: Week 9

Wasn't able to get a column up last week because of reasons and things and stuff, and wouldn't you know it I had my best week of the season. I can't show you proof of this unless I give you my Yahoo password and you look at the pick 'em against the spread confidence pool league that I'm in of which I base this column off of. Although my password is really not hard to guess so I invite you to give it a try if you're bored. Either way, this is the column and these are the picks.

Well, these are the picks I'm submitting to Yahoo anyway. I did picks on The Huddle with Bill Michaels on Thursday and then Chuck and I did our picks on Friday morning on the show and I didn't keep track either time. So let's start from scratch. 

Last Week: 9-4       Year to Date: 59-58-2

13 points - Green Bay (-7.0) over Indianapolis

Okay try to follow my logic here. Sometimes there are games where the consenus on something is so weighted that it becomes obvious that it's not going to happen. BUT if the consensus is, let's say, super strong, then I start to feel like, "well yeah, of course it will happen". It's hard to explain but to me it's so obvious that the Packers beat the Colts by at least seven. I'm taking Green Bay 33, Indianapolis 20. Opportunites will be there for the Colts, but at this point I have not felt better about the Packers than I have all season, which is odd to say after a loss. But the Packers are on the path to figuring out their identity, they are going to get healthy again, and they'll have a puncher's chance at this thing when it's all said and done. In the interim, I like them this weekend.

12 points - Seattle (-6.5) over Buffalo

Seattle has not been playing as well as you'd think they would be. The defense is giving up a lot of passing yards and their offense, at least Russell Wilson, is struggling. Maybe if this game was on Sunday I'd feel different but I just envision a rout on Monday night.

11 points - Detroit (+6.0) over Minnesota

Six points??? This where even when you think to start to at least figure out the pattern Vegas has for these games you realize you're far from having it all understood. Minnesota has been playing bad. Detroit's offense has been above average. The teams are trending to where Detroit should be able to at least come to Minnesota and keep it within six. I'm very curious about how this one plays out, and not just for NFC North reasons.

10 points - Tennessee (+5.0) over San Diego

I like San Diego to win to continue their rebound story after a miserable first month, but the line is too high for me. Tennessee is one of those teams that is quietly winning though. Could be a team you hear little about and then Week 17 they're the team flexed to Sunday Night with a playoff seed on the line. Should be a good one hear too in one of the many Eastern Time Zone Team Travels West But Will It Matter With Daylight Saving Time Classics.

9 points - Jacksonville (+9.0) over Kansas City

Kansas City has been good, at home, but Nick Foles? Come on Jacksonville, don't let me down AGAIN!!! Keep it within nine man!

8 points - Cleveland (+8.0) over Dallas

I was going to make this the top pick of the week, as I do have $25 with Freems that Cleveland will win straight up. I've been pulling a lot of bets out lately and I want to test how far I can push the limits. I nailed Joe Callahan being on the active roster to start the season, I called the Cubs coming back from 3-1 down, and I saw the Packers running a read option play coming (despite my partner's embarrassing efforts to backtrack on the claim, and hello Chuck if you're reading this!). So let's test the waters and take the Browns straight up against the NFC's best. Why the hell not.

7 points - Denver (even) over Oakland

Okay I really do like Oakland this season, with my claim being they go something like 8-0 on the road, 4-4 at home. Probably should have been laying money on them since Oakland is currently 5-0 on the road and 1-2 at home. I like them, but I'll take the Broncos here into the dump that is O.co Stadium or whatever the hell it's called.

6 points - New Orleans (-3.0) over San Francisco

You know, I made a reference to the East Coast / Midwest teams traveling to the West Coast as not a big deal because of the extra hour of Daylight Saving Time will benefit these teams traveling. I sort of made that as a joke but I'm gonna go all-in on this. Let's take another traveling team! (the fact that the 49ers are as bad as they are helps me do this as well)

5 points - Carolina (-3.0) over Los Angeles

Let's do it again!

4 points - Philadelphia (+3.0) over New York Giants

Not really sure where to go on this one, but from what I've seen of both teams I guess I just trust the Eagles more?

3 points - Pittsburgh (+2.5) over Baltimore

It really does feel like these games between these two teams are always in primetime, and it's odd to see them play at noon on a Sunday. Haven't seen the latest on Big Ben but I think Pittsburgh at least covers with or without him.

2 points - Miami (-3.5) over New York Jets

Yeah, I don't care enough to know enough or write enough about this one.

LATE - Atlanta (-3.5) vs Tampa Bay

Missed this pick so I'm already one down for the week. For the record I did take Tampa Bay after they were already up 6-0 so I'll own the loss here.

This is the tagline to the article. Bart is on the radio during the week. You'll find him if you try hard enough.
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Bart's Bets: Week 7

It's a simple column, really. My frenemy Chuck Friemund and I make picks against the spread every Friday at 9:35am on The FAN. I then enter those picks into a Yahoo! pick 'em league I belong to and rank my picks with confidence points, and then I share them with you!

HUGE disclaimer though. I did get someone asking me when these picks would be posted (later and later every week it seems) as he is going to Vegas. Okay, dude. All the caution in the world. Use these for fun and to help put you over the edge if you're looking for advice, but also ask the first homeless guy as you walk out of the casino. Don't lay down too much money on these!

If you do though, I've been batting around .500. Tough week last week though.

Last Week: 5-8-1     Year to Date: 45-44-2

15 points - Denver (-7.0) over Houston

It's the Brock Osweiler bowl! Houston had a nice comeback win against Indy last week on Sunday Night Football, but Brocksweiler has not been playing up to that contract. I really do think John Elway is a quarterback whisperer, although the Broncos could have won last year's Super Bowl with Tim Tebow instead of that Peyton Manning. But Elway wants to show he made the right decision, and you can bet this General Manager has been more involved in any aspect he can be this week. The Broncos are my favorite pick this week, looking to rebound after a couple of losses.

14 points - Baltimore (even) over New York Jets

Huh? I know this game is in New York (Jersey) but am I missing something? Baltimore is a better team than the Geno Smith lead Jets right? Hey look, I thought the Jets might be able to be a playoff team but Fitzpatrick hoodwinked me as much as he did the Jets faithful. This seems like a line that Vegas is begging you to take. And I will!

13 points - Washington (even) over Detroit

My theory on the NFC East is that no matter what happens, all the teams in the division will beat up on each other and all finish between 9-7 and 7-9. That looks to change this year based on the early returns. Washington! How about these guys? Starting 0-2 and then ripping off four in a row. NFC East logic would have you believe that the Nicknames That Shall Not Be Named will blow it, but Detroit Lions logic tells you that you take Washington here.

12 points - Atlanta (-6.5) over San Diego

San Diego has deserved a better fate for how they've played, but Atlanta is the real deal. A nice little tune up before they kick the Packers ass next weekend.

11 points - New England (-7.0) over Pittsburgh

A popular pick this week despite being on the road, it's all about Landry Jones in this one. A Pittsburgh win wouldn't surprise me by any means, and I hate going against Pittsburgh after a loss, but give me New England here. It's all about narratives folks! New England's narrative is the dominance of Tom Brady after the suspension, Pittsburgh's is overcoming the adversity of another Big Ben injury stretch. Expect this matchup again come January.

