WWE Podcast: Raw's greatest moments, Braun dominates, New U.S. Champion

Cody Grant
Friday, January 19th
Cody Grant and Bart Winkler discussed their all-time favorite Raw moments as the 25th anniversary show draws near. Also, they shared their thoughts on the distruction Braun Strowman caused on Monday night and talked about the main event match between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. Plus, Bobby Roode became the new U.S. Champion on Smackdown.

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Welcome men suing another edition ever WW podcast I am Cody grants along stymied Bart wink there. It does is news. Just finished up shut and went clear on this Friday now recording our podcast. A lot of talk a lot on wrong not so much on smackdown. Jimmie when he gender anniversary pencils for forty straight minutes pretty much. That's about it here and Simmons and a lot of lazy writing on. Tuesday night off. SO get to net a little bit plus rosters moments and also. A lot of returns of 25 anniversary of raw muscle speaking up raw will start there. And recap what happened in the story Brian stroman. As he's laid waste to pretty much everything cardinal's office. Some trucks. Michael Cole which was nice to seek. That was fifteen foot interval bush Brooks yeah I watch the review of that. I would gently pushed him into protect them in a brown red in the stroke yeah condemning any sense now I mean I think it just like to. Her Michael Cole when they try to put a guy over because the back of guises there. Yeah waiting in the wings Phillips after Michael called again her come on with Enron thing I'd like. I mean I like things like that I am and like when I'm rock. Vigna and it's a story lines kind of carried through the episode acute. The semi thing is cool I mean that is a physical act of strength with widget which is amazing. I do question the last couple weeks and he's doing stuff like that. Is it library as it taped as the camera angles are. Super weird I wander so the reason why it happened really quick. Is hurting all fired him for what he did last week I was down on Monday night raw for pushing over. I don't know what some structure with the grappling hook is we have got which. Dad I want a terrorist tape because that would pretty impressive that he got on the first try but he bush and over on Brock in. Pain in the Brock went out there and the Lance that's what he was fired in the first place he just laid waste. And destroyed everything yet of the truck was cool I it's got to be taped beforehand I don't assume my dad lives and don't lottery winner and a yeah. Security trying to you walk and allow any. Destroyed everybody security funny moment there was a guy that was holding a cake plate. Brown walked over Graham took a basic taken wanted to play. But I mean how likely do stuff like that because it is it's something debt you don't see a whole lot with a lot of backstage it's stopping in the pull back that they do it throughout the show and you're always waiting was Ron you do next because it cuts to maybe five or six times throughout the entire show. Them. Point was they set the meeting instead. We want brawn to tip over the front of a semi. How do we get there. Wells Sony firearm which is that didn't make much sense bad logic but will Cain and then when he went into the truck I thought it was weird that he didn't. Do anything yeah yeah I worried about the truck he goes into that truck it was a twelve million dollar truck he kicks garbage cans. On attaches it and then it's over that thing I. And RJ did I do like dated the moment but it was an execution was little pork. Yeah I'm kind of like Tim and toast and a podcast. That's where you're going. Dammit the executions. A terrible. Yeah I'm not I mean it was cool though to see Brian do that because that was really actually tipped. That truck over. Which is just. Miller raising its credit I mean it is much as I watched prime stroman I'm still fascinated by how strongly diets. But IE they are building bronze to beat. A top. Space in the business which purity is in my opinion he of course will face off against Brock Lesnar and gain in triple threat match at the royal rumble. On by the way he got rehired because. Seven Manning called carting analogic. No logic and also basically just they eat they respond to terrorism today Lally and that yak you're right that regard because Bryant gets fired and then he goes on us. Rampaging and right before he throws call off the stage Crennel says are not fired rehired I talked to Stephanie during the match. They wanted since have a moments. That's what you remember. The logic and reasoning wall forget about it anyway so Ron flipped the front part of a semi and that's the moment that's the talking points pretty much I did it may get it. Yeah but dom even a better moment on raw I thought. Was the main event between sat rounds and in dollar and they executed that perfectly and X two and how they got their perfectly. Because they still teased the rift between Jason Jordan. And Seth Rollins to Jason Jordan at. Asked Kurt angle for that match it when it counts are no I think anti hero he's great I forgive you I and did not like him when he first started the whole story line was awful even the past couple weeks. But seeing him. On raw on Monday. I'm sorry to come around adjacent to dig in over that show he really and it's seven Rollins the curbs stopper for black outs back so. I want to bring at the curb stop them what I don't get is why. The announcers you know Phillips grades and Booker T didn't mention anything about it because that move was banned. In real