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Cutting Edge Outdoors
Saturday, January 20th
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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True Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rib First Lady and fielded it. Let's talk everything out doors and you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. Western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by gold sector Ellis fasten your seatbelts for Earl Y. Ride through Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057. Love. The man western shooter supply. I have. Good morning. You all on this. Beautiful Saturday morning with this us light heat wave. This is the mid western shooter supplies cutting heads outdoors with your hosts Danny bush and me coming to true Neubauer. And of course on the boards is jazz were discarded jazz. Elude. Morning like that yeah anyway and it it is nice weather out you know right now then I'm sure it'll change but we got a few days while three more days and two tours board and nice weather. Anyway we come due every Saturday morning from six to 8 AM we our lives we are unrehearsed and we do take your phone calls you might wanna open up those lines. We are open now. Then they don't let that stop sign. Stop throwing it lol that's on the show that's not a fair Tommy. Mosley and is the only and you can always call us live on the show at 4147991250. Or you can email us slide that CEO guy he's at And there was oh yeah I had. You can also podcast post. You know if you miss the showed you go back go on to. Or some of the what's what I set it up on the fan dot com just go on demand scroll all the way down past those other. Mediocre shows the big show old chuck and we caller bill Michael's hand checks out the bottom cutting edge outdoors a SES there again catch up on it and all the latest shenanigans that go on 6 AM. Yeah taken him the first to our second hour is a matter of fact you know there's a number of people who listen to us on that podcast. Some people listen to us live. You know or rude what are what is general when you listen to a slide. They just under Internet you guessed it they can finest Sports Radio wanna fight seven FM the fan or in finesse well fifty. AM or online of one Alfonso offend an income or. Yes cellphones yes Smartphone just download the app yet they can download the happens send us. Up to 32. Voice. Comment. They've been using that on. Number of the shows us we have been here and have on the truck and yes or show it's neat stuff I haven't I haven't really gotten into it and President Obama have to utilize that new pick on bark a renowned and some people are really good with that apps stuff you know again the action using their phone for every little thing but. We knew each on top of that good morning though you know. Bush our guy and over and headed right guys. We're that in that that stuff are we what we don't go to the ops ball. That apps got to get. And they are get all worked out I did they have video conference yesterday and he did and he thought Hillary looked her up in Green Bay. Video that layer realist stayed up there. They're used to be a guy Green Bay probable greet the heavyweight wrestler named Bubba. And Bob what else would it be made up throttle up early on in an awesome evening Bubba looked like a Bubba. He was big and I was like a 119 pound wrestler at one time I made the mistake. Going of them met with Bob on you about rushed me he just. Enjoy just. It slowly getting up to probably just having merely their life on mosquito could in my in my hand and my cousin. Eddie was a big strong guy and Bubba with his arch nemesis when Green Bay east would wrestle probable. And anyway but Bob up with funny remember what time he's talking to me in Eagles yeah Alamo there I get really tired Eagles but in danger the crowd gold bubble go ahead and go Bubba go and it's true in high school now Hulk and like wrestling with big up where I was a it would it be like a basketball the whole stands would be held and they were good. Everybody was behind Bubba and hopes of child would probably be kidding goal Bubba go. But anyway it's and it's working and selling my mom's south. The athletic caller number though he emailed me a link I click on the link you go to sign and and it's cool because the screen that he is looking at you're sharing the same screen an amazing. Technology. Yeah and I think people would rather do that then have him come in and meet in person I think some business people. Would prefer to just do that rather than they'll come on down in my office and little pot. Yeah we does matter effect on Christmas Eve we do because it's typing you know yeah. We start with my son and his family in Arizona Christmas Eve and and a few other times during the year you know the grandkids and then oh what my son Andy does is he. He hooks it up to the big TV the 48 inch TV right so that. You don't have to look at the computer you look at the big TV you know which is pretty cool he talked to grandkids and then generally do whatever anyway. If I gotta tell you Bushey and you're probably already know that's what I wanna let our listeners know that that. 630. Brian. My direct he's the president of Milwaukee's must use ink he's gonna be in the studio at 630 today. Talking about the Milwaukee chapter