Bucks Tuesday: Bucks Interim Head Coach Joe Prunty

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, January 23rd
Bucks Interim Head Coach Joe Prunty joined Chuck and Bart to discuss the news in the last 24 hours.

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Its books Tuesday on chuck it way cooler now the all access box conversation. 1057. Generally though we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is that's chuck Freeman at. I'm borrowing cooler obviously you all know all the news Jason Kidd. Relieved of his duties. Was the official word yesterday just a few hours before. The Bucs had a game and they went out and won that game and on the sidelines. For the box is the interim head coach. Joseph front. Thank you they joked. How tough was it for you and the rest of the team after you know few hours before hearing the news to get everything together. And get those guys to play game a game that she won without your star player last night hooked up was that to get their locker room turnaround. You know it there's no question that that was a tough day crazy day. That's. Part of being a professional. And I thought the guys were. Very professional about it in terms of doing their routine. Our skis and trying to stay with their routine. Getting them prepared getting themselves prepared to play. And putting a good effort out on the court. Well that's I say congratulations I mean that's a tough situation. For somebody who's been with the team. On the sidelines. Obviously you filled in for Jason before. But then you know being ahead coach in the NBA there's there's thirty of these jobs and it's a job that. People want and do so much hard work to get to it just when you get there you get there because the guy that you are lockstep with. Is not the coach anymore and that's got to be tough not only for the team that a little differ for you I would imagine. Absolutely and I accept it last night in the press conference in it and it's true. He's a hall of Jason in the hall of fame player and he's a hall of fame coach. And more importantly. He is the hall of fame person. He is first class. All the way through. In a lot of ways you wouldn't even know that he was as good as he was as a player. Extremely humble. Has been you know great to me and my family. And so you have that is one of the reasons why it why it is a difficult situation at the end but then you know you. Chill up in the arena and like I said we have a job to do and a you know for the for the staff. Who do what we did machines said we've kind of been in that position before it was a little bit different. In terms of obviously what was going on but we did in that spot and where I've had to undertake to coaching responsibilities and everybody else chosen as need be. Of course trying to step but everybody. No matter what situation or has their own philosophy and maybe held things they like to do Norway about going to be things is everything. Differ cure going to do and was under coach kid any different style play anything Brooke visualize anything differently you're gonna play. Well there's a lot of things that what we're evaluating things every day and there's a lot of things that we discusses his staff. Things that we're looking out whether it's coverages. I'd be offensively. Whether it's why we shared the ball in one game and didn't it did not do it in another. You know I take last night for example we have eighteen turnovers. And over the last X amount of gains are turnovers turnovers have been trending higher. So part of that is okay. We need to. Be less casual we need you know we have to be more on point with the type of past that we're making. Defensively. Did we get our assignment right. And you know that everybody always talks about accountability and things like that. You know what we hold our guys accountable we hold each other accountable. Another word that you just mentioned rotation. I want all the guys to be and we want all the guys to be ready to play. That's part of being a professional and I take for example last night. Delhi played more minutes last night Denny had. You know recently here and I thought he did a tremendous job. Again it's you know everybody have a tendency to look at stats. But I thought he did some really nice things. I thought Marshall plumber did some nice things as well when he was out there on the floor so. Rotation wise I don't quite get caught up in net as much as I'd like getting caught up in a be ready to play a decent chair. We have foul trouble last night okay Malcolm comes out. And Jason Terry goes in to guard Booker for the last three minutes of the second quarter and he did a tremendous job. So I think the biggest thing is everybody needs to be ready to play. When their number is called. Most times the interim coach has taken over he's taken over a lousy team teams got no shot of the playoffs might be thirteen and 25. Which you're in the playoff mix do you look at this just a great opportunity and you can you know a lot of room for improvement but you still guys a lot to play for this season. That's what I that's what we all look at the past is we have a lot to play for. This this is about the opportunity to visit in front of us today in each and every day and the messages. Are we better today. Then we word yesterday. And that's. That's our goal in terms of being simple. Obviously the goal that we set out to try to accomplish there in front of us they're capable. And we wanna go achieved them. So old. You know that the long