Woelfel: I would envision radical changes

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Tuesday, January 23rd
Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times/WoelfelsPressBox.com weighs on the Jason Kidd firing. Is the relationship between Jason Kidd and Giannis that great? Was Eric Bledsoe full of it in his interview?

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Now word Gary wolf overseeing journal times so joining us on the Schneider born child line. So Gary this thing happened fast and furious and after talking a few people you can do that I was just weird choice are doing a little digging and I talked a few people that I know. Who's dead blow up yesterday John Norris made the call. Then said that basically seal later and he went and then dealt with the opera management or ownership to a who then you know and didn't like necessarily timeline but Dalton the agreement. That things were heading in the good direction they use one and correspondents when Lehman said OK here we go so thus we move on so I mean is that kind of what you're getting. Yeah I think that's part of the big picture of me you don't do. Last year when they have lost I think what was that twelve of fourteen games like complete change your word early to worry. In the current temporary Clark I can't see a high ranking but crucial at that point. And ask him that two since it was going to be later. In the guy cause for several Americans. In euros probably bat but the fact that you don't wait intensity. Yeah he's going to be your coach now in sports yet. It didn't score two spoke volumes. And then this summer. 1000 lots peninsula you know and yeah totally awkward several people who were involved too easy interview cross court. You're you know. And they told me there yup expressive if they could perk court clerk now. That it that it became GM. It would air a polar fighter chastened here. There wouldn't be union in an appearance. Unknown so. Those things let me to believe that he was currently on our. So this thing comes to a head yesterday a young and then again Jabari try to give we find out about are not Jabari but it young has gives you call ahead of time is in the heads up. We understand all that it appears though they'll all guys in he had a really good relationship. Not a lot of guys and then you said this two weeks ago or week you go on this program you said look there's there's not as many people inside a locker would you think that Earl DC can support. It had any even now as I mean yeah ousted the report was chief conceded that I think most of us here. If you go back to look past season I think it was pretty shaky. Ground conversation play with people of your position. They had their differences to sell. That this isn't just restricted to a couple players who have bad players it is also. A pertain to look some of the best players on the team not as well. Soon now moving forward is there anybody you believed to be everybody hears is bill. I heard the name Jerry Stackhouse that they were looking for names people that were going to be attractive. So you'd all that kind of stuff that they can bring that shine back to this organization. And heard in and Jason Schultz are Jordan Jordan Schultz kind of went with me on this too. Because there's business dealing that happened years ago I guess that they know Rick Pitino pitino's another name that was being kicked around I'll I. Ask your hearing all these different names I think fish is dale from what everybody says in his seems to be there's a lot of people pushing in that direction. He would be a good cat to bring in this situation. But who else do you think might be inane that comes out of all of us. Well you have billions made several calls and some of your records. In like everyone like call all about the view diminished it. Either it's been well. Anybody that is and he gonna want Christian you know. Chipping and get on the web Doc Rivers could be a possibility. Hurt children the deal McCain. Monty Williams name in Oregon where. This is not to be shortage of you know for sure. Hum what would be a good fit your opinion. Lou I would go for a fresh face in you know some of that data is proven track record. I don't think you have to want you retread of that with one in the kernel beyond the kids therefore you know I think there's some really good guys when they're out or guilt by association of I think they got. Purged yes I did erupt from Nam and what violence. When you say purge are we talking everybody even some of the assistants that have gotten close with guys like you honestly barring such or do you are you talking. Just get rid of some of the us from the front your right hand man so to speak. He had no would be up to the discretion of the new coach sleepless I would imagine that they'll make or so changes its candidates and you owners or or John force on the new coach that they get seat collections two small coach they have one want to check out well. I would of a you know conditions you know radical change. Are we don't think it was a surprise job I think the only surprise was the timing of all this in now moving forward this is two situations in which the box in in Jordan Schultz kind of put a dispel on this but. This is two times now a coach has been fired but hasn't been told in June 5 in the manner by a management. That camera there's cutthroat business side to this it's something that I think Milwaukee is not used to it's not that he did it it's not that it's a better good thing it's just it's something that dates a lot of people aren't accustomed to. And outside looking in it seems to be bad form but I think he and Jordan kind of said it now see you agree. You're talking about a talented team with a new building new practice facilities everything's on the rise all you gotta do it even got to come in and guide the ship and putting on the right track. I don't think the way things have gone over the last two hiring and firings is gonna deter anyone from saying I'll accept a job. Now I mean. You've been around fort slaughter an outrage is going to be. It'll it'll boil down to the bench. Right. Exactly right it could they Rhode that in order here are correct that the current come here you know. So again just don't read the book said the any problems at all you maybe really highly highly qualified coached. In. Not familiar. If he doesn't consistently then we can say certainly Jason Kidd has made a mistake in basically putting out a broad and lenders stung so to speak but. Is there any wonder that Braga comes out is more playing time last night all of a sudden puts up the numbers and he did. Now broadened rules strictly and you can't games like this are treated every. We're scoring game. You know like last night but he's got a very good news obviously was working your way after he's even playing at a higher level. In you against right now the question who's the uncle Bob. There's several teams that simply want to acquire him. Before the February E*Trade deadline. In you know but feel like Kate we wanted to get out there they didn't they might get move local brought to. So you were there Joseph always there it's got grinds even CBS fifty it was there. Do you believe Bledsoe legitimately found out her young guy what do you think he's going complete Boston. The latter though no question about it maybe you know you like you're going to go around we know how to act to dump up. Circumstances. In I don't think you really wanted to talk about it. In you know when this year. Heard of it he could only assume what putters between. You know look forward you know most of most. Players bill does unit and a top. John Morrissey it reached out to all the players you know. Hours before that either. Talking to them directly or voicemail so. You know hey I mean university and Cameron it eat couldn't put my money inclinations that he won't what are some. And. Quick before I let you go are you so now this whole situation begins today now that all the emotional dust settles and they move forward. What should the legitimate expectation be funny Obama bucks fans say they're going OK they fired their coach now let's see what happens what's my legitimate expectation. Well laugh and the united still think it's a pretty got a target seemed. I think that we have another piece of the trade deadline and they they got it against you know at least two of the eighty keeper and in the Eastern Conference. It is by no means power and even Boston Austin has a lot of holes we urge you know generally considered the best team needs them Toronto you know got the bitterness team what what. You're not awed by a in Cleveland who is in total disarray so. There's simply no window in which of course should community. You know. Really good player. Parents knew that it would Jabari Parker returned you know what our church in the country's swollen. You've got some games Brooklyn Chicago's Phillips every city and Minnesota obviously and Nixon and Brooklyn again followed by the next you've got some games here. The better very winnable are you looking at this stretch of games where you're saying you know white. If if this fresh face of this new blood all that kind of stuff Yani Yani is going to make an impact. Some of these Leicester team did this is where you're gonna start to see this turnaround or maybe they can reel off. Five out of seven or something like general kind of thrust himself back into the spotlight prior to Jabbar getting back. Yeah added there's no question that they gathered to they got to make a run now in while it got an opportunity to you don't know what's gonna happen in Iraq and yeah open built. You know tomorrow's contact there's going to be a transition. You know trying to keep her out a week to incorporate him. And then it that you had another player in the trade deadline you know you you've got a lot of in going so yeah evidently they don't play Mexico on now. Gary good stuff that we'll talk again okay. Does it out to audition and they you know mister wolf for the procedural time joining us for a couple of minutes in the Schneider orange hotline.