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Saturday, January 20th
Cutting Edge Outdoors: Tom and Bushy take you on a wild ride through Wisconsin's great outdoors!

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For a Lake Michigan to the Mississippi. And every rivers lakes and fielded it. Let's talk everything out doors and you head out it's time to hop on the crazy train. Western shooters like cutting edge outdoors presented by Kohlberg insect repellents fasten your seatbelts broke why. I'd do Wisconsin's outdoors. Only on sports Radio One 057 have. We're from midwest. Shooter so. Good morning everybody it's a beautiful weekend here in Wisconsin especially here in salt piece from Wisconsin we are the midwestern sugar supplies cutting into outdoors. He's Danny bush I'm Tommy the true Neubauer we come due every Saturday morning from six to 8 AM we are live we are unrehearsed. But if you wanna get in on the action you can give us a call with questions comments fish or whatever. At 4147991250. Or you can email us live at CEO guys at As a matter of fact and am just sent us an email says good morning everybody. And I happy birthday to Brad and move this bill that's pretty said that every bird did a brand had a birthday Bryant thing used yesterday Milwaukee must easing meetings are a lot of fun and do help break up the winter see you at the meetings are shows some time soon. One of that angry draw Reagan got I've. And and try to pronounce his last name but certainly men suing ski suit swing it in insistence with Hinske. With kinki. And there were kinki CA peso is a great guy we had a man oh it's your birthday it was yesterday I have Bieber thing could sit here for fifteen minutes late for Tom to pronounce that name Yavlinsky I don't know Regis or else I won't look at it decks with an insult at NC. And and see if they're you know yet they make them angry dragon lowers really need. So give us your website yet if people are more information yeah indefinitely check this out there regatta calendar there and also on our FaceBook page sort FaceBook is just Milwaukee chapter muskies tank and then our website is WWW. Dot Milwaukee muskies thing. That's pretty easy Milwaukee must use knowledge that's muskies IES. Yes okay thanks route gutter case in depth as some people spell it why Athens MR IES slow. But if it's plural should be idea. Now exactly okay. And they can get out get more all the information Dresser got dollar events you can look over if you don't if you see an upcoming event wondering like what's this veterans out and we've got nice write up some pictures from previous ones on the now let's say a person was not a member of Milwaukee chapter of most easing and he can they can still come to one year meetings I guess you would it's all about. Yet meetings meetings are over to the public react injured if you're not a member come out check it out because. It's not just the speaker that's gonna rebel we have a raffle and over again we developed a nice musk you're out of it remaining a sound so debates and of course and there. And there's just the tunnel local info that you pick up at the meetings is while the hum some guys that I didn't know five years ago are some of my best friends today and madam salmon and meeting. That's cool. Who'll excellent. Any use of popular than he does basically is it odd that with look thoughtful guy yeah. Simon member elect has had for a long time you know what I do miss is yours ago. They used to have a big huge spring banquet room huge member all those Tom did you ever go to any of the huge. Huge spring baying banquet. And they'd have all kinds of raffles. And a big dinner. He'd be there all these characters back then. Now than ever some characters who preceded you in that club let me tell you I understand that. I hope I'm through the justice and Alia be triggered yeah I think tomorrow act as crazy as possible when you live up to their legacy my friend that's natural. And we wanna thank you for coming in this morning and you're gonna hang around a little bit because you're gonna cut to commercial that's her access rights are you gonna hang Ronald bitten right now we're going to be talking to Wally cook. Lets you gotta buy time breakfast number he's grown in. Well believe me none of them out there but we we went out for Chinese last night and I don't think Yemeni eat for two days my god how could you who's on all you can eat it. Anyway can't you can't have good tiny yeah. Eight at don't be racist on this. Yeah yeah out watching it and direction oh yeah. IA out so we hope Wally on the line now. We have got Wally on the line hey it is named Walt yeah I was gonna say Maldives definitely Walt now and in long Wally one wall high walled. Pronounce your last name. Called him all right Wally Coke as we've been discussing different ways of announcer Wally quote from Wallace and limited you got your big ice derby today. Yet taught at AJ's bar and grill out there by most big missed Eagle Lake tell us a little bit about what's going on today. Well we've got 33 different opponents got efficient server there goes from 5 in