2PM: Bucks - playoff ready?

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, January 19th
Are the Milwaukee Bucks more likely to get a home series in the post season or fall out of the playoffs? Bucks fans chime in on The BIG SHOW! 

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Block or whiskey Sparky fight for LeRoy Butler leads into the action right around 3 o'clock in grand pod Gary dollars and back in the mix congratulations Judy. Does it feel any different being rampant. No wonder we thought in my. This when you become apparent like there's some sort of always you know thank you wake up there stand. Things are different it's almost hurts but it's a whole area right yeah this. It like that no room okay. Nine is not the end of Lebanon and down I mean out of the Islamic. Q you're a real problem and that have so much are from Mexico. Yeah yeah I never happened nobody you don't you don't benefit if all you care at army runaways the communities. Was alert. A tantrum under its image or did come out and we should auto white racist or do a little room. Joker is cooler and he's making noises I mean yeah he's abroad Joseph and if you with 7-Eleven. Who 7-Eleven. On nineteen inches in own mind. Yeah. But not I mean don't. Major champion yeah and congratulations scared Amber's happier regulations amber and the whole west low fare much over the air from credit hey I'm sure they're super happy and the name is. Oh miles Joseph for miles Joseph Ellison now. And as scary today if he had pictures of these and yet you could see about FaceBook did get a ball for his wallet the one with the blue checked mark he actually hit me with that when asked if he had pictures part is that gather on FaceBook. Is the one out regularly check mart trying to. Did you take a burdensome but he'll stick and not into so that's why can't show you can hunt. That was easy response that there is tankers have everything out and I don't know and I don't think I've nearly every pictures of himself that. Ali today and as I thought there'd be like to forty songs and yeah I'll write ads won a prime time I didn't have McCarron or phone didn't take any pictures. It's crazy now as crazy. I guess they're not off to to a great start other grab. I mean I all the pictures on and on with them all it would no audio surround with him yesterday and you know what Romney is like. I just didn't have trying to reach from our photos is minimum limit got him a little data we've known work known nights via well congrats Eric you're great bravery. Team tolls ten fingers yet. Everybody's healthy Monica and me is good there Gerri it's good either pass out and deliver very remote together. Our in laws who were outstanding on term very very happy for everybody to vote again why. Career for him to do it again. Can be easy man. It's easy to get ready for powered again as I told. Breathe maybe two years and get used to be compared. To a quick. One attacks we unify really. You don't alert alert maybe first and let it settle lived to being a parent you wanna be retired and an out of the house as soon as well. I'd like me. That does the newsroom on it does thanks guys he's like me that there's actually begs us to go out and sells the whole mob ball. Yet he avoids talking about making drew more. He can do it too yeah I mean if he could do like LeRoy I would say it and take but a few minutes tonight. The real I don't rubber piece okay about bad Eisenhower who work right out when I. Yeah. What. We're. I was here at 3 o'clock hour I now want us to get to its. And 6 o'clock including at 3 o'clock we'll see just how long it'll take for Brian predicaments to get the F Ted Thompson treatment but out of the gates wanna talk some bucks and asked. Do you think it's more likely they get a home series in the playoffs. Fall out of the playoffs altogether 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Gary near absence you've missed. Really what what's been going on all season with the Milwaukee Bucks that's a roller coaster ride one of their best games of the season on Monday against the Washington was there is no. They fall flat on their face against the Miami Heat a couple days ago so. And ready is happy for a couple days and then the doom and gloom was right back in the air surrounding the Milwaukee Bucks they now sit with the seventh seed. Now there's three games out of of home playoff series the Miami Heat or the fourth seed. They're one game out. A falling out of the playoffs altogether there actually have to game ahead of the Detroit Pistons a one game out of following the out of the playoffs altogether three games out of nabbing a home playoff series. Which do you think is more likely to happen 414. 7991250. Use the talkback feature on the fan at the sit the button at the voicemail including who you are where a call from a plane back on the air Sparky. Off like an order for us from doing it on here throughout Jerusalem and I'm just let Gary know what he missed sorry that's our I confused you just work hard to do. Do they they're more likely to. Goal would be a whole get a get a serious problem if three or four seat or fall on the playoffs because again as rob we'll tell you the NBA standings in the Eastern Conference. It's all really bunched up right now it in the Eastern Conference and it really has with like within a game or two run yet the standings up here yes what what. So how does it shape up right so. The bucks and it's 4321. They have the seventh seed their half game ahead of the Philadelphia 76 is who manned flight tomorrow and a half game of the Detroit Pistons who are being denied right. Currently not the pistons are very elusive Philly tomorrow they would be out of the playoffs and it ended tomorrow pos if they lose to the sixers and the pistons win yes. They would be out of the playoff picture as it stood. Per La yes. However. The Miami Heat they say it's 46 and eighteen they're the fourth seed. Three games