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Friday, January 19th
The BIG SHOW recaps the days top sports topics - the Bucks, Packers, NFL playoffs, at 5 o'clock with "Pick-A-Lane!" And then Ramie shared a personal story that was shocking, disgusting, and hilarious - all at the same time. (Sniff - sniff - what is that smell in the studio by the way?)

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You scored key. Hours what happened crashed in Burr. Yeah. It's time for the guys to reset the big topics from today's big you know and let you pick a lady. Elaine brought you by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in yeah grow yeah. Great Lakes dragway dot com for 28 to your season passes and ticket discounts. That's Great Lakes drag away dot com. It is that time here on the Wendy's big show a lot of ways teams Sparky fight for our two former Packers Gary -- sitting and LeRoy Butler I'm running back laughing here's what you're picking from in this evening's Great Lakes drag away pick a lane Writely you think the bucks or more likely to get a home series. Or fall out of the playoffs altogether left plane. How much of a honeymoon does Brian do you couldn't get as the new GM of the Packers and the return lane. Whose future is brighter I see no one in the return loyalist who we're just talking about who do you want to see in the Super Bowl. And who do you think will be in the suitable for 1479912. Victory can tweet us at 1057 FM the fan real quick before we get into the race and before the break you but the folks know another. Opportunity where they can via macro forever LeRoy Butler. I think that's in order is very important and because I could do one thing about the the the coupe looks. And make ten volumes of whom had yet and you caveat you have to collect all of those. And if you do. You obviously gave. What targeted pictures in some hours. But you know. It. Bailey we just got the phone to analysts as its thank you for governor Martin Luther school oh yeah yeah way and tell those guys last night yeah. My who you know would. She's so tomorrow I'll Vietnam. The metro market efficiency. On drool while. As 176. 30 west bloom and you can go to LeRoy Butler intact. And you can also go to my Twitter page two and I'll be giveaways and free copies to bestseller Allard do promotions ice it was a free copies. And a moan don't give away while supplies last are you get their. You know Lee don't waste and where is going to be god so among them Peter. Have a nice hot cakes and on Sunday rosy for hide it and then what about case. Q did not only as of their movement like hot case give you recipes fraud case in son of the commitment that last day here Michelle and I yes he would be no anger toward the French toast recipe and there's also. The and clemency in at all but okay. Likes awful NASDAQ added at the museum to doing we can't now know that's sort I was attacked by the way he has were under -- borrowed to watch company at a at an art gallery and it was packed him Barr art gallery last week to begin the good thing you talked about it on the air to help and it'll be packed up and Dino third ward tonight. But I you're promoting. Yes meet them. And send it floating game goes on of people lined bar. Partner yes. Are people one out G yeah you should do originally DA opened up the wine bar the only guy and white line. Exactly why it oh man known racist rant or you can these are all just lecture and I think OK sorry. So our job of that and Philadelphia. Blue about road has won 7630. West blew borrow from eleven to two. And then on Sunday from twelve to sue mobile State Street 6950. Westgate street and I street. Yahoo! broke out at the hippie way it is there's a lot of essays on every corner OK I can save on State Street so come by if you don't eat just come I'd just our free. Cookbook argue that all of you to Barnes and is free and why they lapsed back into him and I have. Displaying IQ and it sends them like and to review the French tolls now let's go to our that's quite all right a check ever eyeball him. I'm a real man are you still talking hole Lawson added that the we'll rely so it is cookbook yeah like where color really good recipes Q we're gonna want this cookbook for. Mean they're all good did a couple of highlight what most people asking about my Mac and cheese that's and that's about it every one. Well yes but. And and we have Y and that's what friends of autism. Now has had bacon and sausages loopholes certain you're well we haven't had that it's almost like Jamaica lack of high molecular bottom Blair is macaroni and operatives that you put me. We've she's well you put media can't he put bilked the need to train she can do sharp charity these are taught how to. I've ever close it is who's and I just happened diet since. Now that die a hero of the ordered by the loose and ready to slap your mom alone. What is this going about it about. Cook. What Mac and cheese and bacon and sausage yeah I can and do it. I. Told the raw