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Saturday, January 20th
Varsity Blitz High School Basketball Coaches Show - Mike McGivern is joined by Al Hanson, Head Coach at Nicolet, Khalef El Amin, Assistant Coach for the entire show.  Also hear from TJ Otzelberger, Kari Conradt and Dan Wandry.

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Some of the best high school basketball in the siege he's played right here in southeast Wisconsin. It's time to hear some of the best high school basketball coach isn't the area. This is the Wendy's port city blitz high school basketball coaching show presented boy and C stores now here's 1057. FM the fans high school insider. Big time and Mike we. What are the way these first of its high school basketball coach you shall present it. By your local pick N save stores on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we giver we're talking nickel a Basque while that. I'm excited divided Al Hanson the head coach we've fallen media assistant coach in Jack brown was our pick it's a student at flew week we'll get to that. Later in the show join us in am always happy when guys committed their good routes. She agrees to a one minute before coach cancer congratulations good win I yeah I event and pretty good yeah these goal while a nickel and these are going great yeah. So heated political through your background will bet. I think anybody that's been around high school basketball and those of your career. And then played college basketball coaches at Dominican coach in college now to head coach at in the collate. And we're gonna go through some of those steps if we can but what you enjoy more did you enjoy high school or better college both went. Plan or no deal quote should coast and I'm Angela high schooler come down and we've got a really good group guys and guys can relate to someone AM it's now with these. Well coach I'd looking at your schedule. And look at that at. Their detonated their start to get it. Man you know the only loss you've had in a bit was at least the conference are really good seat of her team and it was a close game you guys are right there. I'm here are really good things about the self corn on the nickel. And I haven't talked a lot about nick played basketball for awhile. So certainly congratulations. You do step I'm a big fan of yours is to coach a pretty fit you know what I think the stuff that he does in the city. I'm gonna have a much a couple of shows active I mean that's how much I think you know. When when you talk about. The job that you guys are doing and nickel way it wasn't like you had to start from the ground floor because there's there'd been some some talent there in the past. Com I'm not sure it was it was going in the direction IINI and I'm a big fan of the guy retire at top called it a great chops. I'll put I think maybe some fresh blood was needed and it it has shown up right now and in you guys are having some success. Thank her arm but his are relieved Brian and who you know don't believe in themselves and leave an analysis coaches. And I think is kind of starting to translate you know on the court now. It when you you play either of young cracked it and you played high school where. Tulsa East Coast east and that's and that's why other people that urges we've been world. Good Seattle. Did you know when you were player that goes sees that that I'm playing college basketball was something you really wanted to do. It was almost always has drawn. On to played college basketball in division one basketball are. Basketball is really the only thing I've ever known ground up as acute. And so is my first pass and my first love so. I've always used basketball as an outlet you know to try to teach me things about life so it's always been mayor close to him. You were able to bomb. You and you're able to utilize that message for the Q is it your coach you know. Did that basketball is you know it's it's something that that you can use. As one party to vote to get you to where you want ago. Certainly try to use basketball as a as a role. You know to try to have these keys relates you know school on the socialized. You know your future career so that's definitely a message that we preach. Every day throughout practice when you said division one. Does it do it my dream was division one ahead at that as I've coached 36 years now induce one time. And how do you have a conversation with young man that doesn't have maybe his talent to play division one that has that dream that. And end it it's hard for me coach when when kids say look I'm a division one player. And you know that maybe he's not and maybe easy to BO played division three level especially in the state of Wisconsin I think he's incredible. He you have to have that conversation with it. I'm. Right now. What kind of a point where we have some key is who can play college basketball. From both for myself and coast relief. I'm and a great division I player and for us our message is insane on. Teaching the keys accountability. Is the big east and and come our work and all of those things that you can put those things again. Pinkie v.s keys can go and play countless basketball game. Part of this show Cleve prior part of the reason I do the show. And now have a college coach on every every week. I'll only let for the most part. I'll only allow college basketball coaches on that give our kids a chance the state was that's played the next while. And teachers got five. Beta two just for the coaches Celtic Celtic to a state. I've got to come out he's got five players he's got more than any division one team in the state Wisconsin and his coaching staff has two or three guys. From Wisconsin. So what have him on at 1045. To talk a little bit about his team but I think Q would agree. Cleats that that. The kids that get a chance to play at the next level and playing college whether it's division Warner division two or three. Man what a what a great experience it was for free you'd have to play at that level right. Yeah absolutely I mean. No good basket what and the level you know now like he's caught up and then he when he won he's one. But if you wanna you know continued their passing continue playing at a high level especially in a YA and was cast in this. Is is amazing you know night in night out you can give B by you know any any teams so you know it. Who were you surprised by that when would you. What I hate about. These guys are dog you know he's only going to vision three. Where are you kidding me my son played a mirror and after a Baptist Bible College. And people are like oh really. We'll go out there played at concordia their plane that was skies loser at Emma suite and then down in Illinois to medicated some really good. Division three weight went. Had a kid back when he played. There were some really really good basketball being played in that conference. And when you got to Stevens port he surprises level. I was a was Steve is one had a lot of great players this is like nick Bennett Jason Kelso they're a year your guard got there it just coming off there you know first national championship. And it the first one of them back to back. So nine in I got to sell out GO rally that played eat in pursuant was as a Whitewater is he kind of gave in his. He's and it's a 23 now you think that it might be in those sweet I isn't isn't as abolish the smaller so he he gave me he gave me and get good crypto. Hey an enemy we're gonna do this later in the show but you have utilized. On the we have this conversation are kind of Maureen high school. Off the year and then a little bit on the year the idea of giving back through community is in your DNA. And so for you to take some of coaching and they do this stuff that you do with your brother and we'll do we'll talk a will touch on that later in the show but. It it just don't make sense to you practice is something that you do. Yeah absolutely I mean a U says in my DNA my left by the he's owned his own social service agency for the last 32 years. An imam monsoon is a myth of their procedures are now. So he knows it's a given back has always been in me and and knows this couple that with my love and passion for basketball. And help and they you know opened youth ages is is as natural. Coach Jason hang out to him you know what he's done he's there via a series circuit and cause some of the coaches I think you better side of your 23 year deal I don't know what's your which you paired him already cool but there might be some guys given him a call. Hey when you got to tell it to nick away. On coach I know that's you know there were some job openings that there's rumors about both you guys did a lot of different places. And there's a couple that were really happy that neither one of you got I'm just telling yet. In its in the conference and a coach have been out so really that didn't that didn't happen. When you got that call to say come be our head coach Ed Ed mic away. Did you immediately jump Saturday just sip angry let me let me take a look at where the program this it's a it it has been a great basketball conference. I think it's dongle that I kids maybe this year we did some. Com has some conference realignment some things have changed when I paint. You know coming in from the outside and look in the U in the conference is ultimately. Once you get that look in that team to plan against teams realize that there's a lot of players. Content he can't take anything for granted. And last night Port Washington B Holmes. You know that's that's just shows that the tribal conference it is out on play every night. When you get any child much cedar were right now is the big dog they have enough for a couple years. I'm sure your happy dieters tend is appalled that skewed view about how the coverage seems like he's been there nine years for me. But really good kid they're really good basketball player and