5PM: Pick a Lane

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, February 20th
Gary, Leroy, Ramie and Sparky reset the days BIG topics and ask you to pick a lane.

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It is that time here on the Wendy's big show along with the one and only Steve Sparky Pfeiffer and archer former Packers ran Gary Ellis and and the royal Butler I'm running Mac lives and it is indeed 5 o'clock and already. And here's what's your picking from in this evening's Great Lakes dragway pick a lane right link you agree with the shut up and dribble comments. Left lane what would it say youth numbers don't add a pitcher and don't return my heart. Does what Deon said scare or comfort or. 414. Goals of this seven that I handled it pretty good traders ago I don't bonds weren't again treatise at 1057. FM the fan over alleged. Yet there's lot of torque and you know and I'm not sure there's a Laura Ingraham in your house last week on Fox News after LeBron said to Kevin Durant. In me. There were doing an interview and a car with Carrie champion I guess uneven though with the thing was to be honest with you. Denoting those duties until Laura Ingraham brought it up photo blow over but here LeBron James said that president Donald Trump doesn't give a bleep. About the people and this was Laura Ingram take on the. On James is talking politics again. And this time it's. They're great players but no one voted for you keep the political commentary to yourself. Or is someone once said shut up and dribble. And LeBron James says the I won't be doing that glory in your. We will definitely not. Shuttle Drupal I would have to not do that on me too much to all. Just side yeah me too much adieu to me too much suited to so many kids that feel like they'll have a way out then they need someone to help lead them out of the situation aryan. Gary what do you make of these shut up Andrew are there. Yeah that would raise the outpatient bills right. I was places and yet. I. Maybe reverend. I don't know what to army full force on twelve. Of our but it definitely want to hear him. Or they don't have a lot of you people there. Are few people to it and I don't know why we have an opinion a belt. Politics because you. No no one's an expert how to go over. And always says stick to pick incentive. I'll. Just bag groceries and shut up did you write it gets the gain squawk when I. Over. Her budget at all. Sure why does not own. No it suddenly out of it so I always go to people. Talk about. Politics and athletes and you. You don't get it today but. Races ago then you're saying she's like I'm all black athletes not what athletes at camp as well she's talking to people who disagree with sharpened dribble yet means athletes John because on fox on Fox News day. They have people on all the time who have nothing to do with the political world that nothing to do with societal issues and they had them for Iranian letter. Chris Rock Chris Long of the Eagles as well in his start putting up pictures of all the people ridiculous people. That they've had on Fox News to talk about politics say at societal issue is you can't just take him yet make a trade man and I can take an argument and the reported later no PS through garrido before you just take him out of your others now you can't who much. While he wants Chris Long drive and give you some guys late Alan give up Chris Long and I'm not you Chris Locke I'll take. Oh. Okay nomads. They can be. And obviously a lot of a lot of people went down. Went down the voting road of racism when they heard those comments by Laura Ingram I think Jews trying to two. To be racist I know what I didn't see it that what you. She was trying to demean him go rather than actually address what he said she was trying to demean him by pointing out that. Well she was misinformed when she said heating finish high school he did. So issues tried to rather than address the points that he brought up. Take a personal shot and degrade him or demean him and make his opinion. Worth less than hers or in her opinion more educated people on the subject but this and this is a Fox News promises and a conservative problem. The problem across the board when you talk about 24 hour news we talked about. The political debate. At the forefront I think most of us are very reasonable somewhere in the middle but. People who are odd in and listen to and watch the story for our news networks that want to hear from anybody who disagrees of them they don't wanna hear many buddy who challenges. Their viewpoint are there at their beliefs or their world view they just want people to reinforce and backed up what they already think insect so. But they're gonna keep on having John rule on fox using keep on having Chuck Norris and Fabio. I'm Fox News and they'll gladly take those opinions because those people agree with that. But when LeBron are at right Herschel Walker or LeBron or somebody like that steps out says something about the president. Rather than address the issue they'll just trying to demean and degrade and minimize your opinion. It now. Yeah in June possessed or go to war that's they're go to. Win win