McCalvy: Does Mark Attanasio have a point?

Brewers Coverage
Tuesday, February 20th
Adam McCalvy of reacts to Mark Attanasio saying that the Brewers can make the playoffs. Is it fair? Plus, for the remaining free agents out there, does he expect them to find homes before Opening Day?

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They're alive now I'm accounting from and Bruce judge come joining us in the Schneider orange hotline. And I don't man. Yet I'm not gonna compliance bright sunshine. Little Shellee about what you can do. Now it's it's been it isn't this a little bit cooler than normal out there usually is about mid seventies I've even been out there when it was an ninety's. This time a year but it's been in the fifties and sixties right. Yeah but I think it was really warm before it got down here I think certainly here to my great match up for the but it worked out it's. Drive that all they care about when I mean cold it's. When it's in the fifties right now we're out we're gonna make for gonna Paltrow. I brought it up there a first date today. They've got that group together taken BP that that crowded outfield. Though today that they were sort gets under way mark not you know disputed. I usual address current council here had a really good speech. But of all the players and righted it I gain so it's not really condensed that your that you're going quick. I'll go one of the back to something markkaa Ganassi was said and I wanted to bring this up do you he said quote we think this group right here right now can make the playoffs. So we with the meta data came across I read it we started your reaction some say that's great they feel they've done enough they've got enough offensive firepower to get there yes. Others say that means markets closing the purse strings. And they're not making any more deals and that's did so they're gonna go what they got how do you read that statement. Well look I read that same Mary David Stern saying we like our group which you sure to me and others a bunch of times recently. The alternative is the order that general we're getting our reporter on the radio. Why are we really need one more picture. That's not a very good negotiating position to be handling you you're talking to age. So they're not going to say. I'll man we really need Lamar got. They're going to say we like our group now he also he can I think you're really good explanation out this or heard about today of you know you'd her interest in position because these guys at one. You know porky here later. As big of Graham as a daisy he blocked action and he is legitimately. Unity on this day every year. When has he put it to us today he gets so locked in on the rhetoric about talk too much all. Rom fourteen years later he bit better story as an act that is. Yeah that is a legit. So back guys want to fight Jake aerial Al cop. Armed the other guy the owner this ultimately dollar which become you know a huge corporation. With dozens of analysts whose job it use data. To. Mark uses that term it knocked out there sir that you make logical decision error or at least to make a lot recommendation. Based on that. So that guy. Is being told that what they have right now they feel like has not ever talks. There at least knot the score more than it did last year and see well above replacement level pitching staff. And that kind of return in the murder of the way these GM and our team in GM look at. Acquiring players now and everything at their own sort of formula we're applying. A win a level of wind sort flyers so you know you want a bunch of B plus above replacement level player. And it sort of boil these guys down to numbers like. Annika like they've got talent on the pitching staff to be good up. The B a playoff level team with the guys they've got what they don't have in high end talent. They have they believe it and number in depth and you can build a way out except that. And they feel like they are backpacking right now that now look all that be but those two things are kind of battling again juror about those two guys. And we don't know how am I mean that they got crushed a person yell. Because an opportunity presented itself in this sort of our office. Opportunities. Could prevent itself from one of those pitchers that I. And they will street you know or Trey and made that they can strike it out there and we just. On this day as pictures are all working out for the first time. We don't know what the drops are going to look like on opening day NIC different sport where all art out of I can get wiped away I guess. Because it just like all across this on their genes are gonna make moves up for opening day and it's gonna kind of changed her outlook are trying to. If you're below the patient and seeing what their roster and the look like once they get to the games back. Soledad McKelvey a brewers are coming On the heat going back to something that you said regarding. Marquette and us used discussion. He corners said and I'm only beginning in the semantics of the verbiage here but he criticism that it be effective they were we believe we're ahead of the rebuild. We've been transparent. Will be great to win but we wanna stick with the process of me he could sell a lot of things but he was firing out to where it was they were really believe that they've got enough to to get there and. Well I I don't know that I don't know that I bet he he's certainly that ball and I thought the team looking share from Twitter counter. That that doesn't