of must easing. And then at 705 we've got Walt. Cook call the men he's from wall eyes and limited and talk about the ice derby that the outcome and up and Anthony and I think is the twentieth the day. And then we have dug Wagner calling him he's from fish and he'll be Colin and at 730 this and that Doug Werner. I. Well I'll pay you or up a failure for sure. It and is Doug Weight what else is needed well it's Wagner and I think we were both wrong. It is not Wagner I get a word that's a way that I met Wagner Wagner. Yeah he'll be talking together and and of course. You know he's going to be talking about the main thing that's so cool about finish checks is that it's free. You know which is cool so a lot going out today and in straighten everything also bidding to get a lot to look forward to today yet and I'm in when you listening damage in the or we're gonna sends jazz aisle to your house the make that ceiling and that thing about my island area at sea an idea he would be a fun thing as human brings a six pack them. That's that what you're off to our video are now adding and I'm not chief. I'm not only bring a whole case has gone on the debt recruiter paid off for a thirty pack I helped bring to thirty attacks on this much is only here. We used to go to Canada we thought we were being really slick as you're allowed one bottle of booze or one case severe. So of course we buy thirty pack cases of beer yeah we relate you don't really sneaky like where is getting extra six Beers each across the border. If you Sayed Ali it's not thirty it's. In especially down a north rights attorney yet it's her attorney to attorney attorney Alan data gathered much yeah yeah take charity recently got a case of your good Netflix. Denny case and there wasn't bad call for a Lewis and her music is imperialism that. And if you say nothing you have nothing. Well then they really look that date it. It happened to my brother he went up with a broad church group much guys eight guys in a van from Wisconsin. Where he got nothing polar over here. Yeah well I am dollar. It's all what I what with my dad years later and had nothing to dead that didn't drink. They had the hearing was bad enough frequent here so he's in passenger side where he got two cases of beer that we had nothing but I had to pick but. The through your better I'll tell him you got some yeah they figured out something to cover up that the guy has got us and played you got nothing are you kidding me yeah. No way. That's no way poser but because there are few other guys over here it over here you know there. The jurors you have movie is I have not strange brew strange brew you've got to teach in common to see that's another that's good Atlanta is a medal checking out at that with your beard of the dumbest movie you know hours and there's no such thing is but I'm against dumb enough. Funny it's I'll get on Ritalin and you and you later said drink your beer while you're watching that you. Other than a year that's 7 o'clock tonight when the president now look at the part where they're trying to bribe the slightly overweight girl with the daily de La Russa yeah they get a jelly. Go ahead go ahead at my last word back a your ego this gently moved through early in the literally what these guys now gods strange brew man you gotta see I got to see strange brew that's the strange brilliant watched that dumb monkey island newsroom live. Giant Eagle and I gain from the video movie night move team that we. Anthony yet my family for two not for two weeks it was great that we ran out of movies so we have one good twice we we have blood hook in Italy had. Strange brew crew yeah and speaking of that monkey island I think Tom smiley is I think it was sent me some pictures from yeah I got no idea though yeah yeah those were some classical picture. Speaking of Tom I haven't seen him in Ohio. He has engineered picture don't know he hasn't stopped in an Ohio over at the store doesn't come in this Thea and Norton normally it was about every two or three weeks in all really young life is his knee in his back and neck in the and that once you know. Yeah a number of operations you know or thought that I heard from the locker he had. It's painful so anyway but. The get all aboard when people look comes here at the NC right servers as Pena the big. Ought to stand around there talk we and it's going outside of the smoke anywhere you look and we'll talk eight. He's in the you don't check out your diet as just you don't pull your time garden on. Plug it in put no no no that's the way all paid time that is the way to do a embrace in east. Every story needs. When they call that guy I was loving story I'm marketer and I'm Energizer they can hire mannequin on the guards even are named Egon at least or needs a little like candy. I'm nobody like no no not me we have all the young girls were connected to have an outlook and learn their a couple of years ago on Alexandria. Andrea just started the other night urgency really where you vote yes she is she's accused didn't seem like a fish. So that there's actually and then there is and maligned she she heard her husband loved fishing he added it's don't get out as much as they'd like to but. A couple of years ago I turned them onto the mini mites and you're going out to follow relate. And I said here try these many months you know