the morning and so known. And you know we've they've prizes for six these these all I've been asked I crappy person will be or some of you. Oh fisherman about like by away. You're bring if there's a case to register and have a guy outside you do officials or tune. I've been ordered out of our characters do all the adulation. And then you got a big raffle go one on men. Ever got a route or we got the meat grapples so their general raffle tickets are. Available on that's what you gotta buy one of those tickets to get in the ice fishing derby you buy it. By by and it's figured this deposition derby you're automatically registered for the whole grapple. We got over that about themselves were the eyes general Rapp. Well what are some of those prices. Well we've got you know sink or rise we've got a I talker we've got to. A common bird Buick. I I will cater. We got lots of different. Things got four Packers jerseys and do black Oxford these. All sorts of different things. OK and when is the meat raffle take place. Every grapples start about 1130. And I'm reflection this year tremendous. Mike Paul we always run that we got ham and bacon and got rid sport Orion. Revised states. They are stripped states they can do that they've vacant. Oh yes and you. Everything goes through it they can goes with everything. Have there that tickets are five dollars age and with that you get to a numbers they've been there we go on. Over the winner gets to pick up every. For the general raffles do you have to be present to win those prizes. It's going to bite is your president right and that now. I don't have to schlep surprises. Hey I think if somebody won one of those nice prizes in you call them. They'd come over and pick it up. It would cover the year ago over and meet me wherever we. And so my old spot. Guys and and Walter so fishing only on big whiskey goalie credit. Different this year fishing only because people only. Partly we would is that big and little but little drink right now isn't allowed. Right it's closed right now. And let's see now an AJ's bar and grill. Did you get a phone number for them in case anybody wants it called. Oh you know I could looked at appear. We've got to have a here's some more all the. Yeah I think they they texted it to you Tom you I got it here. And who's gonna find. 4140. Or seven. One never. Boy oh boy. When Olson little boy on the also got a big. Don't hear wave I I'm picked on our mom I'm dollar loan that right now. No that's now on a yet again too many of these things here you'd that he is going. And well known going to talk amongst yourselves known if we can find AJ is that. Well there you go ahead. Or what 442717. Of them. OK so they can call their give information to get lost and that's where you can buy the general raffle tickets correct. You by the year ago period is probably too late by members members that are for sale for a month. And when it's right next to the box or on. Destroyed nick apart in for access to be away. Now that's going on today right. It's really unify yeah. Yes there are other rap mogul positive starts about five. And the fishing. Yeah so I mean if somebody's listening right now they can so go altered by a ticket right and golf fiction yeah great. I might. Just drive on by raffle ticket for Willis great prizes and an outcome do you you won't have to come to me if I get lucky enough to win. An end stages let's say your goal in 94 west had and how what would exit to go to get to miss ego of their Tom you well know you go out 43 take 4333. South he and you go that way. Okay and a victory there yeah okay well Walt anything else you got to hold you know yes. While he's on limited this is when your fundraisers for for your club right. This major fund raiser for the year this provides the funds to do all the things that we do like the all the kids fishing clinics that veterans fishing outing of the law I stocking. Although different public service activities that we do. Yeah and and what what's a website that they can go to to find wallets and limited information. Www. All right I'm limited. USA. Dot org. You know in general that dot org among put that dom dot. Yeah it'll pop right up exactly. Yeah and nobody takes in the eyes and worked on the display noticed Google RH well. Well Walt thank you very much have a great day today got a good idea beautiful weather for a year yet you have beautiful weather for a good luck and end up thanks for all you do for the wildlife fishery. All right thanks while. They don't find out. All right well listen when we had a few more minutes left Brian again based stop and end. Muskies ink dot com. Well actually it's the law. Moloch does go to man does go to must teasing that just Google right Danny then Google must easing and who you'll find. Without a bow and well Clayburgh let's take an early break. All right and you guys can go over and try to records and from okay don't give away our secrets over year top hey we're all a lie where we gotta talk a bit about our business loan and all those hurt or did Johnny. That I got to ask you about this no later. Do you not read it yet I can read it but I got a few questions. 