out of the Milwaukee Bucks there only three games away. From getting a home Zurich ABI Detroit that as a threat to the bucks out of the mix but then the Bucs are three and a half games ahead of the next four and a half ahead of the hornets right so it's really just Detroit. Philly in the box ballot for the Bob essentially yes. Right now currently they'd have to LeapFrog Washington. And indeed. To get into that fourth seeds that at the past three teams to get a home playoff series the currently have to game behind the pacers. And a game and a half behind the Washington with its lasted three games. Behind Miami. We're talking about. What this team we've got to have done the height of where they can go and how far they could fall. The defining how this plays out because it's so close it really could go either way and I will continue to say. What I've been saying and that is odd thing went too far apart comes back and his team will improvements are winning gains more consistently than they have. We always talk about that article but I column that low doesn't ESPN right time things that he he knows or ever for the week yet. And here at brawl room. The PC in this league and within that peace one of the things he talked about was the Bucs defense and how bad it is as Renault at the and I'd I'd have to be so bad but because of the scheme of Iran understands that it would give up baskets and they should be given up and itself. Which is also legal for quite awhile about. Coach when he's defense and gazing kids' defense and how I don't like but. Said and I've been saying. I don't care about this defense Donald deceive its defense gonna suck all year I'm Don warring about this defense it is what it is. I you have they're power eager to win despite how bad your defenses. And the only way you're going to win now in Sicily where you gave it to a three or four seat is outscored people. And playing West Coast high basketball I guess you would say. Warrior out to put a 110 ar fifteen point tonight. Or talk and act a lot of points there's a lot of points to put up on a given night. But when you add Jabbar Parker back in his next and I and I'm saying this with the assumption that he will be what he was last year never dropped when he points a night. You are going to have four players. I can't brought point given. Polls taken say that. I'm not sure how many other teams in the NBA content they have four legitimate twenty point scores on the floor by anyone given moment in time. That's a lot of firepower for opposing defense I have to try contend with as far as who they're gonna stop offensively is in good tee open up things for everybody else on the basketball floor. And if Parker stayed on the bench the rest of the year in Wilmington bench much better as well if Milton also benched the batch will be a much better. I'm an aspect to plus on top of that. I just gotta feel a horse is going to be solved one way India now what it's going to be how big a deal is gonna be I have no idea but I just don't think. Jason Kidd and company is gonna like Gibson on his hands at this deadline and not do anything and major Doerr of our role player I a big man off the venture scorer off the bench I think they're gonna over pagan big man a legitimate big man that's really I don't younger Jordan. Well or has a site that Dwight Howard I mean there's guys out there that can be had right now about the cattle were all locked report came out today they're shopping Kemba Walker sharp. And there's a lot of belief that they're gonna make you take one of their other big contracts with Kemba Walker. I'm in order to make that deal happen sold a gamma is all about their but if you view attached white power with Kemba Walker. Coming back to Milwaukee. And then obviously that situation you're gonna have to attach money with the door to make it work I don't think the box. Have a contract in order to make that work the right way because the money that they have they don't have that day expiring deals they still I Greg Monroe. I think they definitely have it work without Greg general I don't think they could but if if you added a Kemba Walker. To come off of central blood to those about to whatever you add that scoring. And you don't have to give up Jabari or Middleton or yeah honest or Bledsoe in order to get that done and UN Dwight Howard in the middle. They are a legitimate team to have to deal with in the eastern conference for the rest of the year I promise you. Because it off your bench you can bring. You know bloods or Kemba Walker with a Jabbar or Middleton on how would you have there's our lineup and Dwight Howard in the middle. The business teams in contention. To add to do big things in the Eastern Conference playoffs if you put all that together is that whole lot of firepower to have to deal with. But having said that I think they're gonna add a legitimate signer. Probably over pain I'm gonna be mad about it but they're gonna have legitimate center for the stretch run. And Jabar is gonna have a huge impact defense we'll continue to suck regardless. By the droplets will be much better what to bar its facts I think that there are more likely get alms series that's contingent though on on the moves you think they're gonna make. Not saying I believe it I will okay they will get I believe they will get a legitimate that some say though that your prediction that they'll move into a home home playoff series. Includes your prediction that they will acquire abatement cracked and we know Jabar is coming back. Like bars got a big factor in the two for a score do you think the bucks or more likely to get a home playoff series or to fall out of the playoff picture altogether three games out of the four seed one game. Out of the tenth seed. Or 147991250. Treatise at 1057 FM the fan of the Wendy's patiently back right after this. Every Tuesday it's bucks Tuesday. Just exciting fiftieth season. My frontier motor cars on 27 