Gery Woelfel: This was a long time coming

Chuck & Winkler
Tuesday, January 23rd
Our Milwaukee Basketball Insider Gery Woelfel joined the show to share his thoughts on the Bucks decision to fire Jason Kidd.

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This guy's on the inside him he's tough. We won't fool people by the law offices of car was born. Only on sports Radio One 057. We are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery is here on a box Tuesday. Yeah you want a box Tuesday this is your box Tuesday. Ladies and gentlemen. Jerry willful joining us an agreement West Bank hotline here to answer the tough questions most importantly what the hell is this Gary. It is. You know it's a one. He's just okay you didn't know and you do. They had a team meeting. Carmel and about news did you. Breaking news they're glad it's don't have my. And if you believe that. And or who want to say that but there I mean I'm. Report knew that he was fired. Everybody in that locker room nuclear who have square. Afford to get out there and spectrum of course Nicole. Tried to reach out to basically every single player in. Reach out every player. Wait we've Corvette so. You know you may hate me for one. Crazy reason he wasn't. We should have been there and find productive that are my my guess who's. If you it. Now what was the purpose of him I mean playing quite like I don't. I I didn't understand why would do. I don't know I mean a lot of these players under the theory. Are good ones something controversial book down. And say any thing. You don't read it last night and it all play it through all the and other. They light here is in respect it is an awful lot of you know darn well probably about 50% more lion Patricia. You know the bet that nature of those members who want the quote was correct. Well Jerry how how this all go down because you know it's it to have this news broke him maybe a couple of hours before game time they play the game Saturday night. No team on Sunday you'd think that may be something a move would have been made on Sunday how does it come down to a couple hours before game time. What was the tipping point how old is the process of all of us. Well to be council accept. The media will Wear motion last year over there would be you know but it was what was. In the twelve games. In he became CIQ did he called being ordered that time that. I had talked to one of the owners and auto bail myself you know street. Fighter. And you didn't go no right away. On for several selected an ego probably not. But the fact that yeah output data did equally well while. That you know Dick it was we have trouble. And then this summer about somewhat familiar so yeah. NBA several. I talked to some people that work to rep William ball in the air raid of the music genome. In. To the people ought to spoke we're told me flat note. That in the park. The book for that need to be clear to them. That the new GM would it have the whole war required to execute. And they were shot a car because everybody would want people around here. That Jason Kidd wanted to show that whatever it is that you wanted to get you out. And what most people told me that they would have been given the power to chase. To purchase and he had. Again that's what I don't and ultimately cute kids and trouble. The optics around this one. Our little confusing again I mean when they brought kid in that was a mess they admitted that the GM thing when horses fired or hired. That was a little sketchy too and then you have. The Bledsoe thing was a funny moment but it did kind of lead to some questions because horse is there at 545. Saying. Front he's the coach tonight was eons Tony minutes later is saying front he's the coach tells season. These may be little things we may be nitpicking. But sometimes it just seems like Matta everybody's on the same page that the communication you're gonna be better. That there was an apple. Two but they are a couple reporters look at Whitman it. Imports just saying that you know there have been decided you know her. The next game you know what was gonna happen up there we were gonna put together a plan. And you know we ought greed for lack of an eagle are what schools parents and until they're worried that any horses now they're. But that's invalid cotton to what was he incident in. In every invitation he flat out told me that yep or he isn't so sure it was the year. Okay arm what do you think clarity is gonna bring that table here. I'll for the rest of the season by making this move what will he do maybe differently then hit it would do conservatives got their own ideas on how team should be Iraq. Well you want to people are unique content and yet he didn't you know I know at all. Approach. You. Yeah a many of the players and flat out but it Jason Kidd Syria and in this program forever and do you look guys I. Wasn't afraid to be little players follow that are here some. What it when it comes to management 101 eat that we want. Okay and then the problem would that is there was one guy that seems to. Have really liked him and that was an honest according to these reports were Jason Kidd just calls up for a moment shall born and thousand private conversations he had with Ghana's. Is that a concern that you guys. Is going to be too upset. About all list. The knowledge. We would you read that slipped right. Don't you try to run the post game show last night you know Yahoo!. A reputation as they do you know. He's become the NBA's all the bowl audience. You've got to be here very careful what. Now when. Our home failure rate yen based. The people I've talked to. You know listen kid in the sketchy relationship over the years well it may have been better recently. Put that does that mean that they did not know what they're. In the past. And because. He's a growing player and he's going to be in the league for a long time he's not gonna come you if he feels. That he doesn't like Hillary he wanted to totally changes aka come right out and say. You know about why do