88 again we'll talk we're gonna little break here the. Give away and see how they continue my relations part of this team here on the low maintenance you've been listening to mid western shooters and black effect cutting edge out starters we'll talk team a little bit. Welcome back well. This is the mid western sugar supplies cutting edge of worse it's about what is there about 734. In the AM. Just about we here just about and you know we're in this kind of hang in out here talk and fishing but I do have to. Spot out you wanna get in on this conversation you can call us at 7991250. But nobody's gonna answer the phone right now you got to wait about ten minutes they got business elements and anyway there's two really good spots off first of all one of all you probably saw. Now I knew about this for life forgot to mention and a few weeks ago. But beaver damn late Larry Smith last week you can go on YouTube and look at Larry show from last week. Just type in Larry Smith outdoors and it'll pull it up and just look at the latest one he was on Beaver Dam lake fishing Wallace now. What they showed was that and and this is usually converse to what normal thinking in his. Now normally when you have a clear body of water Clearwater. The wall eyes will generally bite better at night after sundown okay. And during the day you think has some but it's not as frequent. Well Beaver Dam lake is a dark body water experience not dirty water but it's flowing water you know it's part of you know big gonna end up but there's water flowing through. Well my point is is that it's darker water. And you've been through the bigger while he's or the Wally would be by eaten during the day while they where Biden during indeed but they were the small wallets all the undersized fish. Not a Beaver Dam they've got to eighteen inch size limit in a three fish bag limit. And Larry Smith and his guys his crew that was out there. The retention the smaller wall eyes when it was laid out after that's about a hour after sundown. They started slam and really nice wall lice you know eighteen and half to 2223. Enters they were catching quite a few of them. And that was and if you and if you watch a YouTube video you'll see that the U Beaver Dam lake is not a deep lake I mean it it it's averages is like about seven feet you know I mean it's not a deep body of water. And you can tell that when it's a broken to give one pull up and here's the fish coming out of the hole already. So Beaver Dam lake that's one place for really nice qualities but to get the good ones it's got to be after dark period. The second place is little known beaver lake. We know it's early yet now most people don't even go to be relate because they don't have a boat launch. They had the ball landing but it's Kerry and all leaders about what five or six parking spots there they do have an earlier motel the more that I don't know if you like to see it all the time. But anyway. Oh. In his but on beaver lake you got to carry an access. So you just pulled it argues walk out you know tailored to your ice fishing. But out there when I was looking at pictures yesterday's I was showing me the pictures they were kitchen big perch and big blue gills. And they weren't Walken far from from the launch area from the parking area. Beaver lake is is one of those it's not finished hard at all I mean because most of the people who live on only go fish. And they don't have a regular boat landing access to the lake which released Sox right that's one that could be in our should probably work done to get a bowl lending out there. Because the lake is who's got a lot of large law passed its cuts while marked as it's got northern pike and it's got a lot of pain and finish but the blue gills in the perch are there are nice. Now you will pixels smaller perch that that's given an English. But you will get those 91011 insurers either. You will get the 78 inch blue deals out there I mean it's it's a good late for ice fishing so those are my two it says that we. Notre damn late in eagerly. So are those guys happy you gave the way they're hot spots now. I don't know if you look at how B I bought it because some people kind of like to keep things. In all tight lipped. Well no I won the won the first one about Beaver Dam like that 11 really wasn't a given way anything Larry Smith didn't show up there last week. And I buried additional and it natural PB and go on to schooler Eastman you'll go on YouTube and going very special and you concede. Authors. It was at it was very interesting out there and and I was saying out. Be for you walked in here was usually when you have a clear body of water yeah though the fish bite better after dark in an avid art body of water though. I find during the day the problem was is that when the sun was up they were catchall little wall eyes. But is about an hour after dark all the big ones certainly slow. It's a tip pops. Now where I'm Beaver Dam lake I don't know exactly you know I lottery they delayed it's not real big but it's long and narrow. It's long and narrow and what I would do a