4PM: Ryan Wood and Dan Shonka

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, February 20th
PackersNews.com beat reporter Ryan Wood and OurLads GM and scout Dan Shonka join the Wendy's Big Show. Ryan Wood breaks down Leroy's chances at a Hall of Fame induction and Dan Shonka talks about the 2018 draft.

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4 o'clock hour of the way these great show have recovered from a larger. I'm running back off a log with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer what it ego. And are two former Packers I don't know obviously love and the royal Butler I don't know where he doesn't bills through I don't know where LeRoy Witten and I don't know where Ryan what is he supposed to be. The great midwest bank hotline. Here and he will be momentarily broke you put it I'm gonna run don't know what to do. Buddhism and Islam and I mean we're fifteen minutes late form NASA said before the break. Ryan wouldn't of New Orleans energized through the day and shotgun. NFL draft guru of our lads dot com he joins us at 435 in the will reset the big topics discussed on today's big show give you the final say out of with greatly straight Olympic -- if not is he breaking news out of Chicago I was there is no way. Josh said tonight that he does yes. Solace he Ryan would wants back. Other words I saw some rumblings from Chicago. Leading up to this that they may decline the option and try to bring him back and cheaper price cheaper than a million via. Why iffy but it's easy to get free agency yes so well Packers we'll have a shot at a medal anybody else that wants right. And yet upper again asked about all this is an agreement football insider who's. Work you read and sent agreement pressed to that. And it Packers news docket including. His case for LeRoy Butler to make the hall Maine which is up at 1057 FM the fan back count. Brian would join us now on the great midwest bank outline hour this afternoon aren't. Long time no talk. I really as usual ride find work in making the case for LeRoy Butler to get into the hall of fame. But do you make the case in terms of laying out his resume but also say that. The road is is somewhat paved now due to recent entries into the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the right again in sometime in the near future right. Yes and that's a let you know even even lower brought up themselves and they think subprime auctions. And opened the door and and really it the story ideas generated with a couple questions and the biggest on the first one where when Jerry Kramer went all the same most. Well who's next and who you know personal long Jerry Kramer was. He guys that that Packers fan and so it is so so loudly and people who were behind. For his candidacy for so Walton at a point now and being enshrined in. I think that you know historians of the team might rather couple named Gil killing him of the great guard the seventies. All pro guard. There are some believed he had a policy in talent parts store it was always hurtful for bosque rocks you. That the book blind side blocker for him with a paddle those glory years Packers I think that. Pretty close universally Roy and others is that guy now that that assumes that ample. The biggest quoted quotes not that hasn't been enshrined in the and it hasn't been a finalist. Among Packers and so I wanted to go into it and it was an open mind. And it's been kind of mix for. What kind of actually happened and we look at the numbers when you talk about area. Talk to Brian Billick whoever won those obviously as the Baltimore Ravens head coach or soup or. In the 1990s he was the Minnesota Vikings soft or easy devised and planned scheme all senses and cancel it Butler and Packers defense for a long time. The morgue where you look at it more important it becomes a pretty clear they expect. Yes we're Butler has obviously. A lot of on his resonated indicate their versions timing him incumbent at some point. OK let let let's talk up a little bit of mount. The LeRoy Butler cited here as far as. He kind of at least in my my opinion at least with what Richard a lot of and duke. Kind of redefine oppositional little that it is far along in the play over the line of scrimmage blitz the quarterback as much as he was laudable it's a quarterback racking up the sacks and so forth. Yeah I don't wanna talk about how he tied it changed at safety position. No you're actually right Hewitt at the very least he was a TrailBlazer I'm not sure if you had the very first several years and original prototype but. At the very he knew that the area on that there. Very possibly could've been the original prototype from what you first decent back in the game's history to be in the 20/20. Twenty career interceptions twenty acres acts. Partly Brian Billick when things he says it was well which Roy Butler was different than those bird in the chances that the Steelers were where. And incompetent or just part of that world where. You would bring extra backs on the blitz that was really skiing trip and look at Butler. Packers dropped him in the boxing and he was good enough on zone could