Brett Smiley -

Bart Winkler
Wednesday, September 6th
Bart chats with Brett Smiley of about the future of sports betting and how it's only a matter of time before it's not only legal across the country, but embraced by all the major and minor leagues.

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Sports betting this at some point Brad that this is going to be illegal we're just talking about it on Wednesday's show. That it's there you'll be able to do it in stadiums. And you'll be able to do I mean watching ESPN college football coverage over the weekend. They kind of told the line of yet this is college. But here's the line for the game. Flat out a win win are we looking at legalized sports betting in America. Put a little bit done packed their a let me start with the land is so I think it's gonna be. In the next. 12. To three years that the biggest best chance for. Britain become legalized. In the U Utley in the city New Jersey is it Supreme Court and New Jersey has any. They've had a ten year quest. Against the league and the case like that senators and Supreme Court and if they prevail. That the oral arguments of the sometime and all early next year the decision. Should come in the middle it got eighteen now at that prevailed in the majors in will be the first set to jump at it and then there's a lot of others state that. Legislation teed up you know pick just the to a in the next here meaning the beginning of 2019. Depends on your state and net. Sought a kind of be like. The legalization of marijuana maybe or some some states say yes and in some governors are again statin. We might be in a state by state basis here before everybody finally says yes. Absolutely I mean these these measures will be on the ballot like they added for marijuana. The other a lot of states. That ad in the definitely you know recreation only it. By watching and Massachusetts. Colorado so. Yeah those those development has come up and people go and legislators. Hopefully well act according to the people well. What would be our what has been do you think. As far as the league's golden the NFL NBA MLB. What's been their biggest reason for this not to be legal because when you look at it objectively. There's a lot of ways that not only they can profit off of that but it would create even more interest in the game I think that they can. They can walk the line and say. Well you know we don't wanna be responsible if somebody takes it too far or you have the Pete Rose situation he never wanna see that but. I think those cases are. Our may be few and far between that overall leagues I would think would want this to be passed. Absolutely I think if you ask them off the record if the truth serum they would admit that they know that. It is beneficial to increase TV ratings which has banned. A concern but the main reason that. It's not and is. In a nutshell the integrity of the game and that's that's a phrase the entry back in the first commissioners sports Kennesaw mountain Landis. We put in that position after the black Sox scandal. And that that that that brain that all added new former NFL commissioner used. In 1992 when that the law. Bad and sports betting at that in Nevada. Is that and I mean that torch has been carried out by Roger Goodell and we agree and probably Muster listeners that it's hypocritical. Especially in light of you know the upcoming move to Las Vegas so I think that that. Argument is crumbling down and that's where we're seeing more movement. It's just so weird the last couple years watching how quickly and may be too quickly. The league's work to embrace the daily fantasy sites like Samuel draft kings and the other ones that have come and gone with all the ads and although. The merchandise everywhere in the the signs in the stadium and usually they tell our players they camp player but keep these guys are in fantasy leagues in all it's is it seems like. That was the sign for me that yeah they want ads but they do is they have to again as we've been talking kind of toe that line. Yeah I I totally agree I think that's one of the major driving forces here. As well you got you got Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones suited up maybe in the two most prominent. Owners in the NFL are are personally invested. In the deputies and now an idiot that I'd. If you wanna play that good but it definitely gambling habit down political entity that is the law. That differentiate between Steele and and wagering but. I think most rational people would agree that if gambling. I mean I lost. Several grander once Kirk hit that in an illusion that from a from. From scale I lost that from betting money to try to win the more money. I'm daily fantasy sports and it's just that one little is that these things just that one. That one little loophole that makes that legal 'cause everybody does and promotes it. Right yet there they found Alou followed the 2006 law that. I think we've aimed at. Preventing financial situations from an ailing betting with. Our shores that the land the language get its say you react GA here. I think it notes are announced yet at that the law and they later exploited it in the ensuing years and continued it is now. But that they found a way to make some money up and I and I think that's gonna happen. With sports betting. Brett smiley here knowing sings podcasts 157 a from the fan back com. You look over seas on big soccer guy and I think the west ham is the team that I like and they've got a bad way right on their jerseys they've got. They've got