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Saturday, February 17th
Varsity Blitz High School Basketball Coaches Show

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Some of the best high school basketball in the siege he's played right he'll read southeast Wisconsin. It's time to hear some of the best high school basketball coach isn't the area. This is the Wendy's varsity blitz high school basketball coaching show presented quite. State stores now here's 1057. FM the fans high school insider. Big time Mike we. Welcome into the Wendy's where she puts high school basketball coach shall present it as always. By your local conceived Stewart's. On sports for you want a 57 FM band. I'm Mike giver and we're live at the 56. Annual walking near spurring home improvement show. We are I'll 100 state fair park stop but it just opened the doors in I'm excited about today's show. Here's what happens every year I start in full cost that you ever gonna talk about girls basketball. And then I talked about girls back on the neck my boys the guys on the boy cycle what do you do entitlement. But you know what I needed to do this this week. Because were in west Alice were at steeper park and the west Alice Neel girls' basketball team won conference at which. And I repeat that. And that a fee and have cut their head coach for awhile we confront while. George couldn't see you next like thanks for element meant that your own my house off the charts now we don't. He can get better yet you know and they're not look to where I'm done I'm with your racquet recruit people who play up we'll talk about that. But when I called an instant he continued commitment you shall. He should I can't but I need for my foresee Ethel and I said well that's awesome bring up. And so three of them are here whether it's gonna get to them on second third fourth segment stuff like that one of them can't make it. Alyssa Alyssa so listen we're gonna talk to your cellphone at 1045. Who's who like gradually to Ross in Q I talked toward. Two student athlete in the week that I I pretty much chose. So I was given some options and I chose so we will while we will introduce shooter. Probably run 10:30 or 11 o'clock we will do that at 1130. We're gonna cut you guys loose. I got a couple boys from lake side Lutheran come and then yeah I you know one. You'll get a chance to meet these young men. BP incident that's off the top parties. Looks like we waited a claim they have come up fluff up a soul if they beat us and stupid either front but it sweeping down you know a better still like crossing the line. All bets are all bets are off period you don't what are and that the ball is thrown up Allan oh like you at all in the air we'll talk we will talk with you with that with Cade. As he comes in at at 1130. Items younger Brothers Wallace's dad we might throw in the year. But between now network talk in west notes yield of basketball. In hiding Q what did you know early on that this team could be special. You know what we've grown each and every year. Yen down our goal woes. You know what third place fifteen it's up. That was circle it's such a tough conference it's I was we were 67. It into two picks haven't sat. In interest in the girls we always two goals at the beginning of the year bill and I am and I've got locked vault built my assistant. It's really my partner in crime. In the it's literally share which builds lesson they'll are all okay and so you'll hear me talk about bill in Iowa because he's as much a part of this side. The end they had him come off I said Yani because he is just phenomenal volume Hollins he co ops all sixers OK I mean when I started this. We're at at switching gears up percent it is try to find some that I can work with than in bill and I had known each other as friends we kids that roped together. Bill actually. Well what to stay as a player. Singers and spoke on a lot of things end. Coached under that Ross and she salukis coach from creek tree exactly exact wrought in Puyallup I didn't know how we would get along. Because you know the front is one that you get on the court it's different than in pulpit but I wanted to somebody has. You know here I was a youth coach coming not a sure you program and it's like I gotta find somebody that will challenge me yeah and it's amazing how well its work in and yeah we talked to the kids of all this is off to him we have friendships like what's that. You know I've gotten about spread about the stimulus wealth than it is really him and he's not trying to take your job now what and I'm not him I mean it's. You know we don't even worry about whose idea it is or whatever yeah it it is really great team as the girls are. And so I'll. I I I I'm a better assistant coach that was a coach and I to stand Cusack I play that could cop role law under a minute plea to back up role. And coach Walsh and knows for sure one thing two things I'd throw myself from bucks for a and I and I don't want his job that's that's all I have no interest in years old but I mean is ultimately as they icicles of personal dummies that write it and but he uses. I could do this case of these girls who weaves it into my right who pitched Joey Abby and Kellyanne. And in any Campbell talked to listen via cellphone or captains four captain's which is rare for a girl in these groups of plea to gather up. You know what so it was a came up this press with us and in Kellyanne is sophomores. They have played a lot of ball at all together these three at started four years volleyball account sectional finals. There are great friends but more importantly their rate cute date that he was junior husky program oh yeah I actually played on route around. Abby came forensic science. It's only started in junior Huskies Kelly analysts. And I actually coached them second third fourth rate which is having high up in the last you know John. Elected a whole Iran and marina yeah. Yet my daughter teaches that seem to us now she's its second year she's been there so yeah let's face it sturtze. And it's their hotel it's up but I do note shot. Tell your get these for all the text messages so I've got a creek. Hope let's face it talked outside yet I find me I got a really good guy got quietly got to weave that he has a really good athlete. Do you believe it well he did there part time and he works hard. On the job and heavier some announcements yeah Rick Fox well that was he text me last night now. Or yesterday to discuss what's called yesterday and I'm Euro day. It's like Texans this morning that's at you that's one of these things and it's amazing they sat at the Arctic the those girls but when we when we get to them. Toughest part of poppy and toughest part about the unique in that coach Wessels. A group's program for problem. I don't know if there is tough are you tired I really don't you like and this is rate hit five iron and bill. We set the girl's last night at practice well it is humbling and rewarding for us I mean you know how many people have thanked us. And it really is our blessing. To deal with it and that's all I don't authors artists are. Probably the hardest maybe violence in the ambulance right countless experts who haven't known it then sold that might be put. You know it's it's just it's a me an amazing experience would you look at the greater metro conference I know the police side more than I know the current outside. But I know this. I know it's Essex Hamilton divine Seaver goalies who. Germantown normally like when when the Brookfield team exceptional brooks' excellent. Yeah when wineries there yet correct Mallory has taken over and just run with this while doing really well yes. So this is a reason he could corals basketball it conference that you guys she's cut the nets down at it it. In in what made it even tougher is Germantown company and it's also last. I mean he you know told lest we talk about. Was on sixteen our conference but they would be in middle rolled her top for five and any of the conference. Your instills through the salt you can resolve it. It's a they run and has done and gone down in and they don't quite run the system Mattis kind of backed off a little things running cry helmet for a bit yes. Heart valve but they still like to scored off our first game was 81. The 75 against them while and and and we really so that we can win any type of game and he is girls. That's a they would like to play. Sometimes that the sake of time yet you know whole body you got all line our preference for our first. Observant on him I looked at the girls and I said. You've got to be. Prepare we're gonna we're gonna run this game and our two juniors that Hollywood was the moment maybe stevens' personal fast. And they got this will tweak on Brian these girls didn't like it can we run through it. Bill what I like to an extent and into guest at but then we proved that we could anybody in. Style is is it Harden in the end and I coached all the yours 36 years have been coached bats while I coach girls for two years at calvary Baptist Madani falls. 