be viable. Pass rusher he didn't need a lot asking protection aegis or I could about. Giving out two point getting to the quarterback can wreak Havoc in the back field UC LY. You know. Appoint at that Billick made when a stick with them that. You know used to be in the it industry rare that the corrupt state in the first round where obviously cycle out their prime Balkans second round was drafted as a quarterback right. And then converted to a safety after that first year. Right right yup that that's notion that you all saw what happened. You're seeing it more more than the talent. That's the backing and more mores is moving to safety obviously course always one of the premier position seems Strathairn the first round now. And you're seeing here at otherwise you know in years ago might have been. A quarter no matter what. And their oral from the move into the back in the and be industry sure that that patent. Position has really in terms of that about a year into that position that that's skyrocketed. And when you look at who laid the foundation that the blueprint of how first she say he can be used in that defense. It would lower but it was a very confident that what metropolis. So how beneficial is it gulf war if you look at Dawkins to go and I think if you look around the well. You probably got to which is probably will be a first for me how much does that help low roar in that you now have some saves or to cover up. That you know going to be and that they should take a look at. Well once you once safety and once once held our doctors only player. To be in trying to exclusives to the safety position only you've been in the its. Been the most undervalued. Our underdeveloped. A position when it comes into the hole same process what you get guys and it allows the community expects that to look cheap compared to other safeties who were outside all. Indicates her for Butler for Roy. You don't want more career interception and then Brian Dawkins play in sports you perceive to backtrack shall reminders British that are strict. Obviously longevity is part of that. But when you look at you talk about 20/20 well what I'm 38 career receptions when he and a half sacks. He gets the play another two years event or don't happen it would it would probably talk about forty when he is just the name alone there's there's more so. Well yeah I think I think having more statement all the and you look on the near horizon here Ed Reed will be for now. Polamalu is going to be at all ever Arnold he's first owners are gonna take that walk on the one thing that we're going to serve lacked topped with them was. He thinks that the state is coming up for openly into their order behavior when they put two and maybe in the Polamalu at saint yours like that. Certainly there's going to be Iraq policy he's coming up and and that's going to allow. The community to compare it to other safeties that are outside the hall. I got another question I love you know dance dude it's just popped in Marbury. Seoul. The Buffalo Bills when their line how do we Jim Kelly. They want to watch four straight Super Bowls are whatever it is are they didn't win the Packers went to two straight Super Bowls they won one and they lost one I. Do they deserve more than two hall of famers from that team having been two straight Super Bowls and at patent then. Relation I don't know how many bills half from their four Super Bowl teams in the and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Bruce is on the net that crossed my mind of whether or not they deserve more than two from the team and went to straight Super Bowl and really was a team that was one of the dominant teams of the nineties. You know I think we will look at the ninety's Packers I think Butler and and then Mike Holmgren volts legitimate policy and chased I think. Think Michael that we looked at it. Is coaching record will what he did not just in that the whole body work subsequent not Seattle and and that to soup bowl team. I think those that you figures all on all. And perhaps far and and Reggie White of course. You look at it. We chased down a your I don't know how it how the committee thanks in terms stacking up there. The K gun and bill that would force straights Super Bowl so. That that the Packers but when we look at that packers' defense and and that was me obviously that that was Super Bowl championship winning Albert peace. But the name that everyone mentions rightly so Smart why. But vote on that backhand been the versatility that would vote that is really fast they talked to a guys too and prime. Devised often include Internet team. You just because how rare it wasn't Howland scene it was for safety. Present that much pressure. Are on a quarterback you know they're years at. But that would have six sacks and six. You know an incredible personal and it it it it it forced you to take him seriously as a legitimate pass rush. Brett and in in those crazy it it didn't lessen the burden are quite good lesson Marshall Jones so. Because not just everyone talks thirty acre receptions one Brian Dawkins. Beat that yes that that's being at the safety