Ryan Wood: Leroy Butler's Hall of Fame chances

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, February 20th
PackersNews.com reporter Ryan Wood joins the Wendy's Big Show and breaks down Leroy Butler's quest for Canton.

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Brian would joins us now on the grid midwest bank outline how are this afternoon right. Well Mario good long time no talk I'd really as usual ride find work in making the case for LeRoy Butler to get into the hall of fame. But not only do you make the case in terms of laying out his resume but you also say that. The road is is somewhat paved now in due to recent entries into the Pro Football Hall of Fame for LeRoy and again in sometime in the near future right. Yeah and that's something that you know even even the Roy brought up themselves and that he thinks of Brian Dawkins. And open the door and and really the Astoria yet generated with a couple questions in the biggest on the first one where when Jerry Kramer when adults are almost. Well who's next in the news you know of course along Jerry Kramer was. He that the Packers fans it is so so loudly and people who were behind. For his candidacy social alternate boy now and being enshrined in. I think that you know historians of the team might a couple of names guilt killing him it was great guard the seventies. All pro guard. There are some believed he had a policy in talent parts store I was always hurtful for bosque rocks he. That the book blind side blocker for him with a paddle those glory years Packers I think that. Pretty close universally read others is that guy now that that assumes that apple. The biggest quote unquote not that hasn't been enshrined in the and it hasn't been a finalist. Among Packers and so I wanted to go into it and it was an open mind. And it's become an explorer what what kind of chase is Arab and and we look at the numbers when you talk about your. Talked to Brian Billick whoever won those obviously is the Baltimore Ravens head coach or soup or. In the 1990s he was the Minnesota Vikings or easy devised and planned scheme all senses and cancel it Butler and Packers defense for a long time. The morgue where you look at it more important it becomes a pretty clear chase. Yes or Butler has obviously. A lot of on his resonated indicate their versions time intention comment that at some point. OK let let let's talk up a little bit about. The LeRoy Butler cited here as far as. He kind of at least in my my opinion at least with what Richard a lot and do. Kind of redefine oppositional that it is far along in the play over the line of scrimmage. Blitz the quarterback as much as he was laudable it's a quarterback racking up the sex and so forth yeah I don't a lot of talk about how he kind of change that safety position. No you're actually right Hewitt at the very least he was a TrailBlazer I'm not sure if you had the very first several years and original prototype but. At the very he knew that the area on that there. Very costly than the original prototype of what you'd first be in fact in the game's history to be in the 20/20 that's one expert perceptions 20% acts. Partly Brian Billick when he says it was well with Roy Butler was different than those bird in the count is that the Steelers were where. In doubt you purchased part of that world where. You would bring extra backs on the bullet that was really skiing trip to a court barber. Packers dropped him in the box and he was good enough on its own to audible. Pass rusher didn't need a lot asking protection he just wasn't good about. Giving out two point getting to the quarterback can wreak Havoc in the back field UCL a lot. You know appointed at that Billick made a stick with them. You know he used to be in the it industry rare that the corrupt state in the first round over obviously cycle out Brian Dawkins second round was drafted as a quarterback right. And then converted to a safety after that first year. Right right yup that that notion that you you often saw happen. You're seeing him warm war that the talent. At the backing and more mores is moving to safety obviously course always one of the premier position being seen Strathairn first round out. And you're seeing here at otherwise you know and years ago might have been. Ordered no matter what. And their oral from the move into the back into an industry sure that that that position has really in terms of that value into that position that skyrocketed. And when you look at who laid the foundation that the blueprint of how first safety can be used in defense. It at a lower Butler was at the very onset of that want metropolis. So how beneficial is it gulf war if you look at Dawkins to go and I think if you look around the league. Well you probably got to which is probably will be a refers to me how much does that help low roar in that you now have some saves or to cover up. That you know going to be in the they should take a look at. Well once again one safety and once once held our doctors only slayer. To be in trying to exclusives to the safety position is and that's. But the most undervalued. And under developed. A position when it comes into the hole same process what you get guys that. It allows the community action so so look cheap compared to other safeties who were outside all. Indicates her for Butler or. You got one more career interception and then Brian Dawkins plain for you perceive it to the other track shall remain disparities that are strict. Obviously longevity is part of that. But when you look at you know are about 20/20 well it was but 38 career receptions when he and a half sacks. If he gets the play another two years and it doesn't happen it would that would probably talk about forty when he is just the name alone there's there's more so. Yeah I think I think having more say he's my all and you look on the near horizon here Ed Reed will be for now. Polamalu is going to be all embargo these first outer a couple of take out walk. On the one thing that we'll order sort of lack talks with them was. He thinks that this state is coming up open meetings of their order behavior with a two in the eighties and the problem Balkans and yourself like apple. Certainly there's going to be Iraq policy he's coming up and that's going to allow. The community to compare it to other safeties that are outside the hall. I got another question I love you know the answer dude is just popped in Marbury. Seoul. The Buffalo Bills when their line happened with Jim Kelly. They want to what four straight Super Bowls are whatever it is are they didn't win the Packers went to two straight Super Bowls they won one and they lost one are. Do they deserve more than