67 kids in school. You know we. They had a guy who would coach the corals and he says and it about him but I said he event. We gotta say that they don't really mean that like you I don't guys that don't yell at the this that I really use a nice man but needed but that's you know and it went to Houston three years and could try to coach out coached in the boys. Sold base my son QBs coach girls. And we got to the Christian state championship two years. We should've won the first one a natural to set a lot of it but we got there in these girls when the lightbulb went on well here's that relates to about coaching girl's. The come to practice. Hard every bit of everything it's also. But we need to practice that who aren't nice people do not get in practice are one day not a one to eight gross than practice hard. Every single day it is a means those in the audience tonight. It's all I know there I don't know that their national auto lighting over the winter animal in the what are those last night we get together and condition. And they were rate ago because one of the things that bill and I talked to last night I was eight. Legends it happens championship for a couple days Sussex its highest if they beat us but. You know whatever on the end in case has not done. We're not done. I mean let's try to do the next three let's go to regional sectional both state. And they were. I really. Don't I left it last night we we tried. Get him to complain during conditioning for. An hour right now one. Now which is still there really is awesome and bill and I were just kind of element in the all time in look at this this is amazing and it's good stuff. You know you talk about that the dance tonight. And we will laugh at but certainly talk to everybody but her curfews midnight. Well because nothing good happens after midnight now. It is a this is what I'm talking about we're good title but that was that the young man's name it's only right. Gonna talk I got a few questions by young Ryan and we will get to that once. When he cap I Abbey's with an ambulance out what was it wants to leave Seoul that. If George were I'm on a cut you loose on the YouTube back in but but but I've got its own space for two right now. So what we use have Zoe and Abby join us. On the other set of break in the Kellyanne will join us right after that. We're gonna have some fun today I'm really excited west Dallas girls basketball. Won a conference championship they were picked seventh. Seventh. The third short stick so you actually debating it. But we have yet the depicted set it to show you what the surprise some teams and I looked I heard I've heard throughout the year. From a couple of parents coaches in the conference. That said boy who West Coast of growth expert yet. To a while losses last night and so really for the man you know. On the world that we learn we get back coach tanner probably improbable one pill you know actually I called timeout and us. Yeah that that goes on Mitsuzuka look the network or George that the heiress. Head basketball coach you're six Al west Alice hill. On the other set of brakes still Wii has or reproach leopard to project an ad you read a white Knoll all kinds of stuff about. We'll talk to run the other side of the break this is the Wendy's sports people it's high school basketball coach show. We're live from steep fare are. He's the 56 annual walk neared home improvement show right across the path current carpet you know stop buying steal well look at the warring over there. There given the thumbs up. We're I'll 100. Will be on the year till noon now be your and seeds them a bit cheeky institute and stuff that. But I do. This is fun stuff your gets gonna walk round oval then my wife gave me instructions to go look for Wendell stuff. I've got a couple tell you all about it if a guy you bet. This is Wendy's or split sites who that's what coach who presented as always by your local preconceived Stewart's. I'd sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. You and I and analysts. News. Welcome back to what these force he puts high school basketball coaching show. Presented by your local conceived stores on sports review 1057 FM and we're live at the walking near spurring home improvement shoots at 56 annual anytime he sent that 56 straight years do something right. Stop by worry and I'll 100 if you if you want swing over step IC a while. We we are right across from Kurtz carpet in it's shell had been here a couple of days and a misspent a few more hours after I showed today in a Pete backed moral. You would some some things were talking west Ellis girls' basketball. The year the greater natural conference champs. No matter what happens from here on out. For the rest of these girls lives. You know what Alice and I won the greater metro conference championship when I was a senior and nobody can take that away from them. And that really prod them they worked hard news and George. Has that been a great job coaching them. The four captains and we only have two microphones so quite cut. Two of them joining me right now is Zoe and Abby Abby just tell you yet the so much for all the text messages and I just. One right after another all the by you win and him how proud of you use in and be home by midnight that beat oral when nine. What felt worse that the it's being held at and need to know laser beam. A winter wonderland that's awesome. Hey I'm still right in chillier they Friendster. Thea. Yet you which choice less then. Yeah he's you look at tonight for the stance. He's been but currently it's you basketball player. Now know these can watch what. Good and right to bask popular. You guys play one on one wins I UN of course. Yet you do yeah wait. Wait until. You know one little longer than he's used in on the election imitate you done down the plot and again he cutie though little bit he can I ask you. When I started the year. And and let me start if if I can't. With with its that you guys have an idea that this could be a special season or you think it. Look let's let's just you know his but he was in the conference to keep the playoffs it's you we make some noise. Yeah I think that known really thought that we can actually get this far and actually win conference because we have one of the toughest conferences now. Very hard but we all cycles at the start of the season in south and repulsive that it. And when conference in the and it is pretty on them. Every what position you what I'll call your posts he backs that basket I don't and outdoor barbecue and the guy yet. I would I think he'd be in the post on you hand the ball as you point guard and she cared you in the captured a little bit. And you'll have a two year. I'm happy with with where your act yet. Is it because of the windsors because of that that that that the team elected the the grocer surround it with our team. Great. It. You know and and you heard me say this might 36 you're doing that's. And if I have a team that's not winning many keys with the alt Q1 minutes when we fought and Kiki and we practiced. You know all that it's not nearly as bad that you loosen if you have a team that's when all the time they don't like each other. And practice it's just a tree to get there and it's not nearly as good as the combination that you guys have now. Were all of a sudden this thing clicks and you know exactly where she is on the board you can make this announcement you know like I I. I like that that when you guys won conference the other night I saw a picture be cut down and that. And I eat what he should now for awhile what you've accomplished. But but trust me I don't know what's less and was telescope growth of one comforts. So it's been eighteen years. So on top and I ya so we can be guys rude or you've been eighteen years old yet you are so you were one the last and they won it way. And who knows maybe you guys now next year in the year after they'll look picture class seat that's classic turned it around. Those of the girls have started this thing and now look at where we've become because once you start it and everybody wants to be involved in the I hear the crowds they did the student section it's pretty nuts take your own news yeah. If you could pull that up just it will close security eco. Yet that's perfect you have a fund student section. They show up for this for your games and get after I've spent your gym for boys teams when it's been packed. It's electric yet I mean it's wild it's really cloudy cute cute after due east of re signs and all the stuff they do. Okay. Now you'll get some home playoff teams right partners to. UP at home. Do you Juan who would you start with I I have a funeral not let me tell you could set it off my prep work here pristine part. Hold on again in my class act is it's in yours be quiet over the Internet and no quit laughing at me. So you get to start out with. Receipt park. Take care of that business to meet your don't look past them and I know that you go to step when a while that but this player sometimes you go where the three under the fourteenth. In Dayton. They don't care through the fourteen all they wanted to do was continue to play basketball so you try to teach guys and you get the winner for central. And that you probably clipper essentially yet except for the third time. However have you done against them. I'm repeat Debbie downer. Don't let a story that dipped under or right at this coaching at that it almost went on. Conference teams tough to beat three times general shall under Steve and a percent two men like you guys much they make you might be fragile it's so good. They are working right now art to make sure the chance to play guys again and and make sure you don't need these guys. Easier if you have interest appointments while. You are valuable player gets good volleyball program. Yeah. It for you much do. You are. The at a troubled look there hot guys to. Yes I'm here what I'm about hope about the couple odds that's thing. He HC Europe lasts right it's the last time you guys unit we you know when it out for. Percent but the last time in home games the last night you go to port essentially to root it. As it has it sunk in yet that that's your last. It. And it. It is. Seek