time you have I don't know so it was kind of I it I think Justin Williams said I don't I don't know it's. Boy isn't done in two years because we bandit because they're worried about concussions because. Seven rounds is on The Today Show. But I can say that no I'm not saints say that but I still was time I wish I mean we shocked to see a path. Allies I mean I was just tell that instead of talking remote west Dallas Hyundai I must tell you are under US Dallas Ahmanson dynamo. Greenfield. Was known for the reasons Sunday I'm going from Heidi everything else to Hyundai Greenfield. And I'm just gonna pretend I never was time on US Dallas and he's just pretend that it in Hampton one who has a current stop is that. An office to be an every. Day thing where that's is finisher for now on an island as a different finishers in our Vista to be like Randy Orton punt. A rehab that he still uses a from time to time. And he isn't content along the east he's dead and I don't remember him actually punting to our the last time content. Yeah yeah like many content punting was cool I mean. It had jets are they on headsets which they let set due to curb stomped. And then they called the black outs and it's clearly. You clearly saying brain damaged yet when rot on Tuesday had their Tony five mountain memories moment shell. The edited owls win I think somebody put a chaired the rocks and it is I don't do that anymore cast so they edited the chair today had a foot today it's okay yeah as soon. Both didn't really sold after the match he stood up where he fell back down he had this huge red mark on his forehead. Yeah William B gets stepped in the and it's real it's not fake. Guess that's in the head. The other thing about that match was schools they tease and dollar winning the match because he rolled up Seth Rollins in the refereed actually counted to three. Did it and the match to match kept going policy I didn't know that I just launched in I don't you do so that's why am here to tell me what happened within the match. And also. So. Jason Jordan was out there with Seth Rollins earlier in the night. She misses is RO they faced off against. Apollo crews and ties who Neil Jason drink came out to distract. Seamus is is are they lost a match in this match the main event. Shame licenses are Cain now they went after Jason Jordan he ducked away and James is as our guy and a fight with Luke gallows in Carl Anderson. So there are a lot of things going on the main event they executed that perfectly. Which is right debt brought definitely was a better show this week not too much going on as as well on Oscar did defeat nine Jackson she stays undefeated. I Jack's. Supposedly injured herself in the match all story line base of course give Oscar the win and that's about it on raw smackdown. You might as well call that the United States tournament shell 'cause all we really saw. You know have been disappointed if I went to that when lions finally got the the mix match thing afterwards but there was forty minutes of gender wrestling. And it's always schools again titles out when you don't expect to watch on as a fan. By diet I went to one of those draws there was a tournament. And they're not fun to watch alive you don't. He don't want you don't wanna see you seem to wrestle with farm was that twice it was when punk was gone array mr. when he won the title loss Sina gators a three time yeah. I love rain a serial I'm not gonna watch a muscle IRS slicing and really never. So I don't watch him wrestle three times must have been awful for you that's yeah. Going to see Jim Hall wrestles Xavier. Woods. And then most don't rally wrestle Bobby rooted moderate wrestled ginger again. I like Bobby rude I'm glad he won a tournament I picked him to win that term and that it's a right decision. You assume dials a liberal comeback can challenge him for the US title. But it which is awful shall I mean nothing really. Stock Al dale Bryant should member. In that story line till they they came out to watch what should McMahon came out to watch that scene of that candidate Brian comes out and able to raise Bobby roots. And the initiative not rude moment but you know whenever. I don't know that it doesn't do much for me and now it was a bad shell. Very bad. I agree with you coney AJ styles gave a prom all when he called. That Promos Bruce and he's saying Kevin Owens Tammy that and that's a stupid it was bad. So we're gonna call. Unit combined two days names are making some good girl. One that I don't that's an insult to its not like a thing AJ styles should be doing now that is carries a of that yes. When AJ styles when they try to make them corny sometimes it's even when he was a healed him in court yet I don't know I don't like dude I don't like when they do that and I don't know why he goes along with that now will mean. They pay him. Oh yeah. You would think a guy with his call can say can we terrorism mouse here. We'll teenage did some stuff with him too they try to make him Ric Flair and Willie Kee we're the ropes just like camps I don't know eat in mean he's not. Easily died that will do anything for his employer. All right company Manning is he is a company man and great breasts are too and also that Russo stable Promos well backstage. Inject able shall momentum and attack to them that they of course have a match brothels now I just wanted to mention that. So we get a smackdown out a way that says Dassault timer has bounced smackdown. I'm Ross when he fifth anniversary coming up this Monday. It's gonna be a lot of returning names back I won't list all the names to turn on line. But I'm assuming you