and this is like wheels are gone on died were there enough now and a good dice on. It started you don't do it on a weekend that are you know not yet we as usual that we ends for cheap. Net stay healthy for Monday through Friday and we we also looked at him we are telling helping to fuel our don't want you rookie record. Play it and bringing in portable gesture area. When when I'm gonna actually make a meal for you when you're ready at the reactor core red here the other day and all that. It didn't. Announce plans today and went to the first that you're I don't know where they area Lima beans and all that he's brought. Matt McGill I love love golf. Did you say anything Jerusalem. No I've got to remember. Those goodness. Yahoo! yeah masons were talking about food cold January weather calls for bundling up making sure our homes are where Verizon. And the car starts first thing in the morning when it comes to serving up wholesome and delicious comfort food in our dinner table one. Roberts special team how it's all at the aura about four when you may as well and are meant to manager Paul Roberts has lots of options to make your dinner or something. Everybody we'll look forward to hear about it from stuffed chicken breasts like Victoria county cherry teriyaki garlic parmesan all three flavors or outlook on the legendary Al Capone. Italian roast combining several meats cheeses and seasonings into one awesome tasting your Russian chest family. And a provision. Roberts also has over thirty varieties original sausages and brought from mild to hot for you do adroit. Adding call ahead to Roberts at 262 who for a pack for not be enough. The vets like should revisit major to pick up some of their cherry wood smoked beef steaks or jerky the perfect snack treats grounds that I'll Biden on Roberts and specialty beads while you shut that down for more info. And money saving coupons and for the best and beat shop Robert specialty meats your home town butchered if we have time for before 6 o'clock. I have a story so embarrassing there's gonna make you guys forget all about our story on deodorant habits yet he's still unknown something that haven't don't this morning but it is pornography story. It's worse do this. I have left or I contemplated even tell you this the air you gotta tell he had one tell me I want to tell him get together and valuable and this is not this is one of those things. Where I would never admit this to somebody face to face in my personal life what you do on the radio but I'll do it on the radio because I think it'll make good radio is comedy so I wanna get to that before six Costner's on hold but how. I thought I wanna get to pick a lay in bed rather listener army's right after this the Wendy's big ship. You are and get started here. I am extremely excited to. Named Ryan. And now you practice your name they're more booty who Lukens. Yeah also up for questions from your family mania. It's early age you may well. It's. As Packers president CEO Mark Murphy introducing his new GM and the subject. Of our left lane and Great Lakes drag way pickle lane here's what's your second from right lane. Do you think the Bucs have a better chance of getting a home playoff series which there are three games out of a falling out of the playoffs altogether which they are just one game away from doing. Lapland how much of a honeymoon does Brian good against debt as the new GM. And in the return minds asking do you want to see play in the super ball and who do you think will actually being in the Super Bowl 4147991250. Or tweet us. At 1057. FM the fans argued against. Better chance of getting a home playoff series are falling out of the playoffs all together. I'm going to assumptions. And answer in his collection the first some general what is surprising call American do twenty points a night someone matters. The second assumption I'm going to say is they're going to get themselves a senator. Of some sort and I think they're gonna overpay to get a Saturn Gary waffled just weed out. A couple minutes ago that. Andrew Bogut definitely wants a player for Milwaukee Bucks that's not even a question. Bot like all the other NBA teams nobody wants a signed ball which after the trade deadline to see it making it one of the big fish Sanders. Instead of ball and the ball went pretty much will be a fallback option for all he seemed to don't get the senators that want. I think the Bausch and overpay for soccer. And there and get one of these guys who are maybe you know Andre Jordan. Dwight Howard sound Whiteside cousins reverence of being on the block when this deadline comes up during a couple weeks. Told that being the assumption that at all goes down I think they easily probably end up in a three or four seed for the end of the year and get home court. And damage in the plants that's run. How about Jude do you think the bucks or more likely to get a home playoff series or fall out of the playoffs. Altogether 4147991250. Or treat the show at 1057. FM the fan moving