obviously coach steadier she divert their it's a really good coach he can't. I say anything with that with the with him he's a good guy and he and I think that team's top. McKenna go start to Hartford white fears they might be having one down here which you know they bounce back they've got a lot of good athletes out there. I coach against two guys slayer years ago I never want coached against him anymore Al runs really good stuff and you've got a group prepared for what he's doing. The West Bend schools west and east. My vehicle will booked out of the west and west right now. Insert your right your you better be ready. Hartford good winless site you guys are no the first half. X 3020 is halftime and then you guys got a little bit. In the second half but McKenna whose coach in this conference for a long time is taken over program that didn't have much success. Effort the people that I that I know that go to games and Hartford said look their energy levels dip and has been in the past. Yeah we come we got a chance to play him last year com. And we went and we beat them it was a close game last year by the difference between them lash on issues completely different he's done a great out with those guys. They got some young guys who really play. You future's bright futures. That are here before gates who operate if somebody. You know talks fuel industry one days is what kind of coach area. You know we'll kind of wait wait what's your philosophy you wanna get the ball down the floor like most coaches say they do are you a half court guy man guys own. You know what what's YouTube alma. For me. One and I always wanted to be a fast paced change on them iron in and the young coaching career. He kind of got to adjust your personnel. We go in one philosophy and that. Teen GAO's EC may be completely different and I think that's where we're at right now and that's kind of why we're starting hasn't success. A plan based on our personnel and philosophy. That's hard as a coach do you what can you Kuwait think it it's my way or the highway pal and were you what we're gonna get the ball in the post retouched to paint. And then you get to practice your biggest kid is 61. All that were probably did get to the paid as much as I think we're going to we might have to. You don't give give Dotson double ball screens try to see if we can't get something going to the basket and then kick it out and can he still shooter by the way Arnold as the coastal plan yeah yeah instead of shoes you guys go one on one who wins. I'm I'm still I'll give you got. Kate our favorite the other day Jose Winston kosice saint Joe's and and you know La Vonn. McCoy whose are so I've freshman assistant coach or Martin Luther was standing next to each other. In a city if you guys play one on one what happens in Jose says he's too boo for being kept it close and that lasted. So if you guys go one on one with absurd you you've got to mr. added as we have reported it that's yet there either it is really get to break in the set to break Jack. Promissory. We're gonna bring UN were to talk about this year's team. And I 1030 we're gonna talk you popular pick it's a student athlete of the week were talking to collate basketball. Al Hanson that I spoke go to nickel a clear follow me was he assisting coach Jack from will get to hear his voice. On the other side of the break I promise this is the Wendy's or simple it's high school basketball coach show presented. By your local pic N save stores. And it's portrait 157 FM the fan. I had no and I mean. News. What is horse you've with high school but I spoke coaches. I love race and as the best stories being told. We're talking to collate basketball today. Elliott's in the head coach Knight in our lives have kinda late mangalore but I I coached or burger in great schools tapered that he had like a I'm Tully of mole locker nation's viewers he was like six to about a 112 pounds at that point. And I Kuester I don't play getting a little fire in the belly and you coasted to many Q with him. And die coats Dominican for a while also week. We have. We have kind of gone a different path but crossed in the end it was yours before that obviously. There burgers good man. He's a great idea good luck this month the tests that they were so supportive we never won march its paper and that. We don't really care can we had a car that was okay and others met a couple of bad. In fact Jose Winston that was the same year. And Jose was that. Holy cross. And Jose guys' team up fifteen and then he stopped he just kept pass and we get to eight and he got a seventy. And that we give it to Ted he gave it to ninety Eddie stuff and he was a little guy with his big smile that could scored any top against our team. And he'll want to close out. And after the game I remember going a bit shaken this little guy's hand that it no you know I knew his name probable bet. But now he's coaching a saint Joe's in the spirit that he has is a man is is is wonderful. I love guys that that played around here stayed around here now given back. So I really appreciate you guys for what for what you do. Let's talk about this year's roster looks talks the young man that's here. He is senior jet from. He's our pick and sixty net Lou Wheaton will get to that party your wife for the next segment object in slot for covenant. They I did you have any good you are having fun this year a lot of fun we have a group of guys. This. Day in day out it's a lot of fun of on the way to a mess around and it's very competitive and it you don't what if you guys are competing at a high level right now in the in your conference. And it looks to me from looking at the schedule that is to you guys are really start to get it. People are certain understand who coached against him because we for looking for yeah yeah we're just. But if torched like. Refining like our rules of us are not good pick it up and put the pieces to go about actually grew up on a big run. As a kind of it can't elf yeah yeah that's good hey Chad good if you then four seizes your three year to. It's a cycle of arson and it's so you've got coaching is is bring your head coach yet. I'm going in into the exit program at nickel away. Did you feel like it when you had a chance to be pretty good by your senior year. On it and because of a lot of hard work I mean I was in the gym a lot so we're economic game. Size Chanukah Markkanen tentative I think it did you play like use that's what lies these guys are yeah a lot of those seniors having like three of whom. We played since six Canadian on in the belief but without that makes a difference and that yeah and they like my best friends that you've played some role did you play you and all that is while last I played a you lefties who won for the much accidentally. So I ask is that coming here this is I'm a high school coach or coach Dave you years ago. And got out of because accountable too dirty for me I I I had a hard time swimming in that pond. And I think high school basketball. Is is just a purist but that's time of to play basketball. Is with the guys grow up with consider your class or come to cheer you on it's your games. And guys in some kids I've coach who said look a use way better from. And I try to figure out why we played at the meticulous that you couldn't get via. Shannon Smith who was it start Coastr meant to Medicaid is doing a live game you know on channel 32 with thank you for Specter's sports to do that. I just don't go to can't see any better than that now we want at the buzzer so you know like I can smile Lugar. About that but you know wash I'm against guys. You know your Perry who is this is the coach is there a better guy than he don't he knows best was set up. And then you know we've got a decent stats and we got some good players they got some good players. For you age you hurt her high school best ball better for you I mean there's positives. Negatives of both but I mean high schools one because you know the guys in my team world. And they guest Angie level with the crowd and make your teammates is fun and then by a U also late the pace of the game is a lot faster. And that's also fluency in India to meet new people since the end travel it and you can travel. Did you find it takes you couple weeks to get there AEU us and your kids coach definitely for us especially Jack. Yeah yeah when he talked about pace. In the speed again. That's on them in those took a little bit it is too early in the season right now he's he's plan that one. As paces and art. Hey let's talk about some of the seven the other kids if we go on watched nick collate play coach let's talk about some of the kids that make this team go. So other than Jack and again we'll continue to talk to Jack who has our preconceived student athlete of the week 64. Senior. Nick at nickel way pour some of the other kids that we were gonna jump off the page we Kamal watching guys. But I think. Great and about art and as we come into a community. And Jack talk about these guys really GO. Off the court and as on the best science that they are I think. It's kind of the some of our team as well we got guys. Jae Kuk Poland can't Mac news and sunny embassy. Those are restarted for a sources. Really kind of common around and started to do things went well. Got to talk about Jamar accidentally on the past few weeks he's a sophomore 68 sophomore who's going to be. He's got a Shaq and. Yeah he you know what I guess a lot about him coach did you donate because I'm I'd sit here and there and tuchman rated for cope Larson Saturday. That I've probably seen him play a dozen times I've seen him play twice. I'm one splashes of fresh from once this year at the kettle marine thing and down. His jump from last year to this year just the way he walks in the gym looks different to me. And and for him in the jumped that you see from last year to this year it is but he. Palm but