street and get the all eyes this conversation. Blog Tuesday. Not a lot of neat when he does during the new year on animal slowly. Night no met your game played this January and then Thursday it will the giant died at the finals and it needs plan I. I can't force. Captain mats let's. Hopefully by Thursday January old and I'm planning talent is seek him if he did dot com slash little from. When you're so let them play. West Dallas blew just more than signs west Dallas blew his branded environments custom wall coverings dimensional lettering class graphics and more. From your concepts to the finished product west Dallas blue works for you to insure your vision is realized you custom design graphics for your facilities. West Dallas blue is a proud sponsor of the fans high school team of the week each week these were put high schools like west L central coast the west photographic needs west Alice. Your source for graphics chickened out at west Dallas blue dot com. Let me ask you a question. If you have a tax problem do you hire an out of state unlicensed company that does not to offer all of the best tech solutions. Or do you hire licensed tax professional right here in Wisconsin who does offer all the best tech solutions. I'm Wisconsin tax attorney Mike Mac unlike the so called tax resolution companies you hear on the radio I am local. As it bluntly. That's what happens in. There's no no coaching there's nothing that you can do but go through it and learn. And we can keep telling them what's coming as a coach and we can tell what to do but it's a phone that vote. Does up to them to make that decision and right now we have a hard time doing that. I guidance on my keys to a high on the box netstat head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks Jason Kidd this is a Wendy's big shot Rami there's Sparky. Gary dollars and back in the mix as well asking you do you think the Bucs have a better chance of getting a home playoff series which there are three games out of are falling out of the playoff picture altogether which they're just one game out of 414. 7991250. Tweet the show. At 1057 FM the fan don't forget about the talkback feature on the fan happy at the bunt tells who we are wary call from the 32 voicemail we play it back on the air. It's that simple T. Am I may take some of the sting out of you guys on your topic all right. And remember there are some people laugh. But I don't understand next. When you meet and whatever whatever you where you come forward to this question yes because obviously you're hearing that there are some things about the but it's not meant well all right there's got to be. A segment of people auditors in the bucks not even gonna make the playoffs as there's got to be removed from that sugar. Com. And I don't get me I really don't. And I I do agree with no problem may be double play do do do do I think. Jason can it. Is the easy final coach for them Miami's Jason key guy who gets done we're probably the promised land probably enough. Price is always the next guy really existed when your building. A young team might be they are I mean Mick Yost was really kind of guy. Mean when you're building a young team and religious and usually not that guy do you think it likes are very intrigued by. He is in it so he's he's probably not the guy. That that moves them for black. He's a right got right now for the job right now I don't get Danks. Sheila cards it before and I keep saying there's a new leader. It is a young team as a farmer detaining and our figures before this is what 500 basketball looks like. Okay he says send in Prescott's overnight he says it until we start learning how to play the right where we're going to Hitler and I keep telling people what was your best player. Do you think he's peaked yet they don't know. How does that Joan point 323. You can mean people. Witnesses take about your best player is our old. 13 years has he received eight. Probably not are you can just hear people are you you really. Care to me. Telling our irritated me. I don't know I don't get just don't I don't I do because a giant B endured the last couple days ago backer for. And I and I again and it just just France in terms of drifters. I've been listening through these meadow radio and emit enough leak yeah that might come in Pittsburgh kill and home. And and the guy comes on and had his reporter comes on at Harvard he spots out Auburn's record. I mean not just in kids and this is just feels. May be because we have Twitter or social network FaceBook artist we give all these people boards. Like maybe they can do Jason do his job or maybe it's just so much. Negative stuff. That everybody wants to fire everybody right now and there's a process. Or in my commentaries. Durst walked in and I did it very compare Mike Tomlin to. Mike McCarthy no no who got you on Thursday and AFC yen is being dumped now is. Not up and so I realized I earnest ever. We do you have Milwaukee bushman you do. You have a young team that is true they don't know how to win they don't know what vigilant America. You're you're probably second best player is not even play. And maybe get ready if he does play I don't even know forgive the move boats I think they get worse reported better on announced it. Normally that's a way it worked on his feeding the hysteria but normally that is the way it works Robert Norma. You know now. A fourteen rock. All the pieces. Oh yeah you just don't. Dare all right Bob monitoring. Jonas is the best guy and their government you guy who. Got. Chris Middleton Eric Bledsoe. Bomb maker. Weary looking at doing exactly. Exactly. Okay we've got you settle out there Larry Levine but we got an area actress I don't give it first at all. Your you're thoughts about Jason kid and you said is he the guide to eventually lead you to properly and probably not. I'm not saying that I necessarily disagree with you my stance on that question all along has been I don't know