10 points - Kansas City (-6.5) over New Orleans

Another disclaimer that I am writing this column at 11:42pm on a Friday night. The older I get, the more I like staying in on Fridays. Tonight that means hanging out with my good friend Captain Morgan, watching some Warriors/Trail Blazers preseason, listening to pre-2010 Kanye, and writing a picks column. Consider this a long way to apologize for once again not proofreading an article.

Oh, and Chiefs.

9 points - Minnesota (-2.5) over Philadelphia

Sam Bradford's revenge! This logic is simple in this pick. I don't want the Vikings to win but should they I want to benefit from it in some way, no matter how small. That's it! That's my logic! Don't use these picks in Vegas @tehmadman!!!! 

8 points - Arizona (-2.0) over Seattle

This could go either way but the Cardinals have been on national television the last two weeks so I feel like I have a better handle on them than I do the Seahawks. Again, the logic in these picks is flawed. Save your money!

7 points - Tennessee (-2.5) over Indianapolis

Man, I just do not like this Colts team. If I was doing Indy sports radio I would be run out of town by now. I think Irsay is a whacko, Grigson is a terrible GM, Luck is overrated, Pagano isn't that smart, and the rest of the team is below average. That loss to the Texans on Sunday night was a disaster for them. Not impressed, give me Chuck's Titans.

6 points - Cleveland (+10) over Cincinnati

The first underdog I've taken in the column, that can't bode well. Cleveland is as bad as ever, but ten points is too much for me.

5 points - Los Angeles (+2.5) over New York Giants

I always thought that it'd be cool if the Packers played in London. A 8:30am start time, Packers football with bloody marys and scrambled eggs, and then the rest of the day to nap and watch football. But if you're a Rams fan out west, this game starts at 6:30am local time! What the hell! That seems wrong. As for the pick, the logic I was going to use to take the Giants was that Odell Beckham Jr shares a last name with English soccer legend David Beckham. That'd be stupid, so I'm going with the Rams (Similar to when I applied for colleges I applied only to UW-Eau Claire and UW-La Crosse. The application to the Eau C was because of a girl, I realized that was dumb, so I went La Crosse. Sometimes the obviously stupid decision really is the wrong one). 

4 points - Jacksonville (-1.0) over Oakland

My Oakland theory is that they go 7-1 or 8-0 on the road and 4-4 at home. It's another East Coast jaunt for the Raiders, but I am going to take the Jags here. They can still win 10 games, they still can do it! DUUUVVALLL (most inside joke this column will ever have).

3 points - Tampa Bay (-2.0) over San Francisco

The Niners are bad. Tampa.

2 points - Miami (+3.0) over Buffalo

Buffalo and Washington are on similar trajectories but I am going to go with the home dog in a divisional matchup here. I am starting to believe in Buffalo, but Miami can not be as bad as they look. Actually, now that I'm at the end of the sentence I think they are as bad as they look but it's only for two points, what the hell. I'll stick with the Dolphins.

1 point - Green Bay (-7.5) over Chicago

I actually had this for 11 points before I spooked myself out of it about two hours before game time. Silly me. I totally should have seen Aaron Rodgers throwing 56 times, three Green Bay receivers catching ten or more balls, and Brian Hoyer breaking his arm coming. But hey, it's a point to start of the week!

Bart and his frenemy Freems can be heard 6a-10a Monday through Friday on 105.7 FM The FAN (1250 AM).
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Bart's Bets: Week 6

Picks! Yahoo! Against the spread! Here we go!

Last Week: 7-6-1    Year to Date: 40-36-1

15 points - San Francisco (+7.5) over Buffalo

Chuck and I (call him Freems) go through our picks on air each week at 9:30am on Friday mornings, and we were - to use one of our favorite words this week - flabbergasted to see that the line for this game was set this high. Actually, the line we used on air was found at ESPN and it was in favor of the Bills by a nine point margin. Are we missing something here? Sure, the bills have been playing better as of late, but nine points is pretty steep. It must be a Colin Kaepernick related thing, as technically you could consider him a backup quarterback on the road traveling across the country against a defense that is supposed to be not terrible. But the line is too high. I'm not sure if San Fran will win, but I do expect this to be a high scoring game and I like the Niners to at least cover.

14 points - Oakland (-1) over Kansas City

Oakland is a team that I have been loving on the road this season and that has paid off nicely. But I still like them at home against a Chiefs team that has not been living up to the lofty expectations of some. Amidst the rumors that they could be on the move to Las Vegas soon, I'm going to play my cards now and forecast an Oakland victory.

13 points - Jacksonville ( 2.5) over Chicago

I didn't want to do a gambling themed pun for the Raiders game, but I am a weak person and take the easiest joke possible when it is presented. Oh and also, the Bears suck.

12 points - Green Bay (-4) over Dallas

I grew up in Wisconsin. I have lived in Wisconsin my whole life. I like aka love the Packers. So it's hard at times to pick these games objectively even if "that's my job". So what I try to do, and this is a point that I don't think I communicate well enough, is I try to picture myself as some dude living somewhere that has no affliation to the Packers. Follow me here. Let's say I'm some 32 year old dude in the hills of West Virginia that loves the NFL. What am I seeing this week? A lot of talk about how Mike McCarthy is mad at reporters and a lot of praise about how Dak Prescott is the second coming of Roger Staubach. Well, for those reasons, I'm taking the Packers. The national tide seems to be going towards Dallas so I'm going to counteract that. It's at Lambeau, and that's enough for me. Added wrinkle of Brett Favre in attendance and the alleged story about how Aaron's first words to Brett were "Good Morning, Grandpa" and I think we might be in for a big Rodgers day. Good Morning, Grandpa needs to be your fantasy football team name for years to come, by the way.

11 points - Denver (-3.5) over San Diego

I can now go back to picking against Denver for they have wronged me so.

10 points - Carolina (-3.0) over New Orleans

Carolina does not start 1-5. Carolina does not start 1-5. Carolina does not start 1-5. 

9 points - Detroit (-3.0) over Los Angeles

Okay, those are the games I feel pretty good about. The following are games that I feel terrible about. There are some really tough lines this week. The Lions are at home, the Rams are playing well, and this game is pretty much even. But I'm higher on the Lions yet than most, so give me Stafford here.

8 points - Philadelphia (-2.5) over Washington

My co-host Chuck is big on the mantra that if you have a home underdog facing a division opponent, you take the home underdog. I am more towards the theory that the NFC East never plays out how you would expect so I'm taking the Eagles here.

7 points - Pittsburgh (-7.5) over Miami

Again, tough lines. I like the Steelers but that line is too high. Still, I'd ride Big Ben against a broken Ryan Tannehill. 

6 points - New England (-8.5) over Cincinnati

This line is outrageous too, but Tom Brady be damned.