to the left lane in the guy we just heard from Brian predicaments. And Gary Sparky thinks that if he's not more aggressive in free agency immediately and that means making a splash this off season. But Packers fans will turn on him just like they did Ted Thompson. And that quickly how much of a honeymoon do you think he get the right. But I think it's more than jets. Freeagent I think might. We know is they might also had a problem with. Guys that two of drab and they might want it from. Say so when med and all or at least be up to date on what they were thinking about through I think it's also a major serious change of guys that they bring in that a draft analyst Michael has two years soul. Brothers operation to your structure Sharaud. Mark I I think is mortgages free agency by think Libya to. Tables actor blasters so that won't be in different you know this and this freeagent part of me is is a crapshoot. Now. In Ortiz hit the biggest fish you've almost got through the biggest money. And hopefully that turns out well for their life changer parry a lot of their money and raised in models have been lost. So how much of a honeymoon is the ending yet of things earlier not at all where Rockwood Aaron Rodgers by McCarthy I think your plug in play you're not. More about the cause it to which is completely true you brought to a guy and that's in the organization he hasn't been a look in a better know what this team knees and in about bills. All right that's the left lane how much of a honeymoon will you give. Brian good it could stay as a new GM of your Green Bay Packers 414799. Both Richard tweet us at 1057. FM the fan in moving to the return mind and talking about this weekend's championship games. And the NFL Sparky I'd I don't want to see any more success for the patriots or patriots fans and I don't need any more rains on Tom Brady's hands. For the people who simply just wanna count rings whenever we have the greatest quarterback of all time however always happen. Yeah I know they'll always be there and they just gets stronger with every Super Bowl that Tom Brady wins not only that I really just don't need that I'm trying to having nuanced conversation. About with the greatest quarterback of all time and so for that reason. I want the jaguars to win the AFC and just because the vikings are the vikings and their in my division ninth I don't wanna see them succeed some looking for Eagles. And jaguars and the Super Bowl on Sunday at the rear at. Absolutely. And I will never root for the cheaters. I don't support Jeter's. Soul I'm not rooting for the patriots ever ever ever ever ever will that ever ever ever happened. And the vikings and now. And no interest in seeing the vikings lines or bears ever go to the C will also agree that Packers oil because Deborah in Phil seems either now. And he said that was going to happen probably pitchers in the vikings small teams that I don't really want their. And that you're gonna as The Who like to root for the C Roland I probably. It is announced not at all now I reported and invited to a a Super Bowl party. It's over by it goes soup or we are going to the Super Bowl party for sure bows and immature I really. Will not care I I won't root for a tie the power to go on and seems they can't play at whatever the case may be. But I think it's vikings and patriots at the end of the day and then to have considerable. So we've reset the big topics discussed are today's big show now you get the final say bottom right lane do you think the bucks or more likely to get a home playoff series or fall out of the playoffs left lane. How much the honeymoon does scooter kids get and the return mine who do you want to see in the Super Bowl who do you think will be in the Super Bowl. 4147991250. Or tweet us at 1057 FM the fan let's go to Oregon and Jeremy you're on the Wendy's big show pick a line Germans. Armor they are currently on a wires and people in the global. I'm Obama at number like and act bill ought but it. Elected to go out there in relief and there and it really don't like it very much and then a lot. But he might like Mo. Well. And export the in the heat in the. Seriously if in Jacksonville. Thanks for the culprit Jacksonville beats New England than. That will be the greatest thing that's happened all NFL season. By far will be happy as I've been all year in the NFL season if they somehow knock operating Belichick. You're that invested in it I hate to pay dozens of trees does that invested in your great for the patriots all yes it's very very strong. Yes and you were completely different award pictures of women possess for solidify their does nobody completely dependent and really original body but. You with the Wal-Mart McCarthy ordered dear Mike Tomlin. This guy is unreal it would go. Has announced in May do beat the patriots you can officially proclaimed Coughlin the past killer because now we. Three times and he's rooted for organizations that he's not not even there quietly and call missile thing. The