I don't. What is and that's don't know history tells you are not much it's just I'm just looking at sports in general. When your when your door as you build a team young team. That does it builds them. Never really the guy on me so I could go to state. No I understand that mark Jackson's speaker that. And Jason Kidd might it might not be the guy where I'm at right now is I don't I don't know the answer and I'm still as a fan and watching. Trying to make that decision I mean look at Chicago Cubs. They had what they had to swain and Hedrick rectory and and they finally settled on Joseph Maddon when he came avail I understand what you say. But and I do given currently bureaus in August rebuilds our teams. Gotta start from those cultures are rebuilding their league and I and I think he was the right guy or one of the guys you one of the few guys you could have got the job done that he had done in terms of developing on some developing young team and getting them from eight MP before they eventually get to see. Championship. But as soon as I make that decision that he's not the guy from the Milwaukee Bucks and move on and I can't I can't all go. Well. That was the guy that killed around for a while wells and you make that decision that he's nothing else. And not know because it's a process or you have to figure out as an organization. Where you are in the process. You were right where were you in a process not the this is good he did doll. We're ready let's go get this week now at the game to make that decision this year I. I don't know what it is I mean grant it maybe it is Bob is does this is how works. Did you all where Matt mobilization. And organization MR raised up on. MR red eagle argued Kevin Durant. Moderated a lot of ga it. That next piece that really that bearing guided reports of over atop with the very cold we could go get our god I don't know what he's door. Where there are your regimen. I've got has been a diamond did. The other thing enters in they're 500 team. Is and that they might not meet the plan I think they make the playoffs. I think the bigger layout 500 might not be good enough might not I don't know what is just what they're playing so as far as the question goes. You think the bucks or more likely to get home playoff series or fall on the Blackhawks are more likely to make the playoffs. But of the two choices that we're giving you its ugly you're saying they're more likely to fall out of the playoffs but you're saying that's not a huge deal. No as a portal going to do what element of play off the books are more likely to make the playoffs you want me reports and yes the question is. Well they've all the playoffs might know well. Okay they're saying they will make today actually well I'm OK let's go to job Sussex here the way I believe it's up and you didn't really answer the question I think is a bit. It's a narrow the question is are they more likely to get a home playoff series with the home playoffs top four seat. I don't wanna. So that I really don't care about that were what I hear here for a lot of let's get and you don't really care know what. Not about what you're saying this if we want the books to do what the book to make the playoffs and I like the books when the series. Okay. That doesn't want the books to do it again that and that to me will be a success. I mean they're right now but probably get there if they do bad. Then you have. Do you admit barges in Q after he does that are tough to do. And if this team isn't worried now wanted to be at the end of this year that haven't yet as a year for outlook thing I would think. That the Bucs front office with me and I'll maybe we would agree with that. Steve no war but hear more about if you are are due but I think the Bucs front office would have a great if they don't make the playoffs. Does reporting season yet. I work and work your seat failure yet there will be right word yes I would have a thing they would believe that. I don't necessarily disagree with the but if you're if you don't have Jabbar you kidding it's temperature plays and would not a full day. I agree with you. 100% let's go to John in Sussex the other one is ratios of Donna. I could have been it is op I'm more I'm bored because the bucks still cannot think Eric ball. They its stock in Miami how much that meant the most. I'm glad all is at the rumors it was all so foreign morning. Operate just can't take her ball all I don't care to bargain comes back and let them back but they still don't have back Qaeda control with gene. This stay under 1012 turnovers a game to the end all game and sure they got ill. I think they're those Campbell locker I think it would be it trade. Let's all her arm up front and then pick up. Backup center and I think they've been okay at Indian might sweep yeah I don't think they're gonna make the let let you all jump become. And the ball don't have a big marquee players that we. Don't. So I think it's not it's more human uncommon and not all on chip I think. Tonight an album player like and what you are or aren't but that's our porch and we cannot make game time decision to win the game. I'd just I'd be worn more aware. I thought okay that's it just doesn't make any move up. He needs to find someone might point guard. That they're not turn the ball well there there's he would edit trap and on each other. Are older they don't hit nobody all all of. John John that they were elected to get a home playoff series or not a lot of players that missed playoffs is that they think they might miss the playoffs. I. Okay let me set that are you okay. Is that big account by Dwight Howard or kemba and another sounder than he face if you really don't like the idea of Kemba Walker out there I really don't want to let our around the same. Log out matter whether you do or whether you don't I can't figure out how you can acquire scoring and are legitimate senator to rebalance. I'm in and do stuff that goes along