Schroeder: I would never cut ties with Jordy Nelson

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Tuesday, January 23rd
Dave Schroeder from WBAY-TV Channel 2 in Green Bay weighs in on the Packers as well as the Jason Kidd firing. What are the team’s biggest off-season needs?

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Let's do this so let's go northward Dave Dave rader he has with a WBA YTV guide channel two in Green Bay Dave I adored. Under her armored air well odd you know that the the Packers news dies down a little bit TNN were getting ready to head opted to have you know Minneapolis for super warn you always think OK what are you talk about that week. Between then to this day regular season for football and then obviously the Super Bowl and then you have a little bit of a firing in that so he's just from your perspective. Did you did you think that Jason Kidd was gonna hang onto his job much passed this year. No I didn't think he showed either I think under achieving what sort of almost a hundred bucks slides this area and stayed in in the long time. Justin getting the job done when you look at this coaching resonate. He doesn't have a lot to hang your channel right now and I've always thought getting a seat tickets to a road series in the first turn to play out it and get it done with the stock's all. All I do wanna kind of move our attention nor accessories who wanted to get you on was talks more Packers football armed. A lot of people speculating about what this team needs to do moving forward this season obviously a lost season Aron goes down a lot of awards were exposed. In your opinion how far aware the agreement Packers from getting back to not only kaposi's humid to being a legitimate threat from what we've seen over the last couple weeks. To getting to a super ball. He says that such an interest in question bill because the answer a healthier Rodgers and a few miraculous place. But he can make a lot each year on air and if you picked up some puzzle pieces that helped and not just the draft. I think if you look at the New England Patriots they are obviously the gold standard. They do a lot of things that the Packers haven't done from a personnel. Acquisitions it and make in season trade that pick up players off the waiver wire and make impact look at Ricky Jacque France slot. I saw him with that it's Egypt should tripped walking off the field and I remember the actress adding him twice. Not saying that he needed to stay on the packers' roster or he was. The best player for their system. The fact that the patriots are willing to make old mostly James Harrison as well that shows what it takes to get the job done in the if you look at a lot of these teams they. Acquire veteran agents Chris Long went on the patriots last year help them and simple ballot on the Eagles and help them big time in the player pushed. In the NFC title game I think that's the big challenge for Brian good records to decide which players pull the trigger on a free agency cannot I have to believe he's gonna be something. This year has yet to make a splash and shall not just the same old Ted out. While that was gimme my next question. Because a lot of Sanderson boy you have so many holes how many do you actually filled with what you have available. So old you only have 25 to thirty million. Depending on what you do with some of the higher priced talent you have as to whether or not there remain on the roster. And a three big names we hear all the camera Jordy Nelson renal common Clay Matthews 401 to all three stay go what is your opinion. Court records state structure and rescue tech and duke are certain agency if you look at last year knickers greatly I'll eat a healthy. And a clay gets banged up in his un help in achieving certain your bout without play we're with the Castro speak. I think pat slushy the most important thing right now yeah you can go after may be a veteran quarterback or something like that. I think at the pass rush get home is it really makes secondary look better sourcing or focus needs to be there are you bring in high price freeagent. Pass rusher you may have to choose to cut either Jordy or Randall but I think it'll last and make a big splash. In the past source apartment or elsewhere that's half the time money I think you can keep Jordy Ed Randall bit skeptic between the two to me it's obvious. He keeps to forty just because of the report he hasn't Aaron Rodgers he lost his speed yes but still. Jet last she's not what seventeen that's sweet sixteen was that a comeback player of the year. Is that touchdown catching machine in the red zone so I would not part ways Jordy Nelson in any circumstance in the last. He's in some crazy car crashing in can't play the game anymore I would actually every time. Do you com how much faith you have in some of the guys are waiting on as far as talent goes to blossom you're waiting on my tribute set and you're waiting on Vince Spiegel. You you're wondering about to Mary's Randall because he played really well in the season but obviously was still a little bit of a head case and beginning of the season maybe through the first 88 to ten games. You're waiting to find out about Kevin K how much faith do you have in this group. And then Morgan Burnett can become a linchpin because if they let him go. You're relying on a guy that didn't look good down the stretch and Josh Jones to play deep and that's secondary and understand everything. I think EU questioned the waiting game how long you wait you are these guys are acting the time of the week so you need to bring in some veterans can make. In impact. Or your team at some key positions. Yes you have to decide which positions prioritize and I would perhaps. Bought with these guys I acting for philosophy has to change. What are the reasons that the Packers have not made another Super Bowl since 2010. I think is because they've had so many road playoff games to play if you look at the AFC and NFC champions from the last. Five years each time it came from the in the word apple in the conference championship in either side and general both Albertson's. Not saying he can't win on the road it's just harder. When you play young guys early in the season you're gonna lose some small was players row what do you play those players are young you're gonna lose games wildly pro. But your racquet all the popular advantage if you keep that I think. As good as it is. To keep cap available to make moves and recite your guy you've got to play to win from week one and you've got to be able to have the players on the field would do it. And that you mention the guys coming along they're gonna make a big jump much previous abstinence do you hope that you do I'll protect you expect that you saw that. With Kenny Clarke this year you can't be counting on the young guys to force formed right away bring him along and then when they're ready. Be ready to ask them to do a lot addressing the Packers had asked me too much from some young players. In recent years especially when injuries and that they haven't had better backups to sell the war that Al actual. Day appreciate it and we got a huge back on more okay. Sound good thanks so much fell dodges are they your day trader he's would WBA YTV channel two in Green Bay joining us in the Schneider Horry shot on.