when an athlete or a celebrity of any kind. Wants to say something political. The go to from people on both sides of the aisle is. Stick to sports stick to music stick to acting whatever it is essentially right exactly because you're you obviously know more Laurie Ingram you do you lie your way smarter. The LeBron did you see the issues that LeBron James sees when he goes into the inner city to actually help these kids. She noted that it is but he barely finished high school so that he obviously is wrong that's the right land. America's fruit and you're agree with the shut up and dribble comments 4147991250. You can tweet us. At 1057. FM the fan moving to the left lane and the Burris still without a pitcher added to their rotation LeRoy as they they not one to ten full team work outs. Under way today Gary said earlier that if there was another pitcher words we get there they're still they're still a rebuilt. And I agree with them but there are phases to rebuild your. Phase one is scared out. Rob we were already we're already past that pays the most and paying yours ago phase two is when you start to see some of the prospects. Get him to the Major League level. Phase three is when you're right there. On the verge of being in the playoffs competing for a playoff spot cost. On the cusp of being a playoff idea intelligent I think I think that's where they're at right now but still. Still to rebuild if you ask me it is that the target and moved down from 2018. There are now regardless. We'll go last week there reburial. Not that you came. About it disagree with the house. We're gonna be real ups and I was you take your critics. Of it I wasn't it yes. Everybody was against Gary I wasn't here and Ellie rounds. The vows a year out of said on Friday were hustled to that was. Yes. I can't pop. How's it and so you may is emitting his fault out as a meaningful chauffeur and there was no room and and now you've been at our guys. LeRoy quoted say youth. About the birds have stated that a pitcher before that they see they tried hard. There really did Dave deer in every conversation idea. There every congress say they do and everything was Steve Florida earlier. It was a reports if Bayside area that we go on up into 12 and and this deal to get their lives for a minute minute is gavel arbitration and a future ticket placed at number and north of warranty and want fifteen. I don't know who want B 125135. Thank Errol Louis WS zero fun and 35 million dollar but we don't get three million is 3.2 million fans. Even if it makes sense. I don't know if they wanna do look let my thing is they're trying if they don't pick up anybody as they did pick up infielder utterly jeers. Just for the roster but. I'm okay UST they're trying. It would let them go to deceive the with these guys. They don't edit this to most aggressive I've seen them in conversation in a long time for sure so the way to Gerry. Articulated and rhyming. And let's fly by you endlessly and stages that looks like it's five your window that's what they've pretty much sent. This yeah and why they just there's a zero want and who both were rolled the dice that and just asked him in the next five years we got to make a run from one World Series and then after that five years that guess what went Teradata will start over again how this is gonna go. And when it's almost like what better be what the process if you think about the whole problems don't Dolan be honest now the prices that are right where we go there you were. One. Is that what was snoring window until late ideology to which. I don't want to see the regal you're one of the reburial was also real sure we'll win I'm just saying two and a half years ago user right. Assays are competing for a championship last year the window was sealed shut nailed shut bars on the window you can edit one of basics without that we know is all billion in you've got five years to get through and the farther you Gideon. There anymore it's gonna show owners cooler it is already cocaine they're all awful little bit and I had cleared its chemicals. Are doing it on YouTube blogger Jose Angel and a lot of jokes and a real. And the ball skills beginning Q yeah. This is a real gentleman and ask away from it let it all you people all those in goal in part because. What we undertake a full five year. Are you. Are your folks if they don't really accelerate this thing to go that you know we don't know if it's. I don't look at what delicate and went out and what we aren't all that yeah we don't know what's going to you can't read. Thought they could have liked it actually hit somebody yeah in pitching registering you might get some it would correct that but they don't do anything yours. Ago Jordan's old I don't know Joseph on the part of net. So that's left Lambeau what is a year with the birds don't add another pitcher before this season starts 414. 