Brady: We want to get Brandon Jennings back in the NBA

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Tuesday, February 20th
Jordan Brady, Wisconsin Herd Head Coach, makes his debut on the show. What does it mean to have Brandon Jennings on this G-League roster? What kind of marching orders does he get from the Bucks on a daily basis?

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And joining us now on the Schneider orange Colin Jordan bradys the head coach who was console her. Join I don't like. I'm built pretty well done area. We're going allows so egged me give me your kind of Synopsys is. Kind of how you handle things as knowing that these guys did you have could possibly be called to this roster. And how much interaction you have directly with the Milwaukee Bucks either on a daily basis weekly data month monthly basis how do you handle that. So I guess the first part of your question is how do we handle the roster fluctuation and I'm just take it day by day you know it's going to be a factor. When you come into the he's a minute something that all of a team in the league. Have to deal with and so it's really just part of the league and so on the something that's expected them to take it day to day just move forward so. You know I really is one of those saying that it is what it is not a lot that you can do about it. Second part of your question as far as like the communication that that was the parks might communicate with. What the bucks on a daily basis all the management and the coaching staff. And you know I'm really involved with everything that they're doing on the box level so it's been a really good opportunity or not regard as well I just think that the belts are really help your relationship between the two clubs work. Our main focus here with a purpose of the development club for the Milwaukee Bucks. When you get a guy back like Brandon Jennings and he's you know can be acquired by other teams but this is something they they definitely wanna take a look at because they could possibly have a need at that position. So what what are the marching orders so to speak when to bring Brenda back in was it Greg being bring ran and back into the fold. Well the first thing isn't. An opportunity co brand that you know obviously very high level player you mentioned that you. He's open market all thirty teams in the NBA right now and so the main thing that we wanna focus on is an old saying and number one getting him back into the NBA where we've been able to give it a couple guys this year. And then also I think I'll let what other and so he's our level Carty personal. Obviously you can score but we're excited to have a veteran leadership that the point guard position which it. Something that we haven't had yet this year and so I'm excited about it. What does have been like this season for the heard as far as the inaugural season in the enthusiasm in the community and such. Well there it yet and the community has been tremendous we we go like it's been a very that's what he's so far all in terms of getting the team integrated into the community and then we're also at a armada that bomb or. You know as far as we are of course Georgia and a notepad he's of course we started off really ought. At the beginning of the season and then with our roster fluctuation and something's got to work a little bit unexpected due to injury with a box. You know we had to play where Lester numbers that are a little while during the C and so right now worst that that seventeen and Corning. We've got thirteen games left on the Eden and you know our goal is focus and try to make a oil output we think that we need to be so hard on the corner exit wanted to win mark and able. Be able have a chance to make the playoffs and so that's what we're focusing our right out. When you DJ Smith are you get other guys it come up from come down from the big league roster. Is that just something more than just trying to get them meant to keep him sharper do they come down with specific marching orders in the sense of this guy needs to work more was saying his left hander needs to. You know and up you know kind of not turning the ball already so learn how to hang on the ball well I mean are there certain specific marching orders there are two to put them into because it's times. When he got to chemistry going and you get somebody new doesn't matter where they come from they can disrupt that. Yeah I think chemistry and a big part of that Burt you know like I said but our primary focus is to be a development tool for the Milwaukee Bucks and so I think I'm labeled Avant Simon well there was. We are excited about I would welcome that. And then the second part of your question is. How specific are the marching orders from the box and it buried of the primary figure that minute. You know and just get them reps and game. And then also. You know there are there can be some specific things were out they wanna see them play. I'm on the or what position I wanna see them get their meant that and so it vary from player to player but. For the most articulate and get amendments given game experience. We do everything that same offensively and defensively. Good not a lot of transitions are. Much like the regular NBA season you guys go almost until a pre guys go what the Vienna amid amid pouring her end of march correct. Yeah our last regular season game on March 24 which is actually. I'm a little bit earlier they started did you see earlier this year come up until this year but last weekend would be the first weekend in March would hurt the first week in and people would be a lack regular season games. But at that point third point four this year. By and you guys have had quite a betrayal you guys are on the road what your home tomorrow and then you go to Long Island then you go to in the Air Canada Centre or you these are all over the place isn't just some backyard basketball for the for that cases it. Now believe they actually I mean it's really grown a lot of subsequent sixteen now so we travel all over the United States. And also in Canada as well. And it had a lot of fun you know I love about the ball on any given night you can see you know five or six MBA player bomb or what the achieve the aim and our bunch of other guys that are deserving of opportunities and so it really is just a high level basketball. Logistics of beleaguered getting better every year so exciting and of the art. Hey we were talking earlier about do you know and so we're talking about the one and guns. And we were talking about well if you're gonna get an of that just you know put that make the G league fully with every team having a -- team. Develop some of these young guys that are good enough to go to probe would not good and argue but but better than your average college player but not good enough to make it as a starter in the NBA. How did you did you guys get described Zach does get discussed very often with with say the geely people the people out of their hands on each and every day. Absolutely there's. Definitely a factor that goes into that and there have been guys that have chosen to just go straight for the unique set of final college or go on what was the haven't been any really recently. But. It's a possibility and has complement of guys or do they can't do it but. You know as far as not being such state or trend. Moving forward. I don't know that there's a lot of talk about trying to completely take away don't want them done. Principal from college basketball I think about something people don't like. TJ Armstrong that you just never know what direction and Lego. You know all yeah yeah and that you continue to develop a well. Coached Georgia OK don't keep on because we hopefully we're talking about a post season run for both the Wisconsin hurt in Wisconsin bar the Milwaukee Bucks as well be fantastic okay. Eric Hersh thanks so much appreciate it touches so and they go Jordan Brady the head coach that was kinds of her joining us for couple minutes on the Schneider orange outline.