saw the names or at least some of them who you most excited to see that there hasn't ban on raw and ears. Who are some then to have -- all these guys have been back. Some called as an iMac and how long a year now while under years undertaker is been a while. Shawn Michaels has been a while. Analysts on Michael's huge is back president chicken man. I was on a paper viewed as I've seen I'll tell you seen and what about Trish stratus. Sheehan did nothing for me JR. That's cool to see JR back. With Lawler that'll be cool. Stone called I know but we scenes don't called. Even idiot and an error righted the podcast. Now was on the network. It's not like stone called disappeared now today I guess but I'm not a big undertake very yeah I can he does nothing for me anymore Rick flair was just there. Develop wins re back into Marin dogs Jericho being there than what Eric shaath. Archer says he air base. Yeah now and maybe you should come back with stop calling Kevin Nash Kevin Nash now I'm not going to be there. You probably couldn't stand not maroon Kevin Nash called Kevin Nash. The phone rang and some when they're trying Siobhan yeah it was Kevin national time. Called zone phone really down really down new age outlaws we're back road dog Millie John sold there of course you're always there segment with triple H and Shawn Michaels EPA are going to be back is that going to be there and edge I don't see just named like Christian is going to be there wall and scratch and where you are film and TV or movies he does a lot of that lately is the anonymous GM in either. Worst storyline of all time. Is wade Baird coming back. I don't think it's laid out there are in a WB aren't good terms brotherly love would back them Coulter Terry Runnels. The boogie man. Alum mr. Anderson. Now. All those and again as I wanna see Altman not going to be there. Noticing guys that like. We're fired comeback RC guys that are on W Davies different way to have a three man conversation. Table for three car ride for victory. Bus stop for three sin being big one got to come back just that 25 anniversary who wouldn't be. Edge. Paul is not fired Hulk talks lobbying for a while he should be there. Now WiMax in many WB happen again as a united history and that I'm on my history when he Mina M I deleted as you gonna honor your history. Yes Debbie Debbie going to honor their data are notorious for not honoring their history. It's at eight. It waited and tell drop you come on trumping. Trump as the only US president ever be stone cold stunned yeah I'll do it again but do it for real this time. He wants seed trump edge. And Wade Barrett. Policy trump gets stunned. He's only 208 guy 63 to 39 guidance shape. Coroner's doctor. You can handle it. They got into it before. Yeah. Policy trump blues and she even managed. You know he's one and Owen Jones I wanna see. How stuffed. Policy bronze showman drove trumpeter Kermit should have a compact outside. Unknown the NSA surveyor and again everything's so yeah the brighter than probably. It's okay. To tap into our mikes here in the. I'll ask studio would go iPod gets done about so you got off for all of eight stocks are up towards your dogs in my doll. I have I invested Dick calling the they're good authority. If Soria. So besides drop food UNC back. Hulk talks lesser guy. Well I mean Jericho yeah we'll Jerry don't and then we circles always coming back you're always he's back out honorable. Now says he Christian back he's on my favorite wrestlers of all time McCain unpopular opinion but. Well he's good I like now one of my top ten wrestlers chair when there's other all of them are like to see Cody Rhodes come back. Again but now happened in policy legacy return. By this it was great TV assi inroads. They used to be under. Randy are in Allison. So Hulk Hogan and Cody routes. My answer is always going to be I wanna see nexus return. Began axis. They were in that top 25 moments of all time. So raw. Has 125 anniversary. And they scherzer 25 greatest moments in rock history when I have my five you have five moments that you wanna talk about. Los sightings they're watching raw until probably old Sam and got to preface that. 'cause I didn't miss a lot of great moments before that that's an era. Yet in those are cool to see again and I've seen them in. Videos are in a retrospective shows. Comet since I've been watching it I like any sort of take over. So NXD. Or nexis on and it started I love that I like those moments that you like and that like. As soon as rod ends you can't wait for the next one so that. The shield when name first came and then when they broke up. See him pronk. Highlights. I have allies like would Kofi Kingston. Beat up bring your organs are gonna that is gonna make Kingston up and then next level and as a big Kingston fan at the time. And never did such things like that CM punk obviously his moment. I like to live. Those kind of moments. I mean any raw after wrestle mania. Ally that fan days ago when he is getting the do you do when you his leg over his hell. The deed dated yet that song was one of the top songs on. The hole iTunes for a little bit yet and those are the cam moments where you watched like. Nobody stopped Tony by a moment is. About fan bingo now right but in that moment. You're like. Holy (%expletive) man. And down those like it legit now. And put that feeling then. That's what I like that when you're. When you're like there's a gratification to investing as much time as you do. Entering. One moments highlights. Was when they had. All the dressers in the ring and Triplett was talking. Camera what he was talking about but everybody