let's just talk about the Japanese made over the past few weeks. I must say saenz right around Christmas he's released on it and just and teammate. He's and his and messes coach coach in Stan and he's released on hold himself accountable and I think that's the biggest surprise for us right now. One of the biggest things happen in the right direction since Christmas. Coach you find is some times have a home. GGG shake your head sometimes and if when you told kids what you want how you want it done. And you feel like their questioning. You. You geno. Played at a high level your assistant coach plated divisions really high level a series point. Do you ever just go lake and on your fifteen years old and I played at a high level question me on that. I think that the great thing about. Could leave myself is that we we do we understand because not too long ago we were in those steps and I was pretty hard and myself. And you know priest. So I. Our big east talent is kind it is an able to relate that if I'm a way to communicate it will be different. So I think that's kind of woman and it is we have right now. Our eight you find it easier to player injured coach. I got easier to have to content I would think two era and for me. Arm. It's a lot easier for me a plane coat yeah yeah. Yeah he's got his while and do what you do best. Trying to get guys to do what you want them to do is difficult. It's really difficult sometimes. I shake I had a guy faith in resolve. Show that I do we talk to men and women all of the country that are willing to come on a circular sports station talk about their faith. And how it's affected or vice professionally personally. Head football coach at eastern Michigan. I said hey the kids have really changed don't you think of reduced 36 years and social media and I these kids have all changed and he said no I don't. He set tell you what's changed that change you've changed. He said look when I get they had a job division one college football post 28 years old youngest division one football coach in the country. And now it's five years to ruin remove from play it I was single and a school. I was one of those guys now 44 a mirrored with three kids all Jews give away from practice go moments in my kids have they changed now. They're still doing the knucklehead things I did Baghdad I've changed I'm not the cool guy anymore. They look at my assistant coaches those guys are cool they're twenty years old third five years roof from playing here. I'm you'll guy trying to race home to see my kids again about your thought and if kids have changed much lately. For me. I think our cues on him the biggest thing for us since were kinda new at nickel lake we're trying to establish a culture to where. They are similar to the things that we've been so it's a little too early in my coaching career of being able to answer that directly but it. Whether they change or not it's it's up to says coaches on the way to get the best items. I'm trying to stay young and on and outweighs the good for you you know Sarah McKay with these. Good luck with that gives what time stats nobody brother. Tell it had no right what. I thought I was young you code here's what my three grandsons live across the street and I'm everybody loves rate technical guy. My hand look at sponsored sports all the time. He is Allen yesterday coaches nickel way we're gonna talk more to him. And his assistant coach in and I love the stuff that we've does in our community we'll talk to him about that on the other said the break. Jack problem we met is our pick NC student at two weeks where you ask one question. That I have not told them he's got to get prepared for what motivates him for being such a good student athlete. And will get there it's from Jack on the other side this is. The way these RC which high school basketball coach shall presented by your local. Pick N save stores odds for treaty won a 57 app the thing. Soloist this week's student athlete of the week who's making a difference in their community and their classroom. On the court listening to pick and sailed high school student athlete of the brought you by your local pick and save stars. We're Wisconsin saves on groceries. Welcome back to what you perceive what's high school basketball coaching show as always present by your local. Pick N save stores name of the band home for the weekend. Let's just use the music for pickets say student after the week. He's young men as a senior he's technical way in studio Jack from. He Jack I love asking this question mortars your motivation come from being such a good student athlete. Really just hello sports and everything in the and the competitiveness and Californians and the people you meet. So that that the in the classroom part of it. We're where does that come from a mean sports is is not forever so you need to do on the classroom. Where there education and getting in on the that comes from your your your your parents to think. I mean yeah from my parents and from experiences like you start to realize that as you know there and you know and you understand it is student athlete. So so we've been able play basketball is not a right. It's a punt it I go out of the games the and you want key players see ya make sure did you did you have hopes to play at the next level. I mean yeah yeah I mean outlet next though genome of the stores do you have any idea where you do your thing about going next year. Enough and I am I think it is the what Saddam what do you think you're going to do you have any and Ilya can change. Ten times before it hits your target area Yuri ticket right voiced it achieves ten times. But if you had to pick now what do you think if I mean somewhere in the feel of the business. Okay good and I certainly went par via. Does he get chance play at the next level coach. Yes he does Jack has been in some looks from the 2000 people. Wherever you decide ago he's gone on and gave real steel and Jack Heath. He's our work. You think he's been his best bass quote is is ahead of him. Definitely definitely Jack has. He says he's been playing basketball on his entire side by. He's released aren't just are not learning and a mask law is that medicine and care. You know. Up until now but he start and take teach in and learn in the game and so he's definitely on game. Time. You'll multi sport athlete. Ice and play baseball and baseball's. They were sport grow up and basketball. As export to utilize my this is more yachts like it's Kansas and so yeah we've all ask you this Tuesday. As basketball coach we love guys like this that I understand the role of the student athlete. And we talked about being competitive on the court. You know carries over into the classroom to these competitive in the classroom he's disciplined. Investment we we say look you can't go. You know seven hours to debut on discipline they come to practice and be displayed if you can't have it it does work it's not a good combination. But when you win you a chance to hang out with kids like Jack just kind of makes. At least for mean he. You almost here but you know are these and you guys doing this crazy stuff. And then every week you get articulate this and I go okay it will be. You are few Joseph Linda working for a one day and you know felt Wal-Mart or saw video W big guy over in the dark. Three days thug basketball yards are gradual stuff like that which you gotta love guys like. I absolutely it's actually great you know great Katie he's always well in the learn it better and at the heat this maturity level is way beyond his years. So I mean does he does has. And a knack purge is being around the ball in the right places. And you know Lycos asked that he is that it's only you know it's about the gem. So if you wanna know 101 or two or lumber even OS if he's gonna he's not take off. Yeah I use my putting guys on posters that half. You know I I'm sure am and ask you this but a move go ahead and doing any weight you realizes is the Euro last four era in you know it's that he. View you've been able that you're OK with that you know you've come to grips with a I mean AF on the guess I'd just like embrace every moment. And now. Like through thick and then now it's a composite bats in a note this is like pretty soon it's going to be done there is no tomorrow reckon you know months. Cool arm or who's for the rival for you. You when you get to schedule losers somebody that you go mad and I wanna beat them out like that much Siebert just as. There there and past history and how they were especially this because their growth since they champions write matches. I wanna go ahead and yet statement so you go over to their place of last Friday must 5755. But they come back to your place at balanced diets and it does it as tough on Monday and last session. Who hit the shot for them to the theater. Yeah you knew he was getting at an. He knew easier I would you know what the good news they come to your place on February 22 have you but his coaches will look here but we worker had. Have you looked at your sectional result of all of that. Did you see who's in that. Definitely. That's some culturally and Iowa were open about that with our team. We have the team that we want and be mature enough to be you know what's ahead of them in the what were prepare for. Mapping. That helps us helps them so that's definitely something we take a look at. Right yeah we YouTube and I don't know we talk about it it's on with with you we certainly talked about it. You know among the coaches they moved us we are with committee can walk on written it. He moved round here is gas and moved us out so. I'm I'm I'm glad Brown Deer live for us to GL. I don't we don't have to deal with brown I don't want to do with Kelly and I beyond what is happening as a great oh man and their motive there could. Entry. Boy that one's graduating I'm happy about that they've moved Jesse kept