3PM: Do Giannis' recent comments scare you?

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, February 20th
Gary, Leroy, Ramie and Sparky talk about Giannis' recent comments about his future in Milwaukee and take your phone calls. 

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Milwaukee sports talk radio they are the issues that this whole talk about and you. Who have the final say EDS please short. A bully. Judgment JD if you've been arrested for drunk driving around here. Oh boy 026279614100. That's 26279614. Under. Wendy. 3 o'clock hour. You can be part of the loaded big joke repeated the Argo I think hollow Ron Cummings and you Saturday along well with the stars the blacks as they're coming up this hour. Yeah in the name. We're Julia we'll tell me the Peta don't go. Via Lan. A yuppies. Peta you. From the group. Yeah I think she's of African descent obviously it's well if she was again Jackson did know what we grew up. Obama didn't. Yeah yeah and now we splice you know black Utah and girls and he did you have Peabody unsure of ours not Hulu there. Normal while Ellis whom you lose Peta Lulu where I'll move a look at whoever did you know. From follow the and that's our Q forward backers Gary dollars and Pamela Butler what it always keeps argued viper engine by election but I'm running back off pride would agree bay football it's federal judges who at 340 room group by. What's in heads though. Wanna sit out oh my did not go ahead go ahead well well well you brought it up why there why you feel good about it runner he's got a girlfriend. The little alleged did you snippets are running. No I'll art and it was our. I'm a fan Twitter account was now is part in this way he says he sent a Fisher air kissing Danica Patrick it's not just doing this for the re tweets. And debauchery that. I don't know why it's own. Right of course I got into the car and was well Gloria Daytona 500 no honestly as she she was in the pit box he walk I believe so yeah he was up on the hauler is up in the haulers and that's whirling they keep all of us TV monitors and everything underneath you went down there weaker shear system now he's sitting up by a top. The only way he wasn't there but he was a hard all year he was up where the wives and girlfriends. So he was sitting there was. Well. I don't view of the trapped and have my name to brother came in second place bubble lost. Dale and I emotion he product. And I see his mother yeah. I don't use my pick when a generalized to attract and Robert she comes running in the middle of trust on the screen even agrarian. Hello my lower at all I know I'm the sale of how and com and. I. Mama. She's hot seat in the past yeah. And and you don't keep. That flag here and flag that I've. Got a dollar and nobody as well as a back. Oh. All she did no one else will. Chicago. Created many before me I shouldn't have let me. Look. At six read Walt's. Oh. That report from. Avenue crash in my feeling so good about our right to hold off on the other stock prison and a hard. You guys yet if you don't love that case I'm wrong. On I don't know. What the girl. You got good real I don't have done year. Like the heat and take it to the football honest and sincere. Nocioni year both need to work where her rhetoric when was that. Bonds through which you're probably Daytona test in her car probably probably couldn't go. In an interview that's probably why don't they are now yeah. On the governing there outwardly. Yeah but there's I want acceptance speech at the NFL honors again MVP. Yeah and stay in this in this that you think that he anything New Orleans. Yeah. Well don't grow. All viewers of the injuries that toughness right thank you. Eat your arms. I and there. But five years. And he's not with this here shame that means spirits that are ours yet agree that your problem that. Ocean odds are it is Italy ISO grant look good on the island well. Yeah on the am now. Send us as big as me I mean. So yeah effort there you go from her he said house Aaron Rodgers yeah no questions about trying to upgrade but still it's just. That is here's our little messy that's your daily rocket Jaroslav harder and there's your actually her new boyfriend that MVP super sharp Oregon Rodgers is now a New York out. Outs rat our your try to get fed I mean. I axis you never know what to make it this but I highly current release and house are still good friends while that was the greatest LA and not make any any easier man Ralph got back. Heard you know he's got fed that they in his stomach or whatever when he sees that you aren't. He's watched the dog while their marriage began currently live on every yeah. The kid let his bad praying for cash out dated light is all right 'cause. Yeah I'd rather look. It was not okay wanna buy it he got. Would it does where there was checking hey man that's where there and the origins in the shape debate team he said he had your houses on it. I don't know why am I W I gal you're my friend. He's a man is and they're gonna be all right and the remains I don't know I Buehrle out right. He