position but what she did in the box or a long list with which are being in the deep cover guy that he wants this. Is what really separated from the pack. Talking with our agreement football insider Ryan wood here. On the Wendy's big showed us before it brought two on primary talking about the news that the bears declined to pick up the eight million dollar option on Jack sit and so you hit the free agent market. You think there's any chance that he and the Packers will talkers that bridge been burned. I can't imagine that he would be back. I've been wrong for. You know I want what we're deal. Working you know in the energy in here that's only chatting up to I would say is we we don't have much our record and history on Bryan gooch and yet. They're being you know kept tops it was almost automatic data on the market know we have a new content types of work we don't know that about rights advocates. Without that. I can't imagine that. Josh and would whenever like for the Packers against certainly not where it was so you know what would that. And it's of the organization in place that. Data released in two years ago and GM Otis systemic corruption my priorities and that's why coach. Bob I'd be very surprised in a that in hindsight is that a decision just keeps looking better late Taylor's. What what one of its probably most reliable one of the fast. Linemen that they have this past years so young now as late twenties. It was a big risk at the time and I know it was a shock at the time and I didn't understand the problem with that in hindsight. The decision to go world indoor Johnson just keeps looking better and better. I'll put myself out here on this Reinemund issues portions here. Are defensively. Right now just on this Ross are right now defensively. And if your pet and he comes in here. Who would you try to be old this defense around. I think they were on the up and with. Or how they wanted to use the safety last year but it just it didn't. In Al. What they have the strongest part of their team is they're decent tackle Mike innocent or. The problem with that premiere production. So I I think. That the most important thing that they do going forward it isn't so much on the roster now. They have that big fourteen and after I mean that that's. But that's that's mandatory assistant to defense wants to ascend to a Super Bowl caliber defense and they've got to find. Probably not on the roster that they got to find in other quarters probably be most likely most preferably. Through free agency. A match without a pressure. This does it seem that wouldn't look outside for some pieces in the course out of my religion or certainly part of that Asian. There's not a lot of soup bowl the chances that that. Their best horse come on the computers was. Yesterday it is is these Clay Matthews. Too old to be the defense around right now. Yeah I don't think that he's. That kind of player anymore now. Cents and then in dealing with fans that there's almost. 200 others know ray area. Clay Matthews whose football players you've got a great football or at least hasn't been asked nothing but he's. He's got a it's not either. What do you put a middle backer he's better this than he is that outside. Our I would agree with that I think that he at middle backer look into it over fourteen. When she switched midway through your middle backer. Q. They're best structure plane off the line you look at that she's an. He didn't do you must first against when he was exponentially as ushering in do much king court backs it would remove them awful wind and he actually. Got our. After the quarterback arts action and because. Pro Bowl he must structure itself. I think his versatility. And its not like patent we needed to oh win cheap he talked about Clay Matthews and how he should it's. I think they're they're going to be off reversed it would have I think they need to be cautious this or this career. I just I don't think that there. Clay Matthews at this stage. Can be the best player on defense that would assume. They've got to get more use of added freshman got to get more experience war. That is our Green Bay football insider Ryan would find his work inside the Green Bay press gazette Packers news.com his latest piece. Making the case for Le Roy to get into cam is up at 1057 FM the fan dot com our top story. And right I'm sure will be checking in more frequently as the offseason and the NFL draft approaches in the coming weeks and months I'll appreciate it. Now one week from today have had an Indy. Number and started so it's about to become that pre draft process. Heisman you'll see our very own Mike Clemens out there thanks ram we'll talk again next week that work. There Reiman joins us on the great midwest bank hotline if you're looking for is simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan. Call great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products. Since 1935. Of managers pleased. Popped over. The border for a gamer. These is you're gonna listen. Today list let's talk about diamonds can. I've really got some great deals on diamonds right now at the jurors guys looking