799 quotas here you can treat us at 1057 FM the fan and moving to the return laying on its talked about his future. In Milwaukee again over all star weekend telling espn.com as long as Milwaukee does the right moves and were a championship contending team I'm not going nowhere this is my home. All I know is loyalty and this is an organization that has preached that since they want and hopefully. I can help them bring joy to the fans and bring joy to the city in the future. With a championship and Onassis the in the past purity on to say that he he wants to be a buck for life Sparky with no conditions no no nothing just I wanna be a buck for lyme bail now he's saying not Clark is great championship contending team. That I'm gonna be here in Milwaukee does it scare you or comfort you as the Bucs went. I. Now there's a qualifier is if we're competing for Jerry tip I'll say yes right that's a different yes so. From complete night being completely naive to say I'm never leaving and royals in my DNA and all this other stuff. To now saying hello to my DNA but we have begun being for Jimmy tip or makes for my options. I just think. Based on fan reaction that this is gonna spin on EMI could spawn on Brett or LeBron or some of these other guys were people just read the loyal part. And if he rolled out on them. And these are. We'll brought to Cleveland's of the NBA finals or the finals didn't win but you're the NBA finals what what Roger and he rolled up. So I think that if you've got to zoo's big majority. I think he has to let us I think this you just speaks what's up what's honest hard and that's it toll by you know what yacht as is and what he's about. But if if this dude says there overnight competing. In my mind that means if we're not in an NBA finals or were not knock on the door these accounts files for two or three years trying to get into the NBA finals of work out at that point. They might roll. Let's get us out of until you right now there all gonna spend on and it's not going to be the bucks supple black to the box. But a majority of them are gonna spin on yachts and say you lied you lied you lied you lied you said your loyalties are to remember living is not needed and that. Seemed in capital Ron it's gonna happen in Milwaukee funerals. Anything that's a lot of money if he does it and I want burner but it does give it in the out of I take it to version yet as the managers now I agree that we agrees that brought the doctors those violent. We've reset the big topics are discussed on today's big show right lane you agree with shut up and dribble comments left lane what would it Sadie you have the birds don't and a pitcher in the return lane. Does what Rihanna said scare our comfort you 414799. Told they don't know Fergie and pick a lane no hard. 1057. And everything. Yeah the special lands a left a bad taste in my mouth maybe I go over to the Kyoto was doesn't walk just perky and you will some some thunder and what did you say that I said. That nets led the most the bad taste in my mouth yeah I can go flush it out at the pew global life is I can't hear you my hearing his loss. Since I had I I blew my nose earlier in the show and I can't hear. To my left you know it was that I know which but that's a good thing that's in good thing I know I just took off my left headphone and I'm get uneven year for your. It's fun. To have four shall saga which I was wrong Q it's just not turn off you go to seller be associated with this national. On behalf and I'm also it you've got what's got a great let's get my favorite sports action thirteen pool tables shuffle board table tornado food bar tables. Three of those electronic arts paintball and much more to come. In other walling Fisher on Wednesday. Am Fridays before the results of fish Robby piled up. Hot guy as. I mean it's not to be this is definitely how it Allen all the extras. Wasn't there congress Saturday night let's late Friday happy hour from ten in the 1 AM PQ club outlets got to you're. Place your. Place for Sunday morning breakfast starting at 9 AM on try to French toast breakfast he says and all of your. National breakfast items also filed what's it was a private parties national pars bachelorette parties. Anniversary or birthday party business meaning you name it they can do it but only five people are so. You ditch all personal VIP suite luxury pool table personal TV. Access to ping pong and whose ball. At your club outlets not to report that before north grand view boulevard in the shop to have muscle them on any port. I cannot Ed Q club a W I dot top Q club WI dot com or on faced. News. It's the Wendy's big show or in the midst of Great Lakes dragway pick a lane here's what you're picking from this evening. Right link you agree with shut up and dribble comments left lane. What would his city of the birds don't add a pitcher and the return mind. As running on his said scare her comfort to your 4147991250. Or you can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan let's go right out of phones and let's go to Saint Francis check in with Doug Doug pick a line. Good evening gentlemen it is my call. I'm I picked the out of blame right and what not to love about that guy. You know I think is that they've a breath of fresh air that he brought in the book that I think the whole community of Monty. Electability. Put his employers. Pretty much I noticed right. You want to win here he wanted him and to bring a