and make him a couple you don't rademan from home gave you some. Anyone out there is normally they go up a follower in and had a little boat you know yeah. And they wouldn't catch much all right they went out there with the me in my circuits and crop b.s and blue gills that a northern buy them. Off he got a little bad shot at by accident you're having a ball though not all relates fished out the dealer has three stacked it yeah. That badly things got so that would be a good ice fishing lake you know. Because there's so many crop these Natalie a lot of smaller ones in this kind of sort through but there's a lot and a good tightly locked to play. Are we got to go to our first break. No clearly a lot of people we got a lot of stuff going on today today. Yeah we just finished up fifteen minutes a mindless rambling so up part of an expired we got Clark try to stay tune to who. When that western shooters and if I had an edge outdoors definitely the new unit for each year yeah not to use weren't meant. That's all right let's get down let's go okay are found out. From back to this question should this apply cutting edge out feelers from any bush single street wealthy landowner from the let's colony. Along with Tommy the true Neubauer true to what I don't know. Looms over their furiously scribbling from no seven and if he's the number. Give us a call if you got a out fishing reef port. Questions or comment as a college you don't have a fishing report. Danny you said that you hockey league didn't have much water on right now is warmer weather I didn't exactly walk out there. They didn't exactly you know phenomena with the I think they got a little snow cover in the finale lukewarm net long. In two day I was wrong last week but today is when the waterfront pub starts you'll official fisheries out there. Yeah well today's the day that they're in a while there. And fisheries are going on all over the place now on will have Walt callus from wall allies are limited yeah. Yeah that one's on missed ego right up that one's gonna be on most eagerly jays. AG's barn girl yeah with raffle prizes. All kinds of stuff hats and horns at midnight after a karaoke everything. Maybe that had granted. Actually today you know if any ice jamboree is going on today it it it's gonna be a nice day for being out there you don't even have to be in a Shani today it's going to be beautiful you know might peel away at eight you make sure yet you're basically in all. Because you know at this former weather you know he get that melt snow and especially when it's a little breezy out know that that wind in the warm weather that really belts that snow quickly. It starts yeah it'll flush you know but I at least the ice holes won't freeze up as. That's good. Yeah you got there it got capital owns a tree well not many years the other I haven't heard much. About what's going on out there the pew lucky chapter. Of wild eyes for tomorrow though headed by Tom cap. Tums got onto Lake Erie. Yeah an advantage never will Randi bill Cole was in here after mid western shooters lining give us the heads up yours ago and happy while I can get out there well. In I think lest we did Shalala they really don't give me I don't know how they're they're here is go to anyway Tom's been out there and he asked the gain from the wall eyes club and few lucky hate. Wanna get a group together and goal and he's got like 27 guys signed up and they're gonna goal like that first weekend in in February aren't going to be a you know I wish. You know I worked so committed to the show Tom I could be on Lake Erie catching while lies when my club but it's a great. Great deal for people they got kind of a deal there figure not to campus not can be real expensive and the author catch and yet all it's a no expensive. And you can keep up the Needham air well over the head with a crowbar. Really want you did he lob twice as good with a baseball bat. That's that's crew dollar on the topic of fishing now got a caller again Jeff over mosquito. Jeff has got some nice news forest Jeff let's go on your cutting edge outdoors. Yeah and I might be some new color eyes he's made me. And it's only grow beards showgirls but you know there wouldn't be such an. IPod though last night that you audio book and. While it's true it's free fishing weekend time that's why free ice usually aren't eligible ball I didn't know that there's I knew it don't read I was taking it only acknowledge to myself what Akamai now sort. A drill holes. So that's not the way late today for about our sport the sport and landing up ice fishing hammering cabinet level. We're gonna eat something tonight. All right good for you what time and yet it is a part time you come on over eight I mean why a lot of sizzler. I'm an order at all at this mark how are knows me quite odd ball YE. It is great joy times seem now he's all roll one wreck and it's the guy didn't recognize your voice. Six. Yeah are still there and they're still see that Yahoo! no hold called. Oh good. If it left into left. It'll blink cool. I don't know I don't even money at all. But the one dogged apple iPad public and I remember her. Oh yeah oh yeah. Yeah he's not there anymore. All well. I'm gonna get something over here yet they're not gonna let it book no matter. Yeah you got to fish wind lake for northerners. When he went Lake Erie down