term vision that I think for us right now we've got to we've got to ask ourselves one question as individuals. And teams. Our teammates and players and coaches did we get better today that we get better to date are we better today than we were yesterday. Bucks interim head coach Joseph prior to joining us check and went clear here on a fan. You know when you lose the head coach that's like the patriarch of of the team and relationships are going to change all that stuff. There was a reported conversation about what Jason Kidd and you honest we're texting with each other yesterday. Is have you talked Dion this is everything is everything okay there how are these guys dealing with the sudden change. Yeah I've spoken with him briefly at any. It this is this is definitely it like it's when we first started talking yeah it was a crazy. Tough day. And each guy is going to process it differently. And when I say that that's that everybody. So it. You know I don't know all the conversations that took place you know but what I will say it is. You know people handle things. Yesterday. That were very difficult in a very professional manner and that's not easy to do. It's a tribute to. People that haven't gone through a situation like this. But. Again it's there's a lot of things will take place over time here. And you know we might try to go back at last in the last discussion the last question. You know we got to move forward from this and get better. All indications are Jabbar parkers coming back here you within the next couple weeks and told him he continues that the that are that mean. How do you see him fit again to that piece as you guys are moving forward here. Yeah you know he's Jabar is going to be an important piece but I think it would be unfair here. To expect him to come back. And all the sudden. The earth shattering and go crazy doing certain things this is a player that has been. We'll have been out for. You know but you know depending on the exact date if he comes back. You know twelve months whatever. And it's not easy. If you haven't been out. Doing your craft. At a high level that he's gonna need to compete app. And so that they can sometimes I don't think we can put all this pressure on him to thank our page as far as the act now this is what's gonna happen. And that's you know he's got to find his way. There's individual part but again this is going to be about seeing how he fits within that framework. Coach how do you look at this up as an opportunity for you mean you got the sort of like a job try out your job interview for the next. Couple months how do you look at managing bats and whatever is in the back of your head there with trying to make sure this team is a winner. This season. That's that fit this team needs to be a winner this season. I'm not saying dissident. This isn't about me. This is about the Milwaukee Bucks. It's about what opportunities that we have in front of us it's about getting better every day. Improving his players improving as a team giving ourselves the best opportunity. You know itself. I'd be totally honest with you I'm not thinking about myself. OK I mean you do have. He'd been given up. At least these coaching by our property like a five year extension right now he's excited fellow although you know besides coaching jobs will grow on trees and not everybody gets an opportunity like this. Especially a situation like this yeah but shared your golden goose up the dirty you're too were the a look at that right. North if it is I mean I'm not saying that. You know I read people don't wanna coached basketball or that we're very fortunate to do what we do. All of this is all happened needless to say very new. And we really I think the biggest thing right now is focusing on. And I know I'm repeating myself again. Focusing on our our we into I thought last night we got better. And you know we got in the locker room. You know I know guys were happy that we won the game. You know but I majored in your day this is that this was a tough day today and you guys. He handled yourself appropriately. And so that there there's a lot of things that we want to accomplish and that's what we've got to focus on. Look like my high level was high last night to. Yeah no the energy level was good I thought our bench was into the game. You know you guys already mentioned. Christian you know Malcolm scored. Ball very well shooting a high percentage. You know and that having instead it it's a four point you know we went back for. You know it's a close game we get a big turn overall and out of bounds play underneath kind of put. Trying to get us a little bit of oppression. That we've got a seven point lead in Daniels has a three note down the floor. Guys hit clutch free throws late. Are important free throws so it is that game could have gone any any way. And so. I think that that's the part about it that sometimes gets misrepresented his. We made a few plays down the stretch we made a few plays during the meat of the game. They were very important. And we won the game. And so we got better in certain phases but there's other things that we have to get better that in. You're right I know these things don't grow on trees I do understand that. You know that stuff takes care result we won the game last night so things are different approach today. It into the day you know we got to take care of our responsibility. Coach we're at a time so we'll let you off the hook it attacked you and best of luck the rest of the season. I appreciate that.