necessarily. If bill of common if you. You know I and again be bitterly just got back up and down the right. It is. He did not treat playoff spot there that was not the ship them like the conversation. It would have my vote. Being better. You know that piece of air better team and they weren't in the last season. It's about kind of kicking. And having the players Sheila in all of the opportunity. Craig Counsell made part of it is comment today. But it wasn't like I asked him point blank or that it Gillick get. Playoffs are but you feel like are you could be disappointed about iiroc when he gave an answer. A little more general ban. You know just saying yeah you know playoff through that he's in part but that's not what. Com are you surprised because I thought I'd be for. Full squad worked shelves before they get is spring training games then the other shoe might of fallen we might have seen another move from what you said it this may be of you know spring training of of quite a few votes during spring training he'd be yeah. We surprising and make a move already. Not because larger concert just had a pro soccer or they had an article about your Judy Martinez has it yet. Those aren't the big dog Yu Darvish. Basically just fine with the cubs for everybody came down here. The bit order just getting home and that is going to open up. Opportunities or Mac guys so I. I'm not terribly surprised the you know there are smarter people in need to. What we need to change to prevent this from happening again are whether this is the one year later. With this particular free agent class. But I predict that by the end of it the guy is. You know the good players are gonna have places. And they're gonna get him. Maybe not as much as they thought they were going in but they're gonna be. I just I practicing if he can oftentimes whenever by the edited it. Are you surprised I mean his comment about Scott Boras I thought was rather exciting when the question was do you talk discount Boris what you said yes it's gotten ital well. Yeah you know look Gabor has done that before I Kyle Lohse on crack dealing with Markoff. If they have a greater relationship from the yacht seventeen times. The current supply and Francisco Rodriguez. There's there's a good line of communication there it looked eight. Is done. Exercise every avenue but on every avenue that he can possibly go out. In order to find that guy you know he of course has. Jake Gary had a man area edit. Has had a really good pitcher there's a risk for sure I mean their return there. By the nature of their workers. And there's currently great risk return but there's great or true. And it shouldn't necessarily come as a surprise that. But he's getting messages I'm not certain that means that there were down the line. But it's the communication is certainly open and he's gotten to execute our means you're. You can't hear god doesn't want to spend bottom because of the risk you've got admit today he would make fifteen. I'll what are the second base position we were speculating about that earlier they just contend the VRN. And so guard kind of being the the platoon situation at this point. Well that that's what they've got I mean you know walker is another guy is a just look on paper like you better. At least offensively. But. You know Donna and the Arctic ice after the people or they'll remember last year. Yet mr. Obama at 23 million dollar contract to. And again I because you're your they're basing these decisions and he's Asian art object in bad. You know what they think players capable of I don't think you. Are willing to make that kind of expenditure on player. In the say it was January 2017 and then coming in any of the bad year. And all of a sudden he's a different player and I'd open it which occurred wire though you know the idea is tried to. Maximize. What he's good and the theater choke artists and other guys you know we are whichever you usually get a lot of that ever or our way. And if so guard from the left side of the plate who has really. Before he turned that ankle and it kind of shut and you've won the bet competitions. In baseball for a stretch there. And if you kind of put the guys eat your ride the commitment to both of well. You can get something pretty get from a position I think. I mean until someone else here in camp to takes second base a Johnny yards you get a really good opportunity to prove that. He's more that 2016. Guys that he would adopt thirteen. And and that's it looks like he's hitting it actually thought out story the other they've built. You know he she looked a lot of joy out of India and I don't know unread that is like I think he's going to be Joey potter keeping you going to be chilly October Darnell Coles and Johnny yards or bottom but. Yet ill equipped locked so much doubt or a player list. You know the best play disciplined about strikes on judgment. One of the best ever. And that's a darkened theater late last year than in the winner so just overcome that and he's thinking about try to get. If you saw in their pitches in the strike zone he can be a good player and that's sort of what he's thinking about commitment. Missed about a we appreciate it Dan we'll talk to you again and a couple weeks and then we'll also see down there are few weeks as well. I can't wait I'll dial up some more weather for either. Now you know. Knocked out charges soon they got a job laborers are count and I'll meet our account joining us for a couple of minutes on the Schneider orange hotlines.