well okay that's in your fishing for pike you get any big ones out there. I'd I you know what I don't I get I get from big dot they're describing did not and are you I'm open to get some bigger on that day but you lead him. Not not like they're all not let the right side we got here right about. Yeah I love like they're good men so more power to ya hate limits are there to check out that well yet all the experts like us. They I'll tell you what eat go to YouTube and looked under or go to Larry Smith outdoors on YouTube and scroll down and you'll see a northern pike for laying. Video it's a different way to do it to get the bones out the rib bones and everything. And the white bones and it's really works it's really cool and it's really easy so go on there and look it up and it's it's it's a different way of doing that different really good it's really sort of native American from Cano doing all the following an 05 was five seconds now know just some guys in Wisconsin there you guys. Are you well and has Gerri you still doing work at that other radio station. I felt I am you are good for you for him below me. Well you know I hit the bank and you know what I like articulate wouldn't dump the time they got people wait on him which you know it's already here talked you know. And you guys have a great show over there come sit still too wide because that's lies. Oh yeah surfers he's slowly there yeah. All right Jeff thanks a lot and we'll get mail and get it called during the week sometime right. The banks haunted by Jeff. Ed just used who have been my producer just tell him not to eat and you attacked because you when he does that yeah I know he's listen I don't send off of tax not even picture no matter what people send pictures of stuff do I'm sorry I don't look at any if I entered the text message it gets he raced I'd never look at. You gotta compete calculator you can't just be stubborn your whole life I yes I can you listen in Andalusia Auburn you wrote this paper when. Invented academy using leaves his kids you are stubborn and eighty stepping Rogers a lateral the goal that's why but that's why. Why like why you don't respond to taxing I don't wanna bother wolf first of all okay here the first reason is I generally don't have my reading glasses with a select and I. My dad's an all time yeah out a calf the other thing is a crap if somebody wants to get all our dollar pared out here element dollars dollars the other thing Dollar General if somebody wants I'll get a hold of me all they gotta do is call me. And tell me what it is I don't don't rule don't wanna be read and Scott just call me and tell me he's also well it. I hope you tell me and I fight and if for wreak some reason I'm not buy the phone leave me a message out called youth then of that's an excuse not easier to talk salacious to a girl that's in text rather than saying it Ireland are like puck in the girl's. You know on the you know can't talk digger yeah they're married because then I won't even think about it I just lower police and electric a creepy guy wearing a trench coat with a big entity roles in your pocket so yeah some and a romantic link you know yeah ho ho you music and all you do and. Couldn't reject any driver of the van. I'm getting I'm not god how to create a commented well senator on the human loss and I have Indian gently move and let them know they really think he's looking for. A really creeped. It's too late to get Jeff back in the show you they will no blood Jeff was my produce for different radio station up there one thing about Jeff I. And I don't want you whose last name I don't wanna you know I don't know if you user but Capel Jeff yeah I called them big boy and the show. He was. He was one of these guys that would. He he would get me in the places you know I mean I do promotions or whatever and to promote the show in the station whatever. He would get you know all these weird things does this guy could get into any venue. He would you know of Boston you know whatever sneak into him you know even though he would demand an invite. He'd get into these venues one time he wore he was at some concert some big I forget what it wasn't a big band concert. You went out bought a security shirt. And Jack Newton had whatever. He got and will be interest to buy a ticket no heat while not could you use that he was you know that it use that in other venues and ever and have other things. I gotta rest legally in order concert their way want. You did Donna Springfield Missouri and college a foreigner concert out at the southwest Missouri State University there and and almost under the door there in the girl inside the concert looked at us. And in real sort good looking guy smiled and opened the door so. The first two guys got ending one my brother another guy Joseph lawyer from Ohio in Meehan Randy he's from Brookfield here. We've both got grabbed by the collar by the police officer. And Andrea got down. Oh yeah they you know. I don't know that the ticket that I got. Common trait scheme or device to obtain money goods and services. Are now. Not bad ticket comment trick scheme or device. To obtain money goods or services cost me 35 bucks an elector from a judge in election but Iraq any doll you a lot of heat. He you lied about he never the idea on him and he lied to give a fake name fake get all the stuff