5 points - Seattle (-6.0) over Atlanta

Okay so is Atlanta good now or what? I'm actually getting tired of Atlanta. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, cast of characaters, coach who's name I can never remember and always think they still have Mike Smith (Bart, it's Dan Quinn). Is it their colors? Is it a weird bias I have against Atlanta? I don't know, but I don't like the Falcons. I don't hate them, but I don't like them. But why???? I really don't know. I mean, I detest Seattle, but. Okay. Now I've lost my train of thought. Seattle?

4 points - Cleveland ( -7.0) over Tennessee

Cleveland might find a way to lose by 6.999999999, but this spread of 7 is too much. Big baseball win for The Cleve tonight, by the way (I'm PC man, sorry, I don't like saying their teamname. Their mascot is wildly offensive. It's the beta male in me). I hope they go up 3-1 and lose the series.

3 points - Arizona (-7.5) over New York Jets

Is John Brown worth starting aka rostering on fantasy teams anymore. DM me @winksthinks on Twitter if you want to have an hour plus conversation about John Brown's fantasy value.

2 points - New York Giants (-3.0) over Baltimore


1 point - Houston (-1.0) over Indianapolis

The Colts are bad, but the Texans are less bad. And I orginally typed the Astros here. Actually it was the Astors. I'm going to bed now. Bottoms up.
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Admirals Hockey on The FAN!

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Bart's Bets: Week 5

My name is Bart. I pick games against the spread each week. Then I rank them by confidence points. I use Yahoo's spread from Thursday. Let's go!

Last Week: 9-6     Year to Date: 33-30

14 points - Minnesota (-6.0) over Houston

Okay, I'm done going against Minnesota in these pick 'em things, and not only that, I'll give them the most confidence of the week. Look, I know the Vikings defense is good, I've been saying that all year. I just don't want to come around and admit that they are GREAT or ELITE. Comparatively with the rest of the league you could say that, sure, but I still think they will be exposed as the season goes on. Maybe that's just wishful thinking, I don't know. What I do know is that I 100 percent hope this pick helps contribute to whatever jinx vibes are out there in the ethos, and that the defense looks terrible in the process.

13 points - Miami (-3.5) over Tennessee

The game will go on as scheduled as Miami did not get hit by Hurricane Matthew as bad as it could have been. That's about all the analysis I'm willing to give or provide on this game. Tennessee isn't as bad as they have been playing, I don't think, but I give Miami the edge purely to ride with the home team here. 

12 points - Chicago (+4.5) over Indianapolis

These are without question the two teams that I am the lowest on in the whole league. The Bears are a mess and have somehow regressed from a season ago. The Colts have a problem where they are paying their QB a ton of money and then have none left over for their defense. At least that's what the Colts GM is saying. Publicly! Andrew Luck maybe isn't as good as we thought, but we'll really never know with that Colts defense and that poor Colts offensive line around him. I'm starting to think Luck might not be a Colt much longer. This is doesn't seem like it's going to end well.

11 points - Baltimore (-4.0) over Washington

I'm not sure how good Baltimore is, and Washington has put together a couple of nice wins, but gut goes with the home team here again.

10 points - Pittsburgh (-7.0) over New York Jets

The spread actually seems a bit high for me, but the oddsmakers must love Pittsburgh's defense against Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has started to regress to the mean as he always does. I'll keep riding the Steelers while they are hot, though.

9 points - Denver (-5.5) over Atlanta

Not going against Denver. That I've stated. I'm now more intrigued in the bet I made with Chuck on Friday. We set Matt Ryan's game yardage at 203 1/2. It may seem low, but off the top of my head I don't think the Broncos have allowed more than 205 yards to a QB this season, and they've faced some good ones. I'd look all this up for you, but then I have to open a new tab, and toggle between tabs, and write stuff, and you know, it's a hassle.

8 points - Dallas (even) over Cincinnati

Some lines have pushed the Bengals to the role of the favorite but I'll stay with Dallas regardless. I really like the Prescott / Elliot combo and I think Dallas would be crazy to throw Tony Romo back in there once he's healthy. They say injuries shouldn't cost you your starting job, but isn't that how people losing starting jobs like 98 percent of the time? All I know is that I'm pumped for the "Should Tony Romo backup Aaron Rodgers" topic next summer!

7 points - Arizona (-4) over San Francisco

Hey, I got a Thursday night game right! And I put more than one point on it!

6 points - Oakland (-3.5) over San Diego

My mantra with Oakland is that they are going to go like 7-1 or 8-0 on the road, and 4-4 at home. Well, this weekend they are at home. Give me the Raiders in this one, as the Chargers are not that good of a football team, definitely not better than the Raiders.

5 points - New England (-10) over Cleveland

The Browns played the Patriots three years ago and put up 26 on them, losing 27-26. Is that relevant here? Probably not. In fact, definitely not. But the point is just because it's the Patriots and just because it's the Browns doesn't mean it's going to be a blowout. Although in this case, it probably will be.

4 points - Buffalo (+2.5) over Los Angeles

Both of these teams are weird, and will continue to be weird. And both of these teams are probably going to miss the playoffs by one game in the last game of the season. Or this could be a Super Bowl preview! Who the hell knows in the NFL anymore.

3 points - Green Bay (-3) over New York Giants

On the show I took the Giants to cover, but what the hell. I like the Packers and I feel like taking them to win. So there!

2 points - Carolina (even) over Tampa Bay

Probably should have made this a double digit game in terms of my confidence points, but I'll back off with Cam Newton still going through the concussion protocol, and also the threats of the hurricane along the East Coast. Plus the Panthers have been burning me hard lately, so forget them. (note: I initially wrote f*** instead of forget just to see what it would look like on The FAN's website. I'm not sure what the rules are for swearing here. I am deciding against it.... for now.

1 point - Detroit (+3) over Philadelphia

There's gotta be a Carson Wentz let down game right? And why wouldn't it come against one of the league's worst defenses! 

Talk to you guys after a Packers WIN on Monday morning and then all week long - Weekdays 6a-10a on The FAN. 

- @winksthinks
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Bart's Bets: Week 4

Photo Credit: © Jeremy Brevard | 2016 Sep 25

The exercise is simple. I pick games against the spread and rank them with confidence points. The spread I'm using is what is available on Yahoo as of Thursday when I make my picks. I could not be more down the middle on these so far, so if you are going to use my selections for any reasons, make sure to pick the right half!

Last Week: 8-8    The Week Before That: 8-8   And The Week Before That: 8-8     Season: 24-24

15 points - Carolina (-3.0) over Atlanta

Once again, I thought that the Vikings were going to get rolled and once again I was wrong. This time it was the Vikings doing the rolling against Carolina in Carolina. But I like the Panthers to bounce back here and to avoid going 1-3. More so because I don't like Atlanta here though. Atlanta just put up nearly a literal ton of yards against New Orleans, and I think they come in to this game, at home, with a false sense of confidence. I like Carolina to win here. Maybe not by a lot, but enough to cover the three.