this is saint Catherine's who's voted. And that's conference conference with and they moved to this west who were with lake mills lake San Lutheran. A home. Of the way turner. Were reopens while upon all those guys can can fight over their so good. That we keyword we get a shot we got a chance I've got to watch some of those teams in. And there are some really good basketball being Plato was. And they haven't seen the kind of quickness and A seven's tree quiet efficacy. It was cute to break Jack thank you congratulations by the way here's what happens. I would have a plaque for you. From your local Pickens whose story we're gonna meet at the store closest to the schools of the one on green tree it and down. The the store manager and I of coach Jeff is your family wants to come it's about a ten minute presentation. We get pictures. It goes on our web said their FaceBook page. And we want to honor and celebrate you was a student athlete. Through our local cricket six or so congratulations thank you means you that think you were do we get to break is set to break. TJ ought to burger he's that coach South Dakota State University. Thomas More port. He's gonna join us chuckle would buddies program and give us quarter two stapled roles that they do on a daily basis. And this this coach's corner threes gotten fund I got to take notes on time zug a phone calls. He when he talked about the shelter was going over the top but as I got to take notes on it it will get those draws from TJ on the other side this is the Wendy's varsity puts. Our school best walk coach's show presented by a local pick and save stores. On its portrait of 1057 app I'm a fan. Do you ever wonder why a basketball coach does what he does and what's his coaching philosophy. What are some of the drills he does every day to make his team better it's time for the coach's corner. Brought you by the Brian Stratton college athletic department. It's funny guys the they're good music for this is done by some homestead. Football coaches. Sedate look when I say this next segment we talk about team of the week they're not to have. So we've hosted right now you love me yet take a wide great band all of homered most of those guys are teachers in the building football coaches. From homestead name the bands tangled lines loved me this sect because next segment. Where we know search team or their team of the week. We're at our special guest in studio host is not going to love me so much our special guest. She is the had bass boat quotes South Dakota State University he's a Wisconsin guy I don't care through through I still think he puts it cheese head on and Sunday's. And routes through your Green Bay Packers TJ are super TJ I event. Doing great thanks for me are Mets still here you can take the boy I was Scots which you can't take the scouts out the boy correct. There's no question about that. Then I appreciate that in studio Al Hanson the head coach at nickel away clean follow mean the assistant coach in Jack romp. Who was there Pickens a student out through the week. Six what are you 66. 6464. Jumping jacks from law Joseph seven Jim TJ and these are picked it seems student after the week. So review you're looking to fill out another was scouts are roster spot pictured jackets or phone call from there it let's talk about this year's team. I tell these guys that I only allowed guys on this show that give our kids whose stated Wisconsin's chance to play at the next level. So I go on your roster. And I. I don't know 456. Guys on the roster and another two or three on your coaching staff from Wisconsin. So I wanted to have you wanna say thank you. For given our kids a chance to play at the next level at South Dakota State. Well I appreciate. These same thing exit that I was lucky grownup. On the outside to have a lot of mentors. Coaches and our players force some of the great by U coaches gray rose. No Porsche accurate arm or my high school coach there. Was privileged that went Parkinson who's coached at Bradley Effect or that was my my Little League coach. BitTorrent and just really I was looking at a young age that such great coaches so great people that help influence and impact Meehan and you know my experience grown applying. Thomas Moore high school and a Whitewater just allowed me to see what great town there was. Specifically in Milwaukee area surrounding area but then you know throughout they'd also. Felt like you don't have the opportunities that. In the college coaches don't wanna dirt being recruited to give opportunities back. To those young people and really had a lot of confidence and you know what guys can do so. We've got port city here without a lot of guys had that impact the program I'm only going in my. Well electric music Jo cheered in your one we are fortunate to make the NCAA tournament. And you talk about you know local influence and in Chris Powell who. Play that Rupert skiing. It's what person was. Was with us last year and our product this year part of what we did down on the stretcher at some monster games and are cop tournament. And how awesome leader for us and you know you really. Made great strides and you talk about the progress made Chris. We talked about on the corporate off the court Chris is set to graduate here this summer or yours which I'm really proud and he'll be able to work towards master's degrees in gradual work things like that first of the year but. You know it's called them about what happens on the corporate Chris how does mean get it done in the classroom do a great job with the community and again forever by the ball in his step out at some point that. Somewhere really proud of it. You know on this year's team to Grammy he has then huge huge. Impact player forcibly so dynamic in transition you know rain what the west central. You know we're fortunate to have a team has a lot of guys that score. So we don't ask Brandon. To do as much but what's really is. Get everybody involved get the ball to court pushed the pace. He's been a great on ball defender and he's he's very capable scorer and I think is removed on a bit more and more of that but right now. He's got such great job in particular in the next level that. You know we have 33 register want to walk serial deal on social work. Matthew looks like you'd hear the hard worker. Put people. He's if you put the other team's best Frontline player practice every day that I. Phenomenal job that he's got a directorate had a hand. He's gonna make a major impact on the court next year Ana Lugo over three point oh you know GPA which is really really great that your young and then. Rank Krieger from port bill Alex variance from. Matta and accurate to other guys there Richard and you know they're going to be great players forces well and so we've. We're fortunately all five of those guys and you know you mentioned the coaching staff also Ben Walker. Grew up in Milwaukee plated Oak Creek high school one and that brick correct Creighton. Erica understanding cosic ethics central principle their record it's Ayman I think the city this state in the surrounding years then. Really really good and you know fortunate because there yet some really good players and the great things on the court in the classroom I'm wrote. While Terry you know when you when you when you talk what kid like brandy cue from west south central. Quick as they pick up. That kid and go we can ever seen in front of all. And and at west south central he looked to score a lot then it's your level of unity said look we got a bunch guys who can score series gotta get the gap in Carrick. And then defend and you know for him to fit to be able take that coaching you know comes back to his days I think it was so central. And if he's able to to get you guys to the next level it was really fun to watch them run that you guys have last year. TJ you know there's a lot of Wisconsin people that that route for worry your coach who were room for that team. Because there's a lot of love or respect for you when and how you treat the people that you bring with you. From the state of Wisconsin he before I ask you for a drill. And you don't add please be honest with this when you win you get kids from the state Wisconsin. You feel like they've been. Palm really well coached at the high school level present look at you know the hundreds of staff we have from nickel lake here these guys get it. And I think the guys that we coach against has in the in this conference that weren't. Man these are some really really good. High school coaches. And now is wonder when they get to the next bubble to the height to the college coaches understand that these kids are really well coached in high school. Yeah I think it you know the reputation of you know the coaches in the Milwaukee area and throughout status. The second amount I think even you know I've been. At some other places in recruited you know nationally at Iowa State. Washington some places and I think fundamental skill development I don't think there's any we're stronger and they were Scots at. You know just to look for players you know other guys are gonna be well coached. You know guys are gonna have toughness you go you know guys there they're going to be battle tested and they're and they're gonna have that passion for. Like you said what what balance equation and studio of their tournament those two guys Stewart Natalie great players mentors to young man bit. You know another take that next step in the or develop those guys Cogent. And then look look at our restaurant or get help put surgery guys beat breast. Coaches in this state ever. We've had players through the years note Brandon plant for Dave Milosevic Q does a great job. Just all across the board like you sit too over you know if you get Paul Walsh has been friends for years that job because that particular except desert you know Al arc that. On and on and on there wouldn't