2PM: Shut up and Dribble

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, February 20th
Gary, Leroy, Ramie and Sparky give their take on Fox News' Laura Ingraham's "shut up and dribble" comments and ask what it says to you if the Brewers don't add another arm.

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In Milwaukee sports talk radio they are the issues that big old talk about and you. Who have the finals save you squeeze your. A bully. Judgment days if you've been arrested for drunk driving or any other. Fans call him little boy 26279614100. That's 26279614. Under. Little boy dot com your little boy very your best defense no fool Wendy's big snow. PSA is the Wendy's big show yesterday as they. Given the boy judgment day at a Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday I'm running Mac off along with being what it only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and are two former Packers. Gary Ellison and the royal Butler lots to get to if you between now and 6 o'clock including Ryan would. Who laid out the case for LeRoy Butler to make the hall of fame are Green Bay football I decided. A Packers news.com he joins us at 348 yes a fine fine piece you might wanna read between now. And 340. And you just ran an army is now the I don't hold me you're due out today. You name it's no wonder you worried about you are right on par is a big article about I've figured you'd you guys who dubs I don't know. I don't care registering you Orwell know. You know what I did I assumed enemy Nance out of you and me and I'm sorry I apologize for that from your own Yemen. The observer. I wouldn't have seen it I'm sorry I mean assumption I've apologized now got around and we move on Steve Sparky Pfeiffer did. OK if there will be no not yet that you knew you could go to tech and he's dug up everybody's got. Why don't you ought to midnight there that's why yes yeah rhymed actually the texted me the thought had crossed my butt before he did it to get right to another Joseph because I wrote it. To the artists rod would text me the other day. It's an alum babble just so you Dominic and writing article on the run Boller they'll make a blush if you wanna gimme on his eyes and I'll just. Where it ended. Would texted me and well that's a reason not who I knew before we came out the sides are sure. To meet on this again. Carries against the Tutsi today. Wheeler probably her dog at home or some. What's your algebra problem the dollars. Mean Obama. Aren't we get our partners and we goodnight you know about the article we're good. Right where to go at 348 it did shotgun a viral ads are. That's NFL draft guru he joins us but that arm for 35 out of the gates wanna know do you agree with shut up and dribble for 1479. Not a little bit Katrina sat wonderful seven. Everything else. Yeah that's what we do we put to write about we tell about Reagan yeah well. You're this started before the weekend the LeBron and Kevin Durant were doing something I didn't know what they're doing they're each every America. Okay it's a Carrie champion was driving them around and they were. The backseat talking here about basketball social issues and everything else here and LeBron said that he doesn't think president Donald Trump gives a bleep about the people. That's LeBron said about our president doctor Laura Ingram took exception with that I'm Fox News. On James is talking politics again. And this time it's. They're great players but no one voted for you keep the political commentary to yourself. Or is someone once said shut up and dribble. LeBron James responded to that over the weekend at all star weekend in Los Angeles. Definitely not. Shuttle Drupal I would have to not do that on me too much to all. To society I mean too much or did you tell me too much suited to so many kids that feel like they'll have a way out then they need someone to help lead them out of the situation area. And why will not shut up and dribble but do because I'm passionate about it I do because I know. That this is bigger than just me personally do you agree with you shut up and dribble comments by Laura Ingram or shouldn't LeBron and other athletes not. Shut up and dribble for 1479912. Do you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan. G1 101 pleas from what model run up debt maturities aren't. Com. I don't give. Our donors our head down. Warrior are people think that athletes should now reports now are you people that that's right. It is one. Eight intelligent conversation grandma and I noticed. Why do you people ought bear. Say that out we can't have a boards on social she. Can't. What gives you right. You have an opinion or views you. On eBay they're going lower our country. But at least care and I'd never. Fully. Understood that never not think they lower income over it says about. Do you graduate from high school. I mean. I just I just never and a narrow Williams and why they want to carry 447. Not Walter B. Maybe you have you're probably term argument organs in question is. But I just I just go on to me if you go back to. A sixty beat our Bill Russell. Jim Brown. The Joker you you can go back forever today. We're athletes. Talking about soldiers and I don't know why you're devastated. Now I guess I didn't. I I guess and really thought it so did the broad not graduate high school is that why she said that. She shouldn't comment about she was trying to dog mob basically you're trying to do. If you were trying to give credence because juggling of arts education he didn't graduate now he did Jesus and for grad and a look at this how we all miss that story at some point oh no she