for. They diamond engagement rain moved diving in a diamond that you looking for. Unique because Jerry says. Do I know you folks like sharper. You're not gonna find a better deal director freeh is already jurors. Let us bring records coming up. And if you look at me get the most of all gold jewelry. The jurors aren't that arguably the most gold the most money for old soldier. But he's scared mixture you let these folks know if you're looking for the diamond. Romero. If you look at what island slowdown note. They got the diamonds right now they're brash. Prize in town go to burger without the jurors are located there lately about new location for problem erode privacy now or cerebral and rub me. Dairy. Another loop mill location to that another new location yes OK and Burlington. They now have a new location. In Burlington Wisconsin. Senators during juries and now. But he. And big and get bigger the answer thanks to our good friend Gary Ellison what a quick break on the other side we got a review NBA all star weekend. And the way I would like us not to touch on Fergie. And her national answer to coming back in and out of wood on talk colleagues so those of us we talk about very good he wants us to leave for you load. All and he's nothing for her in she just sticks that we shouldn't. Pylon Fergie at a lot of people I. Human data security were let our thoughts that'd be elves are we could have asked for he's performance right after this other what is being shipped. Did he leave because we're gonna talk about Fergie that's the Wendy's big shelf LeRoy Butler just walked out of the studio as low as Terry the mics up. We'll talk with Dan shock yeah NFL draft guru. From our lads dot com he'll be coming up in just a few moments for 35 to be exact. But want it to give our thoughts. An NBA all star weekend he would give the events. Do you actually watch over the course of NBA all star weekend does share. Although the da da da can't just what used to be mom does lock bar. Love India also wicked. Early you. What they do work and how did do it I mean I think it's. I would say probably baseball receptive. Full published. I didn't watch the problem really don't yeah well I just love what they do. All of our fairway and I want the whole combination of her legacy urged not to put all that started out like at all OK it is absolutely crow. But what are you actually watching good laws right now be the future stars game. If if I'm not at home when that's and if I have something better to watch on TV I'm not watching the futures market. That's just me or more Moby. Will look at the US and Europe has yet as to future stars and they played all the international stars an open look so first and second year players and Kamal. Watch the smoke shot OK work what. Army. Is what you saw. It's. Both overseas. Or for the development we. And played out probably I can see that. I. What you saw. Why. Wouldn't wind doing over there people. You can still bite Whitney a hard it's writes from governor mark kept it's it's just a US senator from across the room at that and are you located. At. Well the view details does not get them organized yet. An outstanding Gingrich. Or if Iraq buyer side as we hiked that mountain and there isn't it more. Airs on unreal training going will be live from Maryville baseball park starting next my thought if it is our program and the right Oca. I think in owner amount of money to handle that and I understand like how does somebody else going on Catholic leaders did. Routed to head battle royal that you could bring along from goma water. That you want all you are. I low off a week you. Agents showed me. I want to this week is maybe it won't start a new likely do you like the star power than any and all that and elect beat the festivities around it Bobbie I'm not watching the future stars game. I've I don't cared all about that's what is in this guild the skills challenge where they dribbled around and Collins in the power there'll be as hundreds circle now meant doing that. I'd I'd do though Booker I logic and do you shoot I've religiously watch that three point contest and and the slam dunk contest. Three point contest as recession has slipped got this I thought it was pretty good this where I. Lottery isn't. Yeah. Two of them now and on. Wow. I went on it was agrees I don't that we need to know what we have been no. That doubt will ask let's talk over Fergie. You good look at ours look at I don't know. It appears figured I need this out yet again as Carl Lewis I gated. Wow. Oh my god. And he knows that. Businesses. Live it's. Tries hard has. Yeah. His arrival. Sorry guys trying to keep them laughter. Good to my soul and jeans and somebody put together a video but doesn't all the players without all the players but a bunch of players reacting which he hit that note and up. It was not pretty guys known it was just those does that really mean what did you get so nice. And I drag in iron acting. As I've seen war right well we are when he runs rappers and that are yet Carl lewis' runs track. I could have done the right. During his most amusing enough in the capital. Just