places in the stadium. Where you can you can bet on the games. If this and when this is adapted in the United States that you can bet on games. How much is this fan experience going to be different for people that wanna bet that I would assume. You can go to the major sites then and placed bets that B kiosk set up and stadiums are these the kind of things that we'll see. They're minors saying that in Europe say they turned off the yacht once again began. If you read differently and I have I think they're grappling with and now I'm out they get deciding whether. They want to allow you know those mobile apps that will make it as an out inside the stadium. And that apparently changed. The experience in bed but ultimately you know people will be able Tibet through. A legal entity that is operated by the state and the houses should be blatant and has greater integrity and and I mean they're using now which is not sure which are outside the mr. addiction and maybe some local book these two aren't exactly reputable. Now at some point I mean once this is legal. And they can do everything. I against him but there will be an athlete dead dead dead place there will be a coach or somebody Europe. Equipment manager that puts money down how do you prevent that from happening if you can. I database. Of names that we can be shared. Interstate between boats and the console that I mean right now we could very well be having athletes and coaches and trainers making these. They waiters completely outside of the the purview the US law you know it is using. And not short town where they were frankly they don't really care so I I think. It is gun you know which in the US and then and is regulated and line movements are monitors into greater chance that we can catch some sort of you know and I'm like that. His weird it's weird to me how we. As a society. Will cross a line and just say something's acceptable or not like. You're you're seeing it happen with marijuana as I said and you've seen it happen with the marriage for equality over the years and the example little use for sports. Is alcohol I mean during the game you're inundated with. With commercials for beer and all this other different stuff and there's restaurants its economy here and and drink our beer and enjoy our wings in the have a lot of beer here and then you get in I got to drive armory had drive home from your buddies. With alcohol I don't ever hear the NFL being worried that. Because of them because of their promotions because people are drinking during the games I never hear then saying well we don't wanna be responsible when something like that happens. But I don't know when that line will cross because it's. If a guy spends a bunch of money betting on the game and then side you know he spirals out of control because of that. The league doesn't wanna be responsible for that but. Is it not hypocritical when you see it with wit alcohol. It typically at a critical look at who would be the with the sport in the dark about the integrity of the game. But he went out by the instate an experience I mean I've been doing that indenture you have that the number one cause. While fights and people spilling beer and and any violence. Arguments in baton is now it was getting hammered not knowing elements are not caring nine Intel is inside the stadium but they're OK with that against. That's the big money sponsor and that the out all. Entities now. The NFL it definitely accustomed only hypocrite hypocritical positions and they won't even allow that leads and they record Richard Sherman when the doubt to. Two indeed sponsors for turning out on that day insists the level of hypocrisy is high. Right Charles Woodson who are familiar with here edit a vineyard in a wind that he kind. Really start promoting until he retired. And so there is a big level open up a hypocrisy and now on the ledger hockey anything but you did Campion like a Budweiser or Miller Lite commercial. Very interest in so you would say. Dad wanted to three years. You'll be able to legally that. At least in a couple of states are when when are we looking nationwide do you think in your crystal ball. Well people who are really to sit wanna stay on top of that they check out our web site or and other Aamir closely monitoring. The the Supreme Court case. It's kind of a Super Bowl sport Spain. In the courts. It and they and they that's really their priest their day and then they're pretty compelling. That. That it will be heard oral argument is on the October terms that means. The arguments will be some time. November December January. I don't think later than temporary and the we'll get a decision. No later than June and that will determine effectively whether. This 1999 and make it into law passed by its constitutional. It's it's. Deemed unconstitutional. Then that opened the door and the Jersey way to implement it burst in Atlantic City and other racetracks and then there's a lot of states that are ready to go to. Can edit it for example. California has proposed a constitutional amendment. Mississippi that all over the country. Sports handled dot com is the web site. I have to ask. Can you bet. That the Supreme Court decision anywhere. Honey I had a conversation with the work with the ice yesterday that does but out. Outline that is that it's possible and European sports book you can bet on it. CDs and the other more popular not sure but that's on the topic I'm gonna go and set a line rectory in the Prius the other day. I guess I would state minus 200 editors humans.