two hall of famers from that team having been two straight Super Bowls and add patent and relation I don't know how many bills half from their four Super Bowl teams and yet and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Bruce is on the net that crossed my mind of whether or not they deserve more than two from the team and went to straight Super Bowl and really was a team that was one of the dominant teams of the nineties. You know I think we will look at the ninety's Packers I think Butler and then Michael ripple. Legitimate policy and chased I think Michael that we looked in his. Is coaching record will what he did not just think that the whole body work subsequent not Seattle and and now to Super Bowl team. I think those that you figures all want war. And Brett Favre and Reggie White of course. You look at. Haven't chased down. Your I don't know how. How the committee sanctioned terms sacking outside there. The K gun and bill that would force traits Super Bowl so. That that that the Packers but we look at that packers' defense and and I was obviously that that was actually bowl championship winning caliber decent. That the name that everyone mentions is rightfully so Reggie White. But vote on that packing and the versatility that we were about it is really fascinating two tied to prime. Devised all and to include Internet team. It just because how rare it wasn't Howland scene it was for safety. Present that much pressure. Are on a quarterback you know their years but there were six sacks and six. Now incredibly personal it it it it it forced you to take him seriously as a legitimate rush grad. And in and those where is it is it and it must current are quite good amount shot don't salt. Because not just everywhere talks thirty acre receptions one Brian Dawkins. Beat big asset that's bigger to take a position but what she did in the fox go a long list with which are beamed to deep cover guy that he was just. Is what really separated from the pack. Talking with our agreement football insider Ryan wood here. On the Wendy's big showed us before I brought two on primary talking about the news that the bears declined to pick up the eight million dollar option on Johnston so he'll hit the free agent market. You think there's any chance that he in the Packers will talkers that bridge been burned. I can't imagine that he would be back. I've been wrong for. You know why I. Will port deal is. Working Ellison energy in here SC only caveat I would say is we we don't have much crack record. In history on Brian gooch and yet they're being you know Ted talks it was almost automatic data on the market no. We kind of knew that it tops and work we don't know that about black kids without. I can't imagine that. Josh and would would never play for the Packers again and certainly not where it was so you know what we're that the saying it's of the organization in place that. Dated released in two years ago PGM but it systemic social my priorities and that's why coach Bob I'd be very surprised that in hindsight is that. That decision just keeps looking better late Taylor's. What was one of its probably most reliable one of the fast. One that they have this last year are still young not as late twenties. It was a big risk at the time and I know it was a shock at the time and I didn't understand that aren't all that in hindsight. The decision to go in or Johnson just keeps looking better and better. I'll put myself out here on this Reinemund issues portions here. Are defensively. Right now just on this Ross are right now defensively. And if your curtain he comes in here. Who would you try to be old this defense riled. How are. I I think you're onto something with her how they wanted to use the safety last year but it just it didn't want him Al. What they have the strongest part of their team and they're decent tackle Mike innocent or the problem with that. Premier position. So I I think that the most important thing that they be going for it isn't so much on the roster now. They have that big fourteen and after I mean that that's. But that's that's mandatory at this is the defense wants to ascend to the Super Bowl caliber defense and they've got to find. Probably not on the roster that they got to find another quarter probably be most likely most preferably. Through free agency. And that's without a pressure. This does it seem that we look outside for some pieces in the course out of my religion or certainly part of the Asian. There's not a noticeable decent is that that. Their best parts come on the interior was. Only a few days is is it Clay Matthews. Too old to be the defense around right now. I don't think that he's. That kind of player anymore now. Our I get a sense and then in dealing with fans that there's almost. 200 others no gray area. Clay Matthews the football players do not agree football or at least hasn't been asked nothing. But he's got his body but it's not either. What do you remember little badly he's better than than he is that outside. Our our I would agree with that I think that he had middle backer look wins over fourteen. When she switched midway through your middle backer. Q what are. They're best structure plane off the line you look at that season. He didn't get much first against when he was exclusively as Russia will do much king court actually want to remove them awful winding actually. After the quarterback arts action and because Pro Bowl EU it must pressure off until. I think his versatility in itself but like patent alluded to. Where in chief he talked about Clay Matthews and how he accepts. I think they're they're gonna be awfully burst it would have I think they need to peace Russia this or this career. I just I don't think that their. Clean matches at this stage. Can be the best player on defense that would assume. They've got to get more use of added rushed they've got to get more experience a war. That is our Green Bay football insider Ryan would find his work inside the Green Bay press gazette Packers news.com his latest piece. Making the case for Le Roy to get into cantonment. Is up at 1057 FM the fan dot com our top story. And right I'm sure will be checking in more frequently as the offseason and the NFL draft approaches in the coming weeks and months I'll appreciate it. Now one week from today have had an Indy. Number and started so it's about to become the entry draft process. Heisman you'll see our very own Mike Clemens out there thanks ram we'll talk again next week that work. There Reiman joins us on the great midwest bank hotline if you're looking for is simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan. 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