he's they'll probably wandered in in in to bring you don't worry about it after he never did a ticket. You can fake names. That's funny that's funny. That was good to hear from. Yeah well we got to go to break. Dan Dan and I worry got to turn up at six there well we and a brand Meyer Brian and Brian Lara lets you think he should be around here and hopefully you know he could always while he can call us and say hey guys he can call 7991250. Hey guys I'm by the side door let me indicate it's not like it it two weeks ago and we have a whole. Hello again there are some guys stand and outside the window there I don't know what there parents feel. That's time. Month that you're not if I thought. They would all like this people all these their buddy yeah. At least you're not saying there's a strained left side there with that I do and they know back well I don't suddenly I only call I got you subscribe to pay off in the body's holding. A guy I only saw a guy from South Africa would lose face up against the wall I DNC and that I didn't see I don't Paula Abdul Bebitch I didn't see these guys. I don't know this other guy and only he was. A body was gone on Sunday looking for a bottle Louis here's some I don't know. I'm OK let's go to break got a letter against him but we'll be right back with more in the mid western shooters spies cutting edge outdoors on both. 12:50 AM and 1057 FM the fan this week and the police department plea you sports show. Well 230 a Paula bigger record analyst at one that the Michael shall we get to the two right here on the fans. Oh man I'm gonna hate you. Congress than you I'm aren't enough food chain. Yeah and locked down land. They get report has brought you by beamer cheesy produce and discount liquor. Have you ever heard jazz above special Mel saw us. It's the beginning for many sauces illness so easy to make. Only three tablespoons of butter melted three tablespoons of flour mixed in there you cook it for a couple minutes. Put in two cups of milk whisk it up really good and you got a nice thick sauce. It's actually the beginning for a great Mac and cheese to start thrown your favorite cheeses and then start melt and it poured over your numerals throat in the oven at some. A passion Mel saw fifties you can add whatever spices you like to spice it up. Just remember three tablespoons melted butter three tablespoons of flour mix it all up cook it for a couple minutes. Two cups of flour with the whiskey and you've got a beautiful start of beautiful saws. And that report was brought you by VMware cheesy programs when equality council can count on beamer cheesy program since has done the best. You can visit them at beamer cheesy dot com and by discount liquor where you'll find the best price selection and service. At 51 and Oklahoma in Milwaukee and main street in Barcelona Waukesha for weekly specials go to discount liquor ink dot com. Oh man I'm gone it yeah yet congress doesn't give Bob I'm not that you ain't. Here is not now. Tom I got to macaroni and cheese recipe Florian yeah one word crap that that's how you try not and my thanks. Well in this audio with the bulls AMP lucky lately where you find meaning using them. Her solo no mission now that's a man up. In this studio whether that right now as you rise in my. Rick president of muck on Milwaukee chapter of must easing the morning Brian good morning guys things Odom and you know what it allows one Rogge told me you're gonna be in today I was thinking you know this is a great time a year to be a member vote public must easing because. You had your monthly meetings and Richard you know in the wintertime there's not as much to do. You go to the meetings here you know you learn new stuff to talk with the other guys talk about different things about musky fishing on and generally have a pretty good time. Only it's a good way to help feed the habit neo Nazis and a little bit the addiction of course of course you can go to channel folks we do have. We do have three speakers lined. For our winter meetings we actually went a little off schedule normally where the fourth Tuesday of every month but we had to skip. This coming Tuesday January we've pushed a and Thursday February 8. Mobile have ties senate okay and Hayward area and lose ground to stand from Minnesota come in and they're gonna do a panel. Discussion sort of fielding questions right from the crowd stuff for expect them you're really pretty indeed present is a little different than the normal on. I'm and then the end of February we have Ryan Grant from Green Day come in or out muskies and also touched on Wallace cousins. Kick and Ray Durham and as well if you guys do finish for other follow once in awhile he hit a couple area while you bet you that and then mum. The the last speaker there of their the end of march the last vote Tuesday march we have. Oh captain Doug play. Movement in and he's gonna talk about. Bomb sort of us fox chain. And he's also figured out some things and Geneva. Sunnis and can give some insight on that since spring tactics respond. While Geneva. They that's the new oil and that's the Lula who all is the error there's always something new all the time in the muskie world. And those most user gonna grow big downer who got a lot of affinity for reached at home. You have from the hit some big ones the initial things that they've