14 points - Arizona (-7.5) over Los Angeles

Another team I keep underestimating in a costly fashion is the Rams. I've picked against them every week and it's usually my second most confident pick of the week. So I'm going to do it again here, despite their 2-1 record, and we'll find out if I'm falling in to the definition of insanity or if the theory of being due can supercede that.

13 points - Pittsburgh (-5.5) over Kansas City

This is another game where I'm picking based on one team and not the other. Kansas City has six picks last week, that's nice. But my focus is on the Steelers. I expect them to rebound nicely after their trashing to the Eagles in Philly a week ago. I like the Steelers at home in this one.

12 points - New England (-4.5) over Buffalo

You might be able to grab this one at even depending on New England's quarterback situation. Is Jimmy G (don't feel like taking the time to spell his last name right) going to be healthy enough to get the start? Will Julian Edeleman get an extended look at quarterback as per the wishes of the nation? It doesn't matter to me. Buffalo had a nice win last weekend, but New England has the chance to go 4-0 without Tom Brady. Don't tell me that's not going to motivate this team to give a big middle finger to Roger Goodell.

11 points - Oakland (+3.5) over Baltimore

My first underdog of the week, and it's going to be the Raiders. I'm going to ride Oakland on the road until they lose. I just think this is going to be a season where they keep winning on the road and go .500 at home.

10 points - Cleveland (+7.5) over Washington

This line is just too much for me. Especially with an NFC East team involved. Everytime there is an obvious play in the NFC East, it comes back to bite you (this is a theory I will contradict in a couple minutes, however). Give me the Browns, if for no other reason than I'm banking on Terrelle Pryor big time in fantasy leagues this weekend.

9 points - New York Giants (+4.5) over Minnesota

Betting with my heart, not my head. Nothing more.

8 points - Houston (-5.5) over Tennessee

I like the Texans to rebound at home against a Tennessee team that seems to be unable to score more than 17 points. Which means if the question is, can the Texans score 23 points at home, my answer is yes. 

7 points - Dallas (-3.0) over San Francisco

I think I just talked myself out of this one in the time it took me to write the Washington pick until now, but I'm going to stick with Prescott and Zeke. I really love the poise of this Prescott kid. I don't see how Romo starts when he's healthy again and I think he knows it.

6 points - Jacksonville (+2.5) over Indianpolis

Jacksonville is technically the home team here with the game in London. I do like Jacksonville to finally get a win no matter where the game is though. Indy's offensive line may have to start up to four rookies and I like the Jags to exploit that. I'm not all in on these London games, but I'm all in on the 8:30am start time. Love it.

5 points - New Orleans (+3.5) over San Diego

Drew Brees' first time back in San Diego as a player since he left the Chargers organization. If you're betting this game, the over is the play here.

4 points - Cincinnati (-7.0) over Miami

Hey, I finally got a Thursday Night game right!

3 points - Denver (-3.0) over Tampa Bay

I'm done betting against Denver, that's the only reason I need.

2 points - Seattle (-1.5) over New York Jets

I'll take the Seahawks here. I don't think this will be a blowout, the Seahawks might open things up late but I expect a good, competitive game here. Russell Wilson should play and I think he'll be able to do just enough to get past the Jets.

1 point - Chicago (+3.0) over Detroit

NFC North games are the worst when the Packers aren't involved. They really are. Who is going to be watching this on Sunday? Why would you? Booooooorrrrriiiing. 

Bonus college pick - WELL, THE BADGERS WHOOPED MICHIGAN BAAADD (except not that and the other way around!)

Talk to you Monday morning at 6am on The FAN!

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Bart's Bets: Week 3

As always, these are picks against the spread that Yahoo! posts on Thursday every week for confidence leagues. My confidence points are attached to each pick. And disclaimer that these predictions are for entertainment purposes only! Disclaimer that I am entitled to change my mind about them if new circumstances present themself without being held to the stake! Disclaimer I'm only mediocre at this! Disclaimer that I do not take the time to profread these columns.

Last Week: 8-8    Overall: 16-16 

16 points - Dallas (-7) over Chicago

Maybe I'm underestimating the effect that Brian 'The Destroyer' Hoyer will have on this anemic Bears offense, but this is more about how much I like the Cowboys to roll at home on Sunday Night Football. I'm expecting a big night out of Ezekiel Elliot and have set my Fanduel lineups accordingly.

15 points - Denver (+3) over Cincinnati

I'm done picking against Denver.

14 points - Pittsburgh (-3.5) over Philadelphia

This line opened around Pittsburgh being 5 point favorites earlier in the week, but many seem to be hopping aboard the Wentz Wagon. I like what we've seen from him so far as anyone else would too, but Pittsburgh is too good to not come out with a victory. Instead of fretting over who wins this game, take some time to learn about when these two teams merged in 1943 to play as the "Steagles"

13 points - Tampa Bay (-4.5) over Los Angeles 

I'm not allowing myself to give up on the Buccanneers nor am I allowing myself to buy into the Rams. I like Jameis a lot, and I like him back at home this week a lot too. Bucs should cover. 

12 points - Carolina (-7) over Minnesota

You try not to equate things that are happening in the real world with things that happen on a football field, but I think the city of Charlotte needs their football team to win a football game this week. I think Cam Newton knows he can give the city at least three hours of a distraction and I think the Panthers are going to expose all the problems with Minnesota's defense that apparently only I see.

11 points - Jacksonville (even) over Baltimore

Oh Jacksonville, why do you hurt me so. My team to win 10 games has started 0-2, but I'm not giving up hope they do it. If ten wins is too lofty, a playoff appearance certainly is not. Their division is bad. They play the NFC North teams yet besides Green Bay, and that division is bad. Jacksonville can still achieve all the goals that I have set for them, but it has to start this weekend.

10 points - Washington (+4.5) over New York Giants

When you think you know the NFC East, you don't. Washington on the road in a game they should not win but will.

9 points - Seattle (-9.5) over San Francisco

I really want to take the 49ers here but in Seattle, I'm going to side with the Seahawks. Seattle fans have to be going through the same sort of panic that Packers fans are with how poorly they've played in their first two games, but I think the 49ers will be the cure to heal all wounds.

8 points - Oakland (+1.5) over Tennessee

Oakland feels like a team that could go 8-0 on the road and 3-5 at home. Give me the Raiders in Nashville.

7 points - Detroit (+7.5) over Green Bay

The Packers certaintly have no business covering in this game. Whether they will win or not is another story. The Lions are beat up but Matthew Stafford under Jim Bob Cooter has been nothing sort of incredible. He's thrown 23 touchdowns and just three interceptions since he was acquainted with his new offensive coordinator. With the monkey of not winning in Wisconsin off their back, I like the Lions to not only cover but to make things very difficult on Packers fans next week as we sink into the reality of a 1-2 record heading into the bye week.

6 points - Arizona (+4.5) over Buffalo

I have no recollection or have I ever seen video of these two teams playing. This is also the point of the column where I get lazy with my analysis.