be enough time to say talk about all the great coaches and the opportunities because these guys. We're fortunate coach coaches could you guys do all the heavy lift your preparation and build the foundation and we just try to. Find a way to not screwed up who put a team together and secret what the chief gates. Hey TJ we only have a Coleman so much askew just for one but the stapled role that you do when a daily basis. On the coaches corners got to be really fun because people call me. During the week and after take notes on all these drills these so called say hey when that coach talked about you know this everybody draw how did you do this. So you do if you give us one staple drill that you do every day that you think is really important to get your team to coach him up a little bit. A more true that being. Yeah we are our defense and drew that we use every data candidate go on in turn gets are guys mindset that it's. It's time to get rated and it's really simple. We call to want to balance. And essentially you put two offensive players at about the 45 degree angle at the three point line and then we have a single file line under the basket. I would put two guys I'd one. Route free throw line at one under the basket. And we we pick there's a coach underneath the basket. We throw it out and widgets it's good to want to close out drill where. The big guys get the first you know the first path they've got to talk. They first passed and for us. Guard the three point line is such an important thing you know what I grew up. Plane it was almost pick where the draft pick where the drive will now. Guys with the skill that will shoot the street a much better it's difficult to onto browns because. You've got to close out soldier hand above the ball and keep your hand the ball the ball and then help to address they have active fans. At least stands but we call shallow triangle so that the 45 it's you know called the nail right around free throw line. And then the player that received the ball he's trying to make it that drive and how we close out on the way we played an active of the baseline. So we try to keep the ball off the baseline or DB to the outside defense quickly import our principles. So Becker has yet take away the ship at least they've bounced and I would vote to want to browse. These dedicated fans awaited shows and it bounce up that may have bought 63 point shot away. The try to keep this just in front on the dribble and then after he takes drivel he skipped it to the other guys. And you know the same thing close out Jeep and above all. Until it breaks plane of the three point line. And then we'll keep that Joseph continuous blow the whistle but it's a really good energy through force. Because were really trying to train our guys you get a real takeaways mystery what you. And chest open to train your man one on one and some what we do every day. A couple you know trying to take notes and many you know you college voice talk over us high school boys had a little bit of an off figured out teach care really appreciate it. Keep up the good work Celtic goes to university. You guys are having a great year. Look for do you want to ruin you guys don't come turner and time again I I hope that happens for you. Are really appreciate it up yeah you bet again TGI some forger he's ahead basketball coach South Dakota State. University really get to operate other set of rape carry Conrad is in studio from west Alice blue. Here we go we name our our team of the week. And like I said home still loved me this the segment not to like you so much next segment when we talked to carry Konrad again from west Dallas blew. This is a Wendy's Farsi puts high school basketball coaches show presented by your local pick N save stores. I tortured you want a 57 FM the fan. Some of the best high school basketball in the siege he's played right here in southeast Wisconsin. It's time to hear some of the best high school basketball coaches should be area. This is the Wendy's port city blades high school basketball coaching show presented boy and can't see stores now here's 1057. FM the fans high school insider. Big time Mike we. So our team of the week is that just thirteen to request Ellis flew. Team of the week. As I feel bad bankers crates coach creditors in last week Q we get along great and but you gotta give four Washington some some props guys that was a good win if you could pull that my coaches will be closely coached. In your conference 7178. Port Washington beats homestead. Right right I think they deserve her west tell us we team of the week don't you pat thinks. And so well. My congratulate those guys that say a rivalry game those two schools don't like each other too much but home says had their way able bad certainly for Opel. Basketball. Or Washington I'm it's not a team that we talked much about and I think I need to p.s are starting to play. They they're pretty they're young and they play hard and patient or really well. Coaches and great I would mark last year 20 coach could leave. They are going to be a team. To look out for future young sophomores and juniors who can really play. He had giving you the best thing happens whose software becomes junior right. You know those guys they start getting it so I read about that time and I told you by some of the guys and our team. Let me tell you more about West Coast flew in fact. From the west does flue cured Conrad is in studio to talk a little bit about what they do what west Alice blue and I wanna think Kirk. And and that company for sponsoring this segment and be a part of what we do. Now with high school athletics Karrie thanks for coming and thanks are having Mike got in you that ties let's talk a little bit about so what was dose flu does away you guys are known for. So we are the career outfit for a large from graphics and customer and in environments animal hockey market. Work Eilat with high schools university is colleges. Elementary schools even company it's. And and we need re going and we can bring their traditions and histories and sports programs athletic achievements to life and there are spaces that there renovating. West Dallas blueprint dot com correct. I was on your website today it's really cool website thank you and yes some of the things that are on. When you when you when you know you walk in his some of the schools that you have down to summon and I've noticed a lot of the stuff that you guys that didn't know what was your company doing that. And I I I'm really happy Google highlight promote. This will go company that has such good work. And understands giving back six really key guys are doing with the show is really important part of what your mission statement kind events right. Absolutely. We we're lucky enough to be celebrating forty years in business spears Allison in 1978. And my parents take great pride and and what we do when and how we operate in one of the things that we you really cherish the opportunity to do is is give back to the community and help support our. Local athletic programs where did you go to school I went to memorial then I'm a mom of UW Imus well. You're two memorial didn't. You give a billion young to come in my school football structure and this guy. You know why I I'm we always compete with with memorial boy I today's sets a good school and they obviously degree agree job with you. This is a family owned company. On your parents right correct yes did you know early on that you wanted to to work there. Yes I did I graduated with an accounting degree in a marketing degree and am fortunate enough to be it is both of those and wanna do today. So you know I when you go again I would highly recommend west Alice blue print dot com. And I would go on that website if you want their phone numbers 4143211422. 3211422. Goal on that website and take a look at you you're gonna see some things on the website that you've seen in schools. And you go all that was that that did it out that's really cool I really like the website itself in how it's played out. And it really gives you good idea when your company that's looking for some of the things that you guys do custom wall coverings. Our home glass graphics. It's stuff like that which is just makes your company look really good and when you said look we take a history of some of these schools and make a pop. You guys do great job with that you help them decide what's connect with what they should do without hallway or that wall. Yes that's one of the services that we provide. You know meet you know helping decide where the opinion of your best bang for your buck is gonna be so to speak as well as some. The design and we you know we can redesign though goes freshen up the dead if need be things of that nature. Did you did you guys get most schools calling you Jews sales force that goes on talks to schools how does that work. It works both ways I mean obviously word of mouth is the best you know advertising you can ask for is a company. But we do have sales you know people on staff as well. She's carry Konrad again west Ellis blew his name of the company West Coast blueprint dot com is their website. What part of your job you like the most. I enjoy interacting with the coach is the most I am an athletic background. I played nine on college and and lastly loved my experience so I really enjoyed working with coaches and athletic directors and helping them highlight their traditions in their championships in their spaces. Well the guy that's Johansson recognized. And so he's like Kate you guys did a bunch at UW he's now the head coach nick away so make sure that you get his. You don't his contact information I've got my business Qaeda. Do that's awesome. When you go back can you look at some of the work that you guys did from start to finish. I I can't it you don't care if you said we were gonna keep that Walgreen what I'd how do you