said that with the youthful priest and he did you know digital do you regret it right through my god. Bush. Even if you didn't graduate from high school. Why tinged. Out of doing everybody else does. Both in my Bob is but this whole thing. A ball sports. Ball politics. Every Joseph blow here can have an opinion but these guys. Bar that means the well. Was once they former. Athlete. That you don't. I. Well. Pay taxes taxes you're playing a failure notice there the better play it should be doing the right direction both. Pressure for. In my opinion doesn't matter more than yours or ask you resorts. I don't don't understand it never will not know about sports from. Politics go to job. Now. College. I'm one of the separation of sports. They're politics they've they've always gonna go home. I tell you mistake Jamaican right off the bag aired here you're taking her words at face value. Each Laura Ingram doesn't not want to hear from athletes or celebrities when it comes to politics. And this goes for. 24 hour news networks across the board they're all poison there all garbage your life would be better if you cut him out of your viewing habits and tell you that right now. Every single point for our news network that goes for so this is an attack on Fox News on conservatives and liberals are Republicans and Democrats. People in 2018 America wanna hear from people who. Validate their beliefs who are saying the same things that they say and think. Is god forbid somebody would challenge what you think and say god forbid you might think in a different way or see it from a different perspective. Fox News has athletes. And musicians on all the time. Not to mention even more ridiculous celebrities than that they get political thoughts from Chuck Norris and Scott big deal when IBO. Not to mention they've had Karl Malone Shaquille O'Neal Jalen Rose. John rule. In studio. Yes odd Fox News to discuss politics. And the day's issues okay they have Ted Nugent on the channel regularly because he agrees with what they say and think. Or Ingram doesn't have a problem with athletes and celebrities for people were upset that politics are mixed into music during the grammys. You can't always bid political that's what. Beijing uses is to be political it's a political tool if anything music is less political bowel. That it's ever been and where Ingram just found a way to break me in a way that people will agree with their people going her from athletes. Or does don't want to hear from somebody who disagrees with you don't want to hear from somebody that's different opinion from you so don't take her words at face value and think that she. And others like her don't wanna hear anything from pro athletes they only want to hear from pro athletes and celebrities. Who think like they think who agree with them who say the things that they say. Does that make you feel a little bit better cared about people shouting down going into your opinion and people like you turn share what do you mean. The only wanna hear from that yes there. It doesn't work that's what it is that's that's today that's a Saudi man on nine people on both sides of the I'll. No information about the okay we are that some (%expletive) and job as a sales went from. You're more you're our own government run people on the left only wanna hear from people on the left people on the moment. Seeing a scary I'm saying that what what's. What's the what's led to conversations like this what's led to comments like the ones they came out doctor Lorraine who's mouth. Our. And nobody having wanting to have their thoughts or beliefs challenged period end of story. Don't want to hear from people who are. Like all this is not well LeBron being no not at all so Loeb wrong was. Where against Donald trial we've heard from some audio if LeBron agreed to Donald Trump could be a regular guest on Fox News. That's I guess if LeBron and art was a Donald Trump supporter you'd be on Fox News at least once a month forward for serving on a for effort. We started off the big show we not home on right now do you agree with show. It up and with the shut up and dribbled comments by doctor Laurie Ingram 414. 7:9 now central figure you can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan we want to hear from all of you on both sides of the argument I wanna hear from Sparky I wanna hear from the Roy you can tweet to show at 1057 FM the fan can all use the talkback feature on the fan that hit the button. We the 32 voicemail let us know who you are where account from you mr. Tate who played right back right here on the Wendy's big shots. LeBron James is talking politics again. And this time it's. They're great players but no one voted for you keep the political commentary to yourself. Or is someone once said shut up and dribble. That was Laura Ingraham on Fox News. Her thoughts on LeBron James and his political opinions. Re asking what you think about quote unquote shut up and dribble you agree with that 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Gary is dismayed when people say this athletes or anybody we're all citizens were all taxpayers we all have a right to an opinion. Enters bows at opinion. I say this has nothing to do with LeBron or anybody else being an athlete. We and 2018 in America especially those of us who worked on and watch. Funny for our news networks just don't wanna hear from anybody who disagrees with us we don't like people espousing beliefs that are in line with arts that's all it is she's got. She's willing to hear from at least they have athletes every other day. On Fox News and more ridiculous people than that talking about sport talking about politics and societal issues. 