seen it is the growth rate that is. Spectacular moves it's sort of above and see what Ted and in England rate we'll typically I think a biologically speaking guys I think when you plant the new species. In our ecosystem in which they can thrive there is an initial like boom initially. That tapers off after awhile. But there is an initial and not just muskies I think that's kind of like I said that I have read that that's like a biological think that's why when vermilion all the sun hit the scene. Boom I mean it hit in hired big lets these everywhere. And and then after awhile it kind of tapers down but yeah I guess now's the time negating the net boom on Lake Geneva. Yep and thinks those Fisher audit big enough to be on big dumb. That's the way we like come. We toyed around a little bit this year did you at a good time to figure. It's it's yeah it's a blizzard over 5000 campers right now it's it's a big body of water the the benefit. I imagine of going out there is you could probably. Pick up a bunch of pike in between. If you're like troll informal there and mean you can do some deep water troll and trying to arsenal we bitch things. And you might get a pike lake get a muskie maybe even a big bass now and then so. May be deploying a little. I'm looking forward to to have Doug says about a disease that went but the time and from ones and B interest in what's it take to be a member of must he's moved the Milwaukee chatroom most easing yeah so must marketshare there must design for just part of the overall parent or of muskies thanks so you can know how many states is that like our own organization how many chapters. A lot. Sarcasm and in front a lot they'd have a list of all these head hey if you be close to a hundred well maybe 900 but I idol there's chapter number fifty something year and things were in the sixties and really sixties. They are a lot yeah and there are all over there's new muskie you know waters input all over the US thinks this group's. Doing that so it is it's really. It's always like my I interrupted you I'm sorry my initial questions what does it take to be a member. I've but it's still the the annual our membership mum and bids just one. The gunman was 35 for years and years and years and probably should have done some anchorman mode going up before I only did I let it out I guess I got my 35 did it hurt me pretty I had heard elect 35 yeah five bucks so I I believe it's now 450 come so it's 45 year for single I think it's fifty. Her sixty for a family somewhere in that. But you can go to muskies ink dot award to do that in come many of our meetings we've debt registration forms there. And if you go to the mosque you expose them and up in the area there yeah places Sino well here's. Here's why Brian I tell people they should be a member of muskie zinc now as you know I've been a member for I don't know almost twenty years and England. And I don't go to the meetings well I've wondered too but you know I'm just busy. But if you fish in these area lakes. But you that the club has done such a great job supporting stocking over the years. That that I even tell clients who come from Illinois I had tell me should judge to be Joaquin chapter. 'cause the money you're putting in their goals into the resource that you're using. And you know Furl it used to be 35 now 45 big deal. Same same reason I'm a member of the puppy lucky while ice for tomorrow chapter and here I'm support and supporting it meant to get a great. Maybe zine each month you get a magazine. And I was using a Muslim think it includes a subscription to the magazine and opportunity to go to the meetings and. And part has to be a participate in your. You have must using term and yeah chapter challenge that I want in Illinois and that yup just to a year wanted to spring warm fall yes we've got. Quad county chapter Chandra Metso is opening weekend of the season that's real fun one against the guys in Illinois. And then there's some Wisconsin's statewide on its global leader we've detail and so that rotates from chapter two after. And so the date can kind of shift a little bit it's generally right around my Father's Day weekend date. And this year I believe it's going to be at pelican lake in mid June again and it's a great time to speed on it's that's a perfect time my dog that's the and so I let our people and handlers on June. No you don't you get up in northern Wisconsin that their first couple weeks or mid June area there you know their offer their spawn in their starred in the put on a feed bay that's agree. I'm its roomy I love about I'm here to boost immune to fear waters thirty exactly how the girl over love I think I've fished pelican wants. It it it seems to me there was a big bar right viable lunch you know tons of muskies on the wall in an era. Yeah what did you yeah. All of them are by Milan and had a hamburger top dog okay if if it was tough right now hi is it 514545. I was gonna that was my second guess right up highway 45 yeah. I was revenue in north by myself one's going right I've. And my own mama from the special other work and thirty switch my phones and northern right discounting. I was like oh man slipped over the side check the weather forecasts. So a ball from a give any fission and today the students to wipe me out a better Fisher and down road in salary and autumn pelican and in