hope it's a one off as we do. I never know what though. I've never seen anybody apologized. For their rendition of the national let them to let his attitude to know that makes it worse not just. It's just like people have their fun and letting go way yet are there and you're only putting your beating the story shall be as she put out a statement she's learned. I've all been honored and proud to perform the National Anthem must not want to try something special for the NBA. I'm a risk taker artistically but clearly this rendition didn't strike the intended tone. I love this country and obviously tried by bats. At all. Stick. Us. One about one million dollars. You warned that they'd start is capable of this although his. Credentials. Now two days were gone it is poetry. Was hit. That is. And those who case is over a year ago. About the actual game itself we got to get her to break into a convention on our order and I have been saying I mean they need to stick with this war read at least for the time being read. And what more around this and his old they are really close actually the two teams that got drafted were really close to what was actually got the buzz that we don't want to hurt guys that temperature read I thought I inverse to what it was supposed to look I think it would already you know the major the major players. You lost the DeMarcus Cousins you lost numerous major players in this deal but in fair somebody putting his play it at it will Brodsky would have been healthy they would have killed for his team but they weren't healthy and having fun replacement but anyway that's besides. Matter is is it was far more competitive especially the lower Florida we've seen in the past normally make it two or three minutes of the other gamers competitive this time you know at least a quarter court to have war was fairly competitive there was. I enjoyed it but listen. They have to do this every year I think the players themselves took it upon themselves to make sure this wasn't going to be an embarrassment in like you saw guys like you oddest and LeBron got really wanted to win this game. And really bring the effort. Except for Jimmy Boller who. In play is he one arrest. Showed up that in one apply that to me is going to be I wanna play. They just say you want to play let's. Play good you can still go right track record up like they're in the last but some for the western congressman when he played his spot he'd wanted to light as true. I did did you wanna rest it does what does that I want arrest I don't wanna go I'd like Kool Aid Reza that bad. I'm all. Or John Wall and it just dress. You know a loss hurt me and nobody can it is an aim our play. I wanna conquer ago yet as I love the joy now is a hallmark in this in these low. Has come to your knees and he went Kevin Hart. And he he would not ready he was missing. I miss that car I didn't see that a lot of people were annoyed by it you have lending fund that we'll like yeah. Kevin are a lot out of it during. Is he trying to tell me I don't but I love Kevin. Ha. Q now he made it as I love Kevin Hart. This it out. But it inflate the ego does not work anyway we'll hear from. He immediate now he he's and Dave Chappelle pointed this out somebody far greater than me putting this. Kevin Hart is at the risk and on the brink. Of over exposure yup not even even Peter even people who likely ever. Might be and I'm not in the camp now I'm not in the camp understood. Tell her what I observe via even people who like camera gonna OK is enough this go away for a little while come back later we love you we want you to come back on a moment just go away Villa. While I'm in the industry you do right on the money but you won't be faring well in the movie in the TV show in the commodity level. On the basketball court I mean you know. Look. The rock yet yeah today I normally. Do. Movie yeah. Jamal only done two movies via its bright it will be yet. Via. Yes I didn't see you Monday but I really what was the first omitted the other Nash was a national security yeah all of them act like that about it hilarious who yet they came back about Israel on colleges. And I know I'm aware I was planning and seemed like answer before you ever get irregularities with three times yeah. Which to do we can't Nike. People. Masco he tried to press room. Think accuracy as the ten man. And it was thing he's the bush yet Kevin tee just put it certainly is nationalized Kevin Hart is getting Dane Cook. I think it's another really really fun. But at some well just as tough enough. I understood. Platinum and does it do you think it was platinum at one point I don't know enough and I are the hottest selling out stadiums this view yes. Now yes it is Smart yet can show you. Yes what's not right he is selling out Madison Square Garden here earning his putting out number one movie yeah right yeah he was killed today. Already had gotten to medium and I don't try and accuse somebody right now you are. Okay and that you applauded. Go. Under the golf. America and. Neither one hour. Actually an accurate to begin to put you want you want it resembled. That's why don't you