championship to Milwaukee. That the rest of the franchises in all of them these you know exploring its options. I didn't is not a papers are ready he's great on the brink of becoming a superstar in the lead. So I really like the way that it. Okay so this is the thing thanks. I think what's gonna happen is and maybe I'll be wrong about this meant Lama tunnel stuff. There has got to happen is they're not gonna bring back Jabar he's gonna roll on or search for free agency. Then Middleton a blood or gonna hit free agency after next basketball season so summer of 2019. So we're talking about here and sergeant dozen nineteen they're gonna got a Milton they're gonna got a blood so they're going to be gone of yeah honest I think Henson moving on as well Mears I believe will be gone so they're going to be. Providing they don't do something to acquire long range salary between now and then. They're gonna have a ton of money available. We are then going to see how powerful the drawn Yana trillions. Because if you get to that point in you can't get players to come play with yeah honest in Milwaukee and going to be Gamal that's Cammie and if you're honest is a respected what we think he has my everybody else and he can get and draw star players I want to play with him. Then I think that Yasser probably here for the long term defeating to those guys come here imply starring in the summer 2019 I think that is going to be. The top line on the comic called the free agent must able. He got the do do like the lakers delayed is click here and clearing. Cap space and to Max contract on the community here so next couple. What's what's been floated out there and nobody's brought the South Milwaukee perspective. We've been brought up is that a guy like LeBron James to sign a one year extension. And then you're going to free agency. In a year that Deere extension on free agency in two years vs coming in a free agency. On right away. Almonds and these other guys can also be in that single. But right now if you look at 2019. W O'Brien as a player option is that right Ron media player option after this year I just become a so be doesn't opt out then he has a one year left on his contract that you play out he that would become a free agent in 2000 in nineteen. Free agent that year LeBron Kevin Durant Carmelo. Chandler Parsons Dwight Howard yeah Andre Jordan if he ops in his player contract Paul George if Yeltsin his player contract. ES cantor Klay Thompson. That is what we're talking about being open. 2090. That summer 2019 so LeBron stays for another hearing Cleveland is young he's got you'll play out and wait one year to get free agency. He could be available in your gonna have a bunch of money. Open as wood to ramp and it would Klay Thompson some of these other guys. That you're going to be put in a position if you get to that point of OK who wants a complaint with the oddest in Milwaukee would have the money to be able to go get one of these guys. And if you still can't get on at that point. Then it's probably going to be a very tough sell he got us here nobody wants to play Milwaukee. That's that that's we're talking about your for me. I think because you finally able legitimate superstar you should be able to give a legitimate superstar free agency this summer of 2090. That's how I see an event has not happened is a lot coming here. I ending that we're screwed NASA and there's nothing dealership can do and there's nothing anybody can do adopt once he was on plans in Milwaukee and that's it unless you have a must. When I don't just. Thought no law if an. Ultimatum as the Houston put together a team right. Yeah OK this work together to write. While they have Westbrook Gloucester and the Dow's after the draft George they got and they're not appropriate adjustment. Well no because OK Westbrook and Durant was drafted. At Harding was drafted they lost to album via. And they traded for Paul George so that wasn't a situation or free agents came to play Westbrook one attitude either draft don't portrayed form let me put together teen so they put together something they lost. What for once and you know those guys were drafted by them. All Jorge struck by orchestrated one marker Mayo wasn't drafted by these reference all that goes into a month they put together right. So so Golden State put together with them. On this he don't say to that would largely drafted on the out of your hands after bug they added a guy and ran right but they want prior an with a guy came over from the field. Oh Livingston nada used to play for who. Those things right curry Klay Thompson dram migraine on Iguodala to a dollar a gallon yeah. So socialists are put together for the book. But if you look at it. Is their only three teams in my so called dream world to have put something together as anybody makes a hell Minnesota difference. Missiles across the towns where against Jeff Teague day god they got Jimmy Butler. Sold at their putting together a girl thing in Minnesota anybody at least not put together they did well last wells Miami. And Cleveland. With Kevin Love. Honestly in a way. Mean you're in a position to where there are going to be able