4147991250. You can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan let's go to us Steve and Waukesha you're on the Wendy's big show what's up Steve. I guess these. Same things we really appreciate it real good they. Guys that they got what most fans hey. I would hope that these guys would express themselves I have no problem. With that whatsoever. I don't like it when the tickets for the baseball diamond a football field or the basketball court that just keep it up there that's for my entertainment arts and entertainment. It's separatists on the forums elsewhere so to speak your piece. And you know more susceptible problem that so. Sewing and in an interview setting like LeBron and Katie were in there you're OK with that just stoic young I was trying to get a clarification I think his arguments stuff like anthem protests and when you actually take it to the court or field of play. And I understand that I'll be honest with you I'm kind of like that. I look to sports as entertainment and escape and I hit it irks real little bit. When they intruded on on that space that I've carved out for myself you know what I mean does that got to watch football for three hours on Sunday. I'd rather it it's not serious it's not. Something I have to you know. Think that much about that to sit down and enjoyed entertaining football game but. At the same time I understand why they're doing it and what the reason is for doing it at that time. And at that plays now don't begrudge that either even go to infringes on Meehan what I'm looking for a sparking it's at I still see that is that. Right to bench which the Fed know what's it athletes can have a political opinions and I'm free to ignore those opinions but it LeBron puts himself out their political week. He's fair game for political types. That is sure. You look at some out there than all of his political blunder and then what can I hang out at LeBron if they wanna have that LeBron because he essentially stepped into their circle to a certain degree. I'm I would molecule announcer she said ahead. The bronze sit two back to her. Shepperd stay in the kitchen. Would that be a fast. I don't civil relation. Easily because. That he believes Solomon's you barefoot and pregnant right. And she's the only event. Yes lots of guys Nardelli earlier this so really yes there is so it's a race so we talked to the basketball. Welcome to real worlds the on the ignorant on outs yeah tiger you just going to to get into that's what kind of what we talked about right right yeah I. And that's what he's today demanded man French who revenue and you know at that you can ignore it. You can ignore exist you move just that. When you lose you win the cup from. They they were arrested data Fox News types they have to. Defend the president okay. Because what she says Katie said or whatever. When the president that. You know city grabbed women. By what they did it but hit the man say man this is just my opinion. And Katie put it in a a sports. Ways he's a coach he's a bad coach. Did you bring him what you put a conversation I don't you know parliamentary so. There's American you do too wide and I guess you guys write you know you put yourself out there. You open to criticism abrupt and a criticism and as you say what he's actually desert. I give you another example of something America. Just like a Rush Limbaugh made dumb comments consistently there for awhile about sports people athlete's day what happened. All the sports owners ESPN's all these all died about Rush Limbaugh was a political guy started to talk about sports one way or the other. So it kind of intersected in crossover. I outs I'll say this on. I I I'm not mad LeBron at all because Michael Jordan never would do this. Charles Barkley never would do this trials Barkley is always I'm I'm I'm not I'm a role model I don't get me involved need to scrap. Michael Jordan wanted to make as much money as possible didn't care about anything else other than I don't really doubt it. We're actually before the Romo out there with Charles I think we lost a good message he was saying. You and it is just as he was then I shouldn't be it should be a pair. He sure got to a class played window and rock right so right he's like rallies you why you think a parent within the got a read right through the guy do that's what went out I don't necessarily disagreeable why he did it. Butler saw the circles are why he threw dirt. But what I'm saying is he literally wasn't living his life speaking about how the you've looked at him what LeBron is telling you is he understands. That you look up to him. And he understands the role that he plays out of his lies about decides he's sad thing right Barkley said I want nothing to do with the right LeBron is saying how good was that partly and I not Brentwood that your death row but here and burn them to be you'll Romario did you listen. But LeBron saying guess what LeBron is saying is I know why am and I'm gonna screw this up for all these kids and act like a fool out would try to help get these kids. Out of harm's way or out of a bad situation where. Some movement sold for me. I'll go with the broad dual abroad that I've got no problem with that if you would have been pro dropped and I dropped what ever he understands. For me at least the role that he plays in kids' lives and how important he is asserting kids that look at him. As the whole of may be their only hope were the case may be. That's what I enjoy about a regardless of what his political take is one way or the other and there aren't many athletes