thousand or go up there I would just look for work the Czechs are and where the people are efficient because. They're gonna be were the Fisher just look form. Fiscal by the other guys out there. Ice did you see that opinion. I'm with the magazine. That's network ports badger sports and did you see the what was written on that guys back he was ice fishing he said none has bucket in on the back of detective says. If you re in read this you're drilling your whole two closer spot we'll let the I know goes trendy Q&A yeah. Is that dead people ice fishing I dead people you know come within. I'll take ten feet which is actually pretty else within ten feet of. I've heard stories. That. It's it's crazy stories where people will come that close and even out both their. Who. And it's like yeah yeah I have a common. And me personally I don't really care. I usually have my diploma instead you know I don't I don't care I don't think you'd be their first I only know yelling at the guys down no not at all. Is a matter of fact I have like three holes drilled that I can reach the right vice leveling on my bucket as if those holes. And in it for guide pops down like ten feet from me right over there currently there. No is gonna be a nice guy and we can sit there and Chad you can share his lunch with me or something right now. It feels like it's because it Ella and did you see the pattern top room I don't I don't mind now it doesn't really bother me. Now if they were closer than ten feet yeah that might bother me. A a a a. A dog goodness from the old mine again. He look at some stuff here is Brian leave Agudio yes you do it it you got it all taking care of a hey we do not reveal. How we do things outside the show we Tommy what happens at the shows they took the show they do is. Tommy don't make me. And he you know you go Leo saying whatever in this studio the age. Alec deals who's saying what happens in Las Vegas goes on YouTube. On the I was nowadays that oh. The domain bookie. A different than you about that's what happens when he went out was on Las Vegas a few months ago. He said. He he came downstairs he was gonna go outside and walk down to this other place okay smothers them. But he forgot some up in his room sort of went back up to his room when he turned round guy and he'll be one back in his room guy right out in front of the doors were shot. He could have been standing right there are community he would he would walked out those front doors. You'd you'd have been right there he's a guy got shot yeah some guy got shot I don't know wives I'm sure it was some. And it's up to do with alcohol and gambling and I'm sure that was a flaw ex wife rode out exactly call it a bunch but the no may have thought he says that he's as was I lucky I forgot some out there otherwise Alderman right. The air when it happened you know it's weird. Wasn't over they were fighting over a song they we're gonna play in the Sunday church service. Structure. Of the I there's the town of vice and so forth so yeah okay go ahead take your break bushy take this out of this I'm busy over here. Usually these are on the show earlier you negotiate that's it we gotta know that we've got to earn out of I. RI that's in the world for us we'll be back with more of the mid western shooters supply cutting edge up there are 7991250. Time is short give us a call if you got a fishing report. Indoor question. Welcome back to the final segment of the mid western shooters supply. Cutting edge outdoors and what do we have on the line and I just don't know. Let it get better from fish XX well good morning done. And we are really pumped about the fish XX ball in Washington County on February 9 tenth and eleventh. Yeah we're excited about that you know why. Three that's like three all excited you like you guys are going to be sold busy up there. The other point of doing when she talks so. Tell us a little bit about the hour is any other any other information that you wanna get out there. Maybe some of the specials. Yeah I think their biggest thing is going to be your speakers that we are more note there's going to be anymore that species are exporter her private parts speakers. And they're out of Bruntlett so. Democrats decent period was going to be our votes really efficient as far as stamina and grown them. But that goes into the harbor is due from their own votes they don't facility to a charter charter for the don't need it way out until we wish and so he can do. Offshore even order a small boat and you don't have to our. We're about hiring at the charter captains are they here. I have they wherever and then got up front of literary journal sentinel pocketbook the most stuff. As far as O'Rourke or it was apparently just in general they've got a pretty cool. Wanted to videos that they give up on YouTube. Period we're regular. There YouTube channels but it angler. So Robby cynical point of view is also another tidbit Tivo no home field for Madison is gonna talk about or efficient and so Wisconsin religion's. Not exactly you're going to do what noah's got a pretty good gig or not a judge or five in the area. That's