my second cast ago afford to pay. Yeah. I know Steve million used to fish creatures there yours ago yeah used to work in plastics and stuff. And I went there I think in the fall I was coming back from viewed as there and it that I have heard about this pelican lake. And I went oh my little blue aluminum boat caught up in but. Yeah thumbs like good place to go back yeah yeah that might there with all the mosquito announcement that the Burnett Denver in effect after a lot of golf. Okay coming up next folks. We need a contestant for the hard Schwab gulf. It is sponsored by buck he's fine meats and sausages and a lot of Golan but he's does more than just means they got seafood they got robes they get sauces they got this big got there they are gonna take some real quick somebody out of a wild bat just not too long ago month or so ago gave bill quick is it yet it'll be quick. They gave me some turkeys are all time he got to try to Sturges the best Iran I try to it was decent Turkey but not as good as but he's not as good as there is. They still have the best. And anyway you'll win a ten dollar gift certificate by playing the orange log will be the first caller to be the contestants 7991250. Is a phone number call right now. Austin Steve Stone cold Austin are. The world's greatest wrestler. It sees me seem to be a B superstar. Stone cold Steve wasn't the world's greatest wrestler you already wrestler was Bubba anyway and the Green Bay you know. I'm 1970. Or a grad school law by Arnold. I'd buy a bit lucky the world's greatest wrestler was right from South Milwaukee the crusher. Is the world's 30. Earned the crowd got buried there you don't. Are they might jazz yeah. Yeah I remembered a crusher thinking IE I needed and yet my wrestling the amount of informants likened to the bigger fan of baron Von raschke an outlaw it matter it's OK okay I'm. I'm muted if you do well to do better than the kids they'll come up and I collect if I get kids love it when you give the claw. OK okay a little while local live in Atlanta we feel we have we more got. Donna Aldrin are seeing who's going to be playing at the orange struggled where is she of what's going on time. I lose or are doing good man OK so here we go in from all lying to say that the horns while ago. It came from telling the truth. Knoll orange while ago here we go knock. Casting reels have been around forever however the speed and cast real was invented in 1937. By or bill read in barker. I don't gave. The cardinals. Zeljko. I would say speaking at that time these patterns up grow into golf you'll know this next one is giving it does that cool 33. The venerable. Then go 33. This perhaps for the money one of the finest. It's and most popular being cast reels ever wants boggle or no orange while mobile. It's no hard and Chicago beat them both 33 was. Big big big he sold to Julien of millions of them are crap and got. I. Feel dot I have a lot of plus how they go to to the ethic under the last month. Milk or water. Yeah OK all right you got a chance to redeem yourself you know you're one and one here. And cited the I'll be Mitchell 300 spinning real. Our was perhaps what these debacles 33 was the best in cans and submit to 33 with an elected general standard by which all. We're compared orange wobble or no or Schwab. You mean Mitchell 300 until 300 meaning. That norm drawn as well yeah yeah it's. For those individuals right now hollered or do black. All black. Youths remember I had won back about it 45. Here's and oh yeah and the bay hill. Turn the opposite way from those other all other spinning room all gathered. Did you got it I could remember of the trade was there any good on the. Yet to drag was decent that was already was but they had good solid real they had that may be packed with so much grease. And now at all mammary pact with the greens and her theory met all the added just take it apart. Oh yeah Ohio yeah yeah pretty stellar idea. I got pretty easy aren't dying hang on line and get some info from and then we will go from there thanks for call and thanks for listening aquae. You know old man on yeah I'm gonna be sending out per. In the the or by the lake here in machine is is that frozen out there. And then I've ever. As far as I notice. Everybody out there that knows. That's nice this year doing anything nobody can also ideal. Remains a matter of fact I I saw. TV it was either a TV show or was an article where they were all there was an article lest we Sunday's paper. They were fission in their harbor ice fishing. Now ought to try yeah all right. All right based on hold by banks that. All right Tom I heard they pulled some guy out of the Kenosha Harvard in the good samaritan the other day was jogging by and some dude was in the water trying to hold on some icicles -- side of the wall and he's young in my at all going to be your off on those numbers. Though heart trouble was brought you by buck he's fine meats and sausages and McGwire Argo gold to buck he's side is but he's fine meats dot com for more information. Okay and I'm going to be sending. I don't website yeah yeah yeah I guess every place has a website now hook yeah but if you if you sell worms on the side of the rodent. Yeah and you need a web site themes in the event where Missouri is dot com and. OK so now you wanted to tell a slow a little bit of Brian about. All