you to manage you play Hampshire there's theirs in World Cup. I'm you know which one it going to win it at school. Meet him. I. Remember of I have to play work for you guys one day and how nice site then I haven't talked buchert danced xmas and you know what its expenses are nothing but positive he's really prod you he's really proud of this team and he said something about how fun it's been to be. You know part of this and in watching that and and kind of like being out so. It tags used to use really proud. When when you guys. Walk that aisle when you walked down to keep your diploma. And you think that but this year this year we have memories to me yet. But if it stops stay what would be your favorite memory. I think probably leaning on that but until it. Eisner heparin Ronnie and I like that crowd storm the court and it has jumping around in public sentiment in a moment. And you guys beat him by eleven. So I mean to cure your business so wasn't a last second deal that was. You're with with a minute to go you can you relate that Morgan acts who witnessed conference public she your favorite member. And that that's here that's like eight. And how much time how much time you guys put in in the offseason and you're volleyball player that you mean when he played unquote vulnerable without. And so most of the time in the off season of basketball. Your piece you about apple and about the plane. Right now during the past. All one problem. High powered your crates. They're not that McCain. Our pick is he student debt than we keys when he guys. And I and I chose because coaches never do that DOC that every and so just let me know the groups that have come and and all everybody's UB guests have some really could student athletes. On this team you guys understood that from an early age it's it you student first. You too that comes. The desert there's no doubt. Are your mom and dad was there right now do you think. You know what are their names. I view with high school kids all the time. And I was one gnome my son was like when he conspire Michael. Right I'm not there I'm not around the corner I'm not in the car with them. And you know what your peers should be really proud. You guys everything I hear from your head coach and now I see Percy would be right BI BC thank you I hate doing stuff like that. So they should be really proud that the waited that you guys have have become reconstruction efforts could ambassadors. For your school what about not not the sports side. Our board of what this week you'd miss the most thing. I think all the friends it. That I've made that I went think Mathias a little pre school and I can on the hill tonight. Know many people and I think that I mean so many friends it's going to be hard thing I was at that fresh in your heart for you a little bit. You have to think that everything was suddenly. It does have my family. Doesn't hurt me came from a strong practical and having actually came at it again. What school did you come from. Where is that. It is that I know sympathize is my daughter teach that. Katie Bonner suits teaches her second you're there. She's listen I think she teaches sixth grade seventh career somewhere somewhere in there and and lakes school like it it's. Over there. Your school was Waltz that you guys kind of bonded might exit seem daughter talking about. Went from our her creek school and she's one of cute but more Luther. And that fresh and he works really hard for. It was really hard. Clicks were kind of started each couldn't. She was then she gets really great friend by the end but it was it was hard if you watch volleyball if you had to pick one sport. He picked palatable. We would tell what position but. That a team basketball yet. That's how many have you come back and think later in the show. I'm gonna cut you loose we're gonna probably two or preconceived student at that we talk about that. On the other side of the breakthrough by the state fair park is the 56 annual. What 56 years in a row you do something that's cute stuff it's 56 annual more computer expert and home improvement show. We're right and I'll 100 step by if UT it's rhetorical west Dallas rules basketball. With the captains this team. Talked to Zoe and Abby. These are good kids man. You'd you pick up the newspaper and you watch watched music TV and all yours but you'll that it's tough things happen and hang out with these girls for little while by the energy. They love their school loved their team love their family and it's fun to listen these guys talk. Will be back this is the Wendy's first puts high school basketball coach show as always presented by your local tickets are eight stores. I'd sports review 1057 FM the fan. Soloist this week's student athlete of the week. I was making a difference in their community and their classroom and on the court listening to pick and say high school student athlete of the brought to my local pick and save stores where Wisconsin's saves on groceries. What happens when we now have a coach in that has a child on the team. And I say it looked. We we need to pick it seeks to death of the week somebody who takes care of his or her business in the classroom. In the community. You know on the court. At home all of that. I never get the coach to nominate their own kit so what I do is icing it looked. Who were they would keep what you're thinking about send me information here's what I need and let me shoes. And so. George stick to it George said coach said Ed tell what socio I called makes it but Kelly it's going to be electric safety net for the week. It's I don't know that she's really good she's great put it nicely towards blacks I. I'd make in season and ticketed off your plate so Kelly it's terrorists who was his senior captain. Of the conference champion west Ellis Gail gross Huskies program is also our preconceived student at Louis it's nice to meet you and I. Get your debts is nothing but great things about you and yet he's a big fan of yours. A home. Q and as as the other groups that you have a feeling early years that this is team that there might be able to win a conference championship. Definitely proudly that congress if it's it but I mean these roads and maintenance and an eighth grade and eighth straight year we were and they knew coming in this season you look at these that they you know but never would have acted. Something like that. I coach I coach my son in high school and once it was all over. We sat and talked and he'd been out for your two in and there are some things going on that I didn't know Bob. As his theaters coach and it was more difficult for him than I knew at the time on could it. It's never easy to have your dad is your head coach has been a good transition a good thing for you to. Yeah it's definitely blanket thing. Both the time when he went reference failing to realize that he's my dad played there it's completely different and let it then fine that I like lively. A lot of people ask is do you like having viewed as a coach I love it like I don't realize it and that we get home and it's like talking about the game. You know it's fine if it seems like conference championships was the other tossed yet thought that we have so much split from her family. And they come every game no matter Wyatt and necessary became known for gosh that's very nice just to come watch your game and one thing that has netbook. We yum I realize. While in the coaching my son Matthew that I had we had to. Figure out how to now on your dad. Now agriculture. And I read a book call coach and our sons. And when Edward Everett a couple of times as coach them and when I went and learn most from it is once we got to the kitchen table. I was house father sol after game. We pick up a pizza. Once we got the kitchen table. But could I could I could yell at him or his oats to sentence you get might in his mom's car my wife's car. And try to beat me to the kitchen table and say stop their backing of yell at that meet. A home now that it's all that's over we we look back in witches really talk about Greek times that we had. He went question now is that's fair to conceive student athletes week and we're talking telling in its terrorist she is our picket Steve Smith who week. From west Alice scale conference champion. West Coast I have to say that now and it converts teenager IQ conference champion was cellist yo girls basketball program. Words words and your board of speech and come from for being such a good student athlete. I hear Aggies guard odds and others like much in this and I think. But you were checking greatly this week this week so. I think that. In the like mine that I gotta keep it great so a lot of motivation came. I mean myself. Just like I don't have attained need to keep rates at that I'm checking my no great surprise to. The figures he's good. Self motivated. I love that your parents in and in your fielding your brother lets them do with it went when I started on helium and uncertainties. Gina in week. At a Kabul with a steeple questions something that we keep kind of choke off into this and thought well I'll do this forum want to tune in a different question. And I've never left the question because every week it's something different it's look nobody MacPhail would have on how I'm going to college and do it. My brother my sister my mom. My favorite is my grandmother was a teacher and she calls me once a week and I better be good student athlete. But the people that see where your city and have won this award in the recent we do you work is its local currencies or wants to celebrate you. And say look well done congratulations. I love