audience booed this for the solidifies that for your you know he's not say coach there. He's a hall of Famer I don't know what what do they do nothing to do to. Can you get in twice in New York you have to go in he park you're going to as a coach. Black people understand Susan Arnold a year ago here. Can go into the front office member and a coach you're a little line is one off as you board they didn't didn't. Care from Minneapolis human to buffalo which is calling you all Paul in children from a not bolt he say no one has bowl you know get a as a coach and and get and again now smell the front office no I'm let's go to trial on the north side here on the Wendy's ratio of centro. Well welcome password and gardeners were well. Whose words what is it like I'm not a yes it's where I thought you learned what president monitors aren't. So I don't get to have. I looked like a win 10 yeah this program. That are here went out caught on. The Ellen okay. I disagree period with a one hour. They keep it in the piece in that's who I won't buy cigars and there's Arabs or bottom or you notice. I'll beat you up is seeing a lot doubled to do it for the Vietnam maybe went out the first browser he wrapped up today. So you think the White House's change to. All you never had a calmly Dwyer are. Arms in a I'm not I'm not argue and her can be yours beat it was panic what do. You know this is our testing so we want to have that rock. Or you think you're no sharks listing. He knows his team to do you know. What do you know was called team. And so none. Google's. Our Iberia summed up I want tickets at these rates. Are at war. The beat with the clearly you're probably too is terrible just. AJ AJ barring. Cornerback and a late start they doubt our search and remains a player that all of these. They take your. Agent market so. You can get a hello Joba and he did it well wolf for the most part that that that team was due to draft. But you know clinch. A bit awkward an obligatory holiday. And then they brought his and chief freeagent T and they absolutely at home runs on what's going to be from July with a decay from as you will leak. Here the freeagent as well. Yeah yeah I decided dark and about R&B ER. And obligated trade blows up after Peters and and Benigno its rapid it feels tomorrow make him make quite well to answer our. I saw as the on site out there they. I wouldn't mind having him. That's another guy from out of the reagents to. I don't know how much you called the beat him to mark. Easily get paid that's. She's going to be outraged that you won't cost you marches he's not. Yeah to go one thanks for the cultural region. I know use its freeagent easy and it's a free agent market is clearly got slaughter. Really you go look at of the woman went over to cut budgets. And I'm trying to get into the draft right now see who's there for the Packers get one more call greatly straddle it take away its curve on the south side your motivation what's up or. What's up man up on the that the left and we'll look. Into that a non objection is well aware of people don't work well when the opening as well a lot of wants. This year maybe it's like so what is what's important and even have a policy is important to know I think game world. But it's only like I want to open our eyes and playing rookies. And I don't vote and with good. I'm look at that market so you are quite. McCouch. But it will all four days of debate on. These days it is but I put the work you know I Forex dollar well. I think you gotta get mad at least you know it's what were well you know we did that's. About you know. But I'd I just think we got him out of them you know we've still got elections there Vietnam are. Plus mobile got to get romance if you know someone that. Appreciate the call it a quality that people listeners Joseph Packers angeles' Joseph had some perspective. This is golf fun. On what I'm fine and dandy and it is remarkable there are now yeah yeah they don't do anything it for the agency that same duke calls bags what extort oh or go to dues of this. On your right now they'd better do summit and ride out to about before. That's even at the Saudi anybody gas they dial so that if the cowboys again. Just let them be a ball the conversations I don't. And I don't not right if they don't have to say what the Packers do you want jeans pocket to go to private care reform the gonna Roger's. Way to be yeah but here you're serious that I got to cut somebody. All right so they did not had views or whatever the cable on the receiver Iraq to free up about your ball mark one is. If on the first day free agency or 2 march 12 march 13. Of the report cubs offered me apple board. Hackers it talks whip towels the thoughts of lot what our Allah you're gonna have an awful lot blowup people are going to be go crazy. They mean I'd give him at the end of today. Fear just wanna be employee on some of these guys just how the conversation that an example Gary brewers. Eric Roberts conversation budget Gary did you