look there's one Michael Jordan that's it I'm not gonna on this road please just talk about lack electricity heat now I know yeah. And a neutral he showed you right into a daughter wrote there's one who else. There's like there's one don't let him go chew into duty troll to you and success and Eddie. Saw Eagles on the side of a you see doctor. I don't. Bush buried affiliate is so much of a goat LeBron day went down and that's. Saying hello. Evelyn a better than yell and a good day he'll learn about that group. Does it. The leaders. Should work and wearing a lottery here might issue. Don't really. Want should be the goal post war games on the podium like the two year old. From Colorado makes me in right now George is making eagle all of you went on. Prices. So if you. You have. Anyone you're with those operations due to electing George today for you or warts there experts you. Or is right here today. With a first move ago. We've when now you know. There's. You know enjoy all of them have offered one at the moment fraud lacking George would pick you out from. Now. The north race Patagonia buyers rayo. What are export loans 24% off. Even better they steal there. I want you wanna offer base layers Oprah all the fears trees. Biographer when Rick pricing factor at mr. What to. Stay warm dry and it. In winter clothing and equipment from lack George local experts -- over 130 years of serving you the bitter election. If prices pressures and who knows maybe. I'll be the next goal winters. There starts here. Oh yeah law. Here. When we. All like one minute to pixel going to grind it. Like now Google which is dot after they're about Rutgers. Let it quick break on the other side we'll talk with NFL draft guru dot com. Of NASDAQ job. Dad's dog he joins us snag I don't. Problem. Osama. So what is big show I'm running Mac lawful long lengthy one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and are two former Packers Gary Allison. And the royal Butler and joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline nobody knows the NFL draft better than this guy. Right here if you don't use our lads that counter not ordering the our lads draft guide. Then year not doing the NFL draft right and NFL draft guru Dan Johnson joins us now other Wendy's big show Dan how are this afternoon's there. I'm broke good guys BR at that time of year where oh start. Off by. The verified information almost juniors. And eat. Out by. So why yak an exciting time for all the grass ran out there. And the first sort of controversy that's come out ahead of the draft Dan and I don't mean to make you defend anybody else's stance but it's what everybody is talking about when he comes the NFL draft and that's Bill Polian and ESPN's saying that Lamar Jackson. The cornerback from Louisville. Should switch to wide receiver before he enters the NFL draft what did you think of that analysis of how do you how do you have Lamar Jackson game translating at the next level. Well Octavia you all marked a terrific Al. And he would eat he can actually approved a sprawling empire and this past year and I mean he he's not just our great aptly now we've got here Al. Our our route. Top 32 are a top thirty cute stuff will be gone up next they're cute but. We got him around the twenty mark you know somewhere wanna eat twenty stories somewhere there that stopped 32. All and I think he's done it yet. You know some of the draft him as a as a quarterback and up idol is going to be a better Tyrod Taylor. Certainly there's speedy probably can be. He strides in the pocket this year and grow we've got to pretty quick release but he's a main. The Spaniards in the number one thing the guy did a great apple. So Kenny be a great quarterback. It might take time and as you know up people don't give these quarterbacks each item anymore and that's what Lamar needs but. What Peggy does epic that tremendous ability. Their athletic ability that he hasn't been a bank. If he can't make it quarterback which Arctic he's regulars were shot at. Then ignored got to fall back position you know go up but it worked the ball has worked into the quarterback's. Yeah you would think you're just child Watson has got thrown out of forties guys you just bring him in. Cute happens. I mean I got out wish out well picked a beauty give him but I wish I guess like. You know Darren James a Florida Florida State say the Eagles safety down there earlier. I don't know where is gone go. Shot but I Palawan loves him and attack Europe shocked. Yeah I can see him have more team. Put attackers I would love that but I don't are not reassure how how did you guys have what you have a man on board. Well you know we say we out ill you know all at the bottom or top and almost a year in now you're gonna happen LeRoy guys you know there are thank you going to be that big nickel guy. You know I mean he's got we got linebacker I'd read rate the bullets were all black you know and you're a great football player not an hour earlier in the year. Of course you connect up you're don't stop them and mr. upstart models lol but. Manulife restart come on now real hard again epic you know