Shonka: Baker Mayfield is the real deal

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, February 20th
OurLads GM and scout Dan Shonka joins the Wendy's Big Show and discusses the 2018 draft, Brett Hundley's development and Baker Mayfield.

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Joining us now on the great midwest bank hotline nobody knows the NFL draft better than this guy. Right here if you don't use our lads that counter not ordering the our lads draft guide. Then year not doing the NFL draft right and NFL draft guru Dan Johnson joins us now other Wendy's big show Dan how are this afternoon there. I'm broke good guys BR I'm here where oh start rule were up by. But verify information almost juniors. Out there and eat out out by. So why yet an exciting time for all the grass ran out. There in the first sort of controversy that's come out ahead of the draft Dan and I don't mean to make you defend anybody else's stance but it's what everybody is talking about when he comes to the NFL draft and that's Bill Polian and ESPN's saying that Lamar Jackson. The quarterback from Louisville. Should switch to wide receiver before he enters the NFL draft what did you think of that analysis of how do you know how do you have Lamar Jackson game translating at the next level. Well our tea you all marked patrol replica off. And you eat yet he can actually approved a sprawling empire and gut this past year and I mean he. He's got just a great athlete now we've got Al. Our our route. Top 32 are big top thirty cute stuff would be gone up next they're Dubai. We got him around the twenty mark you know somewhere 1823. Somewhere and they're the top 32. All and I think he's gonna yet. You know some of the draft him as a as a quarterback and up idol is going to be a better Tyrod Taylor. Certainly there's speedy probably can be armed he strides in the pocket this year and pro we've got to pretty quick release but he's a man. The Spaniards in the number one thing the guy did a great apple. So Kenny be a great quarterback. It might take time in as you know up people don't give these quarterbacks at a time anymore and that's what Lamar needs but. What but he does Africa that tremendous ability. They're athletic ability that he hazardous beat everything. If he can't make it quarterback which Arctic these tigers were shot act. Benny Gordon got a fallback positions you know throw lob it but first the ball Europe's walked into the quarterback's. Yeah you would think you're just how Watson is kind of thrown that out of forties guys you just bring him in. You'd happens. I mean I got out wish. Out when Al picked abuse give him but I wish a guy like. You know Darren James a Florida Florida State's safe to be Eagles safety down there we are now I don't know where is gonna go. Shot but I plowed loves him and attack Europe shocked. Yeah I can see him have more team. Put attackers I would love that but I don't are not real sure how how did you guys have what you have a man on board. Well you know we play week you know you know at the bottom mark top and or most the year and now tiger look gonna happen LeRoy guys you know I think he's going to be that big nickel guy. You know I mean you got we got linebacker hybrid or break the bullet were all black you know and he has a great football player not you know earlier in the year. Course you elect a year ago stopped and then mr. Castro rattled wall by. Satellite restart come on now real hard again epic you know but now he's got. Either our mind he's atop an apple we opt and football player. Woolley told her well I it all depends on you know I'm right I'm operate these people do these quarterbacks and a you know human fallout of that top ten but he certainly in that group. Soledad shot over alleged draft service here on the Wendy's big shot rob muskie. Obviously and it put out there that he he faces might be the year of the box try to trade up into the top ten from where they are who lives for the most Packers are in the Packers could possibly drive train up in the top ten. I'll from fourteen. Dan. If that's the case it is there a player or two that would fit Packard needs a they were to try to get up in the top ten. Well certainly and there's not a sexy pair. By that I expected the end and a great book great yep thank you played the habit you know Clinton also didn't look good right. On now now now no no no no no no no no no no no no no big picture of rob Carr put them in my mind. The best snowboarding. At. The Packers but I know I ignored argued got. Only a day. But here you know it's yours from other than that the fact we looked at obviously. You are there's been a pretty good corners in this draft and and it does say beat out tape what. The spread your attackers came up high enough to get him well but make appearance tractor in the tremendous football player Dominique it. He can do at all you don't want him you ought to match up on a wide receivers picnic or you wanna match up by remote tropical straight he lives brought Brittany put a manner you want America. Why remote or retired it and put it there. I mean he's you know but Cleveland should take care merit you know their force somewhere but anyway. So. But other you know I don't know if they're gonna have to rate up. You get their targeted guy I mean apart linebackers could be set to life except that all rip the bark at you get the sort out there. Were so. Well I don't know what their target would be there and get a hiding out. Are in the sector around the they're gonna go that direction so it's accurate and you know this is really a good rap sucked out as it is. Going to be super strong I mean you're talking about guys that are dark here first round guys would be inspector wow that is simply out. Draft. They show up on. That's my name and his you can use this material and hunger on. The hookers are obviously I think they've they have more new defense league and they do offensively and not really trying to argue dumbo if they stay at fourteen. Who's the guy at fourteen. It means or what about is this guy a guy that you like six Evans from like a small school in Texas somewhere. The front of him. Write your banker up market Davenport. Due goes due out. You were you practice San Antonio. And you know. Here's what I'm now he's not coming he's not our prize I mean he's a project he's now. Regularly buys our the senior ball amity you don't even Eddie can badly induce those bank. But he's not real strong guy right now and on its stronger commitment though big tackle but bottom of the hole and old are a lot. We're doing just fourteen days and days. Yeah well art. Did of the I want to thank you. Big defensive tackle your daughter out of Washington these at least. And I would like hey I'm like yeah remain admin the linebacker you know a lot of urgent attack he really good football player. Again I bit. He scares me a little bit but he's only played. Our started