was Channing Daniel Bryan. Yes move it to known not to yes moment they not only occupied rock down and talk about beef this is before hand. And I remember that I'm a lawyer John and it's very. Mineral on my mind I remember it happening that I am not sure if it was. Still around a time that pumped it seen lower booting but everybody was sharing dinner Bryant. And he was a smile. Just had a huge. Smile on his face that was draped the shield of course destructing when Seth Rollins. After Tripoli said there's always a plan B great line and Rollins just it's a Roman right in the back and Dan Ambrose turns he's more surprise anybody. That was amazing. When Brock Lesnar came back for the first time after eight years. When John scene it was in the ring. And Johnston goes a shake his hand in west RF fives and that was amazing of course nexus as you mentioned the take over you and I watch wrestling back in the late ninety's as well I was still pretty young but. I remember the Mick Foley rock this is your life segment okay which is one of my favorite segments of all time funny story about that. District mad did not give them a whole lot of time on that they went way over that time they were supposed to do. And this was furious at the Iraqi Mick Foley when he came back in he saw the rates. And he said. You guys do every watt now on because there's not it was a highest rates are now rock. And it was is so funny Mick Foley is bringing these guys on the rink he's column by different names and when it's as unknown screen on the bottom. Did you see him yeah if you go back in just YouTube and always have listen did it to daily that was awful. That was so bad. I just I felt like. Just in barest for Bailey this whole time I'm comfortable wide view that everything she's on the she'll they've they've real winner meet a lot of I don't really watch an XT two laughter and I'll watch some. Paper reviews an XT does but that's about it if you call on paper views on it there on the network. But all that went straight passed on called the beer bath. They brought in Mike Tyson and. As did and I was there to watch that show I'd like that show although Corey graves and analyze he's got a everytime Corey grazer is on WW TV it's him. Having conflict with another again. You sued Peter Rosenberg who is temporary sideshow. And rose numbers like. I loved wrestling and here I am with the moments in corridors like he is an FAA's like. What are you looking that you do each I'm Corey (%expletive) graves of my huge neck can't do. Let's may have a conflict he's a one show where it's not the announcers aren't fighting each other. Well there's he'll announcers and face announcer and 45 is that all the count down I agree with you are so stupid that. Trying to Dylan sorry I'm just trying to be cool swear podcasts like Tim and to coach. And you listen to the podcast yet. Ellison departed in NFL sleep match. No I don't know I don't know followed burned now that's an announcement. I listen a one that's about it I really don't want promote their podcast my overall friends Jones says because. He's an analyst anti cancer treat me like the one that doesn't shower. Want Tim intelligent guys listen that you angered Joan. You Manger journalism's and they thrive on that. Rain and 88 if that one of them are listening. If you guys like talk (%expletive) about us. I'm not going I don't have time to listen so cut it descended to meet. And then edited for me and now. Running back on the show as some sort of promotion. The a's don't have to go row I'm willing. You know play along here if you ask me. It's all. A player lie and ask. A player long and everything. Mine mostly. Yeah yeah the most part you know. Ross when he fifth anniversary this Monday. Lots of guys there are lots of great moments on raw or be fun to see how the exodus 25 anniversary it's in two locations. Which. To date and you know they put who's gonna be at where knowledge some people will be a ball is outside he bought tickets. His seat just stone cold Steve Austin he was at the other arena. Yen and dollar and indeed that you weren't at about a refund on the interest and so it's is gonna be kind of on how they. They do that but. Oh definitely be a fun night an interesting night another during a pre show as well to this raw 25 anniversary which I don't see any point in watching but. I made down on the network. It's I I am assembly and our our everything that you are red carpet thing what can I mean now. And on mine and I don't why won't watches now I won't watch either. He's story lines that could possibly happen. With all of these old guys coming back I mean. They have rumored a taker is seen a match I just don't as you go guys come back and Berry the young guys. The worst part of that was to remember the ascension. When they were come on their little rise them and I ascension are often one really Judd. And JB you know obtain. Came out here is an ardent wish her a rootkit and all these old tag teams images pretty much is buried these sentient yeah I mean. Clearly allies is gonna have a saying Hillary gets buried. Right probably. Came in command trying to do it and pitted during alliance anyways as of late real mission he's not he's great. And this is amazing to he should win the RC title back from Roman reins on Monday and I agree. Hopefully they don't screw that up. Nowhere have more to talk about after that and of course a royal rumble coming up and a little bit old for a week. Yes. All right they're excited right. I clearly am. They are doing here for another WW podcast that's Bart wing clear and I am Cody grants she 81057. FM the fan boobs.