looked Bruce Smith and Brian you know again it's still in the early playing out of the relationship. Oh that's it for their head and I say two years yeah. 2 years yeah I am off to a pretty good by the traditional and yet I don't kids and so that new new new new. On the six month. Mind you. Oh right we'll see if he's still write notes alike got his feet Bragg the year now. This is known. Okay let go for a long time with them grew bigger and bigger and operated as Jerry she's got out often. How we as the Indy 500. One more right now Indy 500 that's in because it and then that's it so that it just promoted her yell go Booker whatever she never did lose Daytona 500 fine and I did that NASCAR. And IndyCar that you know I mentioned Donna for the IndyCar 500 morally week. One more on tonight's top four but these are old and she's going to be a fixture in Green Bay yeah yeah again. Look here at training camp I imagine she'll be there at the Super Bowl to be game. And all you care might not make sure you call them right now get her confused or somebody else. But it might use him than those seen Anderson I'm Pam Oliver rightly wanted to call my god no they do not. No holding adults. He knows George Herbert yellow you don't call earlier that I don't I don't critical Palin cut out. Yeah how can I don't think Allah or god don't hide it now if you did celtics' blown. All that to goodness I only Jordan get in on what we're talking about. At least on my youngest. Away all the guys again. That I your system and a and so before you have to fair and you know I just want you people if he throws one minute session like the people of times you say. I tell them. Overwhelm what do you do jointly decided. Bottle when she marks on the week and almost brought to consolidate to bury. Bury him. Cultivate honcho. And and I definitely give you like it. Hackett. Yeah. And Joseph Peña had a friend named blocked grownup and Joey Graham weird well. As that you had a friend named block grow enough adults not weird and yet blocked key Eds dollar. Which mariners. Wouldn't it all blocked my favorite. I'm like an old beat him because yeah now that's what it was I dogs not a relative cabinet. I'll have for hugs showing that weird. It was it is hunting. I they know. You know you know. That I'm not really don't know where you go rest managed and a rent us a message no trouble. As I don't do that thinking you can collier bay who are you won yeah in the last one week from now. It outlines the answer all out of jail and it end. And so can run the only. I'll bet on them makes. Yeah he's only Chattem makes sense in on us makes us they're looking for a new career was going nobody on express is that right market. Actually right in doubt because they are are growing so while I saw a 30% increase our last year Ed young stress they're containing two you get bigger and bigger and bigger and current. Really and not slowing down that's why. It was an eight magazine as one of America's fastest growing company seven out the last eight years and our site about becoming successful transport of expedited right well. Because there are so well in that area there are also having to. Remodel other areas and grow that including their dispatch department so he had good basic math skills enabled a multitask good phone skills able to navigate a computer. This is most important part here and overall friendly disposition for dealing with a variety of customers and drivers. You can't be a jerk and it ended dispatchers citing a war he got to be a pretty happy person I don't need experience and baking rainy you can become a party on. Springsteen and yeah express credit alleyway just paid holidays vacation for a one K company match and a health plan dubbed boat about it. A plot to David Young expressed that damaged JU and G expressed that camel has gotten hiccups that's JU and G express dot proud. Yeah express success. Prize. Now we're getting into Yana snacks and share on the Wendy's big job yes. So what he's big show. Talk with Brian woods who makes a strong case for my friend the right Boller to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame the agreement football insider joins us. At 348 right now wanted to know does what young said over the weekend scare you. Or comfort you as a Bucs fan for a 147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan it was an inner. In an interview with espn.com. Where Yana says as long as Milwaukee does the right moves memory championship contending team. I'm not going nowhere this is my home all I know was loyalty in this is an organization that has preached that since day one and hopefully. I can help bring joy to the fans and bring joy to the city in the future. With a championship on a says as long as great championship contending team I'm not going nowhere does that scare you. Or comfort you 41479912. Picture you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan this is. Exactly what I told you on Friday as part of your freaking out about him getting together with Toby as long is the box keep that