with that and he's under contract for next year and he's a free agent so that means after next year Dwight Howard. Middleton and blood or all free agents after next year and you have the understanding with the Hahn of cap money. To go out and get whoever you want after next basketball season Ireland free class is in 2000 Loney we got to look at that to see. No he's gonna get to SARS completely got us in Milwaukee is a favourite. The same all season. We'd have nobody there be no money in the book mr. Libby dole then it really would have nothing on the books that's an. That's providing Jabari leads this summer is restricted free agent I guess I'm kind of assuming that's when it happened but he's could be here with Yost was in a new deal to go get one. At apple as the bucks to make the playoffs Sparky Bucs fans might have a hard time sleep and some Brooklyn and cheats might help with. Otto. 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Personal reason to give these you to draw the only way to get twenty dollars off every shipment is used for local Sparky Brooklyn backdrop that's BER oh okay. LIN EN dot com probable code Sparky. Brooklyn in the bed sheets and looks more likely to get a home playoff series or fall out of the playoffs altogether 4147991250. Is the Wendy's visually or more from you right after this. Slash. Masters these WS has bee sports updates studio I'm Mike Clemens masters he's walking shop. Largest leisure retailer in Wisconsin ring in the new year with great deals over one million dollars of inventory. At masters he's want to shop online it master's he's dot com first on the fan. Packers Mike McCarthy's recalled inside linebackers coach Scott Curley to have role with the team. After he was fired along with Dom Capers still lower and safeties coach Darren Perry who interviewed with the Texans earlier this week. Raiders head coach Jon Gruden is hired two former Packers coaches defensive line coach Mike quarterback because right spent the last nine years in Green Bay. You'll join Edgar Bennett and the raiders receivers coach. NBA it's the box heading to Philly to play this 76ers tomorrow night at tipoff time is at 630. Worse still talking about to may be making talks are raw or Ronald. Some of them have been. They'd be overly exaggerated the press and then there are some things will work on the that. Haven't been discussed publicly at all so. I'm will keep you guys guessing for a little while longer I'm certainly working on things and and it would I'll say this it would not surprise you. Big assumption of move between Allen and and spring training. Admirals hockey tonight at the panther arena. They face off against the Grand Rapids Griffin's our pregame coverage with the irons into it's 6:30 game time 7 o'clock here on the fan. This update project by coaches pub and grill on self thirteenth street. About poor man's lobster huge trip perch wall why it's the Friday night fish Fries starting at just 995. Coaches pub and grill. I'm like Clemens sports Friday from sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Listen live in the WS as he Smartphone app adding on for fifty or online on 057 FM the fan. Dot com source these big joke I'm probably back off a long way Steve's car driver and the former Packard battery bag Gary Alan that's Steve got sincere about. Well we are talking argue that in your read on her. This is good. This is right that this kind of go right on the line got through to the next segment go through to let it get through these bugs called serial Greg record. Read our as you heard discoveries like this year do you think the bucks or more likely to get a home playoff series. That would mean climbing up three games into the fourth seeded or not making the playoffs at all which would only take falling one game. Behind the sixers and the Detroit Pistons 414799. Full picture tweet us at 1057 FM the fan let's go to aired. On the east side you're on the Wendy's big show what's up parent. Hey guys they are not not a grad Jerry. I think they're actually at the end straight Powell was already undone there are about this you might think we're actually. More like it are out of the playoffs just because it. I mean right now I am not a nowhere you can note due out later he hurt I don't think I mean it's debatable. And I'll I'll call it. Of all be. Kemba Walker like just rumor or whatever. I hope everyone understand how much we have to give Robert walker. It would just but so because shot blockers in a much better shooter. And he plays stupid and you. Watched it bird late jurors also. Are you I'm a walker and a bug you or I think you'd definitely more but so let's. Unless that happens then. Most safari on. What you get off the bench more than likely. I don't speak the Bucs are more likely to get. I'll also went out series rather than missing the playoffs altogether. So your say it probably missed the playoffs. More than a kennel pocket thank you very much the call I figured well we did this topic that's how this was gonna kinda playing out now. In comparison Kemba Walker for instance you're talking about 34% from three almost 35% from three. He's averaging 21 and a half points per game. I have almost six assists per game three and a half rebounds a game steal and a half per game only turns over twice a game. Playing 34 and a half minutes a night seven of seventeen from the floor. 