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wickett's world - 3 random thoughts

3 random sports thoughts:
1) I LOVE that Jarrod Uthoff is looking at Marquette. Not that I want Badgers fans to get upset with me, but I'd love to talk about this story on the air. Sometimes the broadcaster in me has a greater interest in a story than the sports fan in me. So many dynamics to address in this one. What does Bo think? Was Buzz interested in Jarrod before the fiasco with Uthoff/Ryan? Can he play in the MU system? What about the trip back to Madison in 2 years when Vander Blue is a senior and Uthoff is a sophomore? Oh, there are sooo many more!!
2) Does anybody feel like Senator Herb Kohl got behind this "We NEED a new building" thing a bit late? I don't know how much time anyone on this planet has left, and I certainly want to see the Senator around for a while. But at his age...PLUS, will the Bucks be a viable enough product, long enough to get support for the new BC? Will a new owner emerge? I don't know how long this whole process takes, but i just feel like we'd be a LOT further along had Senator Kohl begun campaigning for this in 2007...perhaps we'd be close to home. And speaking of the Bucks...
3) The anti-nba fans can drop the "nobody cares about the Bucks" line at ANY TIME. Guess what? You're dead wrong...for several reasons: A) I was there at the Playoff games in 2010. It was PACKED. B) The passion shown on SportsRadio 1250 WSSP via email, calls, social media, etc proves to me that there are LOTS of Bucks fans in this town. They just haven't had much to cheer about lately. C) You're not the only sports fan in town. Just because YOU don't care for the NBA game, doesn't mean NOBODY cares for it. 
And please don't tell me you'd be fine if the Bucks left town. You don't really want that, and the city of Milwaukee sure wouldn't either. And don't get me started on getting an NHL team...the last league that needs to expand is the NHL...and they sure aren't expanding to a city with a 25 year old building, within 100 miles of another NHL team. .

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05/08/2012 12:02PM
wickett's world - 3 random thoughts
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