may not Portugal. We're gradually warming up there were more precision they're talking about old after a big fish. That's a packer fans want it's all. Not being talked about for two weeks and a free agency. About it makes jokes oh well that's a vacation in the back non. Make. And we'll see what he does so. That's what they want they just wanna be in the conversation for some of these top guys and we'll see if that happens if it doesn't and were in April and they haven't done any thing rising bad. Tonya right now they are going to be. Want to admit I don't and one offseason is gonna set them off I hope not because nobody knows this -- Gary says he's going to be like these other guys in buys okay Jerry knows there's got into five out of this sick of it and Mercer Island. Gary you should. Even like to add even if you want him to be more active and creative scene you believe he will be I think you have to understand that the right fit at the right price. Might not be in this particular free agent pool so this might not be right Todd pulled the trigger and here's why I hope people watching and listening to us understand. And here's why does not because rice all about timing and when you do it right. Rodgers had to make a boatload of money and that's why you marina you do and his two years we were talking about. You the figure out a lot you want our prior federal drug which you gotta you gotta do show a majority and in don't have to somebody at saint Bryan Morgan Bryant could have kissed and sat on a Mark Murphy. And say you just watched this season 79. So here's the problems we have right pass rush cornerback. Good any sort of back up Clay Matthews Claes made a lot of money. And we got to pay Aaron Rodgers this giant contract. So here's our grandchildren paying this there's five guys here in free agency at that position. There's a huge. There's a huge group of guys in the first sector around the draft that we can address this physicians. He blew him away with five or six of those answers the shows and all those options that are available the Packers. And that's why I got the. I disagree I think he got the job. There is a journalist got the job and that was. You are trying to figure out who was gonna have given the last push back as possible he had John Dorsey he you are moving up from tent he could call daughter Hannah. Are you know it up no. Video. Car racked. Why they knew with a reward they saw the money thing in its current Kansas City right person yet. Are you get your guy Ross oh he sure what are. You're trying to help on a guy yeah city on rock. They felt Steve they've got somebody in place that is joined doors that he has risen McCain's advantage on Schneider's big these there. I don't practicality the between him and John Dorsey or not this I think the only guy they really want it was probably side are those three. And obviously they went after getting content in the salad should see if they would probably go and I think Dallas. All these guys you know a lot of his old work with John Ellis local and your eyes through a hard guy that's real hard on all all these guys you know they're all great scouts they're probably they're weakest part is the finance so is Brian display just a little bit understatement finances and strategic there. That would have put him over the top because the other thing too. I'm telling you this big shall suddenly laws Cary Rami Sparky the raw and they brought in for you guys next week 12520. Years old. That's what's happened that scouting department. You've lost 1920 years forgotten. In scouting and experience and wisdom. And graphs and all that what you guys seen these guys in the silence or twenty years old and their babies that they could be good. But we want good next year not five years from now. But Bart marched to that though they have out. A couple of guys down there. There have been falling for wow. All bluster guy's name is Solomon John so John Sullivan went to cal skier or that those two guys are will be next shouldn't blow. And a dinner for what we what we do room. No housing for Sparky to talk about castle wins the most I was just don't normally a bread and here we are you listening to. From I can do both don't would you please I'm a stare right at you market Clemens and George W dot castle lanes I look castle lanes in Racine a highway 31 Stockton. We're here and she costs stop yeah. Can't isolate it crazy I was thirty watch the tape are the worst cap and I guess that's where like a log cabin on the inside. It is just an amazing atmosphere. The ball in non and highway 31 in racy New Castle Lance plus ray Dunbar area. Red velvet pool table. Great self food and drink special going on all the time. A during the NFL Sunday NFL season and the NFL Sunday ticket literally you can pick what ever gave you want from animals on a ticket. I'm your lane so next bowling season or Nextel fall when you were so portable durable and so and whatever else that you spot. And on top all that they respectively bowlers