5 points - Cleveland (-10.0) over Miami

I like the Dolphins to win but I like the Browns to cover because 

4 points - San Diego (+2.5) over Indianapolis

I think the Colts are overrated. I think Andrew Luck was annointed as too good, too soon. And for whatever reason, I see the Chargers coming in to enemy terrority and sending the Colts down to an 0-3 start.

3 points - Houston (even) over New England


2 points - New York Jets (+2.5) over Kansas City

Or the other could happen, this is the hardest game of the week to pick for me, thus just the two confidence points.

1 point -  New Orleans (-3.0) over Atlanta

I'll be watching the debates Monday so that has made me not care about this game in any way, shape or form.

And those are the picks!
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Bart's Bets: Week 2

Photo Credit: © Kim Klement | 2016 Sep 11

These picks are against the finalized point spread available on Yahoo on the Thursday of game week. I'll be ranking them by confidence points as well. These are meant for entertainment purposes only (well, for you anyway, I'm using them even though I lost my ass last week). 

Week 1: 8-8    Season: Well, 8-8 obviously

16 points - Green Bay (-2) over Minnesota

I've been talking soup about the Vikings defense on the air all week and how I'd take the Packers if the spread was as high as 8 points, so that's what I'm going to do with and obviously I'm more comfortable with this line. I'm interested to hear from Packers fans on Fridays show when they give their prediction, because so far every prediction I've heard has been the same - "THE VIKINGS DEFENSE IS GOOD I THINK AND ITS A NEW STADIUM SO VIKINGS WIN". Yeah, the Vikings defense is good, but statistically they were right with the Packers last season. Fans in Wisconsin are underrating the Packers defense as much as they are overrating the Vikings defense. And while a new stadium is a great milestone, it doesn't mean the Packers should just stay home and let someone else open it up. The Packers are the better team. They have an MVP quarterback. The Vikings are a good team who has not yet begun to realize how big the loss of Teddy Bridgewater will be. Sam Bradford is not getting this team to the playoffs. And he's not getting the Vikings a win against the Packers. Go Pack Go.

15 points - Seattle (-3.5) over Los Angeles

I know Russell Wilson is a bit dinged up and the Seahawks have yet to figure out who's going to be their primary rock carrier, but 3 1/2 is the line, that's it? This has to be a misprint. The Rams are terrible! Case Keenum is lost! You think the 49ers had an advantage being able to stack the box against Gurley, well then just how will Seattle capitalize on that? I suppose, THE RAMS AND A NEW STADIUM and all, but it's not a new stadium and it's not a new Rams team. This one seems a no brainer. And not one of those too good to be true no brainers either, but like a go empty your bank account kind of no brainer.

14 points - Philadelphia (+3) over Chicago

I was actually going to bite and take the Bears at home on Monday Night Football, but just like people think the Vikings are better than they really are, people think the Bears aren't as bad as they really are. President Obama (OMG POLITICZ ALERT) was talking up the Wentz Wagon in Philly this week, he'll be on board when they take down his beloved Bears.

13 points - Oakland (-4.5) over Atlanta

A very impressive road win for the Raiders last week who I think will keep the momentum going against a team that gets closer to the definition of insanity with every passing game.

12 points - Pittsburgh (-3) over Cincinnati

Pittsburgh might very well be the best team in the league right now, and that's without Le'veon Bell. A lot will be made of the playoff game between these two games a year ago, which is something I feel obligated to mention here. Give me Pittsburgh a win over the AFC's Falcons.

11 points - Denver (-6) over Indianapolis 

I'm getting tired of betting against Denver and losing, so let's try doing this instead.

10 points - Jacksonville (+3) over San Diego

I was very impressed with Jacksonville this last weekend. Funny about how the mentality of Packers fans before week 1 was "Jacksonville sucks" but after needing a late 4th and 1 stop against the Jags it now becomes "hey that team is good". That's what I've been saying! I still have them on track for ten wins - let's give them one here. 

9 points - Tennessee (+5.5) over Detroit

I came very close to taking Detroit here but I don't see Tennessee losing by six points even if they can't top the Lions. Look for a big week from Marcus Mariota and look for the Lions to come back to Earth after a win over the Colts last Sunday.

8 points - Carolina (-13) over San Francisco

Thirteen points!?!?! I know Carolina is at home, and a Super Bowl contender, but that seems so so high. Especially with how roughed up Cam Newton got in week one and how convincing the 49ers win was. Logic would tell you that San Fran is going to keep this at least within 13, which is why I'm going the other way. Carolina and the points.

7 points - New Orleans (+4.5) over New York Giants

I had 12 points on New Orleans beating the Raiders last week at home, and they would have done it too if it was for those meddling kids from Oakland. The Giants had a nice win on the road, but I think the spread is too high for them here. 

6 points - Tampa Bay (+6.5) over Arizona

All aboard the Winston Wagon. Arizona is in danger of going 0-2 at home to start the season and this would be a huge step in the development of the Buccaneers if they can pull out the win. Let's give this the Upset Special of the week and I'll take the Bucs to win on the road in a shocker. 

5 points - New England (-6.5) over Miami

Miami kept it close last week in Seattle and nearly pulled off the victory. But Jimmy G is the real deal and he'll have no problem at home against the Dolphins.

4 points - Houston (-2.5) over Kansas City

One of these teams has either a banged up offensive line or defensive line but it's close to the end of the column so I'll just take Houston at home.

3 points - Buffalo (even) over New York Jets

These Thursday Night games are just too hard to get a read on. I think Tyrod Taylor has a bounce back effort against a Jets team that is going to take longer than expected to find their way.

2 points - Baltimore (-6) over Cleveland

Are the Ravens are least watchable team in football? They'll beat Cleveland, but Gary Barnidge should do better with Josh McCown than he did RGIII. I don't know if that's relevant here, but that's what every fantasy football article I've read this week has said so I'll say it here too. 

1 points - Washington (-2.5) over Dallas

Washington looked awful the other night and there is a lot to be excited about with Dallas, but the Boys fall to 0-2 as they head out to D.C..

Again, 8-8 last week. I have nothing to compare these picks too as far as seasons past go. Someone asked me on twitter last week (@winksthinks) what all my splits were, etc.... Let me reiterate the point that you should not be placing your hard earned money on a column I'm writing to fulfill company blog quota! (I will though, of course)
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Bart's Bets: Week 1

AP Photo Credit - © Kirby Lee | 2016 Aug 28

Each week I'll be making my picks against the spread confidence style. The lines I'm using will be coming from the Pick 'Em League I do on Yahoo. I'm not sure what the legal disclaimer needs to be here if any, so I'll make up my own. These are meant to be for fun and for fun only! And with that, the picks.

16 points - Houston (-6.5) over Chicago

The team I'm going in both pick 'em and survivor pools this week is Houston. I've barely done any research yet for my FanDuel lineup, but about the one thing I've heard is that everyone is very high on the Texans WR's exploiting a banged-up Bears secondary. If you're following football this week, you've likely heard that too. Josh Sitton or not, I am just very very bearish on the Bears this season. I like Houston at home to roll.

15 points - Los Angeles (-2.5) over San Francisco

Another team that I think is terrible is San Francisco. I think I like the Rams this season upon their return to Los Angeles. I mean we all know that they'll go 7-9 again, but I kind of like them. At least this week.