that look at it the way they key explain how he looks at it. And for me that's refreshing because whether you're you like athletes. Whether you take their dumb jocks what do you think they're overpaid. Or what ever the case may be what would your staff and athletes are never buys got different stereotypes and beliefs in what athletes are. He still has huge public platform. And his public platform is as big or bigger than anybody on Fox News or. CNN or anybody other news channel as far as him out of people he reaches with his voice. Not just in this country but worldwide. And three to realize that look a lot people kind of look at that meat for guys one way or the other. I I don't actually no problem that I I'd rather have it be this way then the way Michael Jordan did personally that that's my opinion and everybody can have their own on the up and I we asked I would have I I don't I got no beef with that because I like the fact that he's except your responsibility kind of the role that he's Connie poured into an is accepted it for what it is. Let's go back to the phones and at the South Milwaukee Corey your on the Wendy's big show it's up court. Are you much are you candidate. It was. The royal port Clinton you guys as usual and are you in Romulus and that's I completely agree to it I think you missed one little point he spewed network they're polluted toxic spared cesspool of one side of ideas. They won't say anything or any other trial. And the reason at all here and you're out is because it would ruin there life. They heard an idea from other world view that needs cents. Good to hear entire picture you're painting that people don't agree with that are in anger creepy they don't untouched reality so that your idea that they don't agree with that makes cents. And all arguments and it would on the world's. As far as LeBron single than you'd ever right they are you an American citizen he would break every opinion. What he need to realize also that not everybody agreed lose opinion sometime you're gonna get people at your credit talking back yeah. Yup works both way nice slick talker I appreciate it and had an update when. Hit Nugent. When he says have about no. Barack Obama no one Tilden is set up and sing and make spiritual. Root ball. I don't have to live would you say they may do this American do what you want. We don't. Cherish people and you save 21 bit. You go have some backlash now and that swing if you got enough money to over don't forget to point now. But no jump in good human for years. Here's the thing. And and everybody's right when they say that. When when you enter the political arena and you open yourself up for criticism. In the political arena yet and people having the recipient on people have a right not to listen to you people have the right not to is to not to disagree with the and that's great and people even have the right to do what I'm about to say. It just doesn't help the situation at all. To try and demean the man and instead instead of taking issue with what he said and tell me why what he said was wrong. That's that's how intelligent debate happens not in it for talking politics for talking societal issues for talking sports. Tell me why what I said was wrong. Don't try and demean me and discredit me as a man because you can't. Point out anything wrong with what I said don't know who cares if LeBron James graduated high school who gives a crap. I Democrat. He did you you're wrong about that you're misinformed Laura Ingram but I don't care even if he didn't finish a high school I don't care. There is no mean to demean the man and degrade the man and say all he is is a dude who dribbles shoot and dunks a basketball who are not meant nothing more than that that that. That that is why our political discussion in this country has deteriorated to what it is because people on both sides do that instead of telling me. Why what I see instead of making a counterpoint to what I said and tell me why what I said might be wrong and why what you think might be right we want to hurl insults we want to demean and degrade each other. And and prove ourselves right that way but it doesn't prove anything it just keep it just keeps the does this vicious cycle going. We're none of us ever find any middle. Oh what he said he DN who tweets at the Spanish Gary Ehlers unified address it really discussed as one Republican goals after a Democrat what it's the opposite we don't discuss attend and give us an example with talk about it I was just gonna say that Tommy Williams democratic and read now saying something along lines of shut the dribble we don't care about your pin. We're taught about announcing that back onstage alone option is let's listen you always had pictures and back to him and everybody at meet Tuesday in. I want nearby mountains of beverages cards okay and he's raced up now you know as well. I couldn't let it get any doubt about it I. And dollars that a lot of love god isn't it they've given me his body. Let's did Kevin on the northwest side the other way these big show what's up Kevin. I it was and yeah. I live outside our over the years. Rhetoric. Well not rule out. While. Quality. It workplace equality that skirts. You know what it is illegal boats. Here at the short. They speak you look there are what it feels like walk ops. Who. Are holed up if we're sort. Yeah I could just as well because Google model right. Just sit at. Meet every compliment. Street one at the mine are. Not fool so I bull or. You all know. That's her actual older. Curse. Me out I'll ice. On our way out. I don't know I saw. It. Out back out. Look at how