your daughter your your rare common outcome and did you notice yeah how big must easing club is gonna look into shouting. That's right yeah I doubt we we we timed that out with our guide raffle that we have gone unsold tickets for that will be come available at the southern Wisconsin muskie expo which is next weekend Friday through Sunday. And watch expo center. Then two weeks after that. Will be at the Milwaukee mosque yet explored must burn rate com and then we'll also tickets that are meetings. And you discount this is welcome tickets. But for that guide raffle it's a hefty guide trip. Com we've had four different guides offer the services will be drawn for the from winners Mike kept. Locally year and you marquee late mom told walls are Dave's look easy guide service also if you are acutely. Com rang grant for Green Bay and tight senate room they were there it's awesome so little bit out mix for forever one's flavor of the vote. And we're talking before that you know everybody it seems like there's a lot of ice jamboree is going on to you guys are doing you're gonna have some light and ice to everybody it's going to be a pen fish shouting. I'm open while on open water and it's gonna coincide with smokey is muskie bait and tackle shops mistake on the lake and that's the Saturday before opening that's correct that is that your big pan fish and anybody can come and fish that are. All you band that's open man embody some. Don't have the the sheet in front of me I wanna say it's time dollars. Really been handling the prize for the biggest can't finish you ahead for the smallest pan fish I can't ask all of you out fees aren't we after that players like for hunting years ago they used to have the big buck in smallest buck led Dan once won a smallest but contest at front and cannot do but yet to see how smile of a little dink bring it because. We haven't turn of the the rules read the comments on that I am gonna look of that so yeah we're gonna do that it'll be a good time let me raffles over a curly is afterwards for for the awards and yeah Largo is blue gill alarmist purge longer scrappy. We hustled through longest pumpkin seeds and spew markedly is absolutely loaded with those has yet to Seattle right notable differences between them in the gills. And then now we're gonna do heaviest vague as well so come on Iraq bass or some red high of running acid iron to a minute and ask Arthur on another camp and then there's another one that were my arm off it looks like legged under intense little dinky ones but they're just a little different weird. And cross between like Iraq national blue deal rentals that are there now yeah miles but the smaller he did some that are maybe six inches would be like a big one in my Kindle taxes those in the barker. Oh with those categories I think it would keep everybody excited because you. A little bit everything I'll I'll bet you know what I mean like tournaments efficient you think. I got no hope registering your winning anything for something like you might think well even if it gets what is blu Julia and the money are you don't go on a monthly tournaments for the money and I answered don't. And and you're gonna have like raffles for other things and write those mergers and NB raffles -- yeah we're gonna make a real simple just organized jamboree yep yeah and then Nam and that's going to be a lot of current lease yes castle registration and then I'll that'll be right from the smoke he's there and then the posts. Fishing in the awards in the news raffles albeit early history. Manage songs that's probably a lot of fun. That the where is what that I felt like when we leave in the state of the way it ever was looking for somewhere ago so to do yeah they were. Her on the verge of doing what real love is I think this could correspondent. And do they cook for mistaken the late in the normally have. And sometimes I don't think so yeah I had depending on the weather mid may be we could get one of the trained technicians like in the years authorities feared Gordy. We got some will pop songs put on Eric cook in April and apron grabbed the songs and get the charcoal Golan. The and as for four listeners that that are new to the show that don't know what mistakenly is that smoke he's mostly big tackle shop on Q while he. The Saturday before opening day. People come out and buy and sell. Their old fishing lures rods real close. Hope towards what debris whatever and let it go fishing he thought the idea bring it out set up a table doesn't cost you anything. That set up a table and sell year old Jong or buy some new junk if you know whatever. And so they'll be appear official outing on the same day at B preferred date ago you know they make sure the votes were but here's the problem Brian with the problem. I think seven out of nine years. That we should cyclical it's rule aimed at. So so you do it like the panorama have unsure division is well we'll someone we had good stuff and I we have in the rules you do not need to finish them both. Or didn't do that distracts others get re someone is celebrated on his back about it I didn't. It's ugly it's going to be a lot of fun while Haywood does there Brian we got stuff to do. We got jazz coming up with our sports update your listening to the mid western shooters supplies cutting heads outdoors and now here's JoAnne.