our visits to make him look at two yeah I need to too far he's not good that he's second. In avenues in a lot of players of the years of management. Indirectly what the coach of the but you know they did it yet you. Who whip it would say yeah it sure but and I talked to a player in the Phoenix locker room act quote to you about that. You know. I don't leave it to. Us. And and other balance that we talked to a guy. Who was in lotteries election and you're talking about here is coaches and general. Duck boat deeper and I mean abruptly. Last week. What are you heard of a hundred. Quick out books the Kurt. He says you've heard of the man you could tell what all of the voice that you look at credit they have the current coach owner talked about different coaches. And this guy this young guys quite between one because uniter. They're coach is great white point up. Yeah outside mean. His reputation. That we were rubbed it. There were some of the names that you'd think this ownership is gonna bring him in and I'm thinking there gonna of one of make a big splash this is the way this. Operation works here armed what are some of the guys you think they'll bring him in the offseason. Yea you know what. No one they've added it's sort of been flown out there was money Williams is thinking what was so. If this summer league and the one guy playing well we're. There are very interested in him at the time. You know whether that can be which is about but I do know that. I touch you brought a book I was six in Yates that utes yesterday. In any coach that you could point what was of the killed chipped in guarantee. Didn't know they wrote always double that. They said they're gonna pursue that job. So jammed or wealthy and they're McCain have admitted in an incredible opportunity here yet Greek coach. The bugs but not just that you're right and I think that they should shoot their shot right because. This is an attractive job. I don't think there's only if even if you look at the current head coaches guys that op are under contract. Imagine looking over the fence and saying. Oh boy Alice the pucks in and I knew I could want that job I think they should shoot as high as they want to. Is there any any thing that Joseph plenty can do to be the coach next year. Yeah I can put a lot of pressure ownership admit they go to the playoffs and goats or rattled the while some nations and it would be ecstatic right in. You would you have very tough. I mean very very tough decision. This sale our you don't what we don't want Joseph promptly after just one of the second round of the playoffs. We diplomats CO driven regular season so. Yeah he's got a shot. But it but it will be a couple of. You think all these assistants are gonna stay up for the rest of the season mean again ate some these guys who've been Kim loyalists. Yeah you know quite well and who knows I mean there might. Be at one or two guys that we but it is what it really hired gentlemen Barbara are tracked. So. Well they'll participate for the you're that's probably where culturally years you don't eat. Your options of the institute who you replaced the head coach whip it. On the use pretty much a quote the kid in the players know what's in it's going to be very enticing to you look the other players so the year. John Morris talking yesterday had this to say the importance of the fans organization or report is colonel love our fans. We don't consider you know really consider the fan chatter after hung in our decisions so we love our fans who love the support of the organization of our team. As no effective decisions that we make. Solid enough that cache state fire kid movement right a lot of people been trying to get him fired for weeks I think dead jog horses right but he's also. He's also wrong in that I think there were some fans that had an influence I think those fans also happened to. Ole miss basketball team they look at January 22 and see that teams the eighth seeded. I don't I want I want credit the ticket buyers for this I would credit was Sedin and these guys getting a trigger finger and saying. We we we milk it decries the fans are legit this is and this is better than any seeded team we've got to get it down. In LA lakers didn't for the bill wheels were so auction last summer ready what women were searched for news Chia at. You know they've it didn't get any better. Adult pleasures weren't happy they are quite probably for bipolar I know that we're not happy at all yet. And you know course. Keeps in touch with players and you know and then get them help themselves but making some just really really immature comments in the last week's return to players. I mean even if he was trying to get fired he wanted done anything different I don't think if he was trying to get fired well what are you doing different. Very little. Yeah it you know what seriously Syria that it is markets where it's it's jail you know. They have a renewed call for the procedural parents Marlon. In there a point out out Jason is that. Attempted to lead the book's two years ago being. Not many people know that put. You know. From day one minute people are saying you know Hulk watched Jason acutely wanna you bought. What owner wears or anybody particular with a final call on this was it forced wasn't. Someone of the three owners are they on the same page and this was or some different opinions what of that down. Well I I let out what he'd let it do its job or seen him. The clergy could hit he took that we've laid out and he says well I can't remember politics that was played out well. But the bottom line is you know if you wish you'd who's over seen. But of all portion of the operations. One adjacent is to remain on board has coached. You could it would still be coaching today. Whatever course who used to order form the show. So a lot it's reality is that. Two on horse and was he so wanted to player. Gary willful or seen journal times you look forward to that piece awful falls press box back and thank you Gary we will be in touch. Oh.