we got a senator. Does. Look at the car where you drowned. All of battle ship built around notre. Does this dinners are. Our own bull bull the ball pains. Are all I'll hold on disaster does. What. Is do you see. Our color. And all. (%expletive) you know why you will local outlook it was cities. Throughout the outlet and upgrade what are aren't really the I'm like so little did the lights out right now. College but it is but whatever they. Just saw a whole other world. Order back. National player of quarterback it hurt. There are so much. Why. And it spoke out and should speak out there. I I didn't Gloria Gloria bottom line that it would go bomb dog owner which. I'm not say it they're not sure how many people. There's protests at the right approach. Is. You know I can't go to a right or wrong. Sure it would not what do they are. They can't Powell's book. I artists are. Now. I care vision ballclub appreciate it. I arm. Dork oh yeah. Yeah. Under review as I'm not the Oregon. And are bent. Not that on Google and I did go I would like this is gonna take you out there when you proposed. Some years 1000 junior island with a bunch of seniors and senior ditch day. We went up to door and then. It did today yeah one point six Lebanese Illinois it's little more on. And yeah. Why did you all I. Read about his prayers at a at a house are. Body tests and Jeff our debt and got back from our amber yeah we had a good time there is fired I went on the bus alcohol and antics he's. 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Sort of big show. I'm Robin Mack off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. And a few former Packers Gary Ellison and LeRoy Butler coming up at three yacht has said something that shouldn't make Bucs fans feel better but it did the exact opposite from pristine Sparky 51 and goes back to a we're talking about. I've Friday when it comes the hottest right now wanna talks embers don't ask what is CDU. If the birds don't at a pitcher before. Things are for real here in funny 1841479912. Victory you can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan obviously they've missed out on Yu Darvish. A little over a week ago Sparky and that in another name that was on birds the brewers' radar at least Bruce fans radar. Is Jake coterie easy who came up in the brewers' farm system before being traded. The royals that eventually the rays he is now with the Minnesota Twins. After they swapped a few prospects for him so that's another guy off the board. I could have been a starter for the Milwaukee Brewers what would it say to you if they don't add a pitcher between now and the start of the Tony you know in season 4147991250. Thursday's first Phil Rodgers 3 dot this morning Burres allowed magic area at a but he takes the payroll a club record 110 million plus in 200828. More future seasons RB elder bulls after this year include Nelson can enable VR Davey Shaw Santana. Pena and Peres which obviously means all those are going to be any significant raises more than likely. And which means your payroll goes up on in future years and by having area and on there it's a goal four. Now as another person point out reply to Phil Rodgers and they are a 1101002014. Which obviously is true and also points out and embers are 2030 million below the threshold the last two years which then goes to rob me. Who bought into the hook line and sinker rubble we're gonna put all the save money into a big treasure chest and use it later. And I laughed hysterically until Ronnie your crazy view by a lot of crap from Marquette inacio. And Rami dead and are they still Larry's war chest are you still there. Yeah yeah now I am Al to a degree as a sobering if yes if that's the case in this should not be an issue on. And if that is the issue then they obviously were never serious for Yu Darvish. And they're not really all that serious for air yet if indeed money is the issue. In years is the issue that's different. But if it's we can't afford to spend 25 million dollars a year. I'm a guy or 28 million dollars yearning ideas where lowly Milwaukee. And you can't compete financially. And you're just throwing out. DS offers of you know five and a hundred knowing darn right well always gonna take it. Well then that's that's me you're just pulling a fast one on offense and that's all that it if they're making a legitimate offers. And you're still not getting anybody. And that's the deal. That that's that's not good for this organization on forty can't get a free agents to come. What the question is does what what it stadium the birds don't add a pitcher. For me. It says that David Stern has run and his organization right now from a baseball side of things not the Al. It is even today when the owner talks before their first full workout today. He was asked jokingly. And he talked to Scott Boortz was there at agent. And you latins are ya I I difference. So that that was the end of that and they moved on but. I think it was a to garner he'd overspend do every data due to get this. I don't think David surges and allow him to do that and I think if they don't get one of these top pitchers and they don't get a deal done for archer. Where stroman or somebody along those lines and they don't get. Ariana. Or land or copper what are I don't think Cobb really that's all that much for the front this petition personally Orleans probably pump but. If they don't get any of these pitchers I think it has more to do the general manager being in control. And not wind screw himself financially in a long term when he's still a general manager of this baseball team. That's what it tells me if this