think it's been what. I don't have that in me I can't visualize what is who look like a till it gets done and then I'll tell anyway I think. I think people that can visualize things prior have a gift. And for you guys win when you come up with the idea if from start to finish. It must be really cool the walking at the end go yet that's exactly what is. There's definitely a sense of pride in what we do fresher we you know throughout the process can provide a mock up so you can see what it's gonna look like in your space before we even common furnished. The graphics cell. I'm it's it's a process that you go through and you know you take that eight graphic from concept you know all the way through to of to furnishing the completing graphics. Did you two guys to lie in gymnasiums. Is that is that a big part of what you do gymnasiums away rooms. Conference patent terms as well yeah. Guys were you when you was ensures Stephen's point think about what the oil you weren't in the weight room which I think I just. I'm only a half Annika button design that was in the weight room at Stevens Point. Or in in in some of the me rooms are certainly UW down with the kind of stuff that that they had. You know this this company this will go company west Alice can take care all that stuff warrior again I would truly recommended he and I love the fact that they give back. You know that's that's part of who we yards and we're gonna have that conversation. With the got in my left cassettes again in his DNA. On what he believes the right to his soul. And but given back to our community and certainly people at west Alice blue. Believe as well West Coast we pretty dot com. If anybody listen has questions for you. Or late if you come out somebody from your company come out and show them how they can make the design look good how they can make Jimmer the weight room looked good. I'm how would you recommend to get all the guys. I'm definitely you know phone number four on 432 on fourteen Tony to like UMass mentioned other is seen a check out our FaceBook page just let some really need videos that we've uploaded of different projects that we've done as well that's awesome. He carries think cute I can take your mom and dad think you for that. You guys get involved with the shown on loan that's two watt. Highland promote she would you guys to the thinks he'll let me be here today entity shares story do appreciate it you vet today. It's the only time I've had a memorial person and now and I went to mass murder coasted to Medicare. We always got. No yuppie pretty different whom perk up 'cause she's Kari Conrad again west jealous clues the name of the company. West Coast blueprint dot com for more information. Where to get to break a set of break really get away from basketball for a minute but what's hard thickly follow me about some of the things that that he's doing in our community. And how it ties in with. With his background in the basketball and we'll do that on the other side of the break this is the Wendy's Farsi puts high school buss spoke coaches show. Presented by a local pick conceived stores. I sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. And I and weeks. It's. News. Welcome back to the Wendy's Farsi puts high school basketball coaches show. Presented by your local pick N save stores on sports 31057. A from the fans. I'm Mike we give her want side the head basketball coach at nickel late Alan Hansen is assistant coach Khalifa Al Ameen Jack brown preconceived student after the week. Kari Conrad who's just in from a company called west Alice flu if you've not heard of them you've seen him. Trust me you've seen their work go to West Coast blueprint dot com and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about he'd do just some phenomenal things. Four schools and companies and it just. Really nice and in during the break. Khalifa and and Dutch carrier talked him. And what Khalifa his brother do and in the we're gonna talk a couple minutes about it just because there really impressed with it and I. I two people have the entrepreneur who mural spirit I never had that and I have a lot of respect for that. I mean that's I have enough trouble sleeping through the night now what if you don't it's good to start my own deal is turmoil company I just don't. I don't think I ever had that in me but. You guys challenge. Kids from the city. To start that mindset correct and right Heidi do it name of the company. Correct so as young in a crisis I got so yes. We've been in existence as 2012. If portion that is what we're now we're our main staple is esteem workshops a science technology and there aren't a math. So we're in eleven different I schools around Milwaukee area so we T systems about the latest greatest technologies in this southern become sort of how to become entrepreneurs around Austin. So you guys go united school's daily cracked. No. Only one school we're in like we're we we've we've been in for a whole month that saying where now's Carmen high school but we we use he hit. Is like a week like a week straight of schools that where. And when you when you go into that school do you do you teach kids that at the fresher south or G or you do with seniors were on does that work in various it varies by the school some schools we tease only to freshman at some schools who teach freshmen sophomores and juniors and seniors so. It really is his is scored and did you find that kids. Have a lot of interest in in listening to what you have to talk about yeah absolutely age is is. Is mainly all about exposure Alatas you know a lot of us do that they heard about drones they heard about micro computers microproze whatever the case may be. But they haven't really had their hands on experience and they haven't you know been able to dive deeper into it. When your kids obviously being a student athlete was important and they came I think from your family correct your dad your mom. You knew an early age that in order to do what you want is dude I I'm sure yet trees play in the MBA like everybody right. Arm but knowing that the ball's gonna stop is TJ talked about its use step onto one day you guys surely look today at the to say okay what are we gonna do is your Brothers and regular Vasco. Where who wins in that one ones are Adam now. And here I mean he had that big Brothers you know here at Venice for a long time. The there are so proud of its demise sophomore or junior high school yeah yeah I mean I didn't win a game I act. I can remember when in the game to close at 16%. And then you remember the first one absolutely in a traveler and never forget hammer my son BB I never played. I walked away by head down that's it I'm never doing this again you guys were together with yes Eric. 22 man shop is it you would you give political political honors but we'd have a core of about five and an outer or about fifteen. Know when when we're talking to carry around Konrad again from west Seles flu during the break we talked about the technology her business and how it's changed. Multiple times removed fifteen years that she's been there. Is that a company that you would want to show some of the kids. The tip did the tiny technology outside of the norm. And you would want to show them this this company. Absolutely absolutely and I'm glad that you know. Now allows for it here issues we hear the saying you know at the same time so we can you know exchange information and Tennessee or weakening no better the community and Hokies you don't get that exposure says the different technologies that they use a program west that was Lou. Yeah plus you personally that you can I look in your spiel you could say look I know but this this one meets their religious learn about global local company what they do. And the technology and it's not stop that you gotta you gotta stay ahead of the game is is constantly. No rapidly changing it probably says we've been in this studios that is the new technology that I just get rid of my flip phone. I think he showed a picture I have. I've got this for a year now. I got roots obit here at these stations the old guy like it I'm the guy that doesn't streak on the guy the grandfather coached her practiced a home. And I like being in that role. But it was look you've got a cure of its flip phone a couple years ago and now I've got this iPhone and never without it my way actually put the phone down. Hey good the the best part about doing this for you is one. As in a reaction that that light bulb go off in the students in Iowa State. Eight they heard a sound heard or seen some Indian it is just it is nurture and that that spark. Think that's city walk he needs guys like Q I've lives and see my entire life have never lived outside of the city of Milwaukee. And for the first time the last years of getting nervous. And get nervous should I mean is it just me is just my agers it's is. There is there's something I needed it to be more nervous about. Not a Miette. In the knows there's a lot of you know negativity. You know surrounding it says the syndicate specifically young folks of Milwaukee yes but there's a lot of promising you know folks in Milwaukee you know. In the sports do anything positive science so there's. And yes there's bad there's bad everywhere but. If I just to learn more about it. Is that if you know that's look I live off 82 Burleigh write my daughter Greinke is live kitty corner we've been in that house I grew up on Bartlett avenue. On the eSATA more lucky. And then we we my father passed it passed away my wife and I lived upstairs from a month for wall. And then we we we bought this house off 88 and Townsend and we've been there ever since. And I think maybe I'm sure about it more. But then I talked to guys. You know I talked to Victor Burnett as hard to pass tomorrow locked Antarctic guys like you that are making a difference in the city more lucky and then I feel