14 points - Pittsburgh (-3) over Washington

Haven't check the forecast yet for this one but there's no doubt 100 percent chance of rain, right? Just seems like there would be.

13 points - Indianapolis (-3.5) over Detroit

I haven't really bought into the Colts yet this season despite the return of Andrew Luck, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt at home.

12 points - New Orleans (even) over Oakland

Oakland is a team I like to make the playoffs and I like to do big things this season, but I'm still going with the Saints at home. Derek Carr and Drew Brees will race to throw 500 yards a piece, whoever does first wins.

11 points - Miami (+10.5) over Seattle

There is going to be at least one true shocker this week, and I'll go with this one. Seattle is a Top 3 team in the NFL, Miami has to make the cross country jaunt, and you usually don't take coaches like Adam Gase in their first game. But give me the 'phins at least to cover, and I'll go as far to say that they pull off the upset.

10 points - Green Bay (-4.5) over Jacksonville

This line seems too hard not to take. Jacksonville is a team I've been preaching will win ten games this season, but this won't be one of them. It's going to be Lambeau Field South this weekend right down to the Packers wearing their home green jerseys. Give me the Packers and a touchdown for each of the tight ends (minus Justin Perillo unfortunately).

9 points - Kansas City (+7) over San Diego

Seven seems high especially in week one, and I really like Melvin Gordon this season, but the Chiefs are a good football team, better than people think. They'll get the comfortable win at home.

8 points - Tampa Bay (+3) over Atlanta

I sort of want to change my 10 win Jaguars proclamation and switch it to another Florida team. I am really feeling the Buccanneers this season if for no other reason than Jameis Winston. We only hear the stupid when it comes to this kid, but by all accounts he's become a leader on this football team and the Bucs are buying in. I like Tampa in this one.

7 points - Cleveland (+4) over Philadelphia

Both of these teams are bad, but the Browns will be less bad on this given day. Don't sleep on the Browns! The quest to six wins begins in Philly!

6 points - New York Jets (+2.5) over Cincinnati

Brandon Marshall could catch 200 balls this season, give me Fitz and the Jets.

5 points - New England (+6) over Arizona

I make all of these picks on Yahoo first before I brought them over here and this was the one pick I changed. I'm trying to picture where I'll be at 10pm on Sunday night and what will be on the TV. I'm envisioning a game that Arizona dominates early but then New England crawls their way back. Arizona will still probably win, but it will be close.

4 points - Baltimore (-3) over Buffalo

This already feels like a week 17 snoozer. Ravens.

3 points - Dallas (even) over New York Giants

They're starting a rookie QB and a rookie RB and yet the Cowboys will probably somehow win the NFC East. I really do love the NFC East, despite how much this division is shoved down our throats. All of these division games are uniquely long and boring but I just love me. The legend of Dak begins Sunday.

2 points - Tennessee (+2) over Minnesota

Losing Teddy Bridgewater cost the Vikings 3-4 wins, grabbing Sam Bradford will give them 1-2 back. But Marcus Mariota is another guy I'm high on. With uncertainty at quarterback this weekend, I like the Titans to step up on defense and I like the running duo of Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry to have their way against a Minnesota defense that is good, but still a little overrated.

1 point - Denver (+3) over Carolina

Stay away from the NFL Opener. Carolina should win this game by 20, but I thought that in the Super Bowl as well. Broncos to at least cover.

Let's see how bad I do, come back next week!

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Let's Play "Terrible Take Thursday"!

Photo: © Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

In all honesty, there were some outrageously bad takes on The FAN today (more than usual!). Our show had a guy bash Aaron Rodgers as if he'd never seen an NFL game in the last decade, a caller into Bill's show said Prince Fielder was not even a Top 25 Brewer of All-Time, and then came the garbage on The Big Show where Ramie spent the whole 4pm hour ripping on Michael Phelps. Something about not being an athlete because he can't shoot a basketball like his hero Derrick Rose, I'm not really sure I stopped paying attention...

But in honor of these terrible takes, it's time to hear some even worse ones. Thursday morning on Chuck & Winkler we're going to debut "Terrible Take Thursday" at 7:15am. We're looking for people to call - 414.799.1250 - with the worst take they can think of. You don't have to believe your take, but you have to make it believable. The "best" one will win tomorrow's prize - a four pack of tickets to the Brewers/Reds game on Friday night, as well as a four pack of tickets to Irishfest next week down at the Summerfest Grounds.

Call in, give us your terrible take, and good luck!
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Wild Card Standings Update - July 27, 2016

Photo Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Bart's Wild Card Standings Update for the Milwaukee Brewers takes and interesting turn, and you can't blame him for his mind wandering a bit north instead...

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Wild Card Standings Update - July 5th, 2016

photo credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

I've been doing a Wild Card Standings Update podcast every day since mid-May. If you don't believe me, I'm not sure what to tell you. I've been doing them every day! Really, I have!

AUDIO (2 min): Wild Card Standings Update - Tuesday, July 5th, 2016
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Wild Card Standings Update - June 9th, 2016

© Jeff Hanisch | 2016 Jun 8

Another win for the Milwaukee Brewers and a big four game series against the New York Mets is on the horizon. It's an exciting time to be a fan in Brew City!

Click here for the latest Wild Card Standings Update!
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Wild Card Standings Update - June 7th, 2016

The Brewers had the day off on Monday, which gave other teams in the National League the chance to move ahead of them in the Wild Card Standings? How much ground did the Brewers lose on Monday? Find out in today's Wild Card Standings update!

CLICK HERE for the Wild Card Standings Update
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Wild Card Standings Update - June 6th, 2016

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A split series for the Brewers in Philadelphia, but how does it affect their standings in the Wild Card Race? Click below for the 90 second update, which includes a cameo from our insider Adam McCalvy!

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Wild Card Standings Update - June 2nd, 2016

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Whos says a team can't contend for glory while rebuilding? I've got your Wild Card Standings update in 90 seconds or less after a huge Brewers win over the Cardinals on Wednesday!


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It's Okay to Not Hate The Cubs

Photo: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

I am not a Cubs fan.

Perhaps you're familiar with me, perhaps you're not. Maybe you listen to me on the radio during your morning commute, maybe you don't. For some, this could be one of our first interactions. But no matter your familiarity with me or your opinion of me, you’ve probably caught win that I’m the guy on The FAN who waves his “W” flag around with pride as often as the ghost of Harry Caray will allow. But I need one thing to come across and I need to make it very clear...

I am not a Cubs fan. 

However, I do not hate the Chicago Cubs. In fact, I don't even really dislike them. There may even be times this season that I find myself rooting for them to succeed, and the World Series very well may be one of those times. BUT...

I am not a Cubs fan.