to trying to let people do when of course and assign him on grass there and there might not be in east and west. Let's hope now yells yeah I'm monster Amal for a dollar totally against it the Russell do. Do you say look we're probably about these dollars may sell the team and these. Possible and facility game take your phone mean. In just our. That's what they'll make on out. Do. But it these days days Wednesday and another command was better arena. And guys. He ain't going anywhere I like what I guess is the guys loyal I'm now talking about some New Year's first half a million dollars ready in the end key. Parliament a group of guys spending a billion dollars. On T we did and has got to do assorted I was half the price. Yeah I this to adopt it and they were so that it would sell for billions out something new arena and everything goes into getting a group would want all of yeah. Yes we yes absolutely. They have been wrong about these these team values yet they are and the values teen daughter is gonna continue to go out. It's the smallest markets beat of things going up here's Gary Ellis and tell you about is good friends over at mentality. It's an account if. As you know all man. You man. Where you fit back there. The me ago they were brought him. Smoker few sounds like this has gone very wrong yard beat me. On earth should play in. People. Replenish it meant they. Do your work. Well. In Norwalk. It is. Not afraid to turn down with AB word rock. Usually by saying. That's all about mentality. You dim below two US dot com. Anyway are. Like a bloody funny yourself changing your sleep patterns maybe you need to call me. Matt tell these new here with dedicated to meeting jets like you in my body Leo their very best. But a lot to perform that. If it. Matters in protective like he used to with the metro area member. This is what you work may tell. You're working well Rio board's. Position in Rio. Medical facility provides a rule that stuff wrong treatment model places that you see those and now. Mentality takes sure until they are here you with a 90%. Success rate. By the guy you wore beat the guys you want to be. And make it important for you re right read on page and today me. Oh in Milwaukee low US. I. It's the Wendy's big shelf it's Great Lakes gentle way pick a lane I'm Robin back laugh along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer I'm not fly on the wall. Getting yelled about some mental mattered everybody right now brightly the boys of the general manager I don't agree with you show up enjoyable Cummins. The left Lambeau what it's eighty youth the bruise donators pitcher and the return Linda let's be honest that. Scare or comfort dear god future rules and allow it to play the 47991250. Regan tweet us at 1057 FM the fan let's go to our Ross he's Japanese side night on the Wendy's big show it's up Ross. They routes. There are so little opinion in the right manner the couple moan and bought. Pebble turn out that June obviously issues delegates negative repercussions for him. They have some like that so really big superstar. Sports are out and and like. There's just no specific. Comment from him about. Old trumps open not open the people I just I don't get it. What it would be window. What don't you get which part of I don't yet. I I'd. Vote. Oh trumps are open people and what people. I'm not even if I'm ready veneer to get into that thanks for the call Ross that's. That's what LeBron thinks he thinks that Donald Trump doesn't give a bleep about the people whether it's pro or anti trump the right Matta doesn't matter up my point is. If she didn't like what he said because she is they would insert right cheek she could've she could've. Found a flaw in his logic she could've set she could have explained how what Donald Trump is done to prove that he does give a blink you about the people. Instead of hurling in insults that are trying to demean or degrade his opinion and make it less than hers. But and that and that's happening in. All over the place is coming from the left to the right from the right to the left that's what we do instead of having a an intelligent well thought out debate about the things that affect our lives the most. We'd rather just dismiss people by hurling insults at them. And that's why we're not making a lot. Disco. Is there respect rules. No one's going excuse me made a good part and got off. Go to Bruno and made you personal problems Amylin is racial America wave round in my stomping grounds based on did you go about around his house on the C news is address in an age of people in that one of so brutal. Well thanks for having me I got so you're currently got a you guys a question that in the senate appointment kind of ought to look at the LeBron thing from a couple up from both sides of anybody I've ever worked in the service industry bar tending serving anything like that. A lot of restaurant you know I delivered pizzas and lost that counts houses after the restaurant in management. I could be waiting on the table and that person would say something either pro or con again so politician. Now if I think it's something that I agree with that customer