42%. Free throws tempting about five free throws again 85% free throw shooter. But again he's 27. That this is a guy. That if you get him you're probably going to have to take on a dollar contract and they're entrance that you would Nicholas the two is my gas and that's a deal you don't want anywhere to be anywhere close to. So I would definitely pass on that deal but it is Dwight Howard delegates up of one more year. Soviet I just don't they they had a contract to make war that went. Intrigue the sports that's that's my issue is because if you had expiring contract twenty million. And then add pieces onto it that I'd say okay may be there with it. Maybe you entice them by buying telling them that Ocalan will give you Malcolm Braga and we'll give you delighted that you who knows where he's at but he damn much longer left. And and you know enhance and obviously trying to make the money work. An analogy give a rocket may be given DJ Wilson to. I'd give them you know first round pick in a resident of doing anything here anyway let let's see. To meet that's all overpaying talent wise right what these two guys are this cameras are going to be a test this year the white you're gonna have for two years. And you lose. You know 22 young players one of which we all really like and Malcolm broad assault a big lead over pay a little bit but. S a before. I think they're gonna overpay anyhow so I can about overpay ad buy as well get another score without getting a Jabari Milton. And get a senator can block and rebound shots Dwight Howard. And we haven't even talked about Dwight Howard stats this year as far as what his numbers we'll have had a solid year if you look at Dwight Howard this year. Even it's a free throws to Valencia trucked in Dallas the game against who was out of Oklahoma City mountain now want Washington's. Dwight Howard this year is averaging fifteen and half points a game twelve and a half rebounds a game. A block and a half a game turned it over about three times a game Tony about ten shots a brigade 53% from the field which. Is the worst of his career. Dating back to 2005. Was last and he was worse than that be able percentage wise. 53%. Free throws is give free throw line. Seven and a half times a game shooting 53% from the line. So that's worries that but again fifteen and a half and twelve and half but I can run anything for the white other than blobs right Brett. And it's like they're gonna run so office for Dwight Howard they're gonna run that while the middle to throws up to Hanson from time to time let's all from a Koppel why we're going here and are your asking me now work and as you anything we're just discuss the possibility does he brought it up the last caller about if they were Paula Dwight Howard and Kemba Walker deal will premiere she's do you want you on those guys here. I would think both of them here is I think if you had all the vendors rock hero but again it's a short term deal outside there was your regarding regulars that's what I thought you okay this alliance of and I am just. Yes you're allowed an itch mean Hanson mean bribed men and elected DJ Wilson navy or something like that for those true. For those two I think your overpaying in order to do that but part of it is you have to match contracts have to pass ago a lot of HS ago. And then you've got to get on sub and also worthy of its Fisher paint for Dwight Howard lower paper kemba that's eager painful. Weren't you. If you get Ridder to Ivanovic. Broad and hints and who have these fuels they're personal so you do. For those two as erecting Campbell for the rest of this year Dwight Howard opera next Bart Steve man you have nobody with us after that sounds good. I think she the last of the Easter religious images they mysteriously in a bar on the things. I do the deal but that's not going to be the to the bucks today on the tell the boss would be stupid not to do that duke and I just. Broke today camels are you guys didn't. If anybody that was anybody on the block anybody can look it up we looked a little while the other night look at the top which Charlotte game opera Dwight Howard no I services. And it's just little they are up for tropic you have to like Howard too polite now you know argument up anybody for that you're trading. Why aren't Patrick how are and add something for can I. So just days straight I don't want to Wear cardinal were closes and should don't want him great deal. I do video you don't wall Dwight Howard. Nowhere near these two. He's my home boy you guys know. Yeah he's a true. It's your call partner you whitworth name in their own judgment just mirror let Cam Newton I don't know golf way to get all rubio or. No no no no no. It is for those personalities again. I. They don't lose. No no no do not want to Dwight Howard in his locker room with these are. Not playoff and bring Dwight Howard here because really would you put yourself in the situation is. You're saying okay we're gonna rock with a squad the rest of the year. If at the end of the year we realize why Howard the problem he's expiring contract next year. That makes him valuable. The trademark that trademark in this summer if you decide he's not gonna fit with what two out in the locker room. Next year. The lights would be that it would be up yeah Howard wood up you free up all the body lets you keep Jabbar restricted free agents. You. Are not meet the player there. That's one more column BP on the north side on the Wendy's Rachel it's empty. No no. I think some believe an air force Steve and our state we could use it like for you talk about not longer though others thirteen. You know I think we can make that happen. And. Agree with Jiri a lot of arms when he drove on these you people. Our effort could amount of our that you people you know the the people that solar. McCarthy should be earlier. It's an error group of people that so my days are few incidents are on the court order they remove people are looking you know for me. They think it is yeah is poor. Both players. Play. We are all these. You know I'm humbled believer in the box and just keep their core. Bronze in the army is glad so baker middle. And what the book is that who it is. Paid the par or birdie but it is her of the book so I mean you're replacing an idiot a couple of sir. A couple of big server. Andy is somebody that well the book of common border late fees. It'd they're really just say you know we're the colds colds and we've got to get our pyramid. You know they need somebody like the albeit corolla