but now he's got. These are mine he's atop an apple we opt and football player. Woolley Dover air well I it all depends on you know I'm right I'm operate these people do these quarterbacks and a now you may fall on that top ten but he certainly in that group. Soledad shot of our alleged draft service here on the Wendy's big show rob muskie. Obviously and it put out there today and he he thinks as my media were the Bucs try to trade up into the top ten from where they are who lives for the most Packers are in the Packers could possibly drug trade are in the top ten. From fourteen. Dan. If that's the Casey is there a player or two that would fit Packard needs a they were to try to get up in the top ten. Well certainly and there's not a sexy pair. By I expected the end and cerebral Craig thank you played beyond that you know Clinton also didn't look good at right guard. No no no no no no no no no. No no no no no don't. Frogs are not put them in my mind that these to death snowboarding. And hard. The Packers but I know I know I'd argue I'm only a day. Op but what are your you know your mother but they are obviously. There's a pretty good corners in this draft and an industry be now what. The regular attackers came up high enough to get him well but make appearance tractor in the tremendous football Dominique it. He can do at all you don't want you on match up on a wide receivers picnic or you want matchup but remote tropical straight he lives on Britney put him there you want America. Why remote or retired Dan would it matter. I mean he's you know but Cleveland should trade him you know they're forced somewhere but anyway. So. But other you know I don't know if they're gonna have to trade off. You get their targeted guy I mean apart linebackers. Beep or the quiet except that all rip the bark at you get the sort out there. Were so. Well I don't know what their target would be there ain't gonna try and are the sector around it they're gonna go that direction so it accurately and you know this is really good rap sucks out the news. Going to be super strong green you're talking about guys that are darn near opera round guys would be disliked around those templates out. Draft. They show up on. As my name named as I have you can use to secure real hunger on. The hookers are obviously I think they've they have little more new defense league and they do offensively and not really trying to nail you down but if they stay at fourteen. Who's the guy at fourteen. And to meet or what about is this guy a guy that you like six evidence from like a small school in Texas somewhere. The France and I'm. Write your record of our markets Davenport. Due goes to out. You were effective San Antonio. And you know. Here's the bank now he's not coming he's not our prize I mean he's a project he's not. Regularly my farm the senior ball amity you don't even Eddie can badly can do those bank. But he's not a real strong guy right now and on its stronger commitment to go Big Apple remote spot on the all over and all of you are a lot. Would give me just Portland in game. Yeah well heart I bit of the I like like. Big defensive tackle it ought to out of Washington these obese. And outlawed like hey I'm like yeah remain admin the linebacker you know I've ever Jimmy attack he really good football player. I got bit. He scares me a little bit but he only played. Our started it should say one year. What he's a very good cornerback and that's just you action while I don't think you'll fall that far you seasonal fall that far. The fourteen I think he could yeah I do you'll accept all of it and of course I like ala. You know so yeah I I predicted I think you can realistically be hurt or to act. And so you don't bear some guys are and why Barack. But he at my. You know so I went yeah I think. Very it was strictly corporate Davenport beat bearer of the all smoke clears and he's been and that beat in the Jack Kilby for punitive. Paris itself I it will react people getting cut now on the NFL Doug Martin obviously getting cut in some Rollins other smaller players possibly getting cut. I'm in there was a story the other day about who may get cut any steam and Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson's name. I'll popped up a for the Green Bay Packers trying to free up some money needed to go laughter free agents. Coming up here would you move up from either one of them. Our our Bobble at baton you know Kyle slam main and Indy in the average match majority here yeah Jordy you know. Well you know occasionally. You do what they keep up but. Want to entries situation except he locked a couple of years injury and a I got used. You are you kind of roll the dice there a little bit but dot. Know a lot and our electric Eric how are like the well the Packers but. Opera keep you get wrote ballclub you know their problems are over periodic the first and all one other thing. Brett Hundley obviously police are what he did or didn't do last year how did you see him coming out of UCLA. Are going in that draft. And then what did you think of him now that he finally got his shot vs what he was like at UCLA. Well