they might think it's all very I get a that but that next customer next few. Eight what you just said that he might have done something good there you know opened up a can of worms. For someone else to give their opinion whether they agree with here and not it's just something that hasn't done in service so that they religion politics cannot. Keep up to the side yeah czar let the right because you're you're doing your job and you don't want cause a controversy and keep things kind of in the neutral. Now I think the overall comment about shut up and dribble where the absolute wrong way to do it is amateur and you can at least qualify your argument I think he did this by doing that for jobs or that extra money. He is showing that he cared but she went to a fourth grade level and just hurled an insult I don't agree upon brought necessarily either because if you are gonna go down that path. And be aware that people are gonna whip you and again you have to be willing to accept the consequences either way. And yet they appreciate it off and I think he did accept it because it put him out level on the disable it just two ladies said. Yeah. I think he'd be he's a bed sheet she actually help the cause she brought its G brought more attention to it. Alum Charles Charles Barkley response to written. He's a basically she's trolling and by us all talking about it we're giving her exactly what she wants. Which is more Norton notoriety more fame and likely the next time or contract is up with Fox News a bigger deal. Because I've somehow that's how this all works that's meant. I was taking an all star weekend over at my favorite place in the whole Lotta we're a world when you don't Dave and buster's and Molitor Osaka figured that date night action all star date night action flat screens as far as the actions white men once it's gonna be analyzed and yet we can still have a date night you have to have kids to college date night. There. Is gonna babies is flat screen as far as the guy can CNN that amazing DMB sports lounge home my god you guys are annoying today and that amazing DMV's I loved 3161. Inch screens and 175 bids greens. For your viewing pleasure. And that in the million dollar midway you got the latest and greatest an arcade games including two greater which is amazing great food and drinks I tried the when pigs can fly which is pro pulled pork fliers with chicken tenders and man oh man was that good as start making plans to watch. The march college tourney action with your friends and co workers and plan your next big company team building event. At Dave and busters don't forget about spring prom parties graduation is just call bend. At 4144540100. That's bad at 4144540100. Let him an awesome staff and all the details so all you have to do is eat drink play and watch sports at Dave and buster's volatile highway 100 just south of north Evan. So what he's big shot. There may hear from. The guy we may in this unfair and another one bites the dust you know he's far from Milwaukee government more now. There British he's British queen has in British and yet. Is in a month with the bruises. And you know and I know that year of important but they've bad Australian bags and go all you. Oil and no dirt road it'll let you know or. Cute they're very months. Ago this. Or parent or didn't your Dorgan northern wins Dodson basement that Australian accent I have. I think that's that's you per who's had too much Irish route and so. And Patrick stay. Oxley that I think he's Levy view and the U Levy you wish you Gary's left and with the jazz let me with you. And yours and your British eggs that I could you do that what boards. There. A sounds Irish. And the Irish. British. Although they don't chamber another drug Ottawa and whatever that's the grunt retreated Australian Edinburgh beds dead or you do there via. To draws in Australia with the and both are bad they're both like really bad impressions of both mixed with each other so the question about another bond by the dozen or so yes the question yet. You oh and where the guy whose eggs that songs from that guy's ready mercker you have Freddie Mercury. Yesterday's remission BS the view from Wisconsin now it doesn't know. He's from green and they are British he's been on and then there hit us with an always there needed narrator right point that. I didn't northern Wisconsin's. Oh man okay. That's been an interesting show our thanks to ride would our Green Bay football insider for joining us Indian chunk of our lads that. On the other director if you missed either of those interviews. Or anything on today's show check out fan. On demand at 1057. FM the fan dot com for leasing and when you know forgive and forget. Taylor. Friday five through the royal Butler Mike. I these I brought him back laws say dates for listing. Two of the Wendy's big show. And we'll talk to you again tomorrow starting at the Clements well that you have about well now's the signal. I was in new house signaling him to fire up street I'm not that I don't know that the fire occurred in many parts of the giants and mildly dilutive and hard. And we can. Don't know the dark and. I don't do it.