the fact that you understand student and an athlete first what's going on next year you know. You are you in the playoffs you know. Now. Who do you think a win. Whitewater. She's talking smack already arena issues it's a cease and that's that has no chance to be Whitewater zero. You about your reader pro stock it you know you're did Seve and other effects generators still BT's epic part of this show right now. Now he's talking smack to me so you better that show up in its place it. He's probably gonna walk walk through it to work it what happens next week. Is I'm an picked team gives you beautiful black and you're night and you're your friends the captain's. And the other front wanna come. Are gonna show what your dad. Coach and mom may be whatever. The pick and C nightly on highway under Cleveland. Will show up and they will be working this plaque will keep it should open our website. Their FaceBook page and again the reason they do this it just wanna celebrate you with student athlete. And the editors the and that that the U leaders narc me in the future are people like you and the people that they have they have done. Could work in the classroom the other quote favorite and asked use we ask you guys a couple of to amend NAFTA that's policies and record a commercial with me. And as far as you went edges tackle movement about west Ellis feel and a buckle in the Whitewater and in the Arum and all the vacancies all over the state. And then we do it on air space as well which one that at the awesome she go to a coincidence here. OK good with numbers. And that's it we need. When you can all that that would mean no immediate actions to act on it yet I've got a guy right now and I trust him but maybe charges it's a it's too much. This tournament that starts. And I told the other girls don't look past anybody. Just don't. Excuse so many times where you start thinking blow we're gonna give percent to elements acting game. And that first team is ready to go. And so don't envy you watched any statements are about them yet. Not much in my dad spots on tape. Are modestly your eyes and one give it I think we still took a lot of them in this time. You know I asked I asked the other girls there worry we're with us. I sit hey. To tease shall we Gabby I said. We haven't yet been gotten done making memories yet. But if it ended to date what would make your favorite memory this year. From the game that it's coming out and it locker room and ability. Though having. There watching. It for instance low. Has it wine making while 2000. It's been eighteen years would have that the way it happens and there. Is. They were they out rush for. That's a cool feeling. And I told them they can never take this way you know what the rest of your look. And what will happen is next year's team will do something really great note pointing your your class and say they started this. At two years later be you'll come back and they'll be singing and this is a class that started this you look at the numbers up. In the gym and you see in crowes bass while if you have these 2000. And then 2018. That's a one time for that the west Alice hill. Family it to wait are you multi sport athlete yet at the it showed that trick if you go to white wondered plate on softball. Really your brother speak baseball or. You never elected. At the thought of that. Netflix. What club you put it at that added you know you loved. You like club volleyball lot if you if you had to keep your to choose basketball would go away right you play volleyball. We I had big guy and bite you sports shoot that you reach in volleyball head into the problem on all of that. I can't believe how much folic mostly played them now it is there realized he really competitive yet. Yeah. Think he's so much who will be gone the nets will hold on Chico is young Jacob in the Yugo with cancer today. She took him look good and I. Hoped he could hit a hope. Hopefully you're right it's really good to be chewing gradually certificates needs to have a week. I'm gonna have butt head coach George's we're gonna talk to the other captive Alyssa cruise is good to be with us. On the other side of the rate this is the Wendy's or stiglitz icicle that's what coach shall presented. By local pick and save stores I'd sport treaty 1057 at them the fans. Business. It's. News. Welcome back to the Wendy's or he puts a school that's what coach Gil. Presented by local and state stores we're live from the 56 in you'll want to hear expert group show at state fair park. Stop by weren't 100 LB on your till noon. And then Imus stick around until about 630. Two different things and sees some of that stuff like that there's four captains on this girl's basketball team what's tells dale. Conference champion. What's notes you know. Eight to react CNET till noon here that you like your dad you should look at the fourth captain nick couldn't make it here. And since you protects its usual nervous he has a massacres and she's nervous can someone talk about what are attitudes like we choose younger. But I thought that it grows vernacular it's over for you that coupled with the cruise Jordan that's of this are you today. Hi I'm Mario I'm good youth the other girls it was so he had been Kelly and that said. Hey you wanna talk through butter attitude she will younger seer at it's gotten much better now that the older. Yeah. When I was younger I. Was a lot of great years my attitude I hit it high gotta. Keep my composure. On the court and I'm it. Hasn't groups that are being around such great people in such great coaches. So I've been congratulating these girls a home. A lot of as far as winning the conference championship in him and ask you similar question. That I had for them that you have a feeling early in the season before the season started. That there's a chance for this team to do something special like this. I did because. Starting from freshman year when value. We came in every year and this year with the players I have that he made her out I guess Salt Lake. Week ago somewhere. Bar with everyone and I news that the only thing I was going to be Sava is that everybody didn't want. And since everybody wanted. Where when. Well tell him to connect your numbers a listen and did their incredible to me us with yet. I had been at best a coach one time and when you see the numbers of assists turnovers. In in the things that she Q1 of war. Put your coach thinks it that in his opinion you're the conference player of the year. In it in a really strong. Girls basketball. Conference. I think that seem quite a bit about about you was a player. We have you always been somebody gives the ball we'll put that. Yeah I mean I love counting. Wayward pilot shooting each of the nine at love pouring of course by. My hats are uses. Yeah I Alyssa hey that's what writers are dangerous is he the girls have to be ready. And we told the rules of the last four years Philip that if you don't have your head up. On a swivel. But let's look at directness. I mean he never passes or just off the charts. Just distributes the ball first. Yen down what's made it dangerous decisions that. Her three point students off to churches while support could she's she's double digit doubled its scorned you know just about twelve game. And she's had seven assists a game yet which makes her nightmare it as an opposing coach. Because look if she can shoot and now we get to come out and she's weakened GAAP and kick it right. It in the end she knows when what what both schism is involved with the bill and I talk all the time as she is our world. She knows when to pull it off slow things down. When the speed things up I mean literally it is it. Runs itself. Me it's just across campus of what other than an effort to see me answer from the other three. A home other than winning this conference championship. What what are what's gonna be that your best memory of the regular season yours. Year. Probably coming to a practice after Alain. All the girls. Are always so happy you know the he has such a great attitude and it just makes a practice a great movie like. Yes we want another gains. Let's get ready for an action when that game and get ready connection when backing. In is like. We Ali keep improving enough practices just like an amazing on essentially actor Alan. I was hits hard as as a coach. To get kids not to look at had a and in each of these groups continues to say look we think that's one team in the top. And it in that church something that your coach is has instilled in you that it is one game at a time. How how hard is it for you not to be looking forward. And tried just to look receive part is who's on the schedule and that's our next game. I mean it's very hard thing then George McNeill in our head and we got to go on in and it's time. Because there's always upset and that's why doesn't matter. If you win many games are not. If you come out there and play hard there's always yet he can and when George charges. Definitely prettier has that we gotta keep a one game at a time concede can't afford and in that sense. Well George she could play through that she's she's gonna kill. He's into things work out I mean. Carol she got it in my opinion everybody's just all the analysts up. I mean she is clearly in my opinion bill's opinions and most coaches. Probably the toppling Gartner conference which is some great ones. It's. Not nothing against shooting guard got what she got an idea you guys group that's what went. I've always been warned that if you could have a point guard. That that does it selfless doesn't mind you templates servant leadership fixed up that's it we Kurt