really cool stuff to share of us. As far as myself I'm going to be talking about in baseball as far as it's almost beaten go to vote from. Opener there even open quarter going although it's true. All my who have most evil and then Alco also cover large and small ball from the seminars well. And our best guys. We had. Back out so far so I'm looking for one more credit art bought fast but noted that figure though for the show comes around. All right and now what's our website if people. Want more information. You should be able to so bishops is going to be linked to borrow walking muscular expo. Okay he didn't get a went through Milwaukee lost your expo and there should be doing she bishops. So quick Google if you Google Milwaukee muskie expo. They'll be there right. Took that should be either of their shoulder actually fact that. Yet the way it the other way to get it set up in which is really nice not only is the fish XX ball free but also the parking is free right. Yes that was important yeah and if you wanna do in the Austria spoke about your boat went and bought it and apple bother you out there. Right and it's like here in one up core door and if you go to who I think is so the left Keith if you go through fish nets if you go to the right it's the muskie won. In her whole big venues. Gap they're both really good. The publicity the sexes for her third year believe. Yeah and and I'll pay your UI and real big this is such a great idea that it's free. You guys are just gonna have so many people out there I mean I I have never heard. Of a fishing expo being free. I'd never heard of that. Mangled do a lot of younger people into it. Sometimes it's just missed a lot easier orbit or if Orton over speakers are really on to think Jason there all the speaker at. 28 years old Europe mr. all known guys. You know upcoming in the industry with new fresh ideas than we wanna bring in the younger crowd as well to get them involved in the outdoors. Yeah and if people aren't sure all together you know to find no word on Washington. Fairgrounds are all got to do his goal of 4145. Stay on 45. And they'll be a big sign. Up for Didier says the fairgrounds and you can't miss it a big place. Big parking area. Yeah. They're really has now and now in and you get a lot of vendors had both now go to. Yeah a lot of vendors lot of boots I mean I'm a lot of stuff it's gonna be for sale and and but the main thing is the information. You know relationship with what is great about shows like this is that you can walk up to a boot let's say now you've got a boost their right. I will not I'm no good character are you didn't did you have a these bouncing back and forth from. Almost on the shirt yeah. OK but but but you know court further for the guys who are you don't in the node are really good anglers and all that. They're going to be in those boots and people can come up and talk to them and they're they're pretty free with their knowledge you know I meaning giving tips on the on whatever it is to catch more fish. Yeah out of you know we owe it to our mission sorts degree no excuse to go you know shoot the greens somebody in. And all sorts of stuff where women all the products or stop the desert ought to vote YouTube generally aren't there like they have home at the shows. The latest the latest stuff that's out from the manufacturers. As far as the latest and greatest Bates and probably got some resorts and guides if you wanna talk to them to. I think there's also a boat manufacturer to right. Probably I think there yeah I think there is yeah yeah. Yeah or at least the history of my speakers there. Girls guide them all I'm known treatment in yeah yeah they're hopeful I don't know what you all were slower now part of rocket sports science and Jason. Don't know what you do that full counters are for the most key and all you do both. Most people are small small forward or. Which works. All of July only to the moods but yeah so I get out of town for months that that's pretty awesome home. Oh man. Every night when I retired two years in gonna do that I'm gonna go to whenever it they're all month at get up every day and they didn't pay him you're leaving me alone to do the show alone. You know you're right I guess I can't leave for home could come what we'll do that life will do it a remote and jazz with us through July oh mold from lake of the woods -- Not do you guide of their two. Now all sort so you be guiding up on lake of the woods as well. It would which resort you work out on a vote there. So all the resort has come up so weird because where anybody wants to stay about myself I live in a violent are remind and bit his grandparents have Kevin spoke. I it will withhold judgment that people off from all the sorts. All okay I'll. They will get the right did great airman policies being on an island you may get any bear on the island they were coming. A really these swim out there. Yeah they do Tom. Have a shoot one when I was at monument bailout years. They had actually shoot one in a rogue bear on the island who he went to get out there. They don't want a lead they like it is it's