relationship healthy. Yeah honest isn't gonna have a wandering this should make you feel very very good. Yeah I I am. Concerned. By the fans in this town of a pondered their reading this. Marty getting reaction from some that are already pretty much senator Bernie Jersey get released based on money just sell off and I'm telling you. Well we we can't be nigh eve. To what's going on here. Yeah this is speaking from the heart. And like I told you before and I'll say you begin. I just don't think you can hold to this I just I don't. I don't think you can because I I'd I think his team are right now but you know you get 345 years dumb line in of this team is still struggling. He held to get out of the first round or get out the second round still not been to a conference finals and not competing for an NBA finals. And if he decides it'll fly somewhere else. Mineral recently you said he was never believe he's a mystery he says he's so loyal lists and out and I get to see this and absolutely ending up horribly and nobody's gonna nobody's gonna go and turn around and look at the box and say they did something wrong it's going to be young artists or. Getting up and leaving. I'm at the end of the day to go pursue playing with another star or two SARS is try when he championship in another market. And originate Yana and they're gonna hold on to this article. And other articles like this where he praises his undying loyalty to the city of Milwaukee in its fan base and everything else that's. For me that's what gets me mad something that's why he's gonna happen I love yeah honest I loved what he said. I by Indiana's I think irises. As honest and as legitimate duties are gonna find. And it's hard to say that about guys you don't really know but I don't think this huge stake I don't think there's anything not honest or truthful about this did you think he speaks. From a heart all the time maybe sometimes too much. But that's who this dude is I think it's very hard not to not to like does do a lot now wanna have your kid have his Jersey here you have his Jersey where the case is I just. My fear is if and when he eventually leads. This this cities and turn upside down on an and that's gonna suck. That's not the cut victory Stevie you I'm sure you'll know those good things like that ought to just leave him by and two. Don't be scared just by Italy's because I go I also see in the NBA how this works out none are not I don't leaders say enough facts and actual of the fairy tale that he'll be different I would jump I'm not going to do that when you don't do that and dad know I don't live and urge Carol laurel you don't believe birds are washed out of this stuff about us just and I Communist this makes sense. If you believe you said all these good things about it. Man but you still think he's lines of people don't think you're lying eyes I think he's Nike he doesn't know what he doesn't know he's not there yet the man up and know he's abroad that he wasn't it amicably here's what was going in general what happened again I don't believe in what a video game they've earned his Jersey. When he got there said you're the cattle are a lot work anywhere right. Again a stake in the eyes on the dollar up again right ignore everybody else yes let's stick and we thought hey how we just talking about. Yeah outings if used in all those good things about him. And day you're saying don't believe them because eventually lead. Into same alma Leighton. I don't know you lot play again and again could try to reconcile I don't know if you. But you don't you know actually you on the fit the you send out these great things about it do you believe in and trust him. Or you don't want the inevitable weighs in I think I just dead. I've been telling you are confusing but you'll be confused well I just -- I'm not that it just makes it to me is again you hadn't had an. You don't won't make. People mad at you about yeah honest. Just say it doesn't you and I don't think he says I think he believes what he says not know what do I you'll say in ice I think not it's not need to this and that's what is. And I think fan what do you believe I think fans are even more I eat like you who let his bad. The bear tales gonna play list is making black and white what do you do do you believe I'm a big fans like you are gonna screw this hotel armed askew Grassley I think. Workers as well as admit what they have that big outbreak kills gonna play out it is I don't know. Yeah just give what. Do you believe them. I believe what that is true that is move well you believe and yeah I think we already what he says okay I think that he thinks so then I think he's not eat. And yeah I I don't what's amazed how do you need to protect yourself or myself. Here cannot played in a mayor intermediary here you can do yeah I got cleared things up between you and Gary in the 2 o'clock hour I'm just more adding I got guys are clear this up and you guys both but we don't live Bob midst begin their auto I don't know you can say whatever you want rules I think was part is saying. Is that