do a lot of funds up cash prizes for 300 games 800 series and a five minute delay rule if you accumulate more than five minutes or delays in league play you get your league he's back for that week. It is all about customer service and with Phil I'd go in castle lines and again rated number one by share ranks. In the country. In the country not the state and the country the whole the whole wide content rains and racing highway 31 great place for birthday party to check him out and you'll think. Coming up next the story I'm still not sure I should tell on the air because it's so bears say but it's approve story no thank god it's the Wendy's big show will be right back. Slash. No good evening for the for the masters he's WS has these sports updates studio while my Clemens masters he's walking shot the largest leisure retailer in Wisconsin ring in the new year with great deals. Over one million dollars of inventory at masters he's walking shop. Online master's he's dot com. First on the fat from Madison tickets to badgers football games. Going up six dollars per ticket. The 54 dollars per game. That's another two million dollars in revenue for the university all and Paul Crist getting a contract extension. That was taken through the 22 point two season after the badgers went thirteen and one this year. NBA the Bucs had the Phillies play the 76ers tomorrow night the tip off times it's 630 tomorrow night but on this article follows out of the game. A sore knee uncle brought him personal reasons will not be in the game. Earlier this week we talked to the Bucs GM. John Horst why Jason Kidd as the head coach and how do you think he's out so far this year for boy infected their whole thing credentials. You know the game as well anyone inside and out. I appreciate and Scott does a great job to try to book players did did the best possible position to be happy. Highly competitive walked away and get a great stop their basketball player and so. There's a lot of positives there. Hockey tonight on the fanned the admirals are gonna go be at the panther arena faceoff against the Grand Rapids Griffin's always a good game against that team. Our pregame coverage were there and Sims at 630. The face off at 7 o'clock is right here on the fan this update brought to buy coaches pub and grill unsolved thirteenth street. Dreaded cod blue guilt purge wall I huge shrimp it's the Friday night fish fry just 995. Coaches pub and grill. I'm Mike Clemens sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Listen live on the WS SP Smartphone app and AM 1250 or online. At 1057 FM the fan dot com. The former packer and badger running back Gary Allison admirals hockey coming up. On station tonight they take on Grand Rapids and he pregame. 7 o'clock puck drop. I've really been debating whether or not tell the story all day on the air is quite embarrassing. But area so this morning it's it's time to walk the dog Brett. Called out. So windy it was windy and cold. And you know we're up for like 3540 minutes a morning walk prolonged exposure to the cold so to protect yourself from that. You'd put out layers right layer only layers but overlapping layers of ice so. I left the house this morning. Wearing out like an under armour compression shirt and tucked into my underwear. With a T shirt and tucked into a pair of shorts or where rule with a long sleeved T shirt tucked into a pair of sweat pants and wait to watch and then I had a zip up police. And like a puppy best over that right new addition to a hat gloves. And like one of those skiers masks and me in on Maine windjammer underdog to protect him from its boots on my dog and that's yes just know this latter known I was and I called for him just just the boots today does on a sweater and so this is like a 3540 minute walk. And 45 degrees this morning about halfway through the walk. I kind of feel like it. Tony got. House is wrong. Clinton you know Hillary got beat him afterward. You know what it's all that you gotta feed your RBP that much worse you are right here. So first sugar so. Yeah so far so good but it that urged MP. Got really bad. Really fast. As make it about Waco broker some. True three blocks away from the house. I'm like you know what do you just start planning now because you're gonna have to get the dogs boots off. You're gonna have to get your boots off no. Because otherwise there's gonna be like watery salty footprints all over your house will be okay. So I start like two blocks from my house I take up my gloves I take off my panic take out the skiing mask I don't zip the pop the best that ends at the fleece a bike I get to the door just as a dud doing all that. I bend over to take off the dogs boots when I bend over the pressure. On my Blatter is it's uncontrollable this is this is not waiting locker so I shot the dog out of the way I run up the stairs to buy side door and. Run into the bathroom art I have the jacket opened I have the police open I use my left hand to lift up the T shirt yeah analog dot