goes both clinical solo. Or not afraid to make this parade but they're clear about here. He's probably buried at argue this look at more opportunities. In the books as they leave out the park apartment inferno. And you know moreover here could've probably the court. I have the ability. Who is for the food for comfort farm rather terrible war cool or one or order any of the day it is these public currently booked on decipher who you are okay. Promote these people. All right you've got 42 when he points yours. I've you've got 420 points scores. It's going to be tough to beat this bucks team even if you don't have a good defense I really firmly believe that that's why it orally. The leader once you barged back walker of the same guys like him right tells me I'm overplayed to Bartlett. Well we don't know. We don't I don't know if if he can't score two and I like to show last year to go with Middleton Bledsoe an honest answer he scored an. He's right around the Boston. If you look at what's the other night he added I'll pipe the first time I elect three of thirteen or something is to Bart placed back slacking about two or. Earlier because again as but the problem is that when those guys are right now I was Brock is going he has been lately you don't have another school or. So to Bart back in his next fort Playboy scores. And if Brock to stage a dot org about the wild card due to some points. You never once had a night when in his. I do it once that's a big number I realize that's a big number to shoot for but. That's the number that you can do and we despite how bad defenses and again I don't think their defense is getting any better. I am no faith and in the scheme by no faith in Sweeney running the scheme but I am also not in it yet. To believe he's going anywhere so if that's the case that you have to gold what you Helen just asked outscored we outscored see the Packers. This debate that's ever analogy that's what so that's what you go back to this tablet Dwight Howard thing and again I mrs. pipe dreaming your butt. If you attic Joba. 21 points widget bar off the bench to go Bledsoe Billiton and got us in the starting unit and the like Howard. It's going to be tough for anybody used to be this. Cleveland Boston pick it would be tough to beat this team would all that score would be awfully awfully difficult but it's a short term deal. So if you make a deal and then somebody gets harder to guys get hurt and it goes all the tubes. Well it is what it is and and there's nothing you can do about it but now double eagle or fork for now. Not scored what for five years from now. Toy in fort for now saying about going four for now you're looking for a new gig in sales are taking about doing sales you doubted never done before. I got placed four. How to company that is that was at eight magazine as one of America's fast is going company's seven out of eight years well you're locked. Don't express the cover that we talk about so much is grew rolling. There are spanning a completely remodeling their sales department itself. Yeah what's required there's a bunch of stuff but here's album it's nothing too difficult high degree of integrity. Energetic friendly personality reliable transportation high school diploma or equivalent. Excellent rated or a face to face communication skills are essential. What you can expect forty hour work week. Generous mileage reimbursement expense account health insurance 401K. Cell phone tablet at all sales promotional materials are provided to you by young expressed. And I fought an exciting environment. And a chance to grow that's the key thing I tiger gold do you you wanna see where we're gonna grow to and hagel into a position more on cap and can't move. Or by going to position Reich you grow throughout the company. And Kenny young expressed apply today it got expressed that top next JU and G express that top JU and G express dot com. Yeah expressed some excess resin I had an observation. About something that we talked about in the first segment of the show. And Gary's seems convinced that I missed something in my observation and we'll explain next right here on the Wendy's patient. Robin Mack off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the former packer and badger running back in new league crowned grandfather Gary dollars and and in the first segment of the show I asked Gary if he had you know if there was any change. When he woke up this morning in the way he feels about the the the the way he looks at the world that saturates such era. Now that he's a grandfather the same way that that there is when I hear that there is win. You become a father for the first time repair for the first time. And and Gary is a dog up like that because when when you become a dad for the first time you it's it's real early and you realize you wake up the next morning to realize like this is real. And it changes he and I thought about that after Gary said it. And I don't have any children don't have any children on the horizon anytime soon wanna make that very clear but I wrote my my nephew was born he is. Almost thirteen now via a mom does my brother's first kid. And I. And notice any change in events are as saying I didn't I didn't see anything would I have noticed something could go looking for it he's gotten them. I. I. So there's no doubt that there with the when my nephew was born his first son. Is is it. Rusty is probably more recruited talent it's a pressure feeling for Sparky. I mean I don't know on and I got criticized slamming cries so. I think germ Richard little bit by the there was no. Yeah but it was a different situation there would he was dared tell when the baby came out yeah I wasn't. Oh I was in the room yeah that's right it was surgery last year was knocked out very emotional I notice there I was sitting in a room with both our mobs. Waiting and then they came back with her cell phone and took pictures of the baby after they took