they're clean it up a bit yacht is believes in his heart of hearts that what he's saying now on what he said in the past. That he want to stay in Milwaukee for his whole career he believed it when he said it. We balls that we all said things and we were young. That we grow up later to be like yeah I can't really stick to that. I thought I could when I was younger but I've changed my life is changed I personally have changed my life circumstances have changed. So my decision might might my decision has changed a lot when I set that I believed it. Am I wasn't lying out being truthful wells being honest with you want to set it. But as we get older. We've we've become more informed in our circumstances can change around us. So we might make a decision that contradicts what we said in the past even though we 100% meant it when we said. Does that make sense. No okay and I can't help it does is not black and white and yet things aren't black and white. This and could be. Now don't think it is going to be a fan Matt Jones and everything he does on that and and win mode I'm really where rather that where you want blindly. You're not a fan wit the gap that I. I'll give them out I got Marleau did the right brow that's fine I'm not out of this the right to put me again Brian Bryant now I. Used Steve I let you people when it's out on the million dollar deal only loser on the mean. I don't deal gad and Bernie's Jersey because he made a decision. Hey man listen if you know if I'm a fan of you. And you go song well OK it is all that is all business on the keep your Jersey. You make I don't know. You met to come out like Brett Favre did you meant to come back and they you know burn a Jersey where I would disagree on this I don't know. When yacht has said earlier in his career that would be essentially said no matter what I want last year I wanna play in my whole career in Milwaukee wanna be a buck for life that was little bit nineteenth. This what he said ESPN over there we candidate and a little bit that's a little bit more well thought out. And makes little bit more sense to me he's not counted he's leaving the door a crack open to Milwaukee if if they don't do it right. If they don't put it championship caliber team around him like any superstar would ask for yet again the quotas as long as Milwaukee does the right moves and her championship contending team. I'm not going nowhere this is my home all of those loyalty in this is an organization that has preached that since day one and hopefully I can help them bring joy to the fans and bring joy to the city. In the future with the championship that is the sound naive to me sparked it that's sounds like a guy who wants to win. Who knows who thinks that the organization is trying to win and doing their best to put a championship contending team around him but. Is leaving the door open that if that's not the case may have to go somewhere else to find it that in some night to me. That's sounds really mature and well thought out jerk but the fans' reaction to this is not all. The fans reaction. It is wealthy leaves you know he'd we're not see. CA Donny you're you're you're saying your soul earlier solo the family's everything else you better never leave that that's kind of what I gotta do what one of the box fans. I dare say it record that fans might be nigh eve again same hearing that and and burning out this is Jersey should he leave an absolute a and flipping the script up. Does what the other said scare or comfort you 414 assists and that's a hole fifth year tweet us at 1057 FM the fan I think. You compare to the Brett Favre situation if you take those two situations and look at them. I think they're different and India aspect of our try to manipulate in divide the fan base that's what he was trying to do fewest trying to divide upsides. I don't think that's what yeah Imus will do. I could be wrong but I don't think he'll do it publicly and try to divide aside I think he'll just went crazy comes up. If he decides he wants now he's known as walk out I don't think he's gonna try to play the fan base against the ownership and I think LeBron. On didn't necessarily do that either Gilbert was the one. That attacking Iran after your lap and he's a wanna start of that crap I'm Ellen Brosseau came back for whatever the resent and do more to fans I think than it did the actual owner. Up but in this situation I don't all the young as we'll ever get to that point or he would go after buck's ownership if they didn't do him right per say. But I think defense. Would lose their monthly minutes and quality you don't have from a I know one thing that comforts he's part. Yeah Brooke went in sheets very they'd they'd like and I we still have from Gary but it soldier got. 