actually it you know he's kind of gotten what we thought you where where you see your way. I really well what you would call on more shot stopper receive them out but not in the gains and you know other. A Barbie and behind Erin in Accra yesterday thanks Aaron. But. We had him as our develop babble quarterback obviously a really good aptly. Who did not get in Milwaukee college. And Doug Perry could take care. And dumb you know yet arm strength and he had the athletic ability yet it all up where we felt like he was Alter the way. For a few years bit you know he would firemen who were actors. Behind Aaron would figure mandate that the perfect spot form and not just Albert really developed like you're body you know oh. Vietnam you know it still wired or are you guys now. Yeah baker may feel I I mean think guys dollar credentials plus a gaudy numbers. I have. I don't know of how you wait does that matter anymore. Or do people look at them and think he's like he quarterback. Janet what is it down and as Al was was it wasn't. Yeah I don't you mean yes he's not he's not. Got man ought error right now I'm in what way is he better and learns over hey there hi there. Right not to you'll probably make baker made it feel span and I'll tell you why and other for the LA yeah. And Europe might use all what you drew Currie. Our scout with the Eagles like it made the school caught you know one group refuse in my area there were due respect. I do cease Bowman and similarities between acute they're they're all great great war skeptic. Are there the super Smart I mean football Smart guy I mean. Baker may fielder's job you know I mean he worked a walk on. You know first day at practice pack nobody wanted my high school because of there being at six tall so we go to the back of their goals and they are starting quarterback. And then you know. Eight batting goes transfers and Oklahoma and he. Outreach or you consistency. Or the guy they went to New York three years role for the hard. You know what I mean he was our final score years and oral. And that to me that's a real tribute to your and that's the over his career. Not say he he does most things but like Drew Brees comics he obviously gonna have to help a couple of barked up front we'll take it. You know close gun metal we could step up and in there in pro ball. But I'll I'll say yeah they're cute as super Smart. He broke ball all angles he get an amateur participation. Outstanding. Is decision making is incredible. And he's got a you know beat worker or where a strong arm wall due at the Japan would permit now. You'll up last year's average guys are also. I got arm strength in the event took the patient is outstanding men and he put you know use your quarterback to throw the ball and meg a slow down or he gets immense stride he. Rolls the ball. One receiver in charge in one not slowed down so. Knowing he's a tremendous he's a great parent Erick great Q okay but I love. OK but but there are the first of all this is also. I I think they're Drew Brees comparison I don't mind Drew Brees comparison and he's out there was small guy element small guy in the older than me. But a six foot guy like Russell Wilson there's another guy that does made a living in this league he waiver of the Russell Wilson I think on the football so you can play honestly I don't question that. For meet its though how much does he get knocked her. His personality and how he goes about his business off the field and the antics on the field that's where if I have a general manager or coach. How much do I dig this guy for this and look past the talent and hold him kind of accountable for all the stuff away from the field. Where are arterial wall that EB. In the depression not otters and now. Who were competitive guy in the sidelines stop rubble I'm Betty beard lately I've released them. He has you know all the problems in the NFL right now and also all your back you know he would you got that rhubarb dotted. Arkansas and ruin a bit late I'll. Eat at. You know he steps and try to break it up more trouble relatively insult dog in hey big guy hey he's a fiery competitor. And I got married the following the I don't know what don't know what Matt you know it all out there Albert disagree outlook for summer job and then. We're opposite because younger man's growl was not privileged rich yet. Okay two other you know Doug Bob mayfield. He's a self made guy that is not privileged and gotten often Baltimore when he wants them. Drink in the hall ever stop it you know it. Two X like Mandela melded so I bakers are two different personalities altogether. Glad you're Dan all's appreciate a few minutes I'd imagine really talking again between now on the NFL draft. You must. Yield the guy oh I'll not. Always good. You'll make many mistakes a chuckle at that one slot basement. I don't expect them prior. Shortly after you've gone on human you don't enjoy this on the great midwest and make out loud if you're looking for is simple. And convenient pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan. How great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products. Since 1935.