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wickett's world - state of the brewers

Let's recap, shall we??
 2 Shortstops...1 1st Baseman...1 All Star caliber catcher...your 3rd starting pitcher...your 5th starting pitcher...your 6th starting pitcher...1 center fielder...
That's what the Milwaukee Brewers have lost for at least 2 weeks a piece this season! Now, I'm not trying to make excuses but that's pretty tough for any team to overcome. Couple the injury situation with slow starts for Aramis Ramirez & Rickie Weeks, a very inconsistant year for Corey Hart and a bullpen which has been completely unreliable as of late...and that’s how you get to this point for the Brew Crew (33-40). Thank god Ryan Braun has had a fantastic year or this could be much much worse.
Most likely to turn it around: John Axford
Least likely to turn it around: Corey Hart
X factor: Rickie Weeks
If this team can SOMEHOW play consistent baseball from now til the trade deadline at the end of July, watch for owner Mark Attanasio to be a "buyer" as opposed to selling off Zack Greinke.

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06/26/2012 12:15PM
wickett's world - state of the brewers
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06/26/2012 12:23PM
Sell Sell Sell
Axford's numbers look more like the ones he's had in minor leagues than in the majors. Most closers flame out in short order and my guess is that's what he is - a guy that had 1.5 good years and now will be an average bullpen arm. Losing Lucroy was key, but he's Mr. May as that's the only month he hits in. Sure you lost Gamel but he's never done anything and Hart Aoki is better than Gamel Hart. Narveson, Estrada, Izturis, Ishikawa whatever. Those guys aren't anything special and Fiers has done a better job than Narveson or Estrada. Gonzalez hurt at SS but he's not really that good either. IMO, if 100% healthy this team still doesn't make the playoffs. Plain and simple, this team needs to be sellers and try and get some pieces for the future.
06/26/2012 1:00PM
Mikes Blog of excuses
Really Mike? Isn't this what you guys generally laugh at other teams from doing, blaming injuries? Very weak sir. Very weak indeed.
06/27/2012 9:58AM
Reds had lost their THE closer for the season
That alone seems to hurt anyone as much, if not more, than the whole list you presented. Of course, they've had more than that - golden glove 3rd baseman, the center fielder who hit the go ahead homer yesterday, two long relievers, etc., etc. Yet they seem to be adjusting and doing great.
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