doesn't get done and I think the general manager wins. As far as what he's one span vs the armed robber probably pretty sure is when mr. or whatever to seize do you think anti Nazi -- latest path and which backs up my war chest theory while another toward just there but I I think he's he's he's going to go for right now he said that he thinks. That to dig up to a fast start. Why should a two and a half million he thinks they could surpass three million this year they get off to a fast are so obviously he sees dollar signs. And if they get off to a fast start they're going to need one of these pitchers I think. Are at the front of those rotation given the best chance of getting off to a fast Charlotte on Jameer Nelson for the first couple months that that's how I see it but. If they don't spend our money because they're yet apparently is talking to Philly. I'm David talked all off season but. We'll see Philly apparently doesn't wanna go to five years Foley wants to do three years. If there yet it really doesn't wanna come to Milwaukee then he very well may go short in Philadelphia vs taking a five year contract from the brewers left to Intel assault plays up. What does it say to you about as a lever what mark. It's an ass is said and at I'm debt he said we did. We decided winning in 28 team was as important as winning in point one. It's a win now mentality is is that. Out the window if you don't go get a Frontline starter even though you got the coaching came this offseason I don't. Told just before I don't think they can compete in this division. Without a front line pitcher to go along with Jim Nelson the front this rotation I don't I don't think to have enough I think to have enough. You know when 8384 games something like that I just. In order to do that you'd have to have a rather big surprise season from Warburg for five business rotation. Sonny would have to come out of nowhere and just put on a clinic like. Geragos had to go back to being what he was. You know couple years on 2016 and have a three something ERA he got to come out of nowhere and do something. Are to what have to go back to what it look like and as Milwaukee days or something along those lines. You need to have happened in order I think to compete for 1992. Windsor. Where the casement. So Sparky says that not getting a pitcher between now. And the start of the regular season says to him that David Sterns is getting his way and that patience is winning out. Over markets and Casio and his is his impatience we've seen his impatience play out. In the past voted CDU if they don't go get a pitcher between now and the trade deadline for 1479912. Victory can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan outing carriage people to exercise patience. And do their due diligence when buying a car Gary Ellison and they can do all that over at Hyundai west else different. They care about Monday to reckless enough. Positive manner if we hear army. Are these just as an asset sale or it was sold to. Two way. Veteran on friends. Yesterday Austin that's our went over to law. Under US dollars in the current publisher room floor. Because the ex marine came in and bought it. In a one over here and autographed a formidable. I dropped tees off the court if you autograph. We were hurt in about the hood of the car and we're gonna put micro. Laminate over top Clinton smudge yes it looked like. Richard Petty or somebody like that you know ask worth. So we decided against yet. So are an autograph in the a glove box. Talk of good friends over at. Under west Dallas worry international group. It. I when I tell the difference go read the money as well as the national global order. These guys do great jobs and help you find our. And I. And forced to an awful and if you go Hollywood hard. 00. Okay if you go to I would what I heard and turned his Mike alpha kinky Dennis off. Your Mike enough gonna do is out of Hollywood. And I'll forever ago. It's it's all about. International models will go to burger friends are revenue after they got his body under current loop for this guy that you're gonna consulate but that's a group remote jurors. And I believe my jaw is. My job is to help you get a great deal of my ideals. On do you trust god I have little college. It territory but not on or after they have. My film in a while trying to do. You guys if you look org. I go to. Gold go check him out there Condit left out a hundred and all of them walked. Of Brandon Richardson note Dan with a lower you know lower sit with the death insular and out. Roger read my book. But what its nadir of the birds don't add a pitcher before the start of the season 414. 7991215. How thirsty argument as to what these big show will be right back. Sort of ratio. And I value and ordered me. My dues that you reprimand me here to do. Gators likewise. And as you does nick viewers. You show us good. And Melo as saying who will vote I vote get a car crash and ran. Yeah. That's OK and everybody who her man well and say you if the brewers don't add a pitcher before the trade deadline now before the trade allowed before the season 414799. Topic do you can tweet us at 1057 FM the fans mark you said before the break records he thinks that's David Stern's and his patients winning out over market tenacity out. In this case to win now 4147991250. Dexter on the north side now that it's a day and he's heavily. Share your your guys you global not really a great great guard wrecked my call. But not much area there we gotta all prepared here are the worse. You can record label clothes now. Are these going to be date and advance. Or are ever good at