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wickett's world - to each their own...

You know the cool thing about sports? We don’t all need to be fans of the same games. You like what you like and I like what I like…so…to clear a few things up…

Top 3 sports I don't like to talk about on air that you may be a fan of:
1) MMA - I'm much more of a boxing guy. Don't tell me to "give it a chance". I have. I don't get it.
2) Soccer - Are they athletes? Yes. Is it boring? Yes. Is it the same as a 1-1 baseball game? Nope.
3) Tennis - move on. I'll never get why we needed 2 channels of Wimbledon. Give me SportsCenter replays any day.

Top 3 sports I like talking about on air that you may not be a fan of:
1) NBA - Maybe it's just because there's so much negativity around the Bucks, but for some reason some in Milwaukee don't quite "get" the NBA today.
2) NHL - No NHL team in town. I get it. But there is NOTHING like being at an NHL game or watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
3) Auto Racing - I wasn't a gear head till I did 2 things: 1) Pick a driver to root for-just like picking a favorite team. I'm a Tony Stewart fan. 2) GET TO A RACE. 1/2 the fun is the sound/smell of a race track.


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07/06/2012 12:24PM
wickett's world - to each their own...
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07/06/2012 12:30PM
No Auto racing talk!!
I can't change the channel fast enough if auto racing talk comes on. 1-1 baseball vs. 1-1 soccer is pretty much a wash - just like watching paint dry in either case except at the very end of the games.
07/06/2012 12:39PM
I cannot watch the NBA because they all look like cartoon's all tatted up like they are. Not to mention the cry baby antics of people like Wade and Heinrich. Plus, the best player, Labaron James, is a doosh.
08/04/2012 10:34PM
to each their own
Mike, I really enjoy watching girls high school basketball during the WIAA tournament. I also like to watch women's college softball. My daughter played fastpitch softball in high school and if you take the time to learn the nuances it really is a great sport. The pitchers hit speeds of 60-65 mph which from 43 feet is the equivalent to a 100 mph fastball in MLB when you consider the batter's reaction time. I don't like women's pro basketball but love women's golf and tennis. Give it a try. And please don't bash women's sports. Live and let live. Thanks, Tod from Hales Corners
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