not like the TV show we can vote him off the island they don't call a I'm a but that's not it sounds like Trisha is expo is gonna be awesome can't wait for the showed Paterno now. That's February 9 or tenth and eleventh. At the Washington county fairgrounds awesome. Old. He's that it Doug. OK we got all the info out there are fault. All right. Well will be talking to you then and good luck yet based Colin Doug talked you later okay gave by now. Q that was Bob Wagner. It from the fish and X ball changes name to Doug I got life life made. Wagner disease got a month. The way this thing and lake of the woods on an island and go meet people and just go guide. And then that's not an easy life though. Guiding its snotty I know it's it's it's. And noble has a lot of work involved you do it as much as you wanna do that is the key yeah do you don't know you'll be a slave to do it every re routing right now. Is that it turns into being a job that you don't want to do you know write your sleeve to make any. And if you do it too much yet but I think you'll love meat and spaghetti right now. But if you eat spaghetti every day eventually someday you're tired I see next week next month ten years from moments that you get tired of spaghetti. It's kind of like the Chinese restaurant when we went through last night I love Chinese food very right. But when he too much of it is like. That's why am I feel I don't look petty and well partly I got a good analogy for a guy who was mayor of years ago I was trying to all right what had been like to be married for ten years home. Yeah I've been very late acting asleep compared with light does spaghetti she Heath. And Mary Beasley 44 years sickest again and I was Bernard I'm Mary about 44 years Danny and you know all and I'm not sick in my life and you know why I didn't know that it was not gonna get into all that and then I had the I would today all let's all let's see how happy happy stuff now you married guys got to Sany. Yeah I wouldn't be married 44 years of on what wasn't happy. I will be married that long the united auto left. I stuck together for the kids that get together for the kids yeah right to kids for a lot of rumors like 43 real age 3930. My loser who over the brink but it may have thought god I can't really daddy might. If the two a the big I gotta go see you Heather over at constant grundy here is aligned and another her commitment to play at least in separate rooms like them no Gotti now. No please fill me and he's hired me out there cold winter and say I want a little I'm on a little more they're lousy. Lose a little snow on the roughed up but there's still a lot of fire Jennifer does as a I don't wanna hear him on magnolia hi I'm sorry there guy who's just steals yeah. I'm just got I just game on the three man maariv in his oh man. At the end and I'm not so you don't look at all but. I think you might call over it Ozzie is a good for you is that's way that's awesome that's a blessing. It is for him to say that on the airs I'll tell you that's goals I tell you what if if free I don't get all sappy I know I'm not upset about it since its facts but you know it's funny to uses you know home my wife we talk about like if one of those as easily be for the other. And she knows he's anybody think you have Michael before you you'll be outlawed all your girlfriend's in Madden. In and basically. If you go before me a dairy no girlfriend's involved at all he had no I don't want anybody else their come in and now my little talk you talk a little girl who is talking about this on Sid you're aiming just got back I will -- I would think for life I'll be hasn't if they lose their loved one they flyer a role only the rest of their no I'm miserable life he's doing lots of snuff. Well I don't know that lots of stuff. You know we're going worshippers and taken to smoke breaks and a lot smokes in the darkened lot the the ocean so lynch marks an apartment. Strange brew that's another win and the other line from strange yes I'll be so yeah I watched them only now she got a lot to normally we tell each other up sometimes in these 20 what are you going to be doing I'm going to be doing this what are you going to be doing Thomas abuse violence. You couldn't put up a a a a on a it's been a fun morning. Yeah today that you don't set those tip of south by your play. I think we're set to tip up solve anybody wants to come by and help drill a couple of holes and I still have a picked up dispatch alleged to raid not green the gas. Turkey baster the F plus cities and ten in jogger with an extension which means I got to start with my hands high above my head with this giant augur. And I take physical specimen I once was educate lift that it's tough on the shoulders to take that off. Entity that on that would involve actually working Tom and doing more than I want to do well I've had a good time today Danny are you don't want you out so I got as well. Tell our listeners thanks for lessen it and god bless and stay free everyone you've been listening to the mid western shooter supply cutting edge out Doris. Talk you all next week referenced.