bat. I'm Rick oh. We got mister counsell out of luck that mattered or Pete. All like a champion we work the way it goes to one or anybody wanna where they don't make it. Luke Luke always make it you thought about we found picnic here we can't we can't do it very weak acute care well. Watch the brewers won. They can't get. I'm duke a picture I'd bet that there or where Kirk. Where straighter and better be you got the ball I. And like at Tahoe region because its eighth inning outing here. Was it bone. Loses eight united and they'll see what you liners and others is not gonna go you're gonna have. Can able falls into the Internet Jeremy Jeffers. You have Josh cheater back there who mean you should show plus is on Jacob Barnes. Mean age should set up pretty nicely in the Bakken and back there. I. Yeah Jeffers ask B Jeffers and Ali you know isn't easy it'll be right yeah it can be right he's not your fault so as long as I write are good ago. Authorities have boom locals well he would be back there too I Alfie will be or not he might be. Nobody dared. If they if they don't do something. You know and I'm gonna say managed. Because it is an issue I guess when you over on Ambien. But it just thinking get to once when I found when they're injured trouble but if you wanna World Series with a man a right just checked. But. And that's the decision had to make I know they're trying to they are trying everything impossible. I just don't have the fans would you moves out somebody just give up. For the most part everything seemed to be working pretty good this. And hold the last caller. Dexter Dexter I think taxes on and so does book interview and they ran on our downs stretch. And they're they would do so thereon into all these that they can't keep this and did you know what that. But what if they can. And I think that's what Jim Lewis is a bit all they miss out it costs out of big name hear about it Juan area you know whoever. Archer of some of these other cats trading given up a lot of and they tried as his play based. So your toll five yeah out file could've done so much they're just trying. What I make in a payroll 150 in the futures are trying. Everyday goals by your check. The Internet. If a guy has assigned or guide. Has sided thing okay every day goes about Carmen Matta Mckelvin said Steve every day gold bodies Gallagher aside. These guys wanna be in camp. They hit it that ball hidden admit that they can't. So if this is different between four years 88. Ought three years and 66. I noticed 2.2 million page and you came being bad Ned would not then you have not read that. Mac I'll give this general Mattis play. Trash on our traffic at the white people got. Area. Kimono and take two when it to me of 03 years' statistics. And that's who want answers. Now. Gerald it's a year numbers don't add well you know our group who voted bug if you go. That's what. That they don't dirt and it took you although they. On base playing through the overnight they argued DO. They're telling you there's your rebuild and in their waiting for and what they're arguing with the experience somewhat oblivious to wait for all the pieces in their minor league succumb. And onion and wanna regret and they still think that it gets to play well right now we're what. Now switched it will be exceptional most of these roster in the game playoff experience. To go and you know. Not they don't want spreading money. I don't know because of what to me it tells me. You poop what they're steel and process re blue in the manhunt look I know you global last week. They don't do anything physical movement because right now dismiss you at a position. If you want you to get April. Almost assure you. I'm beginning to play we know that you Frontline pitcher where Nelson when he comes back. That rotation have a chance to be absolutely incredible. But if you don't do that maybe you didn't play maybe you don't but what it tells me. Most of the gifts are you people call me. And rebuilding and if they don't do not there were two good looking long term and it may sound jealous though it. How old yet only. 21 or 324 owners say yeah I had a dollar loan it got him or five years. Jane I don't need out of our five years. Wouldn't be surprised but he rebuilt our building. Listing. Say to me reveal and I'll throw you around to me rebuild is read those as my starter and I keep Brentson. And I told him to there were bronze. And Santana are moving down and it just. I'm Valerie did all that I note after the rebuild and to me now but there are different they're different stages of a recall what you're not different stay eurocard in the first agent to rebuild his tearing everything down which is what you just described yeah and this is the how right in sector. Actually this is more closer to the third phase kick the cat is skip I'm me crazy is through three or four or five depending on how you want to look at it are they getting closer they tied to skip phase two. Think overall I thought given to get to face I like this being right is the mayor's mansion I. You don't you know I know you got so mad. The gloves off but I guess they got they got us. Yeah I cannot escape phase highlight real based what was it pared down I liked that phase two is when you start to see some of the products of what's coming through your farm system and those young piece yes he's got movement up they try to skip right past that gap by real ideology and came back there and now they're they're on the fringe of competing for a playoffs that I might be right. Yes. I think to a pace and it though I got to figure out awaited by netted an I don't know baseball