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Amazing this is luxury batting underpriced you have a drug issue today while my Brooklyn and she's Brooklyn not come as an exclusive offered just for the big show listeners. It's one dollars off and a free shipping when you brought code Sparky had Brooklyn and not not. Brooklyn and his solo confident that they offer a risk free sixty night satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty. And all of their sheets and coffers the only way to get twenty dollars off any free shipping. Is he is from local Sparky add Brooklyn in dot com that's DR OO KL INE and dot com promo code Sparky. Brooke let it these are the best sheets. It is at Milwaukee Bucks Tuesday present about frontier motors here on the Wendy's big show we're talking Milwaukee Bucks with few asking. And what others say over the weekend scare or comfort you 4147991250. Can tweet us at 1057 me FM the fan. Telling espn.com as long as Milwaukee does the right moves and great championship contending team I'm not going nowhere. 4147991250. Or treat us at 1057 FM the fails go to Santo is on the west side guys on the Wendy's big show what's up center. Good afternoon gentlemen I'll just a little scared but not because we've got us. I don't yacht is being truthful and I believe we can continue to have a contending team keep posting here I think you like Milwaukee beat. Remind them home if that's your biggest step too small to debut that you know like a real starter if you bring one championship here. To Milwaukee the legend monopoly term reunion we all know about. But my fear is dead qualified this signal. The earlier you said hey you know I'm all our entree phone on the oil. Don't think if the ownership group. Politicians you've been on staying in and I feel what's happening into the as well intentioned and eat owners aren't and I like you guys that he wanted to do downtown. I can rebuild the question what's happening you know what it. But. They make actual basketball moons they always seem to be a little sloppy I think yeah I insisted no problem for the first such as sloppy. Jason Kidd does seem to be sloppy did GM surged as sloppy. What I'm happy to do well in the off season could be sloppy I think this stuff start to go to data dependent thinking. I want to be here but I want to win a championship candidates could deliver that. You knew what I need to get scared that they can't you might just be based on that but I don't need him to be loyal I don't worry about the ownership groups hurt in didn't. You know doing the right moves from here and a natural light survived more than you consciously been kidnapped and LA fitness equipment situation of the ownership group doesn't have accountants. That's to get done what he did his damage to capture. It right Internet net though I'm not legitimate point I don't. I don't disagree much what he sat in that aspect I think that is a concern as far as what and this ownership group has that. To make the right decisions to hire the right people and and get underway let them do their job or if they're going to be the ones making their decisions. Whether or not their cable make most of basketball decisions and being right on them. I said after next year. If humor back to bar this offseason and he signed somewhere else is restricted free agent once a Milton I can become free agents you want your honest enough. After next season after the first union arena that will be a huge summer for the Milwaukee Bucks summer 2019 den and figure out what they're gonna do going forward. And how they're gonna compete. Going forward at that point so that's where maker where you had on this but Eastwood Yana so scary your comfort. No all. And really neither. I think you know what what what does have a would you honest is you know being around these All Star Games. He's surfing buddies are circling like abroad historic thing or idea would raise the release of the art. What the embryo is all about right now and India all about right now through these guys that are. We offer game is about winning chairmanship is about making sure. That it teams there where they ownership of the team they're with putting a team together north and change agent which. I'm cool with that. And let him and I would agree to it. Rami and I think his first statement it was a little naive but this one he puts a lot of good dividend to. There were room. And yeah. And down and give them too yeah yeah yeah yeah I did on the in his eyes and it did. Know yeah I don't think it is you know that show work what would that. And moaned as you know. And and I think abortion don't have the books on Wright's right just got to. Don't give me the books and a quandary right now is because of Jabar registries and Jabari the total X cart pusher hold. Deal meters. O.s are was text and Steve thanks from them. And like hole perfectly right and can understand. To barge right now which should be more worried about his money that you should. Q1. I'm okay because that it is today delicate being played in these guys come off to refer. And Richard were two really bad knee injuries they need. And sort of negotiations are not one of law he'd like for mobile and Gordon and NASCAR program. Is. Mean these were to bargain pay and animal. But he gets pay in the psyche here in Milwaukee. Did it bigger market focus on now when he chambers