Jackson out. To show me what my baby look like yeah. I teared up when my mom saw me holding the baby and she started crying manager a little bit but. Yes so as far as it being differed or whatever and changing. Did you feel different immediately afterwards did you look at the world differently. A while not immediately afterwards. But mean look at this shell meters today. My my views on this show have changed I'm sure over the last course the last couple years and so when it comes to kids and soulful. Challenges all Rolf what I thought I would say in that moment in time. I think it definitely does change. On your mind such a certain point nausea Graham I don't think it changes his spots that he's already pretty much stuck in the way that he's going to be going forward Carlos of you know it's grants are not now Jarrett for Rangers gonna have a lot to go through. Because now he's gonna have both sets of parents telling him how to racist yet and he's gonna have to dig all Jews know which way to don't want it. Who enter numbers. If you said both sets of barrels sets of parents they all had to agree view yes that's why said Jerry is gobbling haven't an army Angel and ago. There's a lap to me that dude I'd say right now is just very muted baby in half ago right. But Kerry Allred stories written Liguori you do what you need to government. But bit but this but my point nine it is Gallagher for solar and here or whatever but it's OK something happens while we lined a lot of while pipe bomb I'll call my mom lets you a basic and then you go to them for advice. Of you know what they would do and that's a Jewish house and then you make your choice of which way you're well there. I'm assuming Jarrett is going to do is not a lot we view and your wife of Golan hey dad this is going out what do you say no I talked to me he will allow me. It. He doesn't target you for advice when you meet. Me on. I thought it I mean does. This. Asia. Let me give you beat the moment we JJ. May have abused his home about this I don't know if did you tell him that call. Cool you know we got reasonably below me. Then Jose. Do you know how much did care a. Yeah yeah. And I ago. 14100. Marked as yet the more deteriorated. Bridge just stayed out all it's all washed and over. Well coming out tumors were to rub unless you wrote a lot of money and no no no I don't know all right you'll love you. And now prisoners next up they both work mixed up is. Here. That's old Sparky cried when he saw the picture Jackson cried when the bill. You what the bill's gonna be before it's not. You know. At all. Thank you got shot they care you can definitely do you that's. What do you think mr. shot Dick you Gary is going to be goes right I mean he should always go to lower price yeah absolutely which aren't to great things from a little cans for Larry Ellison before edit the break in Anthony's two questions real quickly prepared he says two things from yesterday's show one Britney or Christina. In regular. There. Mean that was a debate on yesterday's show because Brittany was at their back there is an artist. You could say neither. When I got picked one I'm when do I mean. Although a married and right Yemen. I mean all in a happy relationship right yet she must be I'll just a question she must be home and listening melanoma and I've written this. She should. Do pre. I think both might be down for the grades that but I learned that your answer is yes. All right what's the dirty video may be coming to Britain from I continued Mildred okay Edwards to this lately Kia says response of people that make an X on their chest with their deodorant. Excellent yeah I do that we found that is leading. Like I go under the normally would he says and then I go up across the chest and Leo under the other quote and just from one's bite at the act. Just. All of I'll get a whole arm pit. And then on the last stroke of the armpit when I get to the bottom India I bring it up like I bring it up across the chance to the other side and the idea the other armpit you brought. You brought your relatives and has won just once life. What do you mean your profit now now now now it all you do this or you don't don't. While it is once again I don't answers via the yen and dollar event. Our Duma aggregate in the surge in October Graham is our first kids millions yeah it is where you can't remember god African. I forgot again for ya AM for Dupree government entered. You know I'm very fair. And so Miguel. KG one take a hunt so I have to chip chip she gave me. You have to bald attitudes log jam ball present our hero dog. Get on the Euro sodas Mauna. No matter how the yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yeah. My heart it's a home run to. Now he's yeah. Byrd doubled for a good. It's Italian and he ought to do well early. And oh yeah. Oh yeah yeah. It's not a magic original often love the did you can't go home rest that I. Yeah pulled. I. Up. Yeah. Why is Ellison. Because we got attention and made it if it. It. Looks like he was wearing a sweater that is starting to ramp from the bottom. About audio urge you to look up the bill. And why is she even worries that she ate well why did you stop where he's done that looked so weird. A lot of smaller group. A hole. Well I think that's probably shouldn't you have. I gotta do we just want trot out wrong and we just and Harry bank. And he's got a shoulder yeah. And just yeah everywhere it's just is probably the collarbone dobbs and his belly button that clean air instead. And that. They look like it looks like a pick a drug durable cups chaplains who. You don't do it. It's it's not you know did. A a little David can I don't know why this isn't while nothing else there's as you your damn good June and. Oh yeah. Do you attack all you know I don't see it now that are. Man and you bring in theory today to him and Clemens there he challenged are completely off the rails shirts are long haired partially here on.