okay. Acts OK okay I'll yes. Why does it matter about the top half of you why are you one doing all because I think is tucked in your younger now not to encourage other. I don't love you overlapping letters right amount yet so I use my lecture my left hand to lift up my T shirt yeah and the long sleeved culture right now I use my right hand on zipper to debacle that just we're blowing sweatpants were Stanley basketball shorts and a time he revealed but with the Columbia. An old dog and hold down that's you know what I mean yeah and to go over the and zero headed downstairs bathroom so I think I am I'm like. Dude you've made it let it go sweet release you had a costs are just nose so I let go but what I didn't. Factory did well in my panic in my rush here was the very first layered the compression shirt. That was tucked into the underwear role. To spewing so I. I'm I'd and you know we knew we got a gold that bad you know and in this news finally go huge and you just throw your nose and he just give you just yeah now. You don't know me don't know. Those girls nice. I head back Atlanta oh at that all the sudden I feel. A warm sensation. Going down. The front of my legs I can master that she warmed up. Yeah and you know armed and uncle I never as a grown man sober. Intoxicated or otherwise. Peed my pants and but here's the crazy part about it that initial sensation. It's it's fuels kinda good yeah. Warming. And yeah. Next door Hitler. Yeah it's harder to. I closed the rough you can do you ever had a lot of a little bit and it said only job is. Almost during the day yeah. Answers. If you ever award holding your studies sleep that long in the octagon or you gotta deal. I don't know dude yeah I thought our dad's gonna hold. Yet he got older so it's all over it it's never had those talking about going down his leg pads candidates like accompany all know. Or don't know that was due. Why did you learn that. No other doctors should be urinating. We are well spent a lot national war brush. Gonna learn it now but we'll get the cold 35. Ebitda there we go yeah yeah. Yeah but it still overs that so. Rip to that I'd rip the compression shirt that's blocking the apparatus you know I I released a crack in. And it just sort of like elbow all over the place I Jackson Pollock the wall behind the toilet all. He wrote an and to buy socks on. The cleanup effort man I had no idea. We're even start with the cleanup effort to get the remember in in my boots out with snow all over the dog and in with boots on was no all I got salty all Britons all over the house I got boot prints all over thousand standing in my own keys there's. It was a complete freaking mess meant there was a complete Rican man who grow she was upstairs. She hear you screaming war. No yeah well coach you didn't out gonna try to keep the program. The program will change of underwear and so now. No this is this is good news is bad lose but but I don't buy and made a little bit local and what do you mean that does not fit to an end. Gold rush hour no man yeah. No. I would do your pyramid building inspector of the Atlantic Ocean. So what is big show final segment are rotting their Sparky there's Gary. Scott treated at the show at Rami is tweeting today was the best show average GE's shaved demand just LB's meg and GE's. RM pit X on the chest and peed himself sports was good to. Three Laffey faces and that's about that's before Gary Ellis and even told you about the jewelry Sutter and Joseph just keeps getting better gee you know and. Juries look at a service late late present location brook from blue marlin older truck city national bring good guys would have a great the best deal and jury. They got a program Andy Murray out get to this deal. Yeltsin nevertheless some funny you're funny got regionals on hearing. This rupee. But c'mon man and showered afterwards. I will say this though likely by itself up and don't have to do a clean myself up and got to work out and it was all about death leaves them had to get that workout and lose a guy like one of those your comments your pocket now I just got to baby went say it you know. The white white lights all up and down my legs they rarely. Don't play. You get a workout in while you're out before the show our love and they'll wait hold on Yahoo! and gun. Killed a bit less floor. I thought that was a little run we keep baby wipes in the house you can baby went to those hybrid adults ahead US in my house until I had a baby really. Now that we give him in known all reviewed cover girl and held them billion baby lives I predict how ridiculous that we had a baby. You know all girls it. Do you need them yeah what could. So what is the sticks to clean up me and I Benoit until we had a baby like weird to you carry your beard award for Steve started firing Gary Ellison on royal Butler might Clemens I'm running Mac glove saying thanks for listening to the Wendy's big show we'll talk to you on Monday I'll try not to see my pants again. Now. I've caught our crime.