in in the quicker minds of if somebody's hit tuna roll. I'll give her third or fourth and fifth. And when you happen to schools are few for four years. It will really almost the fire before that is upholstery and well and it's I. It's that you're gonna miss her via lovable that's all these get and again going back to one at a time that's on the bill is really it. So what. Credit or they're. Both focused that one time. You know we knew we need to stay focused and that'll help them laugh I've that you these rules even understand them. What's the one in the big picture which is we wouldn't. In need to to to stay in the moment constantly. And people from my athlete teams don't go from three conference wins to thirteen. The next you know we were polls mean we were competitive and growing each year but. Distillate which were round. She Unix ample. For other programs intended to Buick three wins Western Conference street not yet but you know we don't want an overall. Because the conference was different again and so is it conference. What three or four conference of last year. This doesn't happen. You know he's this this group that we're talking about worked hard Matsui every Valeant and was. Which was the most competitive in your views. We're going to have to use them and you know receive all of competitive Kelly in Afghan you're that's probably doesn't like to lose the most. Okay this season. She's she's the youngest of of our four yeah yeah yeah that's you know if they lose and yet she has some interesting. Yeah yeah. I think that it be at the we extremely tired of the time but it's cool because we can where you can grow its partners that's where extremists and eyes now. And it will just revised it and we both know like we both hate to each other but as he Italy. It works either I. You know we've yet to mrs. Nelson's one you know it's a suicide I mean her Brothers were also to let him. All they got as my bills you all the substance. Your enhancements to the sue sue is seen by the way up beyond you there's no doubt he lets out before I let you go. Listen let's tackle who would by air and let's hope that's not a little bit about Eric in this winter formal night. You excited. Yeah I'm pretty excited. You know I talked to your stance his views on my show from nine to ten he's hit nothing but nice things about you. But at a grinding it and but if and then we went to it that was on years and we went through rate he till we all kinds of things to watch it on his kitten. Hey I've read I wish you could have joined us over here and Yang down. These these girls you know what the book uses sisters their real happy with the success against and that police growth as they can never take this back. You're conference champion when you know ten years about what that he did that you know what sells you know those numbers are you'd be up on the wall. And you you be able look at that subjected to. My group corals to and we went from three with a thirteen wins at the net down so. Good luck in the in the playoffs don't take anything for granted. And and one that you you're joint content that now wants one we do it again right. Narrate and you've got it. I think you so much. Make sure that says you have funded naked home early. Don't let your talking to Steve so casino that's mitnick if not that. Good happens after midnight as John greeted mostly anyway and if it's years ago was sick cruise thank you listen. Thank you don't. You that puts you to break of the set the prequel to your conversation. Albany it's memories from these girls now Michael Wiki for central like okay we're on the road trip but it can't believe that we left it says something like. Will find out something left at this is who indeed. First he puts high school that's what coaches show presented by your vocal it's conceived stores on court treaty 157 FM the fan. Some of the best high school basketball in the siege and he's played right heel in southeast Wisconsin that it's time to hear some of the best high school basketball coach isn't the area. This is the Wendy's port city blitz high school basketball coaching show for city place local. I can't see stores now here's 1057. And then the fans high school insider. Big time Mike we. Welcome back to the when he or she puts high school basketball coaching show. We're live from the 5060 annual walking near home improvement show. Reread I'll 100 your you're coming out stop buying Sewell. First Narnia after the show we are talking west Dallas. Hale who said the other one. Out there at west others he held. Girls basketball. Still epic rivalry with that was sent children in the conference but. When you played in we used to playing. Pretty crazy at times. Be crowned. Yeah and quotes of there but if you have going on game and pitcher dead wood right John Wooden you wish you wouldn't care if you wanna watch that one right. That's sure but that Brett can keep it so let's talk a little bit about some of the memories you can cute Stuart let's start with you. A home. I we always get when I asked players this it's always hey we won a conference or. You know we did this in this tournament and you know what those are great. But people know that wouldn't wanna know something else. You know it there was a team that that this happened Europe party that this happened to work at my house is coral that this so. Would you think about this last year and you can find in your head up to Madison. These girls to always be part of your family. But let's what would you remember. This entry eclipse. All my freshman year. And way up to. And Mateen. Her shorts. From being in the line OK and you plain out wrong. Giant such. An. App. She put them in and then they just ripped tees like. Short it's completely mister Knightley. Haney in pieces and now. He actually put them on in late in the game. Yeah I think that's hysterical she which you look. Which you open that you must let him down I act like it and just like you know. The little fraction of the team. I'd as him now. He hasn't been except you by the way because that's a typical thing for for upperclassmen. Especially you don't start the season with a Yan. I. I'm. My. Some. Insane them from now. And and I. So. As you get older than in you sees some of the younger girls in the program. Your nicer to them are here to thank you have been through that he had an action. Only well you know I feel McCain backs it and you're kind of on the shorter side yeah Africa and volatile area by three and half. She's about five and a half with their shoes on the baby. It lets every let's talk. You said look Cummins host or from me it's great. And yes you find new mr. guys and I text Jimmie and I said it hopefully he got this and he said to user responded that if he can't. I'm sure that he's. He's listened let's talk will sympathize eighth grade. Yeah he. You found that out of I keep telling you my favorite coaches. And it heat quotes that are 88 you're an hour or eight year end like that little you mean basketball. And there are eight aid your feeling in the pot chain that assured Catholic tournament yet. And the game where I ask her and they took me off nothing on the balance and I was like there's no way to make money the Beckett all the things coats comes running Alpert. He ran Newman back and it certainly an eagle and I can't rhetoric yet aren't you at the end and swing it if you like deep in the game and he shot me toward paying. And I hate like in the game I'm like well my thought that it can barely move my arm is still there and he gets by keep calling your final cannot make. That's definitely my biggest. Here's your sort of happy you know but coached us. He coached the poise the same way coached all the current head coach the girls to see you guys when the punter and now we took board OPEC but. Mean you are hoping in the project by became sort let it catch you know that I remember when departure. It's fun can I tell you guys in this is the the honest truth why I keep telling you don't look past anybody. It's because of that we were one seat. And we're played saint Veronica's who was a sixteen or whatever and all our coats did was sit look. After we beat them we're gonna play this team and we were too cute next practice on the team that we're gonna play next and we got beat. And we lost and so thick about home blog posts ago that I was and it's great but that's why tell kids this is I remember that feeling like. You've been worked on six at halftime. And it competed in what to say. Are we did a we relate their could you tool is chose their well horrible so don't look past anybody. Don't do what you guys really get to break we're gonna have really it's an early break the principal. From west Ellis skills calling net. You see good things about you yet they get man he's this you know really ask yak key we don't take Collins going and why. Because we use to open up the phone lines and guys who told my producer. He would give recourse myself on these great guy. Then we get a combined Nico you ruled by suns basketball career in six great you played a metaphor he should have been at three. I didn't I never played a six reputed gulf war. Who is this in you be quiet so we don't take Collins were really come back with the principal. From west Ellis feel the biggest fan of this girl's team which won the conference championship. In the Bergen Kate Kelly ants. Her her memory that she's got one that she wants to shooters well. And doubt we'd do that on the other side of the break we're live from the 56 annual walking near home improvement show. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Do you I had no man Jesus. See. It's back to the wedding horse includes high school basketball coach shall presented. By your local it can save stores. We're live at the 56 annual walking near spring home improvement show. At state fair park. I'll 100 stop signs it will be on the year till noon. And then him and hang around and I get antsy a couple of minutes here at the show Peter til 630. And deaths currently you want talks in high schools works. Step out a completely stop them sports that you like it to talk face school's sports with with that you guys. So very seldom do we allow you to call in which judge you guys city would be okay if the principal. From west Alice he'll melt lesser joins us in. The grocers think it needs your big east the biggest fan it's it's that means. Sure it's great camps. Administrators and understand the mission that we're trying to topless coaches new product athletic director. Paul. Lot. If you happen warrants. Hey Matt you get you pretty proud of this girl's team. Odd no doubt angered arrogantly gotten what so you can graduation for the Levys and. In the coaches. I've been on the program to get gadget and if you're listening I'm like actually I call them like. No doubt want the colony just say how proud we are as they get in Cuba school. Here in our staff at the end of the lead even coaches you and other accomplishments this year and work where husky proud. And captain chance with each year unbelievable. Just born most of all beating back. And just the memories forever if they're getting that number on the standard and I've forever. He met that. This surprise you at all it's that this senior group this group before grocer captains on this team. That they've accomplished what they've accomplished. City is it. Really really apps. Connect to act and I know it was an old. Go wanna accomplish goal to restore process. But. But does not a huge development program that Georgia's staff is developed over over the last several years in just at war. You can feel momentum building its proper self ends and it's. It's winning mindset this culture it's mainly it's working for one another he gets he developed. And really out of the this. Core group of kids. And you know in in and out these these a listen there it is well not a volleyball player to get saw that volleyball competitively are. In this group was like yeah we'll move on to the next level we're gonna do it in their mindset of well meaning. He is just different now and again and what should go back cultured climate. You guys when and that. He met thinking so much perfume it's your time really you bashes that you that drag that these rules and keep it low. Yet these girls appreciate that. That as well thank you very much you that he at the edges get a text from Jimmy John's. He'd he'd he'd he'd he'd hear it. But he's listen right now and in them and have to call him we get to operate. Ever you're reading cue creek stirring up the heat creed that while there's been Mathias. Which you guys coaching in the country syrup. In Nigeria know your it was not quite one go to break and let you know we're recruits during that was. I'm killing and we we talked but the memories at the other pros and keep you this one. From being. And my dad it's kind. Explaining to ground. And that if you everything you runners shuffle know that it did there thing. And this is gonna shuffle and he. And easily book that this and I hit back if it hurts my. And it. What do you know tomorrow the next day comes home from work and immediately goes in the ground but some when he skinny I beat it at practiced laying on the ground I sent back. She can hear it had and that's or their there're so many. Times the kids are vacant spot them element which is great those units are apple plea. I think they'll sign you know half the jokes. But that's part of the dates that we get to yourselves does he shoot you shoot the ball at all. Eyes you can. Well two big winner is. Yes and it may the that the next day. So you guys play one on one who went in yeah he can't. You he adds I would imagine in Ireland it. Stewart's. And is now really humid so Kodachrome health and yet. And you indicated that went my clients who own crew helped it keep you freeze for three minutes. And Sonya you need you federal. Great but that's which is due in that you Peter wanna once it's in this endeavor yet but I did you when it showed young lady who wanted to be the man it's expected out. Not Coca some never do when this did it ever ever again. He did I love talking about the special relationship between coach and a player who have to feed the son or daughter. This is you'd be hard treatment this is your youngest he and I've been through it. And I can tell if you're lucky if I can keep you magical that this is now. It's hard it it it physically hurts now in. When we we when it ended my son played him her that the Baptist Bible College. In the it cheats for the nationals. And they lost with a two shot the ball rimmed out. I thought it got three teams left and ended like that and it was hard and you're gonna go through this whether you've cut the nets down and. Be tough time for it and be quite your house yeah but you know what the man upstairs has given us more memories that we deserve. All then you go at those first. Ones at that you Peter cute she's done that she's in Q1 which in the hospital with a wood to. It opens it up on me but she's figured yet to meet CIG's Kelly yeah. Yeah and seems like a very nice ones technique and it Errol. Welcome it's not easy talk like mother Dottie yeah she's quite a she's been nothing but polite and respectful analysts is that is that. And what we're differs the work that's been which in the that in that sense of what looks like I'm. What and when a local anchor Nancy was. Think it is Susan listening had a at all IA George you win when I answered c'mon Toomey but this group. And you sit him put this is a really special. Group of girls and look. I I apologize Q because I mean season peaked too soon have movie and I understand is that as the coach. We never picked her own kids and she deserves it in the in in. Look I was you leave it to chance were you guys can see well key to this these market. We're at without a key and usually we're proud. All these kids I mean it's it's amazing. Bill and I have such. You know one of the reasons we come back is even for some for juniors that are working hard and and the seniors that don't get a lot of playing time. To start at six years ago. When we took over the program and the wanna performs prop moments was talking to the hits the ball. Well that we went conference or went five games wanna make it rewarding experience for girls. And we've done. Two of shame on me for this he can because normally we kill till noon. But if if somebody comes up to work comes up to watch guys play receiver we've talked about these four seniors can we talk about some of the other groups on the roster Debbie Stevenson. Tell you what was involved are two juniors there are. These two wonderful basketball players. Did and they have really good shots to have good college groups. Just that is fantastic. Catherine course Weiler is another post that it's a lot of playing time. Softball player. Just tough as nails. In the we've got smothered the seniors for instance wolf for home heading. He's blossomed. Daddy's gonna go to Stevens Point to play volleyball on my goodness so it's continually and that we get some juniors that are just fantastic. Lexus Resnick and broke the Princeton room and they can only walk. Every one of them they worked so hard we have such buying them. All you have to do is watch. Our balance during the games it doesn't matter he's in the game their own to listen. You know it's funny as the kids have gotten better over the years. Don't want my message of change we took over six years ago we talked to the girls and they were embarrassed to Wear the uniform at school. End and be part of the basketball program that we set that can never happen. And so that's really been our goal every year and we've gotten better as coaches hopefully the girl certainly have gotten better can that didn't happen. Wind and shame on me for not Tom but the rest of the roster. On GP coaching staff is there anything were to miss and you know that you can major leaguer folks on the packets that talk for four hours ball well and I don't like tuck it all myself. We've got the reachable lobby and written tolls reachable Lani was part of that first group of don't mind Nazis. I had a system. I heard a GP coach Wright and rob them grow up and down from Schneider freshman coaches who just with tremendous job. They've struggled this year with the teams that we've got some tail on the you know got to work at some fundamentals and stuff like that but that's the fun of the you know too many coaches sometimes. I think in GM terms about what if I could have those like of that. No we have great kids we'll just to rebels to make them the best best twelve players they can be. If that's the joy of it I mean that's that's mobile lifeless. Killing you know we talked about memory stick. And it's really quick story eyeballs coat ports. And then account reap Baptist. They do have a gross quotes absolutely I think that might sound convinced me to coach them. And the growth said to me coach has the same we coach him. Don't coach is different because we're girls. And I realized the second and third practice though this is virtually basketball. The were maybe a third fourth grade level with fundamentals. So Reese we we caught one whole practice. What triple throws and sent a screen achieved screen just completely