it should say one year. What he's very good cornerback and outside just action while I don't think you'll fall that far you seasonal fall that far. The fourteen I think he could I do you'll accept all of it that promote or I like ala. You know so yes I I think he did I think you can realistically be there are fortunate for the Packers. And so you don't bear some guys that are uttered about why Barack. Or eat at my. You know so I think yeah I think. Very real way it strictly of course Greg Davenport would be bearer of the all the smoke clears in knees and the beat in the guy he'll be there for punitive. Paris itself I it will we had people getting cut now on the NFL Doug Martin obviously getting cut in the Rollins other smaller players possibly getting cut. I'm in there was a story the other day about who may get cut any steam and Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson's name. I'll popped up a for the Green Bay Packers trying to free up some money needed to go laughter free agents. Coming up here would you move up from either one of them. I thought more bad you know rock out slam main and Indy and yet it was a majority here now outdoor you know. Well you know I'll take it lightly. You do want to keep bump but one entries situation except he locked a couple of years injury and out. I got used. You are you kind of roll the dice there a little bit but dot. Know a lot and our electric Erik I'll I like the well the Packers but. Well Ricky he wrote ballclub you know many problems are over periodic the first annual one other thing. Brett Hundley obviously police are what he did or didn't do last year how did you see him coming out of UCLA are going into that draft. And then what did you think of him now that he finally got his shot vs what he was like at UCLA. Well actually it you know he's kind of done what we thought he would Wear it where you seal. I will expel review called law and more each don't stop completely and that's what. Not in the game and you know older. Upon being behind Erin in epic yet that some banks and arron. But. We had him. Develop battle quarterback obviously a really good aptly. Who did not get in Milwaukee college. And Gary could take care. And job you know yet to arm strength Britney had the athletic ability yet and all wrapped up where we don't like he was Alter the way. Were you years bit you know he would fight and who were the actors. Behind Aaron with bigger mandate that the perfect spot or manned up just Albert really developed like you're body you know well. Vietnam era are still wired or are you guys now. Yeah baker may feel I I mean the guy has all the credentials plus or gaudy numbers. I have. I don't know of how you wait does that matter anymore. Or do people look at them and think he's like he quarterback. Janet what is its time as Al was was it wasn't. Yeah I don't know yeah yes he's not he's not. Got man ought error right now I'm in what way is he better learners over Heidi and her height her. Right not to you'll probably make baker may feel span and I'll tell you why another for the LA yeah. And he reminds you so much drew robberies. Our scout with the Eagles I didn't make the school call you know one group reviews in my area there could do and respect. Are you seeing so many similarities between acute they're they're all great great war skeptic. Are there is super Smart I mean football Smart I I mean. Baker married fielder's Islam you on the day he went to walk on. You know first it pack this pack nobody wanted my school because of there being six tall so it goes back to their goals and their starting quarterback. And then you know. Eight batting goes transfers and go all bark and he. Outreach or you'd consistency. Or the guy they went to New York three years role for the hard you know what I mean you aren't a finalist for years and oral. And that to me that's a real tribute because and there would be over his career. Not say he he does cold spring like Google agrees I mean he obviously go after Al a couple of barked up front we'll take it you know closed on middle we can step up and in there in the pro ball. But Australia they're cute as super Smart. He broke ball all angles he gets it coming in anticipation. Outstanding. Is decision making is incredible. And he's got a you know beat worker or where a strong arm wall due at that Japan would permit doubtless be. You'll last years of guys are also. I got arm strength in your anticipation. Is outstanding men and he put yo UC quarterback to throw the ball and make it slow down or. He gets immense stride he. Rolls the ball. What receiver to actually in what they're not slowed down so. No he's not he's a tremendous exit rate compare Eric breaking OK but I love him. OK but but there that first of all this loss. I I think they're Drew Brees comparison I don't mind it Drew Brees comparison and he's out there was small guy element small guy in the older than me. But a six foot guy like Russell Wilson there's another guy that this made a living in this league he's waiver of the Russell Wilson I think on the football. So Peter play honestly I don't question that permeates though how much does he get knocked her. His personality and how he goes about his business off the field I and the antics on the field that's work if I'm a general manager or coach. How much why didn't this guy for this and look past the talent and hold him kind of accountable for all this stuff away from the field. Well I I tell you what. EB if they're apparently not otters and they were competitive guy in the sidelines dot couple bags that he'd be here lately that believes that. It is you know all the problems in the NFL right now and also all your got back you know he would you got that rhubarb dotted. Arkansas and ruin. This short highlight. You know he steps to try to break it up or seek to trouble rather insult dog in hey Rick and hey he's a fiery competitor. And I got married the following. I don't know what Bono Bob Matt you know it's not our job disagree Albert for summer job and then. The opposite because younger man's growl was not privileged rich yet. Okay through other you know toggle Bob mayfield. He's a self made guy that is not privileged and got often Baltimore when he wants them. Drake in the all ever stop it you know it. Two X like man MLB insult I think there's dirt to differ personality altogether. Glad you and Dan all's appreciate a few minutes I'd imagine marina talking again between now on the NFL draft. You must bad guys I'll I. Always good yeah. You'll make many mistakes a chuckle at that one slot thanks meant. I don't expect them higher. Shortly after you've gone on you missed yet they don't enjoy this on the great midwest and make out loud if you're looking for is simple. And convenient pre approval process for your new home construction or renovation loan. How great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products. Since 19355.