I can’t believe I need to do this, but this is important for the future of how I'm perceived by you when I scream through your radio. I feel the need to proclaim that I'm a Milwaukee Brewers diehard. I have pages full of 1980's era Brewers police cards, I have boxes full of Miller Park ticket stubs. My favorite number is 19 in part because of Robin Yount. I saved the newspaper clipping of the first game I went to at County Stadium, an 8-7 Brewers win over the Orioles. I still have the Bob Uecker call of the clinching Ryan Braun home run on an old iPod I still use. I drank the bar out of what I thought was champaigne (it was cheap wine) when Plush hit home the winning run in 2011. And I think, most telling, is that I will gladly pay full price for a ticket here in 2016. 

So how has it become, at a station that has an afternoon show host who will wear a Cubs hat, Cubs jersey, and Cubs shoes (!!!) all on the same day during the middle of winter!, how has it become that I am the resident Cubs fan?
Well, here’s how.

1. I've admitted that I've liked the Cubs before - I have admitted this, and it is true. As a 6-year old kid thirsty for baseball in the late 80's and early 90's, the Cubs were the most accessible team. On television nearly every day, rather than just the one time a week a Sunday Brewers game was aired on Channel 12, the Cubs were there to fill my appetite of the game. My love of Paul Molitor and Robin Yount was rivaled only by Andre Dawson and Ryne Sandberg. One of my very first memories is sitting along the first base side at Wrigley with my parents and grandparents as we watched the Cubs take on the Mets. Remember, Milwaukee and Chicago were in different leagues - they never played each other - and it was okay to like both. And I did! But that was then, this is now. Think of all the things you liked when you were a kid. Things change.

I am not a Cubs fan. But, they were my gateway into becoming a baseball fan.

2. I predicted that the Cubs would win the World Series this season - This one drives me up a wall. I have learned quickly that if you say anything nice about a divisional rival, you suddenly become appointed a fan of that team. What is up with this way of thinking? I predicted last season that the Vikings would win at least ten games in 2015. "THAT MAKES YOU A VIKINGS FAN, BART". No, that makes me right. They won 11. 

I predicted this season that the Cubs would win at least 100 games and win the World Series. "SEE, HE'S A CUBS FAN!" Well, let's take a look at the standings. My Google Search for MLB Standings is showing me that the Cubs have the best record in baseball, and that they are on pace to win 117 games.

I am not a Cubs fan. But, I can overcome being petty and admit when a division rival has talent.

3. There are players that I like and they happen to wear Cubs jerseys - Is this the lynchpin? That purely as a baseball fan, I like the makeup of the Northsiders? Yes, I like Joe Maddon. I like Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Kyle Schwarber. Fantasy baseball dynasty leagues play a role in that. I like Theo Epstein. I like seeing teams that blow it all up to rebuild earn a payoff for their progress. I like that the Cubs climb back up to the top of the NL Central shows the current Brewers regime that it can be done.

I am not a Cubs fan, but I do appreciate good baseball. 

4. You HATE the Cubs, I don't - Throughout all sports, there aren't too many teams that I actually Hate. For the most part, I either love them or am indifferent to them. I don't Hate any of the Yankees/Lakers/Cowboys/Duke contingency. Not worth my time. I don't Hate the Bears or the Lions. I don't like when they win, sure, but I don't Hate them.
I guess there are only two teams in sports I really truly Hate. Teams that if they were retracted I wouldn't have any remorse for, and teams that I can't really understand how you'd become and stay a fan of their particular organization. The teams that I'd say I Hate are the Vikings (who I gave credit to just moments ago, remember, because that’s not forbidden) and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cubs are not in that class for me. I can get how you'd grow up and root for the Cubs. I can see a world in which the Brewers don't exist and I'm a Cubs fan as an adult. Yeah, it sucks when Wrigley North is a reality, but I don't Hate the Cubs because of that. Put me in the "Don't Hate the Cubs, Hate a lot of Cubs fans" camp. Most of them are harmless, really. But it's the sheer quantity of how many Cubs fans there are in your home building that can be tough to swallow.

I am not a Cubs fan. But I get why someone would be.

Are those four things enough to make me a FAN of the Cubs? No. I don’t watch every game first pitch to final out like I do the Milwaukee Brewers. I can’t rattle through the Cubs 40-man. I don’t plan trips, outings, bachelor parties, dates, to Wrigley Field. Miller Park is that destination. I don’t feel in my heart for the Cubs what I feel for the Brewers. You know the Craig Counsell commercial on Fox Sports Wisconsin where he basically says we’re all the same because we’re stuck rooting for the Brewers? He’s talking to me in that commercial too. And I did tear up the first time I watched it! That’s a fan. And the Milwaukee Brewers. That’s my team.

As for the Cubbies, here's my mission statement: The Chicago Cubs are a team that I liked until I was about eight years old. I respect their organization and appreciate their rebuilding efforts. I like a lot of the guys on their team. It's annoying when Cubs fans takeover Miller Park. I picked them to win the World Series and it wouldn't ruin me if that actually happened. In fact, I'm kind of sick about hearing about how they are cursed. Just win one already. And if they are going to, it might as well be when the Brewers are this bad.

Again, I am not a Cubs fan.

But I fear I helped convince you that I am.

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Amanda Braun Shares UW-Milwaukee Performance Reports

On the Thursday morning edition of "Chuck & Wickett", UW-Milwaukee Atheltic Director Amanda Braun joined the program to answer some questions that have come up regarding the men's basketball program. The following is the performance report that she shared with 105.7 FM The FAN. (Hear the full interview at the link below)

AUDIO: UW-M Athletic Director Amanda Braun on Chuck & Wickett (4/14/16)
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Our First Tweets

Twitter is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary this week and while the world has changed a lot since March of 2006, we haven't seen too much evolution from Twitter itself. Sure, we're giving out hearts instead of stars and we no longer call it "twittering", but other than that it's still the same 140 character form of expression we fell in love with a decade ago.

I use the phrase "fell in love" with loosely, as I was pretty adamant against using Twitter when it first came out. I had a hard time understanding the point of it, I suppose. Now, it's the first thing I check when I wake up, the last thing I check before I go to bed, and it no doubt receives plenty of attention from me during the hours in between.

Nevertheless, it took me a full five years before I signed up for account, and I wanted to compare that to the rest of the FAN staff to see just how far behind the eight ball I was. With that, I bring you


Let's start with Wickett, who took the approach a lot of people took in the early stages, simply by sharing what they were doing at the time. Although I'm not too familiar with what a "Marquetee" is.
Chuck signed up not too long after Mike did, also going the route of sharing what he was doing. No surprise as to what that activity was...
The Big Unit actually shared some news with his first tweet...
...while the news Radio Joe shared on Twitter was that Radio Joe was on Twitter.

Sparky seemed to have had a problem with Twitter for awhile as well, not signing up until 2013 and needing motivation to do so.

Gary made his first tweet count, posting a very sharp picture of him and LeRoy.

As for Leap36, news of Nick Collins' injury was enough to get him to sign up for an account.

While the other Big Show contemporary decided to hit the hard hitting news of the day with his first excursion into Twitter.

Our boss went a different route, as his first tweet was in response...

As for the Fan account, we took the chance to root for our hometown team...