teaching. To the point that it was almost like Mike in this hour after this in at the end it said does anybody have any questions. Emily Bergeron. Racer and it's only and the question was to ensure that we are to managers have to be a 100%. It. I. I feel if you were to say it I've never speechless it payment never without an answer and what. I don't know if until an outlet that an economic artists that that incident go home record this and you know that this group of girls. You want to be put in the work so hard weakness of the Christians the finals and well. And we lost pulled schemes which won the first one it through the second one but. That that they'll play ball went on they needed when the team they mean the man he did it. And that's what we we we we don't do were terrible at it and put a simple we deal in which is to we will. And the first time growth team c'mon please Meehan we scored six or seven sessions while which to beat the back and for them. The other team to the time on the outlook to index that one. Out or to enhance. Well the batteries so or that it is at that could work so it was really good guys I can't think you know what I think that Lou. You don't look at all the hate you guys beat David that formal indictment if you do not make me go and fight cheek up and grinding Joey. Don't make me do it could help find all of I will find them more towards you might think you broke his right you do for as relations in it will sell out see you next week and so it will it will although I'll let you know it picked it will connect that works apple that was. If it doesn't throughout the season with student two weeks or three weeks. When you guys cut down nets in four weeks when we Buick one of my time one game at a time us people are helpful on that yet keep that out protective. We're gonna get to break of the set to break. Talking weeks heightened Lutheran sports map it's cute to be awesome. I there's a couple of poison go to that school that that relieved but what and once a fresh want to see your. Every spent some time talking to those by weighs on the other side. This is the Wendy's sports people it's high school basketball coach show presented by local it conceive Stewart's. On sports review 157 at the band. You and I and measles. It. Else. Back to the Wendy's or she puts high school basketball coaches shall presented. Fire local pick conceived stores on sports review one of 57 happens via. So if you listen to my shows. This is stuff that I get impressed with the a couple of things that impressed. I like multi sport athletes and a lake student athletes and my favorite is student athletes that are multi sport athletes. And then you throw win a guy that I think is it gym rat because when I go to teams he's fair. The fact that his watch either skeleton here or to whatever. And it turns out that his uncle is a friend of mine now is dad has become a friend of mine I wanted to get to this. This senior green TARP but the freshman brother your little that. But I wanted to keep deceive your. For work which he said art. Wins he's awake from lakeside Luther. Antley said Booth who had a great year he really had fifteen in form so appointment. Fifteenth at fifteen to five of that that's right that that won atonement of problems and come back its way. There in our reached. And so we've been talking will bit habits of fun with this the CD's at 1 o'clock today. So once the CD meeting comes out we probably are being talked so much anymore until the season. It's over so I have asked his dad and his uncle Joseph to bring you the state fair park. And his Brothers when he talks in lakeside. Lutheran basketball. He keyed it's nice to see Kate all the -- keep my close close and access to assess ski house close match. Kato's yes he's here. Average yen. He scorned will look better now protect home shoot the ball it should never open my mouth averaging about ten against a point at an average. Tell me about this year's team because I've seen you guys play quite a bit and down I was impressed. I was impressed you you've dropped a couple here that that in the Q which route. These acute chances deep will see you guys come playoff time and I know you want a part of us I know you one apiece few here which match for young man. A home pretty happy with that we misuse. Planned the we've been really good right now. Minutes hi lo opens. We have two pretty good post players and once you you get them the ball in the ticket note you options to drive ticket back in suit. Assists developments in the tired and when room. Soon we'll. Yeah it really well armed and really hurt defend I cannot watch guys play against stow lake mills. Own home you thought that rivalry you've I'd like rivalry games either of these a couple of things that really kind of get me to want the rivalry do you think he's like it. Lake notes has too high schools and kind of across street from each other since you guys know these guys. You see him you talk to you played against them for a while. A home. They can't beat the got a state last year and they they they lost a couple of really good players that are playing at a high level. Wednesday he's jerky on your schedule. That you he's up for more than plainly felt. Maybe. OK good. On the in the notes that that's what's that one game both infections. To raise the atmosphere in Thain. It's a lot of fun. Or. You know you worked well for me to come scalp can you guys it's no doubt. And that you played on Saturday afternoon so that the place was completely. Tapped I mean it was close there's a lot of people there but I had a chance to to Keating and in. At scout that he did that that team and it was really energy levels you're. You guys never gave up. There was a couple of points in that game. That it could go on guts to put your head that's it's Mac and apple force tonight which beat him over time. And it was it was fun to watch is that the way this team is Kate is for a snack given up the planes are together. Yeah I think we are both coasts you know there really pictures that. Home yet we just don't devote we always keep grinding know no matter what the outcome is disputed than 10%. As far as being a multi sport athlete all three peaceful restful football. I'm your could go one next year they football whereas. Congratulations thanks. You get the offering you were looking for good for you. Nice campus of the happen. Is that. What position the Q but. OK you might it and people. No we've never yet that's that's your dad and your uncle says now he then why did he was there never had a problem with that. On what partly. Of high school basketball school and general on to you'd miss the malls. A difference. Alone and activities. And its. You can see. Look I went to Luther prep scheme you were there in the butcher the players that are. I've seen you win our games. You like to win out and watch in the teaser in the plate in June. Wanna get a feel for you got taken notes should just watch it. And use want you to feel for what with their one and urges with their personal looks like. It it. So if you flee Martin Luther rethink your garden. Train. You know you look at less than it is you've looked good as you've. Yes that's Q item would keep this team let him know we're joined by cage younger brother. Even your freshman and it and it's at school there you multi sport athlete as well. Hard shoes to fill. You'll the Brothers for you know one he's who won't write tickets student athlete he's really cute athlete in analyzed different sports. Nice kid. Well respected at school tough shoes to fill that it be phone has now. The word yet on. You who you play TP that's what he wants to what you guys pretty good. The one Q&A but. Thirty in the game myself. And now Johnny yourself and Johnny hater you Coke is pat Dawson that I remember that. He's acute MI at the Buick next year maybe after your brother your brother please. Kate if you if you would if you had to pick one sport. What's your favorite book but. It. Put it. Would it. On you plea pulled you're running back in linebacker. To detox yet thick clouds float low blow which what you one player that they see that every month that most that you prepared. The both of them. The the right I think it hit the one that's the qualities that people if you could've gone. To any college in the country. You do what you eat you pick any college in the country time and taken when you were krona would treat outward one place. We're Turco but. It's really. Good for you. That's a that's a cool place to go watch game. You never know you have treatment at the over. She's got to keep working hard and they'll take notice. You know if they find it that you can letters boot camps there. It. It's far of what they put you through. It's in the through it and it's going against the it little kids yeah you do a lot of beating and the first to actually was. Running back for some linebackers. And you'd have been when indexed and in the Frist went. Youth in its total viewers gone really did you ever rule was. Wisconsin theater no. Yeah yeah. I owned you which Northwestern's camp Packers well almost that you as good does love it it's those. That's hard to get that split it dislike button. It's. Coach for cirrus freaknik. He's cute speaker gates here yet motivational. Com I sat next to coach Chris that it edit dinner. And down. Net net the post mortem I mean he's not that his mom sent exits as well. She talked ton. And he sees broke quiet does it says he told the couple jokes to the people at the table and stuff but. He he obviously. Is an unbelievably good football coach because they they keep winning and he's not