you like to me. Yeah right now is all about winning championships that's where he's he's there. You don't want to work well Coby. On the text. Never they never met up right else that we write could. I'll talk stuff carry a Leo warrior tomorrow he's throughout this every matter. Ultimately because you of anybody in the big war and at this point what they talk about it Tom O'Brien does everybody is an open book before you honest I don't on. It doesn't do it's clear me at all I think it's what all of these guys the door right now which is good at it should be a comfort and leaving us to frame it. To know that her finger go with whichever shouldn't go put pressure on ownership to make sure that it move in right direction do that so. Procter more confident too many neo. Speaking of get money though he honestly not sleeping on that and either you see got the trademark for Greek street today. He's author actually got a good team let's get one more caller we have changed shoes and at that George on the north side nearly resort showed some George. And wanna but as I want it it'll it's something about when you leave a warm in Pakistan out believe me you know actually there to talk about. Air Roddick immediately. Thought poppy cook and have a grown man when he's got some little woman title here and it won't and I'll give you billionaire. I moved on remember. Hello where where where where there women enjoy it now now just part is part. Says you break a little while all right yeah she did chills ran. Chico rat back at Joseph job. You just sit. Different that this was baffled and a much of Burnett for the Americo. That's what it is only the job in his eggs down and it's me and I am here. Told a regular on little. I had done it out there like that I'm not worried about on the like I'm I'm I'm looking at it from the point of view is already religious thing. I left Milwaukee gave me my opportunity. I work are a bit much so to be a superstar wanna live in the war liberty championship year. But you know work if you got a when he carried organization like the Phoenix on. And then when he trotted want toward the championship in watts an op put more effort into becoming the best player than I am. In China and India you're not gonna do thank you have a partnership will Milwaukee eight key. Build good teams don't win championships we can't do that. I've got to beat the DO TV everything I mean it. If we are obviously you don't know and how you meet tell you as a player become LeBron thing. Including itself what sort of like the old man. Nobody can develop blocked indeed nobody to come Cleveland that's why he still be at an ownership wasn't one nothing to do two players to come here. Not only that player that one company that got billion dollar. Arena and we got on it. I think that's enough we will keep people come here I just think he wanna have a partnership and that they're not what they do that being hit it easily won only credible follow. Together. Those are full of Georgia Steve brought the topic today. But I kind of wanna get into Dumars Tebow off were George this year coming to Milwaukee. By the way as me having this conversation CBS sports posted an article where they talked the honest about his knee issues and he says quote I play too much. So if I assume you're in a apparently yes I am zero hoops blog. There are different ways though no it is. Or you will play for green and he also says my blog that national team is like his thing that's what he's he's more of record October 2 tumors. Played success here totaled. Yeah it's a situation like it is better now I have a group of people who have tell me your order what the doctors say down as the problem is that I play too much reporter. It's not another issue right no it's just that I have to wrest more this summer I know time to rest after the plaza went straight to the jam yeah I want to see Kostis and practice for about a week and a half with him I didn't have any rest and that's how on. The situation deteriorated after this season I'll have time to rest. Reporter when he started off the season you're an incredible shape givers or five points per game and it was obvious you couldn't keep up. You missed two games in the next two years shape resembled the one you had beginning of the season this can't be coincidence yacht has no wasn't I had time to rest. And I was back in better shape I wanna show my team and teammates that. They know why I'm in pain by the labor forty minutes every night they say how is he in pain. He can play but I showed to my teammates and I said guys I will stay offered two games Howard turned in better shape so all my equal add me as an. It yourself. Is it's. At least two months and hit some targets. He's what 1920. Yeah meaning. To. Police say what I gather addresses dates on the campus of the national team Albanian at least twenty. These are all out when I met your what you're doing our posts I don't play too much are you shaving editorial period. I'd do I shoot out there really. 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