Looking back on these tweets, it's a good reflection on what we cover at The FAN. And there's been consistency over the years. We're still rooting on our favorite teams, we're still covering them from all angles, and Chuck is still eating. With Twitter, the more things change, the more things stay the same.

Okay, maybe not everything.

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The Fond du Lac SNL sketch wasn't about Fond du Lac

Saturday Night Live is my favorite show and Fond du Lac is my hometown.

I have to address this.

And whether they watched it live or on their computer the next day, I guarantee you every one of Fond du Lac's 43,021 residents will have seen the "Fond du Lac Action News" sketch by Monday morning. Most of the state of Wisconsin will get their eyes and ears on it before then as well. Some will think it's hilarious, some will be offended, but most will be wrong. This was not a sketch about Fond du Lac. At least not wholly. I believe this sketch either came about in one of two ways, or perhaps a combination of both.

1. The idea was to do a sketch on what small town news would look like found it's perfect target in a weird sounding city in the middle of Wisconsin. 

2. The idea was to do a sketch centered around the Wisconsin accent that has become so mocked due to the popularity of Making a Murderer, but using Manitowoc as the city would be too obvious.

What the sketch wasn't - and sadly what I'm seeing way too many people think - is that the writers of SNL did a spoof on the city of Fond du Lac because that's how well-known and important Fond du Lac is. Maybe a writer is familiar with the city, maybe they threw a dart on the map and that is what came up, but Fond du Lac just happened to be a victim of circumstance here. So fellow Fond du Lacians, I'm asking that you don't take wear this sketch as a badge of honor (not to mention the fact that the sketch did nothing to paint the city in a positive light!).

But hey, this is the most exposure the City of Fond du Lac has ever received on a national level, so let's dissect this thing.

* "Southeastern Wisconsin's Award Winning News Team" - lots of people griping about the SE Wisconsin part. Milwaukee news serves Fond du Lac, and so does Green Bay. So geographically speaking it's a little unclear. I deem that CORRECT

* The fact that Fond du Lac would have it's own local TV station - INCORRECT - Although one of the radio stations there needs to steal "Top of the Hour from the Bottom of the Lake"

* The whole sketch, they pronounced it "Fond du LUCK" instead of Fond du LACK - INCORRECT

* They spelt Fond du Lac right thought! 80 percent of Wisconsin can't even do that - CORRECT

The accent, and this is what upsets me the most, that is not the accent of Wisconsin. Outside of the state, we get painted as having that upper Minnesotan, Canadian accent and I honestly get deeply offended by that. Yes, we exaggerate our vowels and say things like "dere" instead of "there", but the accent they used was the worst part about this sketch - INCORRECT

* Trish Wisnouski is a name you would find in Fond du Lac, yes CORRECT

* Someone as good-looking as Cecily Strong is not  INCORRECT

* Anchors wearing snow vests as if that's the fashion style of the day INCORRECT

Top story being something sex offender related CORRECT

"Stop and Go Light" CORRECT

* That there is a "Stop and Go Light" by the Pizza Hut and people get caught speeding there CORRECT

* Anchors consistently referring to people they know when telling the news CORRECT

* Winterfest - INCORRECT

Unpredictable weather - CORRECT

* "Talking to my friend and she goes... instead of talking to my friend and she says..." CORRECT

* A segment devoted to the lottery... Fond du Lac is home of the Miracle Mile after all! CORRECT

Sports guy having a bad haircut and wearing Badgers gear instead of something acceptable for television CORRECT

Could residents of Fond du Lac feel as if this sketch was about them in some way? Sure. But there was nothing too town specific in the sketch and anything that was would have been coincidental. The way they didn't even pronounce the town right tells you right off the bat that this was a generalized look at all of us in Wisconsin.

So Fond du Lac, enjoy your moment of national spotlight if you want, but you should be offended that they butched our accent and gave us an overall unfunny sketch.

And the rest of Wisconsin laughing at Fond du Lac, SNL was making fun of you as much as they were Fond du Lac, 

Dont cha know der hey?
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Can't We Have Fun With This Whole Hank the Dog Thing?

© Benny Sieu | USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers have held Spring Training practices for a little more than a week and the two biggest stories so far are that a guy laughs in a funny way and that a dog might be dead.


Sure, there are a lot of new faces and this is the first training camp under the David Stearns regime and Ryan Braun is changing positions and so on and so forth but the stories that are gaining national attention are about a snort and a stray.


At this point I'm not sure that the spotlight has shone brighter on any other team so far this young baseball season. And for a squad projected to have a loss total somewhere between 95 and frown emoji, I think that's pretty impressive.


Two fun, light stories coming out of Maryvale. Good old preseason hijinks, right? You would think so, but that’s not quite the case.


On one hand you have the Brett Phillips story. The Brewers prospect has an outrageous laugh which essentially sounds like the mating call of a sick goat. It sounds ridiculous and his teammates are capitalizing on every opportunity to force the noise out of him. Everyone agrees, it’s a great story.


On the other hand you have the tale of Hank the Dog. As Brew Crew Ball claims, the original Hank the Dog that came back to Milwaukee from Brewers Spring Training Camp in 2014 died later that summer. But, since the dog was already such a fan favorite and a merchandising goldmine, the team didn't want to give up on those profits or be the ones to tell thousands of adoring young Brewers fans that Hank went to go live upstate for awhile. So a new, replacement Hank was trotted out and we were none the wiser.


But after some photographical evidence came into play earlier this week, the speculation over the real identity of Hank the Dog began to be questioned. The cries quickly became so loud that the Brewers were almost forced to respond. And they did, albeit in a very cryptic way.


“The "real" Hank? What is real and what is an impostor? Is the Tooth Fairy the next target? Santa Claus? The Great Pumpkin?”


This response only made the cloud of doubt around Hank’s identity darker, and the Brewers now had no other option.


They had to call a press conference.


Now, the fact that a professional baseball team is taking the time to address a mascot conspiracy originating from a blog is upsetting to some of those that cover the sport on a regular basis. Could this be the death of journalism as we know it? Because, you see guys, um, a press conference is an event reserved only for real, true, actual news. That only reporters cover. It is a sanctity that is not to be made fun of and definitely not something that bloggers or fans are able to participate in. For the Brewers to give time to such a silly story in such a professional setting is disgraceful.


That’s the “Old Man Yells at Cloud” way of thinking, at least. I tend to take the approach that it’s early March, that there is no real baseball to be played yet for about a month, and that the on-field product may be lacking in excitement this season for the Brewers so why not have a little fun with your fans to keep up morale?


So here we are. The original Hank the Dog might be dead. That would be sad.


But the Brewers might have covered up the death of a mascot dog and lied to their fans. And that would be funny! It would be ridiculous and nonsensical and a little devious but ultimately, it’s funny.


Two major stories coming out of Maryvale so far this season and neither of them have anything to do with the product on the field. One of them is universally loved and the other is being painted by some as a waste of time and a discredit to the organization’s integrity.


I’d let the first story influence the other.


It’s an absurd situation, yes.


But it’s okay to laugh.

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