going anywhere. That's for sure you have any Q which one do with with your classes and stuff alone it's a place to do Lou it's sports though. Then see him did you fight teacher and a coach yeah. And that's could step. It's on its disputed the it's cute use that he beat of a tree typical transition. I think for for human and certainly. For your feet and we because you guys than this has been part of your life watch him play. Well you play football as well it will position. Running back picked at at and baseball what position efforts picture of your lefty. And big lefty that throws the ball hard watch out if you guys play one on one of basketball. Yet you will hold. But on this it's on the back into the he worked to get through break for the says the break we're gonna keep these guys in fact really keep Qaeda to bring his debt on a one touch his dad about. Been to see your lasts for him with cage and will get a feel for. For what money sickened about this team. I he sees all of a sudden once once Martin Luther in the worst way. And like I told secure which match for young man accused. We're going to be friends matter what right did you committed beat us an animal like you'd see it all not. We send you on your way we're going to be okay. All right we'll figure that out this is the Wendy's horse he puts high school basketball coaches show. Presented by our local pick conceive stores on sports treaty 157. FM the fan. Just hear that day. He definitely put that things catch bills and and it won't allow the puck clean and he was Tom Foreman who wins and as you. We'll welcome back to Wendy's or she puts high school basketball coach go to. We're live from the mall walking near spring going through your states are part of the reason I've played that song. No have been through all this morning and you happen to him and hope. It's our men and it hit its chest hard. We are joint. Keyed is a young men and they told you about. I am most impressed with with student athletes that are multi sport athletes that are gym rats that that understand. And appreciate. Their high school career and he's one who does. And I'd love him dearly but if you chance to play really really not mine you know it be mad at me but it. He's yet my team I've become friends and down for you tune with the it to your lasts for you you've got your younger son with aid. It's different natural to seize your weight he is in. Is typical year for you. State some days it has been. Does it reflect and when they're little right through the news or so it. And how much time. Spent in the work you know work in their fundamentals. While you went it was quick path. My whole point. And I'm gonna tell him move with him rate your doesn't really matter we've had conversations. Upon hope proud of him. As as a kid. You we talk about the sports stuff and we talked about it that in the classroom stuff but as a kid the young man about he's a good kid you can park. And you really proud of him it's can be difficult when he go when he moves you eat it in Italy you can see you know. Which you know consume nearly as. It can be tough. And it waits for proudly. Have a harder time I would like no but that probably I don't know about it. You don't want to thank goodness that she's really raised his way to use it to guys that couldn't that he could exploit. A home. What sport you like watching him play the most. Actually. That's our our question and answer enjoyed all the sports just like you'd. Personally my favorite sport it is it is football okay but I really enjoy watching him play football and basketball. You know it does in this latest athletic ability. How will lead duke to next levels want factories and well. That is the question he is might get people know what you don't mind if you think. A guy that you get that from daddy sexy you know exactly that's them. My old coached him when it killed rather than just beautiful. Yeah that's a good coach Blair notes all the fame up today. Home soon you like watching football and and that's like you BC and then he his basketball career he won't play that if the next little. He's I think he's skeptical of the plate that's what. You're best while he wished if you wanted to play. Basketball in college. And I'm his high school coach I have fifteen people talked numerous. You know I I think he could. Some days it's the lack of confidence her belief in yourself. If you can keep that to went for two more weeks. And then he can get all the past and look I understand your dad you better quit talking now it appears your dad just shoot the ball wolves in the shoot the ball and scored. It off. We want just to be defensive stopper and pass the ball that a couple of those other guys and your team that lake is she the bald little more than you do I've seen of fuel will. They they can they can suited man this is a PT. They're playing their best basketball right now do you think. No I would say there. Last night they played there. And as one of the best that you are playing that's the pitcher Corey time to play your your your best game. You recuse you're done now right. So we renewed the weekly next Thursday against weight which beat Dominican. And then we start that second season of you know it's at Dominican so yet he too we down and wait for each paid its it's that are expected it. It's cracked up. I told retry the lies you you can't watch his play out it's who sees it sit next to me to sit next to via the feds come and but it whatever you need young man that we we certainly can accomplish that. A home. Through for you personally Q what's to be toughest part of but a ball movement know you're excited and you should be this is a great time for acute your rates. You know all kinds of new stuff really cute stuff for you to be happening Q there's going to be a little freedom involved. Don't take full advantage of that you know you choose to secure your books and if he's to classy young men that we know that you are. But what part of of of all this you look forward to the most the words do you know. Making new friends. Physically close its successors now. Don't know you know you're you've grown up to your public knows is not Milwaukee and want that Chicago understand that. But you know this is Q you a different experience. You might be homesick for you might miss him your will that nothing goes your Brooke you might not mr. Brothers so much for your uncle. Your uncle choice activist who. But you know what you're although overrides it felt singled to load. Knoll. So it's just over the board or that's not that no one is I think it was is it Minnesota state its way out. Mankato it'll five OK and yet. Morehead but there. There even farther on that's not that you you we will go watch over tong who's in that conference. Close poke their own to lose the CEO. Some long road trips maybe. And a you know this home. If you in fits and work for you if you if you go a Whitewater. Stephen's point that's it could conference man reacts oh it's tough eyes look I I still love. I I never got a chance watch play football I hear about it but I see that basketball. And if you ever make that decision that that may be a street thing that at the next what you call me. If you're not getting help from many world should call me I'll have ten guys ploy to more. Seen become public investment within us I think the world views it as an athlete. This this this board Luther games and now the I can tell you it's it can happen you speak here you business we'll take care ours. I'll make sure the opposing La Cruz Tyson Queen Victoria make sure that everybody's kind he teach you boys until they throw that all. And then it's. I don't know if you guys. We don't see that kind of toughness that you guys are put out an open seat and quickness that we break. Who'd you play that has that kind of quickness and who have been known grows. Forgot about them that. And that that beat voice good. It would be condominium and they hit and he as a reading and let there already finished is everything. It's a favour of somebody comes out to watch you guys like you a couple of the kids on this unit makes you go. American game one of government starting report now that he's right there. Hey will I think will no lawyers we start with Wright he executed scores a lot. Your beak it's gotten much better. Improve you and your quarterback what's his name to. Man you'd look good that came out is that I put the box scores a couple of times maybe. He struggled a little bit but nick it's good man and he cared eagle 5670. 86. Notes that. And I think he sit six comedy show was sick we might have to come up impress you boys will open its. As we go by thirteen. No we don't anticipate he's like going to be you gotta be kidding me. Now usually we don't code that don't want guys think you I can't speak enough money so as you can see you. We'll see here a couple weeks yet we've we've probably won't talk that we keep it happens right. Well in my talked before. It can create it. You couldn't I have to come down sued by mutual aid I really appreciate this you know understand that that a lot of respect for you. As an athlete and it's a sign in and it certainly is an nephews so keep up the good work don't don't make me drive up off. Cross border next year and you get mad at she intake did not go for that announcements. He guys they slept for listen again we're at state fair park. It is said the 56 annual. Walking near home improvement show stopped by its deal bloke you'd chance this is the Wendy's for sleepless. High school basketball coaching show presented by your local pick conceived stores. On sports review 1057 FM the fan.