better. You know I I just think it I think Greg I turn on the news too often. This is promising an enemy you know we've been fortunate to you know teach over you know thousand students a year. For the last four years and you know you see a lot of lot of great things that's happening in this as happened how important was basketball she you to to do what you do now. As those I mean beyond you know useful you know a lot of a lot of the the trouser tribulations and you know less is that you are on the court transfer off the court competitive nature. You know one in the business things as starting your own business yet to take that that leap of faith and you know is not always easy. But you know you just got to push through an you know we were in a a team bonding leadership. Exercise earlier this morning and then noticed the guys say you know you gotta have the next play mentality. He knows what he doesn't go right got to go to the next thing. Hey and that it be congratulations on this company and and we're gonna talk during the break if there's anything I told you this. Our category and we your busier basketball but if there's anything I can do from from here to help you move the ball forward. Meant please call because I'd love to be able to do that would have just as easy as you can you weigh in in concert Drew Carey Conrad in of people west Seles flute. You're right you guys who put together at this time for a reason and it's gonna help some of the kids that that sound that you teach and you coach. We went when we're talk about the gay were Basque wall OG do you think that. If these kids did the body language that I see sometimes we are going to jumps. Is much we can tell kids how imported this when you were getting recruited UW up. They came up they knew you could play AR ABC news good player they wouldn't be in the gym. Did you know home port in the body language was when you got taken out of the game when you were warming up. Did did somebody have that conversation with you in did you believe him. I play for a great coach in coach I swear he stressed. He showed that there were a lot of parallels between. Good people on life and and is being held accountable on court posting. Kind of run again and Marcos Jeter always say it's it's a lifestyle you live so we kind of stressed our guys that. You want you want to be a good person off the court you want it showed actually a great person off the court. And you can't just put that on and off when you're playing basketball so that's on that we stressed our guys every day. I'm body language and communication. Is paying great team. Notes interest accused in the body language thing for me I. I sat with there's a guy from holy cross years ago that called because he knew I was doing the show to ask you about some players. And then he was coming in and he said hey you wanna have dinner and then you wanna go to this game is on the scout the sketch India. And he said here's the deal I have to get to the gym 25 minutes before game. That's okay it was going to recruit him run a corner and so we're have insurgents and why is that he says I know the key player I wouldn't be flying in more across. But I wanna see what he's like when he stand up to sat before the horn goes off I want to see what he's like when he's warm and up. Always see what he's like when he misses shot warm most I wanna see if he sit in with these earbuds on you on the bench and everybody else warming up. I want it I want to know all of it because this state for me it's it's a 150000. Dollar to it I can't make a wrong decision again being the right decision. Its own and all when he gets taken out of a game worth there's a bad call how does he respond. He's still walked on the bench slap every B five it's easy begat the towel pursue the guy sitting in the back talked and his mom the crowd going I don't know why the coach took via. And added of kids believe me when I tell them. He's on the old guy that's OK don't mind that but I tell him that and they go that whatever man I've gained twenty game they're not gonna care about that. They are you're not six tent. If you're 610 they might not care so much about it but your five foot eleven point guard they do care about right definitely. Every six tend to only care about that is who. I voted for it looked rested a little bit more of those programs spiritual low they hit your viewers instead you would consider needs to replace American money in Iraq mr. there's no doubt. Guys it's good to break again congratulations we think I'm a big fan of by the stuff that you guys do their loved watch both you guys. Put best put the high school and college level when you get to a break in the celebrity and one injury. Had best poker chip Brookfield central boo boo Coleman showcase. Is today and we wanna talk to about that this is the Wendy's Farsi puts high school basketball coach shall presented. Our local pic N save stores on sports pretty 157 FM the fan. Business. It's. Walk the best in the way these are simply high school bass for a coach you show. Presented by a local vacancies stores on sports pretty 1057 from the I told Mike yes in Syria that this can be tough segment for me that's all the more and then now enhances or stop by his days playing Luke home. We follow obese violence and yeah it was my time to go bet. And shield she'll guy right shield does he shoot from the steel shaft shields. Men Lou Coleman the reason I wanted the and one injury and this is we send the Texas just reminded me the wolf moment. And showcase is going out in April through central. It brought me to tears because. Lew Coleman for me. And he'd he'd never do this you know he's passed waiting now for awhile but he never knew that he touched my heart to wheat pit. He was younger she pitch softball practice or his buddies ago his soft caused a cop or crest of my house. And become not in Jersey coach to Matthew comes shape five balls sports. And my son was 23 years younger he run across his little baseball Mitt and he would go straight five pause while Luke and his buddies with it. And then he would be in any GM in the country when I was coaching a U it did it would be done at Florida. She east peace and Indiana to Rockford Illinois to Minnesota to Chicago. And it didn't matter what Luke with Stewart. Whatever he was due when he would stop and you run over to BC coach are you doing give me a hug. And I'd say the same thing cool hand Luke you shoot threes today. He's sick tomorrow coach you know today and every day and then we'd laugh and he would run about his weight and I'd go watch him. And I I think Brookfield central reporting this thing now is it makes idiots like me remember. Lew Coleman and remember what the look you smile and because you run the scout team with him you battled when you're separate central you guys when Janet yeah. Luke who is I wanted to toughest competitors in all of our time high school. Shoot from anywhere post to a meaningless at this is competitive. We have some great battles broke the century when I was at tells C east conference championship battles. I was a freshman I UW. And Luke was a sophomore. We were on scout team together. He was on the scout team that he was shooting she kept guys on the first team they've definitely been magnified in lieu of its. Yeah I you know. It's so I called the end yes NASA but could you come off for comments I apologize that. Maybe out of knows the older I get the more emotional stuff like this I get. But this kid. If you were around the high school basketball back then you knew will Coleman you knew that team. You knew this kid and I I commend the people over at Brookfield central for doing this flu Coleman showcase because again it gets just pocket. Above him and what kind of young man he was in and miss them. I just I do I I'd miss. You don't you would be a gym right now you know be coached and and he would be big guy that would be saved the PTA BP 101. You don't you might be able to get around we know but I still can out shoot she's so. The NY injuries they slept for Colby Lewis are you doing today. I'm doing well like I. I vote already and. Earlier everybody's happy Tuesday Europe have been Hansen and his staff happy. Because that you Martin Luther happy we're all happy today coach. Outlook for me what. Little success Friday night or. You know it. Useful stories about blue chip. We have been great at basketball. Schedule here. We're gonna do something. Technically at our knees are all next year old picture there to get back or. And all of your teams are well you know I think the biggest thing we talked are in practice this morning. You know about. What order what a memorial of factors involved and talk about things and a user example what are seen this morning at center and talk to somebody and usually apologetic that you haven't bought about four year since last year's event. We've we've just explain that's why do these are things you know you know well. Personal level cross here that simple but it was quote. Oh. And it embodied. What. Simple facts fall all opt so. But on this event that is honor known as mom dad yours and it all. Cheery so our staff. Yeah yeah here instruments on this land and our sponsors and people you know that help what. Just showed what an impact. He made not only here central as you go or about just you know the market. That's all you're out apples are. No unfortunately died tragically. Which young so. This is something that we think is really important. To kinda keep an eight RIQ credit you know Jamar Adams for me. He promised organs. That as long cute or sit on everybody's. When Wright speaking coach I gave that same commitment to Gerri at. Because all or in. Luke was in school played. Well in our program and basketball general. While two AY Alan in guys and everybody that you'll has the story about. You don't my story about him saying he coached me seeing