guy. When they have an ideology is now based and it seemed to know sports when they had ideology Cain and it seemed imminent. That a pitches for it or not having that that it is what were on the horizon Oz like we can stop all the rebuilds our Gary have a meeting no. But if you're gonna stop right feared just great minds thinking like if you're gonna stop break here. Then yes your content you you're kind of still stuck in a rebuilt. I don't think you can look at this team without Jimmy knows maybe if they had Jameer Nelson a star at the scene zany than you could say I got something compete for for playoff spot but. Does yup you look at this roster with three starters solidified and and you guys that have put me on the side right. I Baghdad are now makes no more you're going on in or knowingly IE. I know which you don't like you males and you guys I want to record. This is here has been very touchy about getting all the credit he deserves so yes like you DS. Rock edge of the smartest guys in the rose zero road. I don't care what. I really don't care if it's because I admit when I'm being selfish we bitterness were all selfish from time to time yell trying to hide it with ulterior motives I'll just tell you. When I'm looking out for number one. Because we all have to narrow that time to time. That's right it is days like this don't worry you're in Gary as they have because actors did get valid debt MB it. They still build the team almost like dorm both split. I can get out there. In other words the target blank when you're trying to win is not necessarily set on this year we can change and the the target can move they already proved it. They already moved it but -- and a bright now knowing puppies frat if they go into this season without adding another starter to that rotation yeah they've moved the target yet again further down line we thought it was closer now they've moved further. Down Milan. And this is now means that we got out of Arizona got Tim the group to put that in real marketing plan oh yes we will because that you really Friday here this broadcast live from Maryville baseball park on Monday. Yeah. It is going to be room I don't care. You know as to work that in a little bit more these will be beaten him. Oh. He says forty degrees out there this morning park cartoon out and it was 49 o'clock wake up reforms in the it. Kobe bitterness in the days that well there in the days that were out there or is he more nice weather the news amid forever gonna I don't know it's part of get a smile when he said there ordinary exonerated. That I wouldn't throw that right back at it let's mom's dying nowadays are all right now you did during the break you had that smirk and any lead actor yeah. Yeah I supported her then. I asked diseases like any good. I had done that to your rant when you're ready to get lucky one of what is it what is a Kentucky's I saw that today I'm not going to Kentucky Tom Ackerman who want her out onto her beloved baseball. That's okay why that I can take on him his hand. I like that though you guys explain that again at 5 o'clock what I can do that. That I couldn't say this but why do work radio guy that where you live but I don't mind to have ordered. If his movement. No bullet hole right but Romney's day job the job a couple of step yes I'd like that because you write that you do one game last year right. And to be eyes yeah is to move if you if he's right. Should do which you and yet now Steve is right laughter we're talking about it you know what Saint Louis. You know now though it means somebody whom you better around. So I mean that Italians. So that's what you know cardinals summaries they just go away board room but speaking of rebuilding your home might need to rebuild around Augusta blowing off there guessing leakage. Roof is there. I'm scared to go in my basement. Among allies in the all day yesterday it all day today a lake ready should go check with good out there and Andre and I just I just keep put it off and put it off. Asked in the Dow what his name blitz Osgood you'll obviously. You buy you know more. Culture for Arizona presumably was them. As rob delicate. Yeah yeah yeah yeah you know little about trying to do overall it was a very good. And her friends are. And it Contra we're talking about a new leases are worried rule for the year ahead right here for the Jane Dick and do business and all the odd they can do that usually doesn't need to remodel leaving. In urology at your bathroom bedroom and gives a lot. That would go to Monica right now. They've got the great thing to do so and then look at it was Luke Evans a lot of people doing that granite tops you can do that you look at you bad. From no toilets. Fixtures in your back for me malls or we can do that does go to the British are protesting at all. If you buy it how culturally I guess we'll be back in your house yet and at some point your tax money back from all in the house. Don't know this is the first year manager actually getting some money back and Erin from it takes like three years before you attributable to equity gets them back in you know. Well what you gonna dual. Which should do and frankly I rent a ticket tax money and put alluded to it secure low roar you do that's what you do you check your tax money to hear from your house you put it back into the house a lot of people already. Argued that. Do do which we do we'll go to your friends are already JJ contractors they can do everything formed. You should feel better about the oddest situation after what he said over the weekend unless you listen to Sparky the when he is racially back residence.