cool hand Luke you shoot threes that. Everybody's got stories about it you know what and they. And this kind of stuff makes us keep talking about. What he brought that high school and college at places state Wisconsin and you talk about his parents. That part but got no durable on time and knows mom. That part is one of the parts are probably tears the other day. Thinking about that you know they'd they are still hurt over this. You know they they'd missed their stuff. And their son right now we do great things whatever he was gonna do with his life he would've been a winner because he was always a winner possess what I did so. You know obviously I know the games are secondary. But it. You guys got sun prairie who thought that was a good idea by the way. I want I I. Got blurted that attic and that Jesse does operated. Com. Yeah you know you know all of you know. 215 today you wanna go see broad central player gets a really good team in the state some guys and be recruited. And an extremely high level to fifty sun prairie. Against Brookfield central. And then it goes out 345 destiny received park. Category Lutheran and Greenfield. Coming up. 515. Moog wanna go on west while toast east Euro moderate fiscal rare raiders red picketers. Yes today's massive mass for played in that this year. Messmer is getting ready and took off quickly what that these. Copious notes. Well. She and BS SM ER mess where mess we're best by far I still though the cheers brother. I don't see your high school words you can always go with the king yet it was sued king you're you're anywhere. In late last year decided not to come back this year result. Look at look at them back. Get them back. No doubt paid did thank you for your time Anne and thank you for. You don't continuing what what could she said coach Adams started in in but the home is no that. You know we we we thought and think great things about Luke in the things that he. He did in our lives are like I said everybody's got to look coma story which breezy touch a lot of lives in a short time. They're right on my air haven't gotten the opportunity. You know horrible event a little bit yeah fastball that is spectators. There's a lot of great teams a lot of great players. You or honoring. Great player and a great person. All of that we wish was still with us. And you've built what's it cost to get them by the way. But ten dollars adults five dollars or. To seize hold if you want. That's what are your. Urging that we. Or. Side by side so. Just Walt Walt passed all action. Eisenhower against for a look at 645 Franklin Sussex held through that seven. More convinced that McClellan mosquito and he fifteen and that wallet social west west Ellis central. At 830. What a lot of really good bass what ten bucks get Sheehan you walk between two gyms and why dream makes the popcorn over there as well so I know. The popcorn is going to be paid pretty well he did good lucky kid sudden per today you guys judge you guys can compete with them you beat them. Door to try really hard circular orderly or older are where all gather personal. You know America should. Used in one injury get over to Lew Coleman at for a central today and you know what I remember what a great Cy Young man who was who watched who could ask for a raise money for for that foundation. Dan thanks again have a good day. You bet this is the Wendy's horse he puts high school basketball coach shall present it. By your local pick and save stores and in sports 31057. FM the fan. A. It's. News. Oh welcome back to the way these are simple it's high school basketball coaching show presented by your local the conceive stores. I might we ever want said head basketball coach at nickel Leahy's Alan Hansen clean follow me cystic coach Jack brought. Who's our legacy student athlete of the week. Coach this time a year. G shirt change you know practices a little bit knowing that skit to be a little bit later and making sure that your fresh ready to go come playoff time. Yeah we definitely. Made some adjustments. You know since Christmas break and gave me guys what we just mentioned exams so we want to make shoes Thomas you put their academics first. And we'll kind of see how the next couple weeks ago dependent on you know our practice and our plan. We when you look into we don't need jacket out think me being here the players or listen but when you look ahead at at at the regional achieve geyser and you start thinking OK we may won't be born we can get to the three seater the foresee. And second question June did you like last year when you with that seed remaining. To answer the first question. Myself and coach and leave we'd like to kinda get ahead of ourselves you know you know try to. Plan now see things like that. We on the coast coast too risky who coaches with us and coast autopsies back when I was plan. He's a veteran with he's a -- guys well OK I want him item they've got to know without like a theory test the NFL he's a guy who goes. He he made sure were taken in one day at a time he's kind of epic battles you know. Coaches we focus on our guys this is day by day so he does a great job keep those. You know in the moment. What do you think of the seating me in and out tea Wyatt I find those really interest in. Here's sometimes it goes nice and smooth those times not so smooth. I thought last year I was pretty. Pretty Apollo talent got where we should have. Who was in yours you it was July conference last year we had a lot of conference opponents we have Beaver Dam nicest word they were pretty much like number one stay at that sees a bird. Brown years. Grafton was Hartford. Yeah you can take front your back if you want no we saw led we've I know I I look up and giving guy now you take her out here I think we're gonna keep film keep them as far outweighs possible total respect for those I think this year deceit mean can keep interest. Some changes and just look at that. Teams and six seasons. Who who is thirteen were too that you go man. This you've beaten that's the team that we're gonna have to. And I'm right now for me this kind of look at ourselves. I'm release is we. That's a check Hussein and and Jack's back in my checked picky so much for coming into they've by the way. Check from when he when you got a senior who's a leader of the team and a good student athlete and he says look I think we're we're getting close to get ready for a because were really starting to get it that's gotta make you guys feel pretty get. It definitely helps us coaches the biggest asses. These guys storm we. So. Oh are you in the building by the way no no what you do we're hungry work our way I'm mandate that group. One call that soft hats off the it's you can still knock down jumpers yeah. Stephen Iran Stephens. East passes like man I loved watching him. He shoots it. Really how he shoots it down and shooting shoes that he shares shouted back. Excuse me and you is fun to watch. It did you know if David can Plaistow. In Heathrow by a company accused back. A lot. Figure practices citywide. And he's a good man he's a great yeah I I enjoyed its common negative to spend little time with though he must talk to basketball. He's big he's a big hoops. Sports yeah will be Toma says hello by the way. On guys I I can't take you know for commandant Allen you know I've I've talked just politically you know a couple of times. But understand that outside the ball will achieve geyser and you know beauty you have to know that the people that come in this too few weekends we've had a lot of respect. For you guys and an understanding visited the job that you do and technical way and it think it's important that we know is coaches that other coaches are notice that. And they're noticing Natalie but what's going on on the floor but notices and what what was going out with these kids. And I think that that's a testament that it what you guys are bringing to nick away and that was a really good hire for those guys he goes want to make sure that they know it was acute ire. And I think that they they certainly know that he and I commend you guys for that. The rest of the way throughout the season for you guys. It's all league stuff now right you have no more nonconference any of that. He went when you put together when you look at next year's schedule. Alan when did you look at showcase stuff you look at me and travel with the kids joy of playing the WB why she got. Are you looking for opportunities for these kids from the showcase out of it. For us so we have we have a couple opportunities to be and quality com WB. Did review why Russia on both for us our. Our conference realignment kinda. Puts it have on our schedule we're only allowed four and a half boy that's tough so for us we got eaten fruit and and we've got four Mac app so it's kind of tough strategic. That WB why she got we've been involved have been part of that thing is their media partner for a long time. I think that's the best I do I think you viewed pick one I know that the end talked about that Lou call when we're in that laster that's been really woes wall. And Michael Moore really does is W bureau Shia he puts against teams you never may be argued chance to play against and we really like being imparted that things so. Yet only for a conference at that hampers you open so we're excited to park each. Eight Nancy I do is turn that football program is common. It's common metals Maroney is he's he's working target those guys going he's gonna be. Good future yeah it to you believe multi sport athletes yes yeah I feel. Guys thanks a lot Jack thank you for come and it sure did have more time to spend with it thank you yeah you back coach